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news article picture French/German/Spanish catalogue 2017-18

Our latest 56 page catalogue of language learning and background material is now available. Mainly intended for schools, it will be of interest to anyone involved with modern languages. Click on the link to view, download or print.

news article picture Recent Polish titles July 2017

Click on the link to view, download or print our latest listing of recent Polish titles.

news article picture Arabic catalogue 2017

Our latest catalogue of language learning and background material for Arabic is now available. Click on the link to view, download or print.

news article picture New Foreign Fiction catalogue February 2017

Click on the link to view or download our latest descriptive catalogue of recent foreign fiction. All titles can be found on this website and on the Foyles website.

news article picture Mstering Arabic Vocabulary

A structured vocabulary course for undergraduate and advanced students of Arabic. Arranged thematically, and by root, the course presents the key vocabulary that a well-informed Arabic speaker should have at their disposal when discussing diverse topics from business and politics to culture, society, science and technology. With free MP3 download.

news article picture Contextos - Spanish textbook for English speakers

Contextos offers a meaningful approach to learning, and skilfully integrates vocabulary, communicative functions, grammar and culture into each unit. With an emphasis on the development of the four main skills, this course also promotes group collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. Instructions and explanations are provided in English throughout.

news article picture Deutsch 3 in 1 - new German readers

Each story in this series is told from three different perspectives and each perspective uses a different level of language making them ideal for use in classes with students of differing levels of ability.

news article picture El pequeño Larousse ilustrado 2017

Latest edition of the Spanish version of the world-famous French encyclopedic dictionary. 57,000 words, 28,000 nouns, 5,000 illustrations and 320 maps.

news article picture Essential Korean Reader

Offers supplementary reading material for students in the early stages of learning Korean. he topics covered focus on aspects of modern and traditional Korean life and cultural differences between Korea and the rest of the world. Each reading is supported by pre and post-reading questions, a glossary of new words and expressions, helpful grammar explanations and exercises.

news article picture En la ciudad sumergida by J. C. Llop

José Carlos Llop writes an elegy to his city, Palma de Mallorca, interweaving his biography with its history and his sentimental memory in one of his most personal books.

news article picture Intergrated Chinese - new edition

An acclaimed Mandarin Chinese language course that delivers a cohesive system of print and digital resources for highly effective teaching and learning. With grammar and speaking practice, visual cues and lesson summaries.

news article picture Starten wir! - German for teenagers

"Starten wir!" takes student from absolute beginner to "I can do that" easily and quickly. Amd at teenage learners, this engaging course offers a variety of exercises and interesting subjects, encouraging discussion and communication.

news article picture Panorama - an intermediate Russian course

Panorama moves intermediate-level students of Russian toward advanced proficiency by engaging them in a systematic and comprehensive approach to Russian grammar and engaging them with texts from a variety of genres, including proverbs and sayings, to immerse students in Russian culture.

news article picture Rhapsodie française by A. Laurain

Alain was playing with friends in an amateur rock band. 33 years later he receives the long awaited letter from a record company. Foolish, he goes to meet his old friends.

news article picture Urlaubslesebuch 2017: Geschichten für die Ferien

A collection of summer stories in German

news article picture AchtNacht by Sebastian Fitzek

A brand new thriller by one of the bestselling German authors. Each year a name is chosen in a cruel psychological experiment...

news article picture El salvaje by Guillermo Arriaga

At age seventeen Juan Guillermo has been orphaned and left completely alone. Then, Carlos, his older brother, has been killed by religious fanatics.A story of grief and revenge.

news article picture Goodbye, Moskau by Wladimir Kaminer

Inspired by the anniversary of the October Revolution, the popular writer looks at the country of his origin.

news article picture Havre nuit by Astrid Manfredi

The impossible love between two beings deeply destroyed by life. On one side Laszlo, a brilliant student but who is also a murderer, and on the other Alice, a policewoman.

news article picture Mit uns! - advanced German for young learners

A course for advanced young learners of German covering an interesting variety of topics and texts that encourage teenage learners to express their own opinion and develop language skills.

news article picture Agencia ELE - new edition

Aimed at adolescent and adult learners of Spanish, this is the revised edition of this popular task-based course. Packed with fresh content, video clips, audio files and additional exercises which are available online.

news article picture Les noces meurtries by Sandra Banière

Hélène seems to lead a peaceful existence in the heart of the Champagne vineyards. The truth is that no one can imagine the nightmare that she lives everyday…

news article picture Oxford learner’s Spanish dictionary

Brand new edition of this popular dictionary aimed at students aged 11-16 years. Contains all curriculum words for secondary school with key words highlighted.

news article picture Al dente - a modern, dynamic Italian course

Each level offers motivating topic-based units and activities to encourage interest, participation and interaction. The course pays particular attention to vocabulary and the development of communication skills. Additional cultural resources and activities are provided in each book on a variety of topics: art, history, famous people, geography, the Made in Italy industry.

news article picture New GCSE German AQA exam practice workbook

A practice materials for the latest GCSE specifications. The book contains hundreds of exam-style practice questions for the entire AQA Grade 9-1 GCSE German course.