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news article picture French/German/Spanish Catalogue 2016-17

Our 64 page annual catalogue of learning resources for French, German and Spanish is now available to download. Please click on the link to access the pdf file.

news article picture Thematischer Basiswortschatz Deutsch als Fremdsprache A1-B1+

A thematic learner's vocabulary with over 5,500 words and phrases, ideal as preparation for the B1 exam. Its clear structure and wide variety of topics taken from an everyday context make it an ideal companion for learning German.

news article picture mi_selfi 3.0 - interactive Spanish grammar

Designed to help adolescent and adult students learn and practise grammar and vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.

news article picture Film Study Guides for AS/A-level French

New series of film study guides for French A-level. Breaking down each scene, the guides will enable students to understand the historical and social context of the film. Includes grammar, vocab and writing exercises.

news article picture Essential with Paul Noble series

These short audio courses will have you speaking the basics of Spanish, French or Italian in just over 2 hours, before or even as you travel.

news article picture Bolshoi universalnyi slovar russkogo iazyka

Large monolingual Russian dictionary with over 30,000 words. Every word is provided with its all linguistic characteristics: its spelling with stress marks, pronunciation, grammar reference, its compatibility, synonyms, antonyms, paronyms, phraseologisms that include this particular word, as well as culturological and country-specific information.

news article picture Basic Cantonese: a grammar and workbook

Each of the 28 units deals with a grammatical topic and provides associated exercises, designed to put grammar into a communicative context. Special attention is paid to topics which differ from English and European language structures.

news article picture History and developemnt of Arabic language

The book focuses on the pre-Islamic linguistic situation, where the linguistic geography and relevant demographic aspects of pre-Islamic Arabia will be introduced. In addition, the book will also discuss the communicative contexts and varieties of Modern Arabic.

news article picture Todo esto te dare

Premio Planeta 2016. An unexpected death. A dark family secret. The search for truth in the heart of a strange land.

news article picture Widerfahrnis by Bodo Kirchhoff

Winner of Deutscher Buchpreis 2016. An insightful novel on the subject of love, commitment and ability to connetc fully to oneself and nother human being.

news article picture Letras hispánicas en la Gran Pantalla: de la literaura al cine

An innovative textbook for advanced students, which merges the studies of canonical literary works and their film adaptions. Students are guided through key literary masterpieces, at the same time interpreting their film versions. This parallel approach encourages students to develop their analytical skills as they master the terminology of contemporary studies in literature and cinema.

news article picture Recent Polish titles November 2016

Click on the link to view, download or print our latest listing of recent Polish titles.

news article picture 'Babylone' by Yasmina Reza

Prix Renaudot 2016. During a party, a neighbour rings the doorbell. He killed his wife for a dark story of cat. Elisabeth, the narrator, decides to help him.

news article picture New Foreign Fiction catalogue August 2016

Click on the link to view or download our latest descriptive catalogue of recent foreign fiction. All titles can be found on this website and on the Foyles website.

news article picture New Portuguese language learning catalogue 2016

A new catalogue of Arabic langauge learning materials is now available for download.

news article picture New Arabic language learning catalogue 2016

A new catalogue of Arabic langauge learning materials is now available for download.

news article picture EAL dictionaries catalogue February 2016

A new catalogue of dictionaries suitable for use in the context of English as an additional language is now available for download.