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news article picture Recent Polish titles April 2018

Click on the link to view, download or print our latest listing of recent Polish titles.

news article picture East Asian catalogue 2017-2018

Our latest catalogue of language learning and background material for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese is now available. Click on the link to view, download or print.

news article picture New Foreign Fiction catalogue August 2017

Click on the link to view or download our latest descriptive catalogue of recent foreign fiction. All titles can be found on this website and on the Foyles website.

news article picture French/German/Spanish catalogue 2017-18

Our latest 56 page catalogue of language learning and background material is now available. Mainly intended for schools, it will be of interest to anyone involved with modern languages. Click on the link to view, download or print.

news article picture Olga by B. Schlink

Love story between an unlikely couple, a man blinded by his dream of imperial power and a strong, grounded woman who choses to be a teacher.

news article picture Grammatica italiana per bambini

This engaging grammar book for children comes with downloadable audio tracks, a section of exercises and a fun memory game.

news article picture Comida y cultura en el mundo hispanico

The first Spanish textbook to use food as the vantage point from which to learn language and acquire cultural literacy. It presents a rich introduction to food and food practices across the Hispanic world.

news article picture Rivstart B2+C1 - advanced Swedish course

Intermediate to advanced level of the popular Swedish course now available in stock.

news article picture Mastering Arabic: Vocabulary and Pronunciation

A reference and activity book for all beginners and early intermediate students of Arabic.

news article picture First French dictionary - basic words for young learners

Featuring over 2,000 common words, this is the ideal first French dictionary for kids just starting out on their language learning journey.

news article picture A-Level and AS Grammar & Translation Workbooks

Include thorough revision of key grammar points and embedded translation practice, giving students confidence in language manipulation skills when meeting the rigorous demands of the 2016 specifications.

news article picture Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank (graphic novel)

Anne Frank's "Diary" retold in a form of a graphic novel by the artists behind the successful "Walz with Bashir".

news article picture An einem klaren, eiskalten Januarmorgen zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts by R. Schimmelpfennig

A contemporary Berlin fairy tale that bristles with urban truths by the most successful German playwright. English title: "One clear ice-cold January morning at the beginning of the Twenty-first century"

news article picture Nessuno può volare by S. Angello Hornby

Popular Italian author recalls her childhood in this enchanted memoir.

news article picture Couleurs de l'incendie by P. Lemaitre

The second part of the trilogy inaugurated with Au revoir là-haut, Prix Goncourt 2013. February 1927. Madeleine must take the head of her father's financial empire but destiny decides oherwise.

news article picture Comparing countries - bilingual readers

A groundbreaking non-fiction dual-language series which compares and contrasts ways of life in different countries around the world.

news article picture L'italiano per la cucina

This course in Italian language and cuisine - for near beginner and lower intermediate level students of Italian - presents 12 original and simple stories, each dedicated to a classic Italian recipe. Each short story is accompanied by a picture glossary plus a rich and structured unit of exercises and activities.

news article picture Revise AQA GCSE French: Practice Papers Plus

Includes three complete sets of practice papers with full worked solutions and hints and notes on the marks allocated directly alongside the relevant steps of the solution, so your students can make most sense of them and build their confidence.

news article picture Laipa A2 - learn Latvian

The 2nd part of this modern, engaging classroom textbook for Latvian learners is now available to order.

news article picture Bacio feroce by R. Saviano

The boys who tried to control the city in 'La Paranza dei Bambini', now are looking for allies to get stronger. The relationships with their familes and the very idea of power is analised in depth in Saviano's the second novel.

news article picture Dan Brown's 'Origin' in foreign languages

Translations of Dan Brown's origin are now available to order.

news article picture Colección Destrezas ELE

Colección Destrezas ELE consists of several exercise books that have been designed to help learners practise oral and written comprehension and expression. The collection is divided into two levels, corresponding to CEFR grades A1-A2 and A2-B1 respectively.

news article picture 500 Common Korean Idioms

A useful learner’s tool that presents the 500 most commonly used Korean idioms in a clear and easy-to-follow manner.