Grant and Cutler at Foyles : The UK's Largest Foreign Language Bookseller

Grant & Cutler Library, Commercial & Educational Supply

Grant & Cutler has 75 years' experience of supplying libraries and educational institutions with foreign language books.

Part of award-winning UK bookseller Foyles since 2011, we continue to provide a unique service for foreign language requirements and our multilingual staff can provide expert advice and attention to your orders.

We specialize in the Western European languages, Russian and Polish, but we also stock materials for language learning in more than 150 languages, including a wide range of dictionaries in community languages.

As part of Foyles, we can of course also supply books in English: Foyles Library, Commercial and Educational Accounts.


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General Information

  • Stocks of 30,000 books and other material in more than 150 languages
  • Subscriptions to journals, magazines and newspapers
  • Discounts available
  • Transliteration of non-Roman alphabets, including Chinese, Cyrillic and Arabic
  • Worldwide delivery, normally free within the UK
  • Continuations/standing orders - we are very experienced in handling orders for part works
  • Website ordering
  • Itemised invoices in British pounds, euros or US dollars
  • Regular catalogues available for PDF download here

Academic Supply

Grant & Cutler started in 1936 as an academic bookseller and we have many academic library customers, particularly for continuations and standing orders.

We can provide book processing including lamination, plastic covers, bar codes, spine labels, security tags and library plates.

Public Library Supply

We carry large stocks of fiction, children's books and language learning material in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Polish and smaller stocks in Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, Greek, Gujarati, Hungarian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Panjabi, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Tamil, Turkish and Urdu. In addition, we carry language learning material for more than 150 other languages. Fiction in languages not listed, such as Thai or Vietnamese, can often be ordered in.

Our descriptive catalogue of recent foreign fiction is issued three times a year, both in print and as a downloadable PDF. We stock mainly native authors, but we also have substantial holdings of translations from English.

MARC records for most titles in our catalogues or on this website are available to BDS subscribers. With the ending of the OCLC CILLA service for MARC records for Polish books, we can now offer our own regular listings of new Polish fiction.

We can provide book processing including plastic jackets, bar codes, spine labels, security tags and library plates.

School & College Supply

In addition to a wide selection of courses, supplementary reading and practice material at primary and secondary level, we stock a range of titles on KS3-4/GCSE/IGCSE and A-Level topics, literary texts and study guides, plus a selection of material for the IB and Pre-U. Our French/German/Spanish catalogue and our EAL Dictionaries catalogue are specifically targeted at schools and colleges and we stock a comprehensive selection of children's and teenage fiction.

Government Department Supply

As one of the principal suppliers of European and Latin American material to government departments and organizations throughout the world, we have a tradition of giving expert personal attention to orders.