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British sign language for dummies City Lit This lively guide introduces the key hand shapes and gestures you need to communicate in British Sign Language. The illustrations depict both the actions and facial expressions used to sign accurately, while the companion CD–Rom features real–life BSL conversations in action to further your understanding.
Sign Language. Published 2008. Price: £19.99
Dictionary of British Sign Language / English British Deaf Association This is the first major B.S.L./English dictionary to be published. It contains over 1800 photographed sign entries ordered by linguistic principles according to the visual characteristics of the language. Each entry is notated with a description of how to produce the sign. A guide to the meanings of each sign is provided in English.
Sign Language. Published 1992. Price: £45.00
The linguistics of British Sign Language: An introduction Sutton-Spence, R. & B. Woll This is the first detailed explanation of the way British Sign Language works and is the product of many years of research and teaching of sign language. (Tenth printing 2010)
Sign Language. Published 1999. Price: £40.99