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Cambridge Latin course I Cambridge School Classics Project The Cambridge Latin course is a well-established and succesful Latin programme that provides an enjoyable and carefully paced introduction to the Latin language, complemented by background information on Roman culture and civilisation.
Latin: Courses. Published 1998. Click on entry for price details.
The complete Latin course Authentic texts help to guide the student through the mechanics of Latin, whilst giving insights into the history of Rome, her culture and society, her gods, her games, her power struggles and the eventual fall of empire.
Latin: Courses. Published 12/05/2014. Price: £37.99
Essntial GCSE Latin Updated for the OCR GCSE (9-1) specification (first assessment 2018). It covers all the linguistic requirements for GCSE Latin, providing straightforward and helpful explanations of every grammatical construction. Each point is illustrated with examples and practice sentences.
Latin: Courses. Published 10/08/2017. Price: £15.99
Getting started in Latin Linney, W. E. Divided into simple lessons that explain the fundamentals of Latin grammar in a way that anyone can grasp, packed with fun exercises and practice material. Free audio download available.
Latin: Courses. Published 2007. Price: £14.00
Intensive basic Latin: a grammar and workbook Mondon, J.-F. The book presents forty individual grammar points, covering the core material which students would expect to encounter in their first year of learning Latin.
Latin: Courses. Published 17/12/2014. Price: £35.99
Intensive intermediate Latin: a grammar and workbook Mondon, J.-F. The book presents forty individual grammar points, covering the core material which students would expect to encounter in their first year of learning Latin.
Latin: Courses. Published 13/08/2015. Price: £33.99
Latin beyond GCSE Taylor, John Covers all the linguistic requirements for the OCR AS and A Level in Latin.
Latin: Courses. Published 12/01/2017. Price: £18.99
The Latin language: a handbook for students Scottish Classics Group This textbook has been prepared to help students translate from Latin into English. It should be particularly useful to students who have progressed beyond their introductory course books and are now reading Latin authors.
Latin: Courses. Published 1989. Price: £22.99
Latin to GCSE Enhanced by colour artwork and text features, the books support the new OCR specification for Latin (first teaching 2016) as well as meeting the needs of later students, both at university and beyond.
Latin: Courses. Published 07/04/2016. Click on entry for price details.
Learn Latin: the book of "The Daily Telegraph" QED series Jones, P. Aimes to give the readers a basic knowledge of Latin in a short time.
Latin: Courses. Price: £14.99
Minimus: Starting out in Latin Bell, B. "Minimus: Starting out in Latin" is a unique course for 7-10 year olds, providing a lively introduction to the Latin language and the culture of Roman Britain. Led by Minimus the mouse, pupils learn basic grammar and Latin vocabulary through stories featuring a real family who lived at Vindolanda. Minimus provides a step-by-step explanation of the grammar points, and there are plenty of practice exercises.
Latin: Courses. Published 1999. Price: £15.25
Minimus Secundus: moving on in Latin Bell, B. This coursebook enables 10-13 year olds to build on their Language skills and knowledge of Roman Britain introduced in "Minimus: starting out in Latin".
Latin: Courses. Published 2004. Price: £15.25
Prose Unseens for A-Level Latin Owen, Matthew Designed to accompany the OCR A-Level specification in Latin. Every passage begins with an introduction, outlining the basic content of the passage, followed by a 'lead-in' sentence, paraphrasing the few lines before the passage begins.
Latin: Courses. Published 24/08/2017. Price: £14.99
Reading Latin Jones, P.V. Reading Latin is a Latin course designed to help mature beginners read Latin fluently and intelligently, primarily in the context of classical culture, but with some mediaeval Latin too.
Latin: Courses. Published 10/03/2016. Click on entry for price details.
Talk Now! Learn Latin: Essential Words and Phrases for Absolute Beginners Talk Now! is the world's best selling language learning CD-ROM series for beginners, used by more than eight million people to date. It's useful for travellers, holiday makers, business people, school children, students and families. Interactive topics include: first words, phrases, shopping, numbers and time and you can test yourself with graded games.
Latin: Courses. Published 2015. Price: £29.99
Teach Yourself complete Latin Betts, G. A comprehensive introduction, equally well suited to beginners and those with some previous knowledge of the language. In each of the units an explanation of new grammar is followed by Latin sentences and passages.
Latin: Courses. Published 27/12/2013. Price: £39.99
Teach Yourself Get started in Latin Sharpley, G.D.A. A simple step-by-step approach providing a gentle introduction to learning Latin for the absolute beginners who have no experience of learning a foreign language. Covers beginner to lower intermediate level (A1-B1).
Latin: Courses. Published 26/12/2014. Click on entry for price details.
Teach Yourself Latin grammar you really need to know Klyve, G. Comprehensive and clear explanations of key grammar patterns and structures are reinforced and contextualized through authentic materials.
Latin: Courses. Published 2013. Price: £12.99