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Collins Latin dictionary and grammar Comprehensive coverage of all the words and declensions you need in Latin. Easy-to-use Latin grammar guide. In depth treatment of Latin verbs. Clear layout helps you find what you are looking for quickly and easy. Supplement brings Roman culture to life.
Latin: Dictionaries. Published 2015. Price: £12.99
Collins Latin Essential Dictionary More than 60,000 words and phrases and 80,000 translations. Extensive coverage of Latin for school exams, general reference and legal requirements. Contains a useful supplement of Latin verb conjugations, noun declensions, verbal nouns and adjectives, and irregular verbs.
Latin: Dictionaries. Published 05/03/2020. Price: £7.99
Collins Latin Gem dictionary The "Collins Latin Gem dictionary" offers the learner of Latin extensive coverage of Latin and English in a compact, portable format.
Latin: Dictionaries. Published 05/04/2018. Price: £5.99
A dictionary of Latin words and phrases Over 1,000 Latin words, phrases, proverbs, mottoes and sayings in a small and light easy- to-use dictionary.
Latin: Dictionaries. Published 1998. Price: £9.99
The Penguin Latin dictionary A two-way English<>Latin dictionary with grammar notes and pronunciation.
Latin: Dictionaries. Published 2007. Price: £12.99
Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary A medium-sized dictionary with 25,000 words and phrases and 50,000 translations, plus a small grammar section and notes on historical, mythological and geographical names.
Latin: Dictionaries. Published 2005. Price: £12.99
Teach Yourself® Essential Latin dictionary Wilson, A. With 20,000 translations, including vocabulary from the Golden and Silver ages of Latin literature, this is the perfect tool to support your Latin. This edition is fully updated with a guide to usage and insights to help you learn and remember new words and phrases.
Latin: Dictionaries. Published 2010. Price: £12.99