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Catalan: a comprehensive grammar Wheeler, M.W., Yates, A. & N. Dols This book is designed to provide an up-to-date, systematic description of the morphology and syntax of the modern standard Catalan language.
Catalan: Grammar. Published 1999. Price: £53.99
Catalan: An Essential Grammar A concise and convenient guide to the basic grammatical structure of Catalan. Uses clear explanations and sets out the complexities of Catalan in short, readable sections clarified by examples.
Catalan: Grammar. Published 30/01/2017. Price: £35.99
Els verbs conjugats Baptista Xuriguera, J. The conjugations for more than 8,800 verbs including all of those in the Diccionari de l'Institut d'Estudis Catalans (1995).
Catalan: Grammar. Published 2008. Price: £7.50
Gramàtica pràctica del català Bastons, N. et al Combines reference grammar and practice book, provides a wide range of practice materials, aimed at levels A1-B2.
Catalan: Grammar. Published 2012. Price: £37.50