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2001 most useful Spanish words Garcia, P. The all-in-one format presents the Spanish word, its definition, a sentence in Spanish to show context, and the English translation.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2011. Price: £3.99
Aprende gramática y vocabulario Castro Viudez, F., et al. Complementary material for classroom use or self-study, with explanations, exercises and answer keys. Based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels A1, A2, B1 and B2.
Reference: Vocabulary. Click on entry for price details.
Berlitz Spanish vocabulary study cards 1000 cards to help you learn essential Spanish vocabulary. For all ages.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 01/03/2016. Price: £9.98
The Big Red Book of Spanish idioms: 12,000 Spanish and English expressions Weibel, P. More than 4,000 Spanish expressions arranged by keyword with their idiomatic English equivalents, numerous example sentences, and an extensive index for cross-referencing by way of either English or Spanish. Compact and comprehensive, this tool is perfect for a student's backpack or a translator's briefcase.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2004. Price: £11.99
The Big Red Book of Spanish vocabulary: 30,000 words including cognates, roots, and suffixes Thomas, S. Includes extensive thematic list of Spanish cognates and an alphabetic glossary of Spanish root families.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2005. Price: £22.99
Breaking out of beginner's Spanish Keenan, J. Hundreds of tips for English speakers with a basic knowledge of Spanish, for using the language more fluently and colloquially. Written with humour and minimum of jargon, Keenen covers everything from pronunciation, verb usage, and common grammatical mistakes to the subtleties of addressing other people. Includes set phrases and idiomatic expressions.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 20/01/2015. Price: £15.99
Collins easy learning Spanish idioms Easy to read key phrases and idioms arranged by topic with illustrations throughout.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2010. Price: £9.99
¡Dichos! Keenan, J.J. The book brings us a vibrant compendium of both age-old and brand-new idiomatic expressions from across Latin America. It is divided into thematic sections covering topics ranging from games and relaxation to politics, macho men, and Mondays.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 19/02/2019. Price: £13.99
Dificultades del español para hablantes de inglés
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2003. Price: £7.50
Dip into Spanish A companion for language learners or travellers. The book features the most important 1,000 words used in everyday language. Each word has simplified pronunciation and sample sentences.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2012. Price: £4.99
Easy learning complete Spanish grammar + vocabulary + verbs Three in one book, which includes a complete guide to Spanish grammar with key points highlighted and numerous examples, 112 colour-coded verb tables, and a vocabulary covering 50 everyday topics, with over 5000 words.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 14/01/2016. Price: £14.99
Easy learning Spanish conversation Covers grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and key phrases. Clearly laid out with topic headings such as Wining & Dining, Getting in Touch, Hitting the Town and Help!
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 07/05/2015. Price: £7.99
Easy learning Spanish vocabulary Designed for both young and first-time adult learners, the book is divided into 50 topics with graded vocabulary - essential words, important words and useful words.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2012. Price: £9.99
En vocabulario Baralo, M., et al. An exercise book divided over three levels and designed to expand and strengthen vocabulary at beginners, intermediate and upper intermediate levels. Answer key included. Part three not yet published.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2008-2013. Click on entry for price details.
A frequency dictionary of Spanish Davies, Mark A detailed list of the 5,000 most frequently used words in Spanish, plus the English equivalent and a sample sentence.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 15/12/2017. Price: £25.99
Instant Spanish Vocabulary Builder with Online Audio Many words in Spanish are nearly the same as their English counterparts, except for the word ending. This unique book identifies the 24 most common word-ending patterns between these languages and provides over 4,000 words that follow them
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 12/07/2018. Price: £14.99
Mastering Spanish vocabulary: a thematic approach Navarro, J.M. Approx. 10,000 words categorized under different themes, includes an MP3 CD with over 10 hours of recordings.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2012. Price: £15.99
Palabra por palabra: Spanish vocabulary for A-level Turk, P. Bestselling vocabulary for advanced learners. The book is organised by topic and features new terms for technology, phrases and idioms such as credit crunch and swine flu and lists of synonyms. Suitable for the latest exam specifications.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 28/04/2018. Click on entry for price details.
Schaum's outline of Spanish vocabulary Schmitt, C.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 07/10/2013. Price: £15.99
Spanish conversations Exercise books consisting of 12 units that present realistic conversational situations and feature instruction on correct pronunciation, syntax, and word usage.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 20/04/2016. Price: £12.99
Spanish idioms Savaiano, E Pocket-sized guide to over 2,000 commonly used idioms.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2007. Price: £7.99
Spanish tutor: grammar and vocabulary workbook Offers a range of clear and effective learning features covering levels A2-B1: 200 activities across a range of grammar and vocabulary points, unique visual verb tenses timeline and infographics for extra context, personal tutor hints and tips and much more.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 01/12/2015. Price: £17.99
Spanish vocabulary building with suffixes Presents 150 commonly used suffixes accompanied by their meanings, English equivalent when applicable, part of speech, and gender. Grouped by difficulty level, each prefix or suffix is fully explained and followed by a list of terms using the added word part.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 17/11/2014. Price: £13.99
Spanish vocabulary chart A laminated card with the basic Spanish vocabulary and word formation rules.
Reference: Vocabulary. Price: £6.99
Spanish vocabulary drills Gordon, R. & D. M. Stillman Learn more than 2,500 essential terms grouped into thematic sections and practise with over 100 exercises.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 20/10/2014. Price: £9.99
Streetwise Spanish (audio CD edition): speak and understand everyday Spanish Gill, M.M., & B. Wegmann Includes a free audio-CD. Lively introduction to the idioms, colloquialisms, slang and vulgarisms currently used by Spanish speakers from all walks of life.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2006. Price: £14.99
Teach yourself Essential Spanish vocabulary Zollo, M. Increase your vocabulary and remember the words you really need to know. With free downloadable audio support.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2010. Price: £12.99
Using Spanish vocabulary Batchelor, R.E., & M.A. San José Comprehensive and structured vocabulary for undergraduate students. Covers a range of core topics. With exercises.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2003. Price: £43.99
Uso interactivo del vocabulario Encinar, Angeles A vocabulary handbook for oral comprehension and conversation.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2012. Click on entry for price details.
Word up!: Diccionario argot Inglés<>Español Bilingual dictionary of slang words and expressions.
Reference: Vocabulary. Published 2009. Price: £13.99