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501 Spanish verbs: fully conjugated in all the tenses Kendris, C. & T. Covers the most common regular and irregular verbs. With free CD-ROM offering exercises in verb conjugation and a concise grammar review, and audio CD.
Reference: Verbs. Published 05/07/2017. Price: £12.99
Berlitz 601 Spanish verbs Featuring: 601 most important verbs in all tenses; quick tips to remember verbs; 75 must-know verbs marked for quick look-up; and verb endings highlighted for easy reference.
Reference: Verbs. Published 2013. Price: £11.99
The Big Red Book of Spanish verbs: 555 fully conjugated verbs in all tenses Gordon, R., & D. Stillman Inside you will find 555 fully conjugated verbs, current idioms and expressions for each verb, extended usage examples for the Top 50 verbs, 2,500-plus verbs cross-referenced to conjugation models, and much more.
Reference: Verbs. Published 2012. Price: £13.99
Collins easy learning Spanish verbs Book contains 120 important Spanish verbs (both regular and irregular) with examples in sentences plus a verb index.
Reference: Verbs. Published 07/04/2016. Price: £7.99
Collins easy learning Spanish verbs & practice A clear and easy-to-understand guide to Spanish verbs for beginners, with hundreds of exercises, tables and examples.
Reference: Verbs. Published 02/06/2016. Price: £10.99
The concise red book of Spanish verbs Reece, Gordon 333 of the most important verbs in Spanish in full conjugated form. Each verb is illustrated by example sentences.
Reference: Verbs. Published 2011. Price: £14.99
Conjugar. Verbos de España y de América Conjugation tables covering Spanish and Latin American variants.
Reference: Verbs. Published 2011. Price: £19.99
Easy learning complete Spanish grammar + vocabulary + verbs Three in one book, which includes a complete guide to Spanish grammar with key points highlighted and numerous examples, 112 colour-coded verb tables, and a vocabulary covering 50 everyday topics, with over 5000 words.
Reference: Verbs. Published 14/01/2016. Price: £14.99
Larousse Spanish verbs Everything you need to know about Spanish Verbs in one book, containing:Fully conjugated verb tables for all types of Spanish Verbs with 650 verbs specific to Latin American Spanish. It also contains a mini dictionary of prepositional Spanish verbs and grammar rules on verbs are presented on a page per subject format. Clear, easy to use design highlighting tips, rules and errors to avoid
Reference: Verbs. Published 12/01/2017. Price: £14.99
Learn 101 Spanish verbs in 1 day with the Learnbots Ryder, R. A fast, fun and easy way to learn Spanish verbs. With downloadable audio materials.
Reference: Verbs. Published 01/11/2014. Price: £7.99
Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish verb tenses Richmond, D. Bestselling workbook to practise your verb tenses. Learn when and why each tense is used, practice with more than 200 exercises. Answer key included plus a bonus online audio answer key version .
Reference: Verbs. Published 31/03/2019. Price: £11.99
Spanish irregular verb wheel/Verbos irregulares del español Flat and fun to use, this best-selling wheel is a perfect desk-top reference for irregular verbs.
Reference: Verbs. Price: £4.99
Spanish past-tense verbs up close Vogt, E. W. Through exercises this workbook helps better understand the nuances of past tense in Spanish and develop your skills and confidence.
Reference: Verbs. Published 2008. Price: £9.99
The Spanish subjunctive up close Vogt, E. How to form the four subjunctive tenses and when to use them. Answer key and explanations included plus lots of exercises.
Reference: Verbs. Published 2008. Price: £10.99
Spanish verb drills Bey, V. Combining the features of a workbook and reference manual, this book clearly and systematically explain how a verb system works while providing numerous drills for practice. For beginners to intermediate.
Reference: Verbs. Published 01/05/2017. Price: £11.99
Teach Yourself Essential Spanish verbs Rosario Hollis, M. All the forms, meanings and uses of all the verbs you may need: a new edition with clear layout and free downloadable audio support.
Reference: Verbs. Published 2010. Price: £12.99
The ultimate Spanish verb review and practice Gordon, R. & D. Stillman For intermediate to advanced learners. Features examples of how Spanish verbs and sentence structures work, exercises and hundreds of verbs grouped both structurally and semantically.
Reference: Verbs. Published 2012. Price: £12.99
Uso de los pasados Covering levels A1-C1 of the CEFR.
Reference: Verbs. Published 01/06/2016. Price: £15.99
Uso del indicativo y del subjuntivo Designed for students with an intermediate level of Spanish.
Reference: Verbs. Published 22/02/2016. Price: £16.99