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A-Level and AS Spanish: Grammar & Translation Workbook Includes thorough revision of key grammar points and embedded translation practice, giving students confidence in language manipulation skills when meeting the rigorous demands of the 2016 specifications.
Advanced Level: Key Skills. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £7.99
Escucha y aprende: ejercicios de comprensión auditiva Rodríguez, M. Book and CD pack containing over 100 authentic recordings to assist students at an intermediate level with listening practice.
Advanced Level: Key Skills. Published 2004. Price: £23.99
IB skills and practice: Spanish B Valbuena, A. et al Helps develop the skills needed to succeed in the 2011 Language B syllabus.
Advanced Level: Key Skills. Published 2012. Price: £24.99
Key ideas for AS and A2 Spanish Huggon, D. Same format as the runaway best-seller "Key facts and ideas for A-Level French topics" and revised in 2016 for the new A Level Syllabus. Bilingual ideas and sentences covering 37 topics including contemporary Spain, Latin America, feminism, religion, Spanish festivals and tourism, television etc. For teachers and students alike. Click here for sample pages
Advanced Level: Key Skills. Published 15/08/2016. Click on entry for price details.
Leer en español: ejercicios de comprensión lectora Rodríguez, M. & A. Extra reading comprehension practice for the intermediate student. For classroom and home use. Based on stimulating articles within culture and society to enthuse students. 20 different units including topics such as: nature; history, art; philosophy, literature, and festivals.
Advanced Level: Key Skills. Published 2006. Price: £18.50
Shortcuts to success: the Spanish oral Fitzpatrick, L. Covers the oral exam in easy to follow topic- by- topic units. Includes the most common questions for each topic with suggested answers. For lower and higher level.
Advanced Level: Key Skills. Published 2011. Price: £10.95
Spanish reading and comprehension Build your Spanish reading comprehension skills and vocabulary through engaging contemporary readings in Spanish that focus on life and culture in Spanish-speaking countries.
Advanced Level: Key Skills. Published 02/02/2015. Price: £12.99
Speed up your Spanish: strategies to avoid common errors Muñoz-Basols, J., et al. Suitable for classroom use or self-study, this book is an ideal resource for intermediate learners of Spanish wishing to refine their language skills and gain an in-depth understanding of Spanish grammar and usage. From false friends to idiomatic expressions, each of the nine chapters focuses on a grammatical category where English speakers typically make mistakes. With full explanations and comprehensive examples. Audio files and supplementary exercises available on companion website.
Advanced Level: Key Skills. Published 2010. Price: £27.99
Tema a tema: curso de conversación Focuses on developing speaking skills and conversation techniques in Spanish and is designed for students with a previous knowledge of the language. Teacher's guides are planned.
Advanced Level: Key Skills. Published 2011-2015. Click on entry for price details.