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Easy Spanish crossword puzzles With answers.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Price: £6.99
El español en crucigramas Spanish crossword puzzles for learners with a DVD-ROM generating interactive crosswords.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 01/06/2015. Click on entry for price details.
Flashsticks Spanish Post-it sticky notes with words and phrases to be used around the house or in the classroom.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2015. Click on entry for price details.
Juegos y actividades en la clase de ELE A book containing over 50 fun games and activities for teachers to animate the Spanish classroom. Each game comes with instructions. For levels A1-C2.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2013. Price: £19.99
Kloo (Spanish) "Play the game, speak the language!". A new card game to learn Spanish for ages 8+, suitable for 1–4 players. Colour coded cards help the student to start making sentences immediately. Each pack contains two different decks of cards and the game can be played with or without the game boards.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2010. Click on entry for price details.
Lessons from nothing: activities for language teaching with limited time and resources Marsland, B. Around 70 easy-to-use activities for all ages and levels that do not need extensive preparation for busy teachers! Encourage interaction and co-operation in the classroom.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 1998. Price: £26.99
El mundo en español Junior An innovative culture and civilisation textbook for teenagers, suitable for beginners. The book covers - among other themes - music, history, art, extreme sports, the natural world, geography of Spain and South America.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2013. Price: £17.99
Por la ciudad A lively board game based on the observation of illustrations related to the city (CEFR A2-B1).
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 15/01/2019. Price: £17.99
Spanish crossword puzzles for practice and fun Rojas-Otero, P. Seventy-two amusing and challenging puzzles offer an entertaining and effective way for Spanish-language students at all levels to sharpen their vocabulary and spelling skills.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2012. Price: £4.99
Spanish festivals and traditions: activities and teaching ideas for KS3 Hannam, N. & M. Williams Ideas and activities for every month of the year and relating them to various Spanish festivals. Vocabularies, worksheets and ideas ranging from making cards to games and traditional recipes.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2011. Price: £30.99
Spanish language map Includes all Spanish grammar in a single compact and beautifully presented map printed on fabric. The map measures roughly 5 feet in length and 4 feet in height (142 cm wide x 127cm high).
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2016. Price: £25.00
Spanish Sitcom Various Learning a language should begin with everyday spoken language. This is what you will hear and learn in the 30 episodes of our upbeat, fictional series Spanish Sitcom, a ground-breaking new way of learning Spanish. Get hooked on the adventures of Julio and María in this comic series and learn modern, everyday, practical Spanish and laugh while you do!
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 01/04/2016. Click on entry for price details.