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Cercas, Javier & Jose Pablo Garcia Soldados de Salamina Soldados de Salamina has been acclaimed as a modern classic by Kenzaburo Oé, Susan Sontag, George Steiner. It presents a thorough graphic adaptation by Jose Pablo García one of the Spanish comic authors with more international projection.
Graphic novels. Published 04/04/2019. Price: £20.50
Cervantes, Miguel de Don Quijote de la Mancha (El manga) Don Quijote is the story of an old man who, obsessed with legends of knights, takes to the roads with his very special friend, Pancho, to defeat evil and save his beloved Dulcinea
Graphic novels. Published 2009. Price: £12.99
De la Calle, Angel Modotti. Una mujer del siglo XX Modotti participated in much of the most important events of the first half of the 20th century. She lived in Hollywood, Berlin, Paris, Moscow and Madrid, where he witnessed the Civil War, and in Mexico she met Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo.
Graphic novels. Published 11/03/2019. Price: £28.50
Doyle, Arthur Conan Sherlock Holmes - Escándalo en Bohemia Translated from Czech.
Graphic novels. Published 14/03/2019. Price: £9.99
Goscinny, René & Uderzo Astérix en Italia Translation of "Astérix et la Transitalique"
Graphic novels. Published 30/09/2017. Price: £14.50
Nogues, Alex & Miren Asiain Un Million de ostras en lo alto de la montana When we admire a landscape we see many things, but we almost never pay attention to the rocks. After millions of years the Earth has much to tell us. Nogués guides us through the mysteries of geology in this beautiful and exciting illustrated album
Graphic novels. Published 01/09/2019. Price: £24.99
Pantoja, Oscar, et al. Gabo. Memorias de una vida mágica The life of the Nobel prizewinning author Gabriel García Márquez depicted in the form of a graphic novel.
Graphic novels. Published 01/02/2013. Price: £27.50
Perez-Reverte, Arturo El Capitan Alatriste Set in the 17th century in Madrid, this is the story of Diego Alatriste, a spanish mercenary, a man of fortune and a ruthless hero. He wasn't the most honest man, nor the most pious, but he was certainly a brave man.
Graphic novels. Published 01/11/2016. Price: £12.99
Roca, Paco Arrugas Winner of 'Premio nacional del cómic 2008'. A touching graphic novel about old age.
Graphic novels. Published 2009. Price: £15.99
Sattouf, Raid El Arabe del futuro English title: 'The Arab of the future'.
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