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Abad Faciolince, Héctor La Oculta Pilar, Eva and Antonio Angel are the last of several generations of their family to live on their crumbling estate. Occult mystery set against the stunning backdrop of the Colombian mountains.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £19.99
Abad Faciolince, Héctor El olvido que seremos On August 25th 1987, Héctor Abad Gómez, doctor and human rights activist is murdered in Medellín by paramilitaries. A biographical novel written by his own son.A heartbreaking story about the violence that has hit Colombia in the last fifty years.
New Fiction. Published 05/10/2017. Price: £22.50
Abarca, Nieves & Vicente Garrido Los muertos viajan deprisa An invitation to examine human weakness, and a reflection on the motives that can lead us to evil. An extraordinary story that goes beyond any genre label.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2016. Price: £22.99
Aínsa, Paloma Siete cero dos Emma is reserved and leads a quiet life until she bumps into fashionable British actor, John. An amusing flirtation leads to a memorable night at his hotel. But is this more than a one-night stand? Charming romantic comedy.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £16.50
Aira, César Prins A famous author dedicated exclusively to writing gothic novels decides to abandon the job definitively, frustrated and bitter by the demands of the publishing market, and embark on a travelling adventure.
New Fiction. Published 12/04/2018. Price: £17.50
Aira, César El santo
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2015. Price: £17.50
Albacete, Alfonso Todo se mueve Four women, ten secrets. This is the debut novel of film director Alfonso Albacete.
New Fiction. Published 15/02/2018. Price: £22.99
Alberto, Eliseo La novela de mi padre "Ten years after my father's death, I will return to his abandoned village. I will do it for him, for my mother, for my brothers, for me." Eliseo Alberto takes over a novel that his father left unfinished.
New Fiction. Published 30/06/2017. Price: £16.99
Allende, Isabel El amante Japonés The new novel by Isabel Allende tells the love story between Alma Velasco and Japanese gardener Ichimei. It takes the reader on a journey from the Poland of the Second World War to present day San Francisco.
New Fiction. Published 12/05/2016. Price: £14.99
Allende, Isabel El cuaderno de Maya 19-year old Maya loses her way after the death of her grandfather. She leaves her home in California for the island of Chiloe, off the coast of southern Chile, where she discovers an old family secret.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £11.99
Allende, Isabel El juego de Ripper A new direction for the world-famous, Chilean master of magic-realism... a story of a serial killer, set in San Francisco... though tempered with her usual warmth and humanity.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £13.50
Allende, Isabel Mas alla del invierno This is one of the most personal stories of Isabel Allende: an absolutely real work that addresses the reality of emigration and the idea of identity in North America, through characters who find hope in love and in second chances.
New Fiction. Published 31/05/2017. Click on entry for price details.
Alonso Puig, Mario El guardián de la verdad y la tercera puerta del tiempo Ana, a 43 year old widow, lives with her teenage son Pablo, her father José, a retired doctor, and her friend Isabel. All are struggling with their own demons. A holiday in Greece enables them to confront their problems and realise that the world is full of possibilities.
New Fiction. Published 07/01/2016. Price: £21.50
Alvarez, Victoria Contra la fuerza del viento England in 1905. The mysterious Miss Stirling interrupts the peaceful lives of three friends and persuades them to travel to New Orleans to investigate the 1862 disappearance of a ship on the Mississippi. The author writes in the best traditions of the 19thC novel.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2015. Price: £22.50
Álvarez, Victoria El sabor de tus heridas with this novel comes the closing of the splendid trilogy "Dreaming Spiers", which tells the adventures of a team of researchers about paranormal themes combining intrigue and action.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2016. Price: £17.99
Alvira Palacios, Mikel La novela de Rebeca A successful author attempts to write his first thriller, inspired by a mysterious girl he meets on a beach on the north coast of Spain.
New Fiction. Published 03/07/2015. Price: £18.95
Amor, Carlos del El año sin verano A journalist, struggling with his first novel, finds a bunch of keys which open every door in his apartment block. Gradually he explores the lives of others, and finds real life more interesting than fiction.
New Fiction. Published 05/02/2015. Price: £24.15
Amoraga, Carmen Basta con vivir Pepa has spent much of her life taking care of her depressed widowed mother. When she can't get back the job she quit to do so, she will be forced to reflect on the errors that have led her to be where she is.
New Fiction. Published 10/10/2017. Price: £20.99
Amoraga, Carmen La vida era eso The sudden death of her husband leaves Giuliana devastated and alone with two young daughters. But through support, friendship and new relationships they are offered a second chance. *Premio Nadal de Novela 2014*
New Fiction. Published 2014. Price: £21.99
Ampuero, Roberto Detrás del muro Narrative of the memoirs of the author, who fled Pinochet's Chile to East Berlin, where the Berlin Wall dominated life and society.
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2015. Price: £17.99
Aparicio, Toni Buenaventura
New Fiction. Published 31/01/2015. Price: £22.35
Aramburu, Fernando Autorretrato sin mí A more personal book by the acclaimed author of Patria. Aramburu presents a series of "essays" about family and life, that could possibly be about himself, or could resonate with the reader to a deeper level.
New Fiction. Published 27/02/2018. Price: £20.50
Aramburu, Fernando Las letras entornadas The love of books crosses generations, as a young man meets a lonely old man for regular literary chats over a bottle of good wine.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2015. Price: £19.50
Aramburu, Fernando Patria The ultimate account of 30 years of life in Euskadi under terrorism. The day ETA announces their cease-fire, Bittori visits her husband's grave, el Txato, who was killed by the terrorists, to tell him she's ready to move back to their old house.
New Fiction. Published 05/09/2016. Price: £25.50
Arbina, Álvaro La sinfonía del tiempo A young writer who tries to unravel the mysterious disappearance of her husband. A powerful Basque industrial family that lives among ghosts and legends. A scientist willing to decipher the symphony hidden behind the course of History.
New Fiction. Published 02/03/2018. Price: £24.50
Arbol, Víctor del Un millón de gotas Gonzalo Gil's mundane life is thrown into confusion by the suicide of his sister. Unwillingly he has to face the turbulent past of his family - his father a hero of the resistance against Fascism, his sister Laura involved in torture and murder.
New Fiction. Published 01/05/2014. Price: £21.50
Arbol, Víctor del La víspera de casi todo A disillusioned detective moves to the Galician coast in search of a more peaceful life. There he meets the mysterious Paola who is fleeing her own demons, and their lives become intertwined. *Premio Nadal 2016*
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2016. Price: £21.99
Argüelles, Fulgencio No encuentro mi cara en el espejo María and her teenage son eke out a lonely existence in an isolated mining village where it never seems to stop raining. Set at the beginning of the Civil War, this is a tale of friendship, despair and hope.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2014. Price: £19.50
Arriaga, Guillermo El salvaje At age seventeen Juan Guillermo has been orphaned and left completely alone. Then, Carlos, his older brother, has been killed by religious fanatics.A story of grief and revenge.
New Fiction. Published 15/01/2017. Price: £24.99
Arteaga, Almudena de Por amor al emperador. Hablan las mujeres que quisieron a Carlos V Historical novel examining the relationship between Emperor Charles V and the women who loved him.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2016. Price: £18.99
Artigue, Luis Club La Sorbona A private investigator is asked to track down a flute once owned by Mozart in this gripping psychological novel.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £13.50
Asensi, Matilde El Regreso del Catón Historical thriller in the style of Dan Brown.
New Fiction. Published 30/09/2015. Price: £22.99
Balagué Gea, Laura Las pequeñas mentiras Inspector Carmen Arregui investigates the murder of a society woman in a very wet San Sebastian. An impressive literary debut. *Premio de Novela La Trama*
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £19.99
Barba, Andrés En presencia de un payaso Marcos is a scientist, his brother a famous comedian with a complex political career behind him. They are reunited one Christmas after the death of their mother. Barba cleverly creates a closed world where he examines identity, humour, family, desire and the unexpected.
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2014. Price: £17.50
Barba, Andrés Ha dejado de llover A thoughtful novel whose themes include infidelity, death, the sudden wonder of discovering love, and fear of accepting happiness.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £26.95
Barceló, Elia Las largas sombras Rita returns to her hometown after many years when friend Lena has been found dead in her house. What at first seems like a suicide, begins to take the shape of murder. Rita gathers her old friends to talk about something that happened in the past.
New Fiction. Published 17/05/2018. Price: £19.99
Barneda, Sandra Las hijas del agua A secret sisterhood of women, one of them chosen to protect a legacy written in the water. Sandra Barneda builds a novel which explores the territories of female desire and which surprises with its honesty and beauty.
New Fiction. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £22.50
Barreiro, David Perros de presa Darkly comic novel whose protagonist is an urban antihero - although he has a degree in anthropology, Federico's natural indolence means he is working as a security guard. *Premio Joven 2011 Narrativa Universidad Complutense de Madrid*
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £17.50
Barrera Tyszka, Alberto Patria o muerte
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2015. Price: £17.99
Barrera, Pablo Mi nombre es Penumbra Persecuted by the Inquisition in America at the time of the Conquest, the Marquesa Juana de la Alcantara is forced to disguise herself as a monk. Meanwhile the Captain of the Colony takes an interest in her, while the Indians are about to rebel.
New Fiction. Published 24/02/2015. Price: £20.99
Bayly, Jaime El niño terrible y la escritora maldita A bisexual television presenter in a long-term gay relationship falls passionately in love with Lucía, a psychology student half his age. Using his television connections to announce Lucía’s pregnancy, the couple risk all: family affections, reputation and financial stability, in order to plunge into the abyss of an unexpected and uncontrollable passion.
New Fiction. Published 06/04/2016. Price: £21.50
Belli, Gioconda El intenso calor de la luna At the age of 48, having raised a family, Emma rediscovers her sexuality and gains a new lease of life.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2014. Price: £19.50
Beltrán, Rosa El cuerpo expuesto Beltrán cleverly weaves together two fascinating stories: the life of Charles Darwin, a sickly genius who was branded blasphemous for daring to put forward his theory of evolution, and the strange journey of a man, "the ultimate Darwinian" who argues on his blog that humans are mutations produced by chemical additives in our food and secret technological advances.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2014. Price: £18.50
Benavent, Elisabet Alguien como tú Elisabet Benavent returns to speak of love, the attraction between opposites and the need to forget the prejudices to simply love.
New Fiction. Published 31/12/2015. Price: £12.50
Benavent, Elisabet Alguien que no soy Steamy tale of newspaper editor Alba and her lovers - sexy extrovert Hugo and quiet, enigmatic Nicolás.
New Fiction. Published 19/01/2015. Price: £16.50
Benavent, Elisabet La magia de ser nosotros A biolography that tells us, with freshness and humor, what happens when two people are burdened by the weight of circumstances and discover that magic only exists when they look into each other's eyes.
New Fiction. Published 06/04/2017. Price: £18.99
Benavent, Elisabet La magia de ser Sofía First instalment of a romantic duology, that deals with unfulfilled dreams, the routines of lifelong connections and destiny.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2017. Price: £19.50
Berger, Joaquin Una sola palabra "Una sola palabra" is the story of a convalescence in which Celia will try to rehabilitate herself, return to normal after the stroke, the long time in coma and the awakening with a deep and selective amnesia.
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2017. Price: £20.50
Bermejo, Álvaro El ingenioso Hidalgo Narrated by El Greco, this is a vivid depiction of the artist’s life in a Toledo riven by religious fervour, linked also to his past adventures and possible friendship with Miguel de Cervantes.
New Fiction. Published 17/02/2016. Price: £19.99
Bértolo, Ulises La sustancia invisible de los cielos What if immortality is not a dream? What if a famous pianist from the 1940s travels back in time to meet Lizt? Musicologist Ignacio Pascal risks his life to discover the truth.
New Fiction. Published 08/01/2015. Price: £15.50
Blanco Calderón, Rodrigo The Night Caracas 2010. The energy crisis is used by the revolutionary government to enact power outages that, for hours, plunge the whole country into darkness. Amid this atmosphere, two friends talk about a series of crimes that have happened over the last year. An award-winning novel by a popular author from Venezuela.
New Fiction. Published 15/02/2016. Price: £17.99
Blasco, Santiago La palma del indiano It is 1850 and a ship approaches Cuba laden with its cargo of West African slaves, destined for Spanish sugar plantations. Their implacable desire for freedom will lead to conflict and violence.
New Fiction. Published 10/03/2016. Price: £18.99
Bolaño, Roberto La espíritu de la ciencia-ficción Published posthumously by the author's widow, this book stirred controversy among the fans and press. Is it another masterwork or unfinished piece that should had been kept in a drawer? Judge for yourself.
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2016. Price: £15.99
Bolaño, Roberto Sepulcros de vaqueros This volume includes three unpublished novellas in which Bolaño talks about concepts such as evil, violence and love present in the history and literature of Mexico and Chile.
New Fiction. Published 02/09/2017. Price: £20.99
Bolaño, Roberto Los sinsabores del verdadero policía An exiled Chilean professor is forced to leave his new home in Barcelona following a scandal. Recently discovered novel by the phenomenally successful Bolaño.
New Fiction. Published 2011. Price: £21.99
Bolea, Juan Parecido a un asesinato Elena runs a struggling gallery in Gijon. Her ex-husband is threatening her and her 15 year old stepson is in trouble. In despair she escapes with him to a small village in the mountains... but tragedy is not far away. A psychological thriller.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2015. Price: £19.50
Bolea, Juan El síndrome de Jerusalén A novel of intrigue, full of surprises and unexpected turns, in which detective Falomir investigates the case of a missing Virgin in Jerusalem.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2016. Price: £21.99
Borras, Raul Esclavos del honor In mid-1898, the Spanish garrison of Baler took refuge in the old church, awaiting the arrival of a relief column. For 337 days they resist, fighting rebels, hunger, disease, betrayal and despair.
New Fiction. Published 25/10/2017. Price: £25.50
Bosch, Xavier Alguien como tú On a visit to Paris for a wedding Paulina, from a quiet family background in Barcelona, meets Jean-Pierre, a free spirit who lives on the Left Bank. Her daughter, Gina, reconstructs their powerful love story from documents, memories and the recollections of people who knew them.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £22.99
Braulio, Juanjo El silencio del pantano
New Fiction. Published 16/09/2015. Price: £19.50
Bryce Echenique, Alfredo Dándole pena a la tristeza A darkly humorous family saga set in Lima.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £20.50
Busquets, Milena También esto pasará
New Fiction. Published 15/01/2015. Price: £20.50
Busquets, Milena También esto pasará Blanca struggles to come to terms with the death of her mother, finding consolation in friends, children and sexual encounters.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2015. Price: £20.50
Caballero, José Luis La ciudad silenciosa A deadly virus sweeps the world causing mass panic. In Barcelona, Andrea and Michael dare not leave their hotel while around them traffic comes to a halt and the city's infrastructure collapses.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £19.50
Cabana, Nacho La chica que llevaba una pistola en el tanga In Madrid, two skinheads attack a Romanian couple and kill their young daughter. Agents Violeta and Carlos follow the trail to a brothel in Murcia. An engrossing story of international trafficking and child prostitution. *Premio Internacional de Novela Negra L,H Confidencial*
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2014. Price: £17.00
Cabanas, Antonio El secreto del Nilo
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2015. Price: £14.50
Cabanas, Antonio El camino de los dioses A tale of ambition, lust for power, friendship and betrayal, set in ancient Egypt.
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2015. Price: £26.99
Cabré, Jaume Cuando llega la penumbra A child who rebels against his master, a murderer who confesses his crimes to his next victim, a burglar captivated by a painting he's just stolen... Stories that have a touch of darkness, anger and irony.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £21.50
Cabre, Jaume Fray Junoy o la agonia de los sonidos A monk who has dedicated his life to his passion for music is asked to abandon his organ to serve as a confessor in a convent. The different ways of understanding religion, art and life will confront the characters throughout the story.
New Fiction. Published 24/10/2016. Price: £20.50
Calderón, Reyes La puerta del cielo Before disappearing with his American assistant, astrophysicist Lalo Mugica informs a neighbour that he has found the key to the gate of heaven. With the help of a Basque exorcist and his secretary, local teacher, Gerardo, decides to follow the trail. A compelling novel which poses the eternal question - do heaven and hell exist?
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £19.50
Campos, Cristina Pan de limón con semillas de amapola In a small town in Mallorca, Anna and Marina - two sisters who were separated in their youth - meet again to sell a bakery inherited from a mysterious woman. As they learn more about each other, the begin to rediscover their bond.
New Fiction. Published 26/01/2016. Price: £22.99
Camps, Joaquín La última confidencia del escritor Hugo Mendoza The widow of writer Hugo Mendoza receives a new manuscript from her supposedly deceased husband. Literature professor, Victor Vega, agrees to investigate. An engrossing tale of mystery, danger, love and heartbreak.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2015. Price: £22.00
Cañete Bayle, Joan Parte de la felicidad que traes How far can a mother's love go? A touching story of feminine solidarity, courage and survival against all odds.
New Fiction. Published 26/04/2017. Price: £25.50
Caparrós, Martín Echeverría A young Argentinian decides that he has a mission: he must invent, to make his native country a real country, a literature.
New Fiction. Published 02/04/2016. Price: £23.50
Cardenas, Mauro Javier Los revolucionarios lo intentan de nuevo After almost ten years as an expatriate working as an artist in San Francisco, Antonio believes he can return to his native Guayaquil and save Equador from poverty and injustice.
New Fiction. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £23.99
Carranza, Maite Palabras envenenadas The mysterious disappearance of a 15 year old girl is followed four years later by fresh clues as to her whereabouts. A fast-paced story of secrets and lies whose action takes place in a single day. *Premio Nacional de Literatura Juvenil 2011*
New Fiction. Published 2011. Price: £11.99
Carrasco, Jesús Intemperie A young boy, escaping from an unnamed country plagued by drought and political violence, finds an unlikely refuge in the home of an elderly goatherd. A moving novel about trauma and human dignity.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £18.99
Carrasco, Jesús La tierra que pisamos The author speaks of our relationship to the land - to the place where we were born - but also of the planet that sustains us.
New Fiction. Published 15/02/2016. Price: £17.99
Carrasco, Jesús La tierra que pisamos At the beginning of the 20th Century, in a small village in Extremadura, Eva Holman lives in idyllic retirement until she receives the unexpected visit of a man that will invade her house and her life.
New Fiction. Published 18/09/2017. Price: £11.99
Carrillo, Mónica Olvidé decirte quiero As she drifts in and out of consciousness following a dreadful car accident, Malena is vaguely aware of everything she has failed to say to the most important people in her life: words of love, apology, friendship and thanks. An uplifting story of hope and second chances.
New Fiction. Published 05/04/2016. Price: £21.99
Carrió, Mateu El lago de los buitres After a bitter breakup, detective Ana Salazar is forced to work with her ex-partner as they investigate a violent murder.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £18.99
Casado, Noe Treinta noches con Olivia Olivia feels trapped in the provincial town of Burgos, but the arrival of a handsome Englishman opens up all sorts of opportunities. An erotic and humorous love story.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £15.50
Casanova, Genoveva El llanto de los elefantes Beautiful, charismatic and rich, Alli marries for love but her husband abuses her. Escaping the marriage, and on a trip to India, she is kidnapped by a terrorist gang and falls in love with the Indian politician who negotiates a rescue. Can they overcome their seemingly irreconcilable differences?
New Fiction. Published 14/04/2015. Price: £19.99
Casanovas, Anna Saltar al vacío Alexia and José move in and out of each other's lives in this moving novel, whose author won the "Premio Rincón Romántico" for her last novel.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2015. Price: £8.99
Casaseca, Fatima Nada se muere de esto Elena finds out a possible affair between her boyfriend and a stranger. She always thought she had her life sorted, until she starts wondering if she was wrong all along.
New Fiction. Published 07/09/2016. Price: £13.50
Casavella, Francisco El día del Watusi Fernando Atienza, a rather comedian careerist, and in the latter, is entrusted a Confidential Report on one of those dark personages who frequend indifferently the pages of courts and the echoes of society of the newspapers.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2016. Price: £25.99
Caso, Angeles Todo ese fuego Novel based on the lives of the three Brontë sisters.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2015. Price: £18.95
Castellanos Moya, Horacio Moronga José Zeledón, a silent and sullen man, lives tormented by his violent past. After fleeing El Salvador with a new identity, he has managed to go unnoticed for years in the United States.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2018. Price: £20.50
Castillo, Javier El dia que se perdio el amor Addictive, fast-paced and absorbing, Javier Castillo, author of the hit thriller "El día que se perdido de cordura", introduces us back to a frantic story loaded with suspense and love in equal parts.
New Fiction. Published 11/01/2018. Price: £19.99
Castillo, Javier El dia que se perdio la cordura Love, hatred, destiny, strange practices, intrigue and exciting action flood the pages of a novel that has become a publishing phenomenon before its publication on paper.
New Fiction. Published 02/02/2017. Price: £19.50
Castro, Celso Entre culebras y extraños A sensitive teenage boy, sickly, spoiled by his mother and overwhelmed by the world around him has to move in with his sister, a college student and young rebel, with a taste for drugs and alcohol.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £19.50
Castro, Francisco Tienes hasta las 10
New Fiction. Published 12/09/2016. Price: £16.99
Cebrían, Eloy M., & Francisco Mendoza Madrid, 1616
New Fiction. Published 18/11/2015. Price: £17.99
Cercas, Javier El impostor Based on the true story of the ninety year old Barcelona man who for years had posed as a Holocaust survivor but who was exposed as a fraud in 2005. Javier Cercas has written a gripping, hypnotic thriller.
New Fiction. Published 13/11/2014. Price: £17.99
Cercas, Javier Las leyes de la frontera It is the summer of 1978 and Spain is still in transition to democracy. Teenager Ignacio meets Zarco and Tere, two delinquents, in an encounter which will change his life for ever. Thirty years later the past comes back to haunt him in a way he could never have imagined.
New Fiction. Price: £12.50
Cercas, Javier El monarca de las sombras "El monarca de las sombras" recounts the search for the lost trace of an almost anonymous boy who fought for an unjust cause and died on the wrong side of history.
New Fiction. Published 16/02/2017. Price: £21.99
Chacel, Rosa Barrio de maravillas Chacel narrates the experiences of two young girls in Madrid at the beginning of the 20th Century and reflects upon the basis of existentialism.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £22.99
Chacón, Inma Tierra sin hombres A family intrigue set in Galicia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a land of living widows. Women watch the men in their lives emigrate in search of a better life, a dream that is sometimes fulfilled, and sometimes turned against all.
New Fiction. Published 12/09/2016. Price: £17.50
Chaparro, Carmen No soy un monstruo Winner of the Premio Primavera award 2017. Debut novel. A boy disappears in a shopping centre; from that moment, a neverending chase will keep you on edge until the end.
New Fiction. Published 20/03/2017. Price: £22.50
Chicot, Marcos El asesinato de Socrates Set in Greece during the war between Athens and Sparta, this historical novel revolves around the tragic death of Socrates. Finalist of the Planeta prize 2016
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2016. Price: £23.50
Chirbes, Rafael En la orilla Murder mystery starting with the discovery of a corpse in a swamp.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £22.50
Chirbes, Rafael París-Austerlitz A young Spanish painter looks back on his relationship with Michel. Their time in Paris started with such hope and happiness, but Michel's stifling possessiveness became too much to bear…
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £16.50
Chocarro, Estela Nadie ha muerto en la catedral The death of the last bellringer in Pamplona Cathedral leads to a strange discovery behind a wall: two bodies and a painting by Salvador Dalí. Rebeca Turambay, a Dalí expert entrusted with authenticating the painting, teams up with journalist Víctor to try to discover the identity of the bodies. Their lives are put in danger when it emerges that someone will resort to murder to stop the truth from coming out.
New Fiction. Published 18/02/2016. Price: £22.99
Cid, Daniel La gabardina azul Roberto has returned to the hell that he's been trying to escape for years. But this time is worse. Dragged by some disturbing phone calls, he immerses himself in a world populated by people he would never have wanted to meet.
New Fiction. Published 07/06/2017. Price: £18.50
Clavijo, Carlos Bienvenidos a Spanien A shy, middle-aged German economist who is in Spain to prepare a report, falls in love with his young translator. A very funny story of culture-clash.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2015. Price: £21.50
Concostrina, Nieves Antonia Born in 1930, Antonia epitomises the generation of Spaniards who lived through severe hardship, only experiencing a lightening of the burden in the 1960s. How could she have dreamed that, in her seventies, she would be affluent enough to play the stock market.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2014. Price: £22.99
Conde, Carmen Para morir siempre hay tiempo Writer Julia Irazu leads a complicated, drug-fuelled life. She inadvertently gets involved in an art trafficking network and meets Viktor Sokolov, who may be a Russian spy. Premio de Novela Negra La Trama.
New Fiction. Published 20/01/2016. Price: £14.99
Corral, Veronica El tesoro de Ana Someone once said that love disappears while walking, like footprints. This is the story of Ana: a young woman who realises on the morning of her birthday that love is running out. What will she do with the little that is left?
New Fiction. Published 2016. Price: £19.99
Correa Fiz, Valeria La condición animal The darkest angle of the human being is madness and death, love and disease, obsession and violence and tenderness unavoidable.
New Fiction. Published 02/09/2016. Price: £18.50
Correa, Armando Lucas La niña alemana In 1939, Cuba gives asylum to a few Jews fleeing the Nazis, and turns away the rest. Seven decades later, a young girl from New York travels to La Habana, to visit the grandmother she never met, and discover her secrets.
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2016. Price: £22.50
Cosano, Juan Pedro La fuente de oro A story about two young lovers, Beltran, who can afford to have a lover while being pledged to a rancid aristocrat, and Lele, doomed to a life of luxury maintained.
New Fiction. Published 02/02/2016. Price: £23.50
Cruz Ruiz, Juan El niño descalzo A tender tale of the relationship between a man and his grandson, based on the author's own experiences.
New Fiction. Published 31/08/2015. Price: £17.50
Cubiella, Rubén Supernova An explosion of feelings, a Supernova of emotions. A debut that talks about loss and grief, but also about the vastness of existence.
New Fiction. Published 24/11/2017. Price: £17.50
Cuenca Sandoval, Mario El don de la fiebre Olivier Messiaen was born with a gift: He has absolute hearing and can identify the quality, tone and colour of each sound. This will make him one of the most famous composers of France and the World. Novel based on a real life story.
New Fiction. Published 02/03/2018. Price: £20.99
Del Árbol, Víctor Por encima de la lluvia Miguel and Helena live in a care home in Tarifa and feel that they have been relegated to an almost ornamental plane. The dramatic suicide of a resident opens their eyes and they decide they do not want to spend their last days remembering times gone by.
New Fiction. Published 18/09/2017. Price: £23.99
Del Río, Alfonso La ciudad de la lluvia In the Bilbao of the early eighties, three mysterious deaths will unite the destinies of several characters with no apparent connection other than their families' secret which is somehow connected to German Nazism.
New Fiction. Published 13/03/2018. Price: £20.99
Delgado, Fernando Me llamo Lucas y no soy perro The story of a family seen through the eyes and voice of Lucas the dog, who sees and hears everything but who would rather be a child. Original, surprising and extremely funny.
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2013. Price: £14.99
Delgado, Fernando Sus ojos en mí Fascinating novel, set in the 16th century and woven around an imaginary love affair between the real life Santa Teresa de Jesús and the fictional Jerónimo Gracián. * Premio Azorín 2015*
New Fiction. Published 14/05/2015. Price: £21.95
Delibes, Miguel La bruja Leopoldina y otras historias reales This book brings together the stories of "Mi vida al aire libre" and "Tres pájaros de cuenta", and an unpublished story to date, a story written and drawn by the hand of Miguel Delibes himself in his youth that had remained stored.
New Fiction. Published 26/04/2018. Price: £21.50
Diaz, Jorge Tengo en mí todos los sueños del mundo A poignant historical novel set against the background of World War I.
New Fiction. Published 29/02/2016. Price: £7.50
Díez, Luis Mateo Fábulas del sentimiento Twelve short stories of the human condition - pleasure, pain, love, friendship, loneliness, guilt, happiness, helplessness, envy, dreams and illusions.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £23.99
Díez, Luis Mateo La soledad de los perdidos Ambrosio Leda has been hiding for 15 years in Balma, the city of shadows, where war seem endless and life is a permanent struggle. By the acclaimed author of 'La fuente de la edad' and 'El reino de Celama'.
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2014. Price: £18.99
Díez, Luis Mateo Vicisitudes A homely wedding in the village of Solba runs into a mysterious twist: the sudden disappearance of Ezequiel, the groom.
New Fiction. Published 22/03/2017. Price: £22.50
Domingo, Alfonso El enigma de Tina A novel that focuses on unravelling the mystery surrounding the life, and especially the death, of the famous jazz star of the 30s Tina Jarque.* Premio de Novela Ateneo de Ciudad de Valladolid*
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £7.50
Doñate, Angeles El invierno que tomamos cartas en el asunto In the small town of Porvenir, in the mountains, the Post Office closes due to competition from electronic media. For postwoman Sara, life looks bleak and her elderly neighbour Rosa resolves to help.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £18.50
Dueñas, María Las hijas del Capitán New York, 1936. The accidental death of Emilio Arenas, owner of the restaurant El Capitán, forces his young daughters to take the reins of the business while, in the courts, the collection of a promising compensation is resolved.
New Fiction. Published 12/04/2018. Price: £25.50
Dueñas, María La templanza A novel about glories and defeats, family intrigue and vineyards. A story of courage in adversity and a destiny forever altered by the force of passion.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £21.50
Enrigue, Alvaro Muerte súbita Noon, October 4th, 1599: a duel is about to take place. A young artist wanting to change the very method of art; a poet too intelligent for his own good. One a murderer on the run, the other soon to be the same. A lost sense of honour to be defended by both. *Premio Herralde de Novela*
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2013. Price: £18.99
Enriquez, Mariana Las cosas que perdimos en el fuego A collection of short stories dealing with the subject of violence.
New Fiction. Published 10/02/2016. Price: £18.99
Enriquez, Mariana Los peligros de fumar en la cama Using some of the features of a romantic gothic genre, the author creates a collection of stories which will leave its reader truly astonished and perhaps slightly terrified too.
New Fiction. Published 02/02/2017. Price: £19.99
Escalante Galán, Luis Silda: La Dama de la Punta del Águila Shortlisted for the Planeta Award 2016 under the title "Sardinas Coloradas"; set in the idyllic surroundings of the natural park of the dunes in Liencres.
New Fiction. Published 06/06/2017. Price: £27.99
Eslava Galán, Juan El amor en el jardín de las fieras A novel concerning one of the most obscure episodes of the Nazi era. A love story blossoms between the two main characters during a visit to Spain.
New Fiction. Published 20/09/2016. Price: £21.99
Eslava Galán, Juan Misterioso asesinato en casa de Cervantes The corpse of the noble Gaspar de Ezpeleta is discovered outside the house of Miguel de Cervantes and a neighbour accuses him of murder. Spain's Golden Age comes to life in this exciting story.
New Fiction. Published 24/03/2015. Price: £20.99
Espinosa, Albert Lo que te dire cuando te vuelva a ver Albert Espinosa presents a story in which a father and son together undertake a desperate and courageous search. A daring novel, that will catch you and thrill you for its originality.
New Fiction. Published 23/03/2017. Price: £17.99
Espinosa, Albert El mundo azul ama tu caos The story of five adolescents struggling with the problems and chaos of youth.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £17.50
Esquivel, Laura El diario de Tita Sequel to "Como agua para chocolate".
New Fiction. Published 30/04/2016. Price: £16.50
Esquivel, Laura Mi negro pasado Third installment of the "Como agua para chocolate" series.
New Fiction. Published 14/11/2017. Price: £21.50
Esteban, Luis El río guardó silencio The investigation of a homophobic murder perpetrated in Zaragoza will bring Inspector Roy to an unsuspected discovery.
New Fiction. Published 12/06/2017. Price: £20.50
Etxebarría, Lucía Dios no tiene tiempo libre Intimate and sentimental novel that reflects on the falseness of memory and its idealisation of the past.
New Fiction. Published 09/04/2015. Price: £23.75
Eyre, Pilar Un amor de oriente Intimate and secret biography of a woman with a refined and innocent sensuality who, arriving in Spain in the seventies from her native Manila, ends up becoming a prominent figure in the high society of the time.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2016. Price: £22.50
Eyre, Pilar Mi color favorito es verte Pilar Eyre, a mature journalist, meets Sébastien, a French war correspondent. But after three days of intense erotic and romantic passion on the Costa Brava, Sébastien disappears. Desparately Pilar looks for him… and the clues she finds are ever more intriguing.
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2014. Price: £19.99
Eyre, Pilar Nomeolvides A love story based on the author's own experiences.
New Fiction. Published 20/10/2015. Price: £18.50
Falcones, Ildefonso Los herederos de la tierra Hugo Llor’s youthful dreams of becoming a shipbuilder will be pitted against a harsh and ruthless reality when the Puig family, a staunch enemy of his mentor, take advantage of his position before the new king to exact a revenge that he had been planning for years.
New Fiction. Published 31/08/2016. Price: £19.50
Feijoo, Pedro Los hijos del fuego Sequel to "Los hijos del mar", in which the characters will be involved in a mysterious murder connected to the origins of the city of Madrid.
New Fiction. Published 13/06/2017. Price: £21.99
Fernández Cubas, Cristina La habitación de Nona Cristina Fernández Cubas revisits childhood and maturity, loneliness and family, everyday life in our homes and our cities and reveals that there, behind the facade of normality, might lurk mystery, fear, suspicion and more.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2015. Price: £18.99
Fernández Mallo, Agustín Limbo Time is revealed as an elastic dimension and boundaries between life and death fade and disappear. Ultimately, everything that ever happened is doomed to repeat itself. A gripping and disturbing novel.
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2014. Price: £17.50
Fernández Mallo, Agustín Trilogía de la guerra Winner of Biblioteca Breve award 2018. Battles were fought on three places: the Galician island of San Simón, Vietnam and the Normandy coast. Today, the people in these places are still connected through their fallen ancestors.
New Fiction. Published 02/03/2018. Price: £27.50
Fernandez, Carine Mil años después de la guerra Miguel Carabajal, a lonely elderly man, decides to leave with his inseparable dog Ramón and take a bus to his hometown, Montepalomas, which he hasn't return to since the war.
New Fiction. Published 06/02/2018. Price: £20.50
Fernández, Marta Te regalaré el mundo A novel about the pain of finding oneself. Moving and surprising in equal measure.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2014. Price: £19.50
Ferrandiz, Juan Francisco La tierra maldita A historical epic with a touch of legend. The story of a subdued city that longed for freedom and the man who fought to achieve it.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £23.99
Ferrero, Laura Piscinas vacias Laura Ferrero, a young author who has recently burst into the literary landscape, and has been described as a revelation by ABC.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2016. Price: £15.99
Fesser, Guillermo Mi amigo invisible Ingelmo is an author struggling to write his second novel after the moderate success of the first. To add insult to injury, he'll have to endure a marital tsunami and the sermons coming from Agenjo, his invisible friend.
New Fiction. Published 09/01/2018. Price: £21.99
Fogwill Nuestro modo de vida Are Fernando and Rita guilty of bourgeois selfishness, superficiality and hypocrisy? Thought provoking novel, written in 1981 but previously unpublished, by one of Argentina's most fascinating and eccentric authors.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2014. Price: £18.50
Fonseca, Carlos Coronel Lágrimas In the mountains of the Pyrenees an old hermit is given the task of writing a key to world history. Fine new novel from acclaimed Costa Rican writer.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £19.99
Fonseca, Carlos Museo animal In the midst of the euphoria for the arrival of the new millennium, a Caribbean museologist receives, on behalf of a well-known fashion designer, an invitation to collaborate in a strange exhibition.
New Fiction. Published 06/09/2017. Price: £25.99
Franco, Jorge El mundo de afuera Teenager Isolda lives locked in a strange castle in Medellín, surrounded by an oppressive forest… then she is kidnapped. Fascinating and surprising .. starts like a fairy tale and ends as a Tarantino film *Premio Alfaguara de Novela 2014*
New Fiction. Published 2014. Price: £26.50
Freijo, Sibila Lo que no sabía de mí By day, Carlota is a cultured and attractive woman about to turn forty, recently divorced, with two children and a good job. At night, her life is full of unexpected pleasures and exciting adventures she never thought she would experience.
New Fiction. Published 25/06/2017. Price: £19.99
Freire, Espido Llamadme Alejandra AZORÍN NEW NOVEL PRIZE 2017. As if they were chess figures, the Romanov family prepares in silence for a new transfer, after the abdication of the Tsar. Alejandra, the Tsarina, dreams of seeing her four daughters married.
New Fiction. Published 04/04/2017. Price: £23.50
Fresán, Rodrigo La parte soñada How does a writer dream? This is the second volume of a trilogy in which Rodrigo Fresán investigates the mechanism and the gears that make the mind of a writer work.
New Fiction. Published 08/03/2017. Price: £22.99
Frisa, María Cuídate de mí Sub-Inspector Berta Guallar and Inspector Lara Samper work investigating cases of sexual crimes and gender violence. When Commissioner Millán shows them the burnt body of an alleged rapist, they will both agree that they are facing the most difficult case of their careers.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2018. Price: £20.50
Fuentes, Carlos Aquiles o el guerrillero y el asesino A fascinating story about the Colombian guerrilla Carlos Pizarro.
New Fiction. Published 16/05/2016. Price: £18.99
Fuentes, Carlos Federico en su balcón Novel in which Fuentes assumes multiple personalities, including the narrator Dante Loredano and his relationship with the neighbour with whom he shares a balcony, Friedrich Nietzche. Posthumously published, this is a fitting testimony to one of Mexico's leading writers.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £18.00
Fuentes, Eugenio Mistralia Murder or suicide? Detective Ricardo Cupida sets out to solve a mystery set in the world of big business, environmentalism and renewable energy.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2015. Price: £17.50
Fuertes, Gloria El libro de Gloria Fuertes: Antología de poemas y vida A collection of well-known poems by the acclaimed author of young and old readers.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £30.50
Gabas, Luz Como fuego en el hielo The fateful day when Attua had to take her father's place, she knew her promising future had been truncated. Now she has to run the thermal baths that had been the sustenance of her family, in a land where they would never have chosen to return.
New Fiction. Published 30/01/2017. Price: £22.50
Gabás, Luz Palmeras en la nieve It is 1953 and two Portuguese brothers leave their mountain village for their father's coffee plantation on the idyllic island of Fernando Po. Life is wonderful until one brother crosses an unwritten forbidden line and falls in love with a native girl, with consequences which will resonate for years to come.
New Fiction. Published 02/02/2017. Price: £12.50
Galán, Jorge Noviembre A touching story that claims the need to raise the voice, as the Jesuits killed did in defense of the most disadvantaged.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2016. Price: £21.99
Gallardo, Francisco La última noche It is 1195 and a dying woman looks back over her life as one of the first women to practise legally as a doctor. Her work has taken her to the harem of the caliph of Marrakech where she was caught up in political and sexual intrigue. *V Premio Ateneo de Novela Histórica*
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £18.99
Gallardo, José Miguel 2065 Madrid, 2065.After an unprecedented heat wave, a hurricane threatens the peninsula. A race against time to defeat the corrupt power that controls the threads of global warming.
New Fiction. Published 06/07/2017. Price: £20.50
Gándara, Alejandro Las puertas de la noche A writer and professor explores the big themes of death, life and love, in a innovative novel that combines essay, biography and literature.
New Fiction. Published 01/08/2014. Price: £19.99
García Bautista, Nieves El amor huele a café Love is like good coffee... You have to enjoy every sip. Set around the lives of the regulars of a small cafe, this wonderful story explores love in all its infinite variety.
New Fiction. Published 26/01/2015. Price: £17.99
García Maldonado, Rafael El trapero del tiempo A Spanish scientist finds himself caught up in a political intrigue in Marseilles, in this thriller set during the last days of the Franco regime.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £22.99
Garcia Saenz de Urturi, Eva Los ritos del agua Second instalment of the Trilogy "La ciudad blanca". Carrying an unborn child inside her, a woman from Kraken's past is murdered following an ancient ritual from over 2,000 years ago.
New Fiction. Published 03/04/2017. Price: £21.50
García Sáenz de Urturi, Eva El silencio de la ciudad blanca Tasio, an archaeologist found guilty of a series of double murders which terrorised the city of Vitoria twenty years ago, is about to be released from prison when the crimes start up again. A young couple are found dead in the Old Cathedral, but they are only the first victims... The two detectives in charge of the case clash repeatedly over their professional and personal relationship, but meanwhile time is running out…
New Fiction. Published 11/04/2016. Price: £21.50
Garí, Fernando Seis años de invierno Barcelona, 1941. Miguel enlists in the Blue Division moved by the desire to avenge the death of his father during the Civil War. On the Russian front, fighting alongside the German army, he will discover the true atrocities committed by the Nazis.
New Fiction. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £23.50
Garrido, Antonio El Último paraíso Winner of the "Premio de Novela Fernanso Lara 2015".
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2015. Price: £21.50
Giménez Bartlett, Alicia Crímenes que no olvidaré Nine challenging cases for popular detective Petra Delicado. Winner of the 'Premio Pepe Carvalho de Novela Negra 2015'.
New Fiction. Published 22/01/2015. Price: £21.50
Giménez Bartlett, Alicia Hombres desnudos Set against the backdrop of the Spanish economic crisis, this dark novel revolves around the relationship between Javier, an unemployed lecturer, and Irene, a businesswoman whose husband has left her. *Premio Planeta 2015*
New Fiction. Published 02/11/2015. Price: £19.99
Giner, Gonzalo Pacto de lealtad
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2015. Price: £11.99
Giner, Gonzalo Las ventanas del cielo 15th century, Hugo de Covarrubias decides to renounce the destiny that his father, a wool merchant, has marked for him. But everything changes when he discovers that his father is being betrayed.
New Fiction. Published 13/03/2017. Price: £22.50
Gómez Rufo, Antonio Nunca te fíes de un policía que suda 1935. A woman is murdered in a remote Spanish village on the Portuguese border. Her death threatens to have far-reaching political consequences. *III Premio Valencia de Novela Negra*
New Fiction. Published 11/06/2015. Price: £20.50
González, Tomás Niebla al mediodía It's seven months since Julia disappeared, the police have lost interest and only her father is still looking for her. However the reader knows that she drowned in a pond on his farm. Latest novel from this major Colombian writer.
New Fiction. Published 27/04/2015. Price: £20.99
Grande, Almudena Los pacientes del Doctor García After the victory of Franco, Dr. Guillermo García Medina continues living in Madrid under a false identity. The documentation that saved his life was a gift from his best friend, Manuel Arroyo Benitez, a Republican diplomat.
New Fiction. Published 11/09/2017. Price: £25.50
Grandes Almudena El lector de Julio Verne Nino is the 9-year old son of a Civil Guard living in a village in the Sierra Sur de Jaén. The summer of 1947 is a time he will never forget.
New Fiction. Published 04/03/2014. Price: £12.99
Grandes, Almudena Los besos en el pan Topical novel about the residents of a Madrid suburb as they try to come to terms with the economic crisis.
New Fiction. Published 04/11/2015. Price: £18.99
Grandes, Almudena Las tres bodas de Manolita A moving story about the years of poverty and desolation in the immediate postwar period , and an unforgettable tapestry of the lives and destinies of real and imagined characters
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2013. Price: £22.50
Grau, Rosa Un puñado de amigos y dos cerezas A weekend by the sea, a reunion between friends and an old love that is still very much alive.
New Fiction. Published 06/09/2016. Price: £18.99
Guelbenzu, J. M. El asesino desconsolado Julia has just moved into a new apartment.To celebrate, her friend Mariana makes a unexpected visit but, shortly after arriving, a call to the bell interrupts the evening. Behind the door they find the corpse of a man stabbed in the back.
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2017. Price: £21.50
Guelbenzu, J.M. Nunca ayudes a una extraña Investigative journalist Javier Goitia meets a mysterious woman on a train and is then a witness to a crime. The plot thickens when he sees the woman again in court… and she is the judge.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2014. Price: £19.50
Guelbenzu, José María Un peso en el mundo Faced with a life-changing decision, a middle-aged woman decides to take advice from her old university tutor. Their meeting uncovers forgotten secrets and hidden desires.
New Fiction. Published 12/05/2015. Price: £17.99
Guelbenzu, José María Los poderosos lo quieren todo Hermogenes Arbusto sees death entering his office, and, reacting quickly, manages to dodge the stroke of the scythe, jumps to the door, hurries out and closes it with a double key, leaving the room locked.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2016. Price: £21.50
Guelfenbein, Carla Contigo en la distancia A suspense-filled novel built around a memorable female character and the power of genius. A love story woven into a tale of riddles, lies and a passion for literature. Premio Alfaguara de Novela 2015
New Fiction. Published 22/05/2015. Price: £19.99
Guerra, Wendy Domingo de Revolución Cleo, a young Cuban writer, is accused of being a CIA puppet. As his career develops, he is ready to leave the island and live his life in the US.
New Fiction. Published 06/04/2016. Price: £18.50
Guerrero, Mercedes Sin mirar atrás
New Fiction. Published 04/07/2016. Price: £14.50
Gutiérrez, Xabier El bouquet del miedo When wine expert Esperanza Moreno is found dead in down-town San Sebastián it appears to be a crime of passion, especially when her boyfriend goes missing. Detective Vicente Parra finds himself in a race against time to find out the truth.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £21.50
Hachmi, Najat El Madre de leche y miel Fatima is a married Muslim woman of the Rif, who leaves her home behind, and along with her daughter, emigrates to Catalonia.
New Fiction. Published 20/02/2018. Price: £23.50
Herreros de Tejada, Silvia La mano izquierda de Peter Pan The author of Peter Pan hires a new secretary who dreams of being a writer one day. A century later, their manuscripts are investigated, showing a fierce fight against social presumptions in a world of men.
New Fiction. Published 09/01/2017. Price: £20.99
Hill, Toni Los ángeles de hielo Barcelona, 1916. Young psychiatrist Frederic, traumatised by the war, takes up a new job at a sanatorium in a Catalan fishing village, an ideal place to heal his psychological wounds. But the idyllic surroundings conceal a dark secret.
New Fiction. Published 14/03/2016. Price: £18.99
Hill, Tony Los angeles de hielo An ambitious psychological intrigue of gothic dyes set in the thriving Barcelona of the early twentieth century.
New Fiction. Published 09/03/2017. Price: £13.50
Huerta, Maxim Una tienda en París Maxim Huerta transports us to the Paris of the happy twenties with the help of two wonderful women, irresistible and captivating.
New Fiction. Published 08/10/2013. Price: £7.99
Izaguirre, Boris Un jardín al norte A gripping novel, based on the true story of Rosalinda Powell Fox, whose life is lived against a backdrop of India during the Raj and Europe under fascism. Famously, she falls in love with Franco's military attaché in Berlin, and subsequent foreign minister, Juan Luis Beigbeder.
New Fiction. Published 27/11/2014. Price: £23.50
Izaguirre, Marian Cuando aparecen los hombres A novel about the past, about the secrets and about lives that share the same destiny despite the time that separates them.
New Fiction. Published 08/02/2017. Price: £22.99
Janer, Maria de la Pau Cuando seas libre A captivating novel which links the present day to the legends of The Thousand and One Nights.
New Fiction. Published 01/05/2015. Price: £23.50
Juan-Cantavella, Robert Y el cielo era una bestia Surreal mystery with a range of fascinating characters, set in a faded, once-aristocratic resort in the Pyrennes.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2014. Price: £21.50
Ladrón de Guevara, Eduardo El champán, frío y la venganza, caliente Laura has given up a successful career in law to support her politician husband Juan. After 20 years of marriage she is stunned to discover that Juan has been taking bribes, has a fortune stashed away in a Swiss bank, not to mention a mistress.
New Fiction. Published 16/06/2015. Price: £19.99
Landero, Luis La vida negociable Hugo Bayo, a hairdresser of misunderstood genius, tells his clients the story of his many adventures, from his adolescence in a neighbourhood of Madrid to the present moment when, nearly forty, he continues to seek the meaning of life.
New Fiction. Published 30/01/2017. Price: £20.99
Larriqueta, Daniel Atahualpa: el último emperador Inca Daniel Larriqueta reconstructs history: he paints the complex universe of the Incas, their internal rivalries and the palace battle between Pizarro and Atahuallpa.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £20.50
Laso, Enrique El rumor de los muertos Sebastian Madrigal's works for an obscure Sunday magazine, his life humdrum. One day he notices an article on 'El Necronomicón', a book reputed to have the power to raise the dead. Sebastian investigates and his life becomes much more interesting… and much more dangerous.
New Fiction. Published 07/10/2014. Price: £7.99
León, Miguel de Los amores perdidos This is a story of love, hope and freedom, a window to six decades of the history of Spain, a cast of unforgettable characters that merge into a novel that leaves a mark.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £11.99
Lezama Barañano, Luis de El Capitán de Arriluze
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2015. Price: £16.50
Llamazares, Julio Distintas formas de mirar el agua A grandfather's death brings his family back to their small village. In this beautiful but desolate landscape, old memories surface and the ghosts of previous generations are with them.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £16.99
Llamazares, Julio Las lágrimas de San Lorenzo The reflections of a university professor who has spent his life travelling around Europe and who now returns to his roots in Ibiza.
New Fiction. Published 10/04/2013. Price: £19.99
Llop, Jose Carlos En la ciudad sumergida José Carlos Llop writes an elegy to his city, Palma de Mallorca, interweaving his biography with its history and his sentimental memory in one of his most personal books.
New Fiction. Published 09/02/2017. Price: £21.50
Llop, José Carlos Reyes de Alejandría Music, literature, hippism, street crowds, the youth disorder, the splendor of eroticism and love, are the tapestry where the protagonist rescues that time in search of its place in it.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2016. Price: £18.99
Lloréns, Chufo La ley de los justos Candela and Juan Pedro are from very different social backgrounds but fall hopelessly in love. Set in an atmospheric, late 19thC Barcelona.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £21.99
López Barrio, Cristina Niebla en Tánger Planeta Award Finalist 2017. Cristina López Barrio narrates the life of a woman trapped in mediocrity that takes an irreversible turn after going to bed with a mysterious stranger.
New Fiction. Published 02/11/2017. Price: £22.99
López Rubio, Susana El encanto The memory of a place where everything was possible... Until one day it was no more.
New Fiction. Published 26/04/2017. Price: £22.99
López Serrano, Francisco Un momento, señor verdugo Quirky short stories set in the France of Louis XV.
New Fiction. Published 01/1/2017. Price: £20.50
Lopez Silva, Inma Los dias iguales de cuando fuimos malas Five women, five private stories and the point where they meet: the experience of prison.
New Fiction. Published 15/01/2017. Price: £21.99
Lorena Franco, Piris Ella lo sabe Andrea is a thriller writer who lives haunted by a horrible experience from her past and a marriage that is about to end. Her life is suddenly interrupted by some unexpected events concerning her brother-in-law and her next door neighbour.
New Fiction. Published 06/06/2017. Price: £22.99
Loriga, Ray El bebedor de lágrimas A "Stephen King" type novel which combines crime, horror and fantasy.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Click on entry for price details.
Loriga, Ray Rendición Winner of the "Alfaguara" award 2017. In a society in which the private belongs to the public domain, and a happy and suffocating world that passively attacks the dignity of the human being, the most shattering auguries of our future will emerge.
New Fiction. Published 24/05/2017. Price: £21.50
Loureiro, Manel Fulgor
New Fiction. Published 16/09/2015. Price: £18.95
Madrid, Juan Perros que duermen Madrid, 2011. Juan Delforo, journalist and writer, son of Republican parents and with a past of militancy in the anti-fascist struggle, goes to a villa in El Viso to collect the legacy of a man he doesn't know and who has just died
New Fiction. Published 10/05/2017. Price: £19.50
Marías, Fernando La isla del padre Meeting after many years, a father and son journey back in search of a lost childhood. A captivating blend of nostalgia and fantasy and winner of the Premio Biblioteca Breve 2015.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £20.99
Marías, Javier Así empieza lo malo A book about desire as one of the strongest motivations in life, which sometimes wins over loyalty, consideration and respect in dealing with others.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2016. Price: £15.50
Marías, Javier Así empieza lo malo The story of a marriage, with its many ups and downs, seen through the eyes of a child.
New Fiction. Published 23/09/2014. Price: £20.99
Marías, Javier Berta Isla Young Berta Isla and Tomás Nevinson met in Madrid, and very quickly decided to spend their lives together, never suspecting that they were heading towards an intermittent coexistence, and then a disappearance.
New Fiction. Published 31/08/2017. Price: £24.99
Marsé, Juan Colección particular The ultimate edition of the most beloved stories by Juan Marsé, accompanied by unpublished material and a new prologue by Ignacio Echevarría.
New Fiction. Published 05/04/2017. Price: £24.99
Marsé, Juan Esa puta tan distinguida In a local cinema a prostitute is murdered in cold blood. But the mystery is not the who or the how but the why. And the murderer can’t remember.
New Fiction. Published 07/04/2016. Price: £22.99
Marsé, Juan Noticias felices en aviones de papel It is a summer day in the late eighties, and Bruno, just turned fifteen, reluctantly climbs the rungs of a ladder; above, on the second floor... Captivating tale of childhood memories and happiness by a renowned novelist.
New Fiction. Published 20/11/2014. Price: £21.99
Martí, Guillem ¡Quemad Barcelona! 1939, the Republic has lost the Civil War and the Comintern has ordered Barcelona to be razed to the ground to deny it to the enemy. Miquel Serra is charged with carrying out the order, but decides to defy his superiors and save the city.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £23.99
Martín Moreno, Francisco En media hora… la muerte An extraordinary family saga set mainly in the 1930s and 1940s. Starting out in Madrid and Valencia, the action also moves between Berlin, Casablanca and Mexico. The author's parents, fleeing from the Civil War, found refuge in Mexico.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2014. Price: £21.50
Martín, Andreu La violencia justa Gender-based violence, police brutality and organized crime in a thriller of considerable hardness and refined realism.
New Fiction. Published 2016. Price: £13.50
Martín, Luisgé La vida equivocada The story of two men, a father and son, who dream of glory but experience only disaster. A dark tale of extremes, of life on the brink and of the morbid shadows of the human mind.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £20.50
Martínez de Pisón, Ignacio La buena reputación Family saga that covers more than thirty years starting in the fifties of the twentieth century. Samuel and Mercedes decide to move out from Morocco in order to secure a better future for their daughters. Will moving to Spain prove to be a right move?
New Fiction. Published 02/11/2015. Price: £12.50
Martinez de Pison, Ignacio Derecho natural Set during the early days of the Spanish Transition, "Derecho natural" shows the legislative development of an era in conflict with a past, in which there was no relation between law and justice.
New Fiction. Published 2017. Price: £23.50
Martínez, Agustín La mala hierba After losing his job, Jacobo is forced to start a new life with Irene, his wife, and Miriam, their teenage daughter, on the outskirts of Portocarrero, a town in the middle of the desert of Almeria where nothing grows, but weed.
New Fiction. Published 03/05/2017. Price: £17.99
Martínez, Gabi Las defensas A novel based on the unprecedented real story of Dr. Escudero,who suffered from the very same disease he was reasearching and was always convinced of having received a wrong diagnosis.
New Fiction. Published 14/03/2017. Price: £23.50
Martínez, Mado La santa Manderley is a prestigious girls' boarding school in a remote part of Asturias, but then pupils start to disappear. A riveting psychological mystery in the best traditions of Victorian horror. *Premio de Novela Ateneo Joven de Sevilla*
New Fiction. Published 30/10/2014. Price: £20.99
Martínez, Tomás Eloy Tinieblas para mirar Collection of previously unpublished short stories by the renowned author of 'Santa Evita'.
New Fiction. Published 01/07/2014. Price: £16.99
Martínez,Agustín Monteperdido Two 11 year old girls go missing in the village of Monteperdido. When one of them reappears five years later, the case is reopened and many of the villagers are anxious to avoid the truth coming out.
New Fiction. Published 04/06/2015. Price: £16.50
Martínez-Belli, Laura Locura imperial In the mid-nineteenth century, Carlota, wife of the archduke of Austria, was one of the most glittering stars of European royalty. Her ambitious character and powerful relations made her fight for a place in the spotlight.
New Fiction. Published 02/03/2018. Price: £19.99
Martorell, Juan El manuscrito nazi Archaeologist Nicole Pascal is again embroiled in an adventure that will lead her into the secrets and esoteric beliefs of the great leaders of German Nazism.
New Fiction. Published 12/06/2017. Price: £22.50
Maruri Chimeno, Cristina Todas mis fotos hablan de ti A romantic story that starts with some instagram pictures, and ends up with two people falling in love over the internet.
New Fiction. Published 06/06/2017. Price: £14.99
Matute, Ana María Demonios familiares Set in a small town in the middle of Spain during 1936, Demonios familiares brings back the pure style of this great writer with a female protagonist who will be difficult to forget.
New Fiction. Published 23/09/2014. Price: £27.99
Matute, Ana María La puerta de la luna (cuentos completos) The complete short stories by this internationally acclaimed author, winner of numerous prizes including the prestigious Premio Cervantes.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £12.99
Méndez Guédez, Juan Carlos En baile Madame Kalalú Black novel with flashes of romantic comedy, adventure story, love story and humor.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2016. Price: £17.99
Mendoza, Eduardo Una comedia ligera A faithful portrayal of the postwar period through a mixture of collective comedy and police intrigue.
New Fiction. Published 05/09/2016. Price: £17.50
Mendoza, Eduardo El secreto de la modelo extraviada A forgotten mystery from 20 years ago comes back to haunt Mendoza's idiosyncratic detective. The novel also examines the huge changes in Barcelona in recent years.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2015. Price: £19.50
Menéndez Salmón, Ricardo Niños en el tiempo The death of a child, the childhood of Jesus, the momentous decision of a mother. These are three fragments of the same story, each one coming back to affirm the overwhelming power that art has to restore hope and faith when all seems lost.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2014. Price: £18.99
Menéndez Salmón, Ricardo El Sistema Science fiction set in a dystopian future. (Premio Biblioteca Breve 2016)
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2016. Price: £20.99
Menéndez, Ronaldo La casa y la isla Anabela and Rebeca share a teenage past of loves and betrayals. Years later their lives cross again around a young Cuban revolutionary doctor, who has decided not to return to exercise nor never leave his house.
New Fiction. Published 03/11/2016. Price: £16.50
Mercero, Antonio El final del hombre On the morning police officer Carlos Luna is leaving his old identity to appear as Sofía Luna, a terrible murder shakes the police brigade: The son of a famous historical writer has been assassinated, and every suspect seems to hide something.
New Fiction. Published 11/09/2017. Price: £21.50
Merino, José María Musa décima Olivia Sabuco, called "The Tenth Musa" by Lope de Vega, received enthusiastic praise and her theories ended up influencing throughout Europe until the discovery of some documents made everything fall into the most absolute of forgetfulness.
New Fiction. Published 02/09/2016. Price: £20.50
Meruane, Lina Sangre en el ojo Overnight, a writer suffers a severe ophthalmological hemorrhage, a problem that will alter her relationships with the family and marital environment.
New Fiction. Published 15/01/2017. Price: £17.99
Mesa, Sara Cicatriz Sonia and Knut meet on an internet literary forum and, despite the distance separating them, develop a strange and obsessive relationship. A reflection on modern consumer society, submission and power.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £19.50
Mesa, Sara Un incendio invisible A renowned geriatrician is appointed to take over a nursing home. Privately, he himself hopes to leave his past behind and start afresh. It turns out that his arrival coincides with a strange phenomenon- the city is being abandoned by its inhabitants…
New Fiction. Published 02/02/2017. Price: £20.50
Michelena Pagglioli, Mariela La vida son los miércoles Three women on the brink of forty will have to face a series of struggles (love, work, family) that will test their long friendship but while forcing them to rethink their place in the world.
New Fiction. Published 29/05/2017. Price: £22.50
Millás, Juan José Desde la sombra Damien has struggled to make ends meet since he lost his job and decides to try and steal something at the antiques market. Instead, he ends up hiding in a piece of furniture which is sold and moved to a wealthy family's home. From this hideout he can observe their life.
New Fiction. Published 04/04/2016. Price: £19.50
Millás, Juan José Que nadie duerma The mundane and the extraordinary are intertwined in this novel, which has all the key points of the narrative universe of Juan José Millás: Irony, different sides of reality, solitude and the unfolding of the self.
New Fiction. Published 15/02/2018. Price: £20.50
Modroño, Félix G. Secretos del Arenal Fate seems to weave the stories of two women in two different cities, Bilbao and Seville, separated by more than a thousand kilometers and almost half a century. *Premio XLVI Ateneo de Sevilla*
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2014. Price: £20.50
Molina, Carolina Carolus Historical novel set in the times of King Carlos III, where in Madrid nothing is as it seems.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2017. Price: £23.99
Molina, Miquel La sonámbula A political thriller in a great police novel crossed by four mysterious love stories from the Vatican to Patagonia filled with suspense, corruption and glamour.
New Fiction. Published 09/01/2018. Price: £20.50
Molinero, Carlos Verano de miedo When his mother tells him he has to spend the summer in remote Vega Alta, the home of his grandmother, Juan thinks he is going to die of boredom. But then he unearths a bloodthirsty creature that causes havoc - a vampire.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2014. Price: £21.50
Molino, Sergio del Lo que a nadie le importa 'Shut up, I don't want it to be you who closes my eyes'. With these last words on his deathbed, octogenarian José Molina breaks a silence that has held for decades. The phrase resonates in the mind of his teenage grandson, who senses the scars behind the gruff exterior. Later, as an adult, he explores the old man's journey through Spain's turbulent 20thC.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2014. Price: £17.50
Molist, Jorge Canción de sangre y oro Winner of the Premio Lara 2018. An epic tale of love and freedom, on how the Crown of Aragon and the Sicilians, led by Peter III the Great, changed the history of Europe and amazed the world.
New Fiction. Published 05/06/2018. Price: £25.50
Montero, Carlos El desorden que dejas BESTSELLER. Teacher Raquel takes up a new job in a remote Galician village, and is shocked to find out that her predecessor Elvira committed suicide. Moreover she has left a note warning that Raquel will be next. Raquel’s obsession with what really happened leads her to believe that Elvira could have been murdered... An absorbing thriller in which nearly all of the characters have something to hide. Premio Primavera de Novela 2016.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2016. Price: £21.99
Montero, Rosa La carne An emotional intrigue about the passage of time, the fear of death, failure and hope, the human urge to love and the glorious tyranny of sex.
New Fiction. Published 06/09/2016. Price: £19.99
Montero, Rosa El peso del corazón The return of detective Bruna Husky in acclaimed writer Rosa Montero's wonderful novel. A heady mix of thriller, love story and fantasy.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £19.50
Montfort, Vanessa Mujeres que compran flores This novel portrays five female characters described with cunning, ingenuity and a lot of humour: This is a fun depiction of a group that reflects on the issues that affect contemporary women, but above all, it is a story of friendship, women who share their secrets and their most hidden desires.
New Fiction. Published 10/10/2016. Price: £16.99
Moreno Graupera, Graziella Juegos de maldad
New Fiction. Published 16/02/2015. Price: £17.99
Moreno, Lara Piel de lobo Two women, two sisters, two complex characters confronted by their contradictions, who share a past that is best left forgotten.
New Fiction. Published 18/10/2016. Price: £20.50
Moreno, Miguel Ángel Un piano para los Masáis Tanganica, 1905. The Kast brothers run a colonial house on a cotton plantation. One of them, Bertram, is an irascible man whom everyone fears. His only concern is to keep his family safe, which will enlarge his legend of an evil man.
New Fiction. Published 14/06/2017. Price: £16.99
Moro, Javier A flor de piel Based on the true story of Francisco Balmís, a doctor who headed an 1804 expedition to Spanish America to vaccinate the population against smallpox.
New Fiction. Published 01/05/2015. Price: £27.50
Moro, Javier Mi pecado Winner of the "Premio Primavera 2018" Fictionalisation of the story of Spanish Actress Conchita Montenegro who started her Hollywood career in 1930, at the age of 19.
New Fiction. Published 05/04/2018. Price: £21.99
Moyano, Manuel El imperio de Yegorov Political thriller set in a dystopian society in the mid-21st century.
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2014. Price: £16.99
Muela Pareja, Ana El falso cuerno del rinoceronte Murder mystery set in Madrid. Inspector Gajanejos finds his investigation into the murder of a woman whose body is found in a church is complicated by myriad problems in his private life.
New Fiction. Published 21/04/2016. Price: £18.99
Muñoz Avia, Rodrigo Cactus For Agustin life is a disaster. At 37 he lives with his parents, his girlfriend has left him and he has just been fired from his job as a professor of literature at Stanford University. So what more obvious thing to do that to join a course on the cactus? His crazy trip paints an ironic portrait of the United States.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £18.50
Muñoz Molina, Antonio Un andar solitario entre la gente The story of a walker who always writes in pencil, cutting and hitting things, picking up papers on the street in the wake of artists who have practiced the art of collage, garbage and recycling to denounce the extreme noise of capitalism.
New Fiction. Published 13/02/2018. Price: £24.99
Muñoz Molina, Antonio Como la sombra que se va In 1968, Martin Luther King's killer, James Earl Ray, spent 10 days in Lisbon trying to get to Angola. Well-known author Antonio Muñoz Molina constructs a gripping tale with Lisbon itself at the centre.
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2014. Price: £19.99
Nadal, Rafel La maldición de los Palmisano A family saga set in Italy which spans the years 1912 to 1943.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2015. Price: £19.50
Nadal, Rafel La señora Stendhal When on the last day of the war a bullet takes the life of a young mother in a fire fight in the square of Sant Pere de Girona, the destiny of Lluc is forever tied to that of Mrs. Stendhal, who will raise him as her own.
New Fiction. Published 21/06/2017. Price: £20.99
Navarro, Felipe R. Hombres felices A bitter-sweet novel about the human condition.
New Fiction. Published 03/02/2016. Price: £15.99
Navarro, Julia Dispara, yo ya estoy muerto A saga of two families as they journey through various key moments in history - Warsaw, St Petersburg, Paris, Jerusalem…
New Fiction. Published 01/08/2013. Price: £14.50
Navarro, Julia Dispara, yo ya estoy muerto "Dispara, yo ya estoy muerto" is a story full of stories, a great novel that hides many novels and that, from its enigmatic title to its unexpected ending, hosts more than one surprise and emotions to the surface.
New Fiction. Published 16/06/2016. Click on entry for price details.
Navarro, Julia Historia de un canalla A ruthless egotist reflects on the career moves which have enabled him to enjoy a luxurious life in New York.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2016. Price: £21.50
Navarro, Julia Historia de una canalla A story about the ambition, greed and selfishness of humankind.
New Fiction. Published 22/06/2017. Price: £15.99
Navarro, Justo El espía Novel based on the wartime activities of Ezra Pound, who spread pro-fascist propaganda by radio from his home in Italy.
New Fiction. Published 2011. Price: £17.50
Navarro, Justo Gran Granada Crime story set in Granada in the great, grey flood year of 1963.
New Fiction. Published 01/05/2015. Price: £20.50
Nettel, Guadalupe Después del invierno Claudio is Cuban, lives in New York and works in publishing. Cecilia is Mexican, lives in Paris and is a student. An intense love story across two continents. Winner of the 'Premio Herralde de Novela'.
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2014. Price: £21.50
Nettel, Guadalupe El matrimonio de los peces rojos In these five intense and delicately atmospheric narratives, Guadalupe Nettel proposes a link between the animal world and the human world, involving topics such as the natural ferocity of married life and unwanted pregnancy.
New Fiction. Published 01/05/2013. Price: £16.50
Neuman, Andrés Fractura Mr. Watanabe, a survivor of the atomic bomb, feels like a fugitive from his own memory and is about to make one of the most crucial decisions of his life. The earthquake prior to the Fukushima accident stirs the collective past.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2018. Price: £25.50
Neuman, Andrés El que espera Short stories, which explore the mysteries, forms and mutations of expectation.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £16.50
Neuman, Andrés La vida en las ventanas In this novel, Neuman shows that he was a pioneer in exploring certain transformations of the turn of the century, staging conflicts such as virtual ties, family breakdown, gender roles, the impact of advertising, new communications, loneliness.
New Fiction. Published 02/05/2016. Price: £17.50
Noriega, Luis Razones para desconfiar de sus vecinos This collection of diverse short stories proves the author's distinctive position on the modern Colombian literary scene. *Winner of Premio Hispanoamericano de Cuento Gabriel Garcís Márquez for 2016.*
New Fiction. Published 02/02/2017. Price: £18.50
Olaizola, José Luis El jardín de los tilos 19th century Bilbao is one of the most prosperous cities in Spain but poverty and prostitution are everywhere. Rafaela devotes her life to rescuing young girls from such a fate.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £19.50
Olguín, Sergio Las extranjeras
New Fiction. Published 11/01/2016. Price: £16.99
Ónega, Sonsoles Después del amor Winner of the 22nd Fernando Lara Novel Award. Based on true events. An unforgettable story of a forbidden love that fought through a war and overcame all social barriers in its path.
New Fiction. Published 12/06/2017. Price: £24.99
Orriols, Marta La anatomía de las distancias cortas An excellent collection of short stories that will transform your daily life into pure literature.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £20.50
Oruña, María Un lugar a donde ir Months after Suances, a small town on the Cantabrian coast, witnessed several murders that shook the inhabitants, the corpse of a young woman appears in the ruins of an unusual medieval construction.
New Fiction. Published 20/02/2017. Price: £21.50
Pacheco, Carmen Todo lo posible A young writer feels stuck while trying to finish another part of a successful saga. She decides to take a break from everything and travels to Guatemala to rediscover herself.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £16.99
Padillo, Tania Un secuestro raro An intense political thriller.
New Fiction. Published 21/04/2016. Price: £18.99
Padura, Leonardo La transparencia del tiempo A story that masterfully presents the investigations of Detective Mario Conde in Havana, collapsing with a dazzling journey through time and history.
New Fiction. Published 16/01/2018. Price: £22.99
Padura, Leonardo, & Laurent Cantet Regreso a Ítaca A group of old friends celebrate the unexpected return of Amadeo who's been away for 16 years. What begins as a joyful evening full of memories, ends up as a bitter realisation of the hopes and dreams lost over the years.
New Fiction. Published 04/04/2016. Price: £18.99
Palomas, Alejandro Un amor Winner of the Premio Nadal 2018. In the small universe of Amalia's family, the gears move to the unbalanced rhythm of emotions. The night before the wedding of her daughter Emma, a phone call unleashing a series of dramatic consequences.
New Fiction. Published 06/02/2018. Price: £26.99
Parellada, Ada Sal de vainilla Alex is a talented but socially inept chef whose restaurant is failing. Annette is a Canadian anthropology graduate - energetic and bubbling with ideas. Polar opposites but they have one thing in common - secret pasts which have left them broken-hearted. An uplifting novel about second chances.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £20.99
Pastor, Javier Fosa común Exhaustive and absorbing investigation of the case that has appeared throughout the novel without ever going into detail: the 1975 murder of a mother and her four children at the hands of the father of the family, captain of the army.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2016. Price: £19.50
Pérez Azaústre, Joaquín Corazones en la oscuridad Agueda takes a walk along the beach every day, to all appearances an elderly yet attractive and caring mother. However, she has kept a dark secret from her two daughters: Susana, a teacher about to retire, and the wayward Nora, from whom she has become estranged. When worrying signs of dementia start to haunt her, Agueda knows she must reveal her secret while she still has the ability to do so.
New Fiction. Published 17/02/2016. Price: £20.99
Pérez Domínguez, Andrés Los dioses cansados Inspector Nicolás Gallardo returns to his native Seville to investigate the suicide of a retired politician. What seems to be a routine investigation soon uncovers a history of abuse, blackmail and suffering.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2016. Price: £19.99
Perez Garcia, Miguel Angel Cinco horas con RENFE Written on a train ride from Gijon to Madrid, the author shares his thoughts and memories with the reader, comparing his present and past journeys in life.
New Fiction. Published 31/01/2016. Price: £14.99
Pérez Gellida, César Cuchillo de palo: Refranes, canciones y rastros de sangre II
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2016. Price: £19.50
Pérez Gellida, César Khïmera
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £21.99
Pérez Gellida, César Sarna con gusto: Refranes, canciones y rastros de sangre I
New Fiction. Published 07/04/2016. Price: £19.99
Perez Ledo, Jose A. Esto no es una historia de amor A romantic comedy in the style of Hollywood of the nineties.
New Fiction. Published 06/02/2017. Price: £11.99
Pérez Peridis, José María Esperando al rey This exciting historical novel vividly recreates the world of 12thC Spain. The author is equally at home with the high drama of Court life and the mundane world of peasants and townspeople. *Premio de Novela Histórica Alfonso X el Sabio*
New Fiction. Published 07/10/2014. Price: £24.50
Pérez Zúñiga, Ernesto No cantaremos en tierra de extraños 1944, and two Spanish exiles find themselves in the same Toulouse hospital. Both are searching for the same woman, but for very different reasons. A moving tale of love and loyalty set in the chaotic aftermath of the Spanish Civil War.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2016. Price: £24.50
Pérez, Javier Violín negro en orquesta roja Commissar Evgeni Minchev, due to leave Russia to organize the Soviet effort in Spain, has mysteriously disappeared. Polilical thriller set against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War.
New Fiction. Published 04/03/2015. Price: £18.99
Pérez-Reverte, Arturo Eva Sequel to the acclaimed "Falcó". During the Spanish Civil War, a new mission takes Lorenzo Falcó to Tangier, a turbulent crossroads of spies, illicit traffic and conspiracies.
New Fiction. Published 15/10/2017. Price: £23.99
Pérez-Reverte, Arturo Falcó Falcó is assigned to infiltrate a difficult mission that could change the course of the history of Spain. A man and two women will be companions in adventure and perhaps its victims, in a time in which life is subject to the danger of betrayals and nothing is what it seems.
New Fiction. Published 19/10/2016. Price: £21.99
Pérez-Reverte, Arturo Hombres buenos On the eve of the French Revolution, two Spanish scholars travel to Paris to work on Diderot's encyclopedia and have many adventures. An entertaining and stimulating new novel from a master of the genre.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £21.50
Pichel, Berta Cicatrices de charol Nía is a 18 year old young girl who dreams of being an actress while she lives under the protective shade of her conservative mother. One day, she meets Valeriano, an UGT activist, with whom she will start a passionate romance that will force her to face the prejudices of a society in the dawn of the Civil War.
New Fiction. Published 15/02/2018. Price: £23.99
Pintomontano, Manuel El fuego de la libertad Gregoria Salazar is the captain of a pirate ship. Both King Charles III and the Pope have put a price on her head. Conspiracies, crimes, impossible love stories and an epic heroine guided by her relentless search for freedom.
New Fiction. Published 15/02/2018. Price: £25.50
Pombo, Álvaro La casa del reloj
New Fiction. Published 12/09/2016. Price: £19.99
Poniatowska, Elena El universo o nada Elena Poniatowska tells the fascinating story of her husband, a revolutionary, astronomer and great promoter of education.
New Fiction. Published 06/06/2016. Price: £11.50
Pontes Peebles, Frances de La costurera A family saga set in the colonial Brazil of the thirties. The story of two orphan sisters who must live with a background of political instability and natural disasters.
New Fiction. Published 31/01/2017. Price: £12.99
Prada, Juan Manuel de Mirlo blanco, cisne negro Aspiring novelist Alejandro is taken under the wing of Octavio, an established but ostracised author. Their relationship swiftly turns toxic and destructive - but who is using whom?
New Fiction. Published 06/10/2016. Price: £22.50
Prada, Juan Manuel de Morir bajo el cielo Set in the Philippines during the independence war of 1898, this is a fascinating novel, weaving real events and people into an exciting fictional narrative.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2014. Price: £24.99
Pradas, Nuria El aroma del tiempo At the age of eleven, Pablo Soto becomes an war orphan and must to travel to the French city of Grasse, the capital of perfume, to live with relatives. There, he will learn the trade of perfume making.
New Fiction. Published 15/02/2018. Price: £21.99
Pron, Patricio Lo que está y no se usa nos fulminará A collection of bizarre short stories.
New Fiction. Published 18/01/2018. Price: £18.99
Pron, Patricio No derrames tus lágrimas por nadie que viva en estas calles A novel about the political and social power of art in the mid-twentieth century.
New Fiction. Published 15/02/2016. Price: £18.99
Puebla, Javier El hombre que inventó Madrid Fascinating story of a man and his time that continues to surprise us by its disturbing contemporaneity.
New Fiction. Published 2016. Price: £18.50
Puértolas, Soledad El fin New volume of short stories by this highly regarded Spanish author.
New Fiction. Published 01/05/2015. Price: £16.99
Quintín Maza, Marta El color de la luz Blanca Luz Miranda is a successful businesswoman, whose goal is to amass a great fortune in order to buy art. The acquisition, in a New York auction, of one of the most disturbing paintings of Martin Pendragón will fulfill her dream.
New Fiction. Published 08/02/2018. Price: £19.99
Quirós, Mariano Una casa junto al tragadero Tusquets Award 2017. A story of survival in the midst of hostile nature in Argentina.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2017. Price: £20.50
Ramírez, Sergio Flores oscuras Sergio Ramírez looks to the mysteries of the human soul in twelve amazing stories.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £20.50
Ramírez, Sergio Sara The famous Nicaraguan writer's fascinating feminist take on the biblical story of Abraham.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £19.50
Ramírez, Sergio Ya nadie llora por mí Inspector Dolores Morales is a retired policeman who now works as a private investigator. He normally deals with adultery cases from a low-income clientele. But a new case will break his routine: the disappearance of a millionaire's daughter.
New Fiction. Published 05/10/2017. Price: £21.50
Raro, Rosario Volver a Canfranc March, 1943. The Pyrenean village of Canfranc provides a vital escape route for Jews fleeing the Nazi regime. A waitress and a petty thief are among those who risk their lives to save others.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2015. Price: £22.50
Redondo, Dolores Legado en los huesos A pregnant Alicia attends the trial against the stepfather of Johana Márquez, but the trial is cancelled: the accused has committed suicide in the bathroom of the courthouse. A single-word note left for Alicia begins a startling course of events.
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2013. Price: £16.99
Redondo, Dolores Ofrenda a la tormenta The long awaited culmination of the Trilogy of Baztan, a tale that has captivated more than 200,000 readers. Exciting fantasy fiction.
New Fiction. Published 01/12/2014. Price: £19.99
Redondo, Dolorse Todo esto te dare An unexpected death. A dark family secret. The search for truth in the heart of a strange land. Planeta Prize winner 2016.
New Fiction. Published 03/11/2016. Price: £23.99
Reina Antolín, Miquel Luces en el mar After the tragic death of their son, Harold and Mary Rose Grapes abandoned their dreams and moved a remote island, away from everything. Now, fate puts them to the test again and they are forced to abandon their home in a unexpected way.
New Fiction. Published 30/01/2018. Price: £21.99
Repila, Iván Prólogo para una guerra A city is the witness and the scene of a battle between two men, who will fight to overcome their inner demons, as well as for the love of the same woman.
New Fiction. Published 09/01/2017. Price: £18.50
Restrepo, Laura Los divinos The body of a girl is found floating in the water in what seems like a ritual. At the heart of this episode is the superficial world of a wealthy and macabre brotherhood. Based on a true story.
New Fiction. Published 05/04/2018. Price: £20.50
Restrepo, Laura Dulce compañia
New Fiction. Published 04/05/2015. Price: £19.50
Restrepo, Laura Pecado A perturbing novel in which several misfits, based on the characters in Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights" join together in collective madness to commit acts of evil. Restrepo is a prize-winning Colombian novelist whose works are steeped in the violence of her native country.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2016. Price: £18.50
Reverte, Javier Banderas en la niebla In the middle of the Spanish civil war in 1936, two men from very different backgrounds will come together under a similar and catastrophic fate.
New Fiction. Published 03/05/2017. Price: £24.50
Rey, Jacinto Dile a Marie que la quiero BESTSELLER. Touching story of a young girl in Europe during the Second World War.
New Fiction. Published 09/06/2016. Click on entry for price details.
Ribas, Pepe Encuentro en Berlín Young Chilean activist Ernesto moves to Berlin to escape painful family memories. There he strikes up a relationship with Ukrainian Maksim, whose connections with the secret services Ernesto finds both intriguing and terrifying.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £18.99
Ribas, Rosa, & Sabine Hofmann Don de lenguas Young journalist Ana Martí finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation in this atmospheric thriller set in 1950s Barcelona. What seems at first to be a straightforward case turns out to have ramifications going to the very top of Catalan politics.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £19.50
Rico, Eugenia El beso del canguro The new novel by Eugenia Rico is a review of the concept of rogue, and its complex and attracting protagonist, a modern type of Lazarillo of the 21st century.
New Fiction. Published 02/04/2016. Price: £14.99
Riera, Carme Vengaré tu muerte Private detective Helena Martínez is commissioned to investigate the disappearance of a Catalan businessman.
New Fiction. Published 22/03/2018. Price: £21.50
Riesco, Nerea Los lunes en el Ritz Martina Romero attends her first party in the halls of the Ritz in Madrid in 1929, after convincing her strict father.There she meets Bosco, an aspiring actor with whom he has an unfortunate disagreement.
New Fiction. Published 02/03/2018. Price: £22.99
Riñon Sirera, Laura Amapolas en octubre A woman, Carolina, will find in six books the keys to reconciling with herself and her past.
New Fiction. Published 07/11/2016. Price: £16.50
Rivas, Manuel El lápiz del carpintero In the Santiago de Compostela prison, in the summer of 1936, a painter draws the Portico de la Gloria with a carpenter's pencil. The faces of the prophets and the elders of the orchestra of the apocalypse are those of his fellow Republican prisoners.
New Fiction. Published 05/04/2018. Price: £19.99
Rivas, Manuel El último día de Terranova Vicenzo Fontana faces the closure of the bookshop which has been in his family since 1934. As he prepares for the worst, the narrative moves to and fro between the turbulent events of 20th-century Spain.
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2015. Price: £17.50
Rivas, Manuel Las voces bajas Eagerly-awaited new book by one of Spain's most popular writers, most famous for "The carpenter's pencil". A moving and uplifting novel which shows that even ordinary lives have an element of the extraordinary.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £18.50
Rivera de la Cruz, Marta Nosotros, los de entonces They were all inseparable, but lost touch and haven't seen each other for twenty years. When Jorge gets in touch with all his friends, asking them to meet in a hotel, they are reluctant to go, but they end up rediscovering their lost friendships.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2016. Price: £20.99
Rivero, Pablo Érase una vez el fin A hotel pianist with an alcohol problem, who still lives at home with his parents tries gambling and ends up with a large debt. Beset by his creditors, he embarks on a delirious escape.
New Fiction. Published 20/01/2016. Price: £16.50
Rodriguez Iglesias, Legna Mi novia preferida fue un bulldog francés A powerful new voice coming from Cuba in a radical and modern style unlike any other tells us about sex, love, politics and everyday life in Cuba as never before.
New Fiction. Published 09/02/2017. Price: £17.50
Rodriguez Lezaun, Susana Deudas del frío A gripping crime novel set on the inclement north of the Spanish peninsula at a time of economic crisis. No one can erase the traces of their past. The shadow of your sins will always come for you.
New Fiction. Published 2017. Price: £13.99
Rodriguez, Beatriz Cuando éramos ángeles Clara runs a local newspaper in a tranquil Andalusian town. When the body of a local landowner is found, secrets emerge which go back to the 1990s.
New Fiction. Published 07/01/2016. Price: £17.50
Romero García, Eladi El hombre de la Stasi A murder investigation finds that the victim had links to Heinz Chez, a real-life member of the Stasi who was one of the last people to be garrotted under the Franco regime.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £16.50
Roncagliolo, Santiago La noche de los alfileres BESTSELLER. The winner of the Alfaguara Prize and the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize is back with an exciting thriller set in nineties Lima.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2016. Price: £19.50
Roncagliolo, Santiago La pena máxima
New Fiction. Price: £19.50
Rosa, Isaac La habitación oscura A group of young people decide to build a 'dark room' a closed and soundproof space where light never enters. What begins as a mixture of play and rebellion finds new uses as they face adulthood. A powerful, generational novel from this highly-praised writer.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2013. Price: £21.50
Ruiz García, Daniel La gran ola A fierce satire on the world of the company in the times of coaching and power point.
New Fiction. Published 02/11/2016. Price: £18.50
Ruiz Zafón, Carlos El laberinto de los espíritus Set in Barcelona in the late 1950s, this is the final volume of the trilogy which began with 'La sombra del viento'. An electrifying tale of passion, intrigue and adventure.
New Fiction. Published 17/11/2016. Price: £26.50
Ruiz, Daniel Maleza Nobody said that life was easy. But it's much worse in the Balseras neighbourhood. Three bizarre and strangely lyrical stories which confirm Daniel Ruiz as a great storyteller.
New Fiction. Published 06/02/2018. Price: £19.99
Sacheri, Eduardo Alfredo La noche de Usina Premio Alfaguara de Novela 2016. Set in a suburb of Buenos Aires during the financial crisis of 2001, this is the story of a group of neighbours who, having suffered a fraudulent attack on their savings, decide to fight back against the might of the banking industry.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2016. Price: £20.99
Sáez Carral, Miguel Una mujer infiel One summer night, a woman suffers a brutal aggression. Inspector Jorge Driza takes up the case of what seems to be a domestic crime. However, the victim's partner denies it.
New Fiction. Published 27/02/2018. Price: £21.50
Salamanca, Pilar Soñar con ballenas A love story set in a seaside village in Northern Spain, during the difficult years of the Second Republic and the Civil War.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £19.50
Salisachs, Mercedes El caudal de las noches vacías Young priest Guillermo meets Lidia, a 40-year old divorcee with a teenage son. Neither can predict the intensity of the passion which will engulf them, nor the ensuing tragic consequences.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £21.50
San Sebastián, Isabel Lo último que verán tus ojos Carolina Valdés, a sophisticated art dealer, receives a visitor in her hotel; Philip, a rude Brooklyn taxi driver, who embarks on a dangerous adventure designed to prove that a certain painting, stolen by the Nazis from his family, belongs to him.
New Fiction. Published 18/10/2016. Price: £18.99
San Sebastian, Isabel Lo Ultimo Que Veran Tus Ojos Thrilling investigation that will take the odd couple, a sophisticated art dealer and a brute taxi driver, on a terrifing journey from Budapest to Madrid.
New Fiction. Published 27/03/2018. Click on entry for price details.
San Sebastián, Isabel La mujer del diplomático Lucia's mother Mary was the wife of a diplomat and one day Lucia discovers her diary in the attic. In her most personal and ambitious novel to date, Isabel San Sebastian enters the glamorous diplomatic world of the last century: political intrigue, the streets of Paris, Stockholm, Havana and Cuzco, luxury, dances, dinners and love affairs in high places. Set in turbulent times, this is a moving story of family loyalty, betrayal and loss.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2014. Price: £22.99
Sánchez Adalid, Jesús El camino mozárabe A sprawling historical epic set in 10th-century Cordoba.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2013. Price: £6.99
Sánchez Adalid, Jesús Treinta doblones de oro When a cargo ship is sunk, investor Don Manuel looks to be ruined. But with inherited properties in the Canary Islands, his family embark on a journey, facing danger and adversity, in search of a second chance.
New Fiction. Published 01/12/2013. Price: £18.99
Sánchez Arévalo, Daniel La isla de Alice A man dies in a car accident in a place where he wasn't supposed to be. His widow's investigations will reveal a connection between her dead husband and a mysterious island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Runner-up to the prestigious Premio Planeta.
New Fiction. Published 02/11/2015. Price: £23.50
Sánchez Guevara, Canek 33 revoluciones Hailed as one of the leading voices in the Latin American literature, Sánchez Guevara's does not disappoint. "33 revolutions" bring a vivid image of life in Cuba with its very own coctail of sorrow and humour.
New Fiction. Published 02/10/2016. Price: £18.99
Sanchez Marin, Guillem Cronica del caso Maristas Chronicle of the Marist Case is intended to tell the scandal that attracted public attention from the point of view of journalistic research. This will explain what happened before and after the first news on the case was published.
New Fiction. Published 30/10/2016. Price: £16.99
Sánchez Pardos, Daniel G
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2015. Price: £18.99
Sánchez, Clara Cuando llega la luz In the last year and a half Sandra's life has taken a turn. After escaping from the deceitful networks of a group of innocent old people, she moves to Madrid with her newborn son, Janín. Her new life seems safe, but one day, when she picks up Janín from the nursery, she finds an anonymous note in her backpack. You cannot flee or forget. The past always finds you.
New Fiction. Published 29/08/2016. Price: £25.50
Sánchez, Mamen La flor y nata The narrator, an idealistic young journalist, finds her integrity stretched to the limit when she is sent to cover the wedding of an attractive aristocrat and his beautiful, obnoxious Italian fiancée. She swiftly finds that not only is her work ethic put to the test, but also the temptations of her heart. An enchanting romantic comedy by this best-selling author.
New Fiction. Published 14/03/2016. Price: £21.99
Sánchez-Adalid, Jesús La mediadora Perhaps unexpectedly Spain has the world's fifth highest divorce rate and here, well known historical novelist Jesús Sánchez-Adalid paints a vivid picture of the breakdown of a modern marriage. Winner of the Premio Abogados de Novela 2015,
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £20.50
Sánchez-Garnica, Paloma Mi recuerdo es más fuerte que tu olvido Carlota has a brilliant career as a judge and seems to have everything she could wish for, but a family secret continues to haunt her. *Premio de Novela Fernando Lara 2016*
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2016. Price: £22.99
Sánchez-Garnica, Paloma La sonata del silencio Marta Ribas had a promising future when she met Antonio, but when Antonio falls ill, she is forced to go to work, exposing herself to gossip from their neighbours. However, this will give her the chance to save herself and her daughter.
New Fiction. Published 02/10/2017. Price: £14.99
Sanchidrián, Ángel Tres enanos y pico Wifo Medroso is a young, skinny and rather weak student of Dwarphology in the city of Villa Trifulcas. So far, it sounds like an uninteresting and anodyne story, but would it be told if it were?
New Fiction. Published 29/05/2017. Price: £20.50
Sanclemente, José Ilusionarium
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2016. Price: £19.50
Santiago, Mikel La última noche en Tremore Beach After a traumatic divorce, renowned composer Peter Harper seeks solitude in a remote spot on the coast of Ireland. Tremore Beach House, isolated on a huge, secluded beach, is ideal... until the night of the big storm. A riveting psychological thriller.
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2014. Price: £18.50
Santos, Care Media vida Premio Nadal de Novela 2017. Through the lives of five friends who met at a convent girl only school in the fifties of the XX century, we witness the social changes in Spain.
New Fiction. Published 07/02/2017. Price: £21.99
Saskia, Alba Con un par de alas After living a thunderous love story with Hugo in Tarifa, Lía goes back to Barcelona, heartbroken. Her best friend Manu takes her in and gives her thirty days to move on.
New Fiction. Published 29/05/2017. Price: £21.50
Schwartz, Fernando Héroes de días atrás Two lovers are reunited in France in the last days of the Second World War.
New Fiction. Published 04/04/2016. Price: £23.50
Segovia, Sofia El murmullo de la abejas Exciting, moving and unpredictable, this novel takes the reader into the fascinating world of the improbable but not impossible.
New Fiction. Published 07/09/2015. Price: £26.95
Sepúlveda, Luis El fin de la historia An international thriller and historical research into the executioners who worked for the Chilean dictatorship.
New Fiction. Published 03/05/2017. Price: £19.50
Sepúlveda, Luis Historia de un perro llamado Leal A moving story of a dog that grows up with an Indian child, and which ends up having to work as a hunting dog. But can freedom and joy ever be forgotten?
New Fiction. Published 29/04/2016. Price: £11.99
Serés, Francesc La piel de la frontera In a constantly changing world where landscapes alter every day, how do we know if the world we live in is still ours?
New Fiction. Published 18/11/2015. Price: £23.50
Serna, Enrique La doble vida de Jesús Cuernavaca, Mexico... riddled with narcotics crime and run by a corrupt and rotten bureaucracy. Upright official Jesús Pastrana is itching to clean things up but can he ever become an effective Mayor?
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2015. Price: £20.50
Serna, Enrique La ternura caníbal Stories from Mexican author Serna, which illustrate the cruel vicissitudes of daily life.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £21.99
Sierra i Fabra, Jordi Nueve días de abril The sixth detective case of Inspector Mascarel – a real page-turner.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £17.99
Sierra i Fabra, Jordi Seis días de diciembre Crime novel set in post-WWII Barcelona.
New Fiction. Published 27/02/2014. Price: £16.50
Sierra i Fabra, Jordi Tres días de agosto Barcelona 1950, and Inspector Miquel Mascarell has three days to solve a 12-year old case, or his missing lover will be killed. The case, hinging on the Civil War bombings of Barcelona and a soldier’s mysterious murder, is reflected in the gloom of post-war Spain.
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2016. Price: £16.99
Sierra, Javier El fuego invisible Winner of Premio Planeta 2017. David Salas finds himself in the middle of a surprising race to find one of the students of Victoria Goodman, a family friend. The key seems to be hidden in the myth of the Holy Grail and its link with Spain.
New Fiction. Published 03/11/2017. Price: £24.50
Sierra, Javier El maestro del Prado The fascinating story of how an apprentice writer learned to look at pictures and understand the hidden messages that differ from the orthodoxy of the Catholic Church. A new work that will thrill the thousands of fans of Javier Sierra.
New Fiction. Published 01/07/2013. Price: £21.50
Silva Passuni, Gunter Pasos pesados The story of Tiago E. Molina and his friends, a group of young students "educated" during a relentless and violent period of Peru. They learn to survive in an environment where racial prejudice and differences between social and economic classes are deeply ingrained.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2016. Price: £9.99
Silva, Lorenzo Donde los escorpiones Second lieutenant Bevilacqua, on his first case outside Spanish territory, travels to investigate a murder on the Spanish base in Afghanistan.
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2016. Price: £21.50
Silva, Lorenzo Música para feos A chance meeting in a bar in Bilbao leads to an unusual love affair between Mónica, a disaffected journalist, and Ramón, whose life is a mystery.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2015. Price: £22.99
Silva, Lorenzo Recordarán tu nombre This is the story of a forgotten hero: A man who was able to put his ideals before the prevailing orders of his chain of command.
New Fiction. Published 15/05/2017. Price: £22.50
Silva, Lorenzo Todo por amor y otros relatos criminales The novel focuses on the world of justice and crime to show the paradoxes of a reality more complex than that which divides guilty and innocent, absolved and condemned.
New Fiction. Published 14/11/2016. Price: £19.50
Sisí, Carlos Alma Two engineers develop a voice recognition system capable of detecting sounds from other worlds. Their invention unleashes terror on the human race as aliens try to take over their victims' souls.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £16.50
Skármeta, Antonio Libertad de movimiento A selection of stories by Antonio Skármeta. Quick and intense stories with a diaphanous ironical prose written by the hand of a recognized master of the short fiction genre.
New Fiction. Published 25/10/2017. Price: £12.99
Soler, Silvia Los viejos amigos A trip for life. Five creative and restless young people, students of Fine Arts, meet on a trip to Paris that, although it will only last four days, will mark them forever.
New Fiction. Published 14/02/2017. Price: £21.99
Sombra, Víctor La quimera del Hombre Tanque Based on the story of the man who in 1989 stopped a column of tanks in the avenue of the Eternal Peace of Beijing.
New Fiction. Published 07/06/2017. Price: £15.99
Somoza, José Carlos El origen del mal A well-known writer receives a mysterious manuscript from the hands of a bookseller friend. There are more than 200 pages dated 1957. The request states he must read it in a day. Intrigued, the novelist begins to read and discovers a story of secrets and betrayals told by Ángel Carvajal, a Spanish military man from the Falange who acted as a spy in North Africa.
New Fiction. Published 18/01/2018. Price: £22.50
Suárez, Gonzalo Doble dos A thrilling spy novel set towards the end of the Franco era and inspired by the alleged attempt to assassinate Franco and US President Eisenhower during his visit to Spain in 1959.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £17.99
Tejera Osuna, Macu Me llevo la canción A novel which follows a group of Spanish exiles who arrive in Mexico at the end of the Civil War. A moving tale of love, loss and hope.
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2015. Price: £18.50
Trejo, Juan La máquina del porveniir The secret project behind the story of this novel is the creation of a machine which anticipates the future. Oscar, the main character, search for his family history while travelling to Berlin.
New Fiction. Published 11/11/2014. Price: £19.99
Trueba Rodríguez, David Blitz
New Fiction. Published 04/02/2015. Price: £15.10
Tusset, Pablo Sakamura y los turistas sin karma A futuristic novel in which Sakamura, the former investigator of the Japanese Special Brigade, must solve a case of vandal tourists in the city of Barna City, the touristic capitol of Extreme Europe.
New Fiction. Published 05/06/2017. Price: £18.99
Urresti, Mariano F. Crónica negra del Grial This book reveals, chapter by chapter, the history of the legends of the Holy Grail, one of the historical myths that has generated so much literature and intrigue.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2016. Price: £16.50
Valenti, Lena El diván de Becca A love story between Becca, who sometimes uses an unorthodox methods in her practice as a psychologist, and handsome but unreliable Axel.
New Fiction. Published 02/09/2016. Price: £8.50
Valero, Begoña La casa del compás de oro In a convulsive 16th century Europe plagued by religious wars, the love of books could lead you to glory or the pyre. This is the story of an apprentice who became the most prestigious printer, bookseller and publisher of his time.
New Fiction. Published 07/06/2017. Price: £21.99
Vales, José C. Cabaret Biarritz Georges writes stories for a French popular magazine but, one day, his editor asks him to write a serious novel about the death of a young woman 15 years ago. An assured comedy, set in the frothy society of 1920s Biarritz. *Premio Nadal 2015*
New Fiction. Published 08/01/2015. Price: £21.50
Valle, Ignacio del Soles negros The fourth book in the series of "Captain Arturo Andrade", a thriller set in Franco's Spain.
New Fiction. Published 11/02/2016. Price: £19.99
Vallejo, Fernando Casablanca la bella A novel set in the myserious and elusive city of Casablanca.
New Fiction. Published 16/10/2013. Price: £19.99
Vaquerizo, Eduardo Nos mienten Dystopian novel set in mid 21st-century Spain, where the rich live in gated enclaves to protect themselves from the disadvantaged masses.
New Fiction. Published 04/06/2015. Price: £15.50
Vargas Llosa, Mario Cinco esquinas BESTSELLER. Set in Peru, Vargas Llosa’s latest novel revolves around the issue of journalism, both as a political weapon and as an instrument of political and moral freedom.
New Fiction. Published 03/03/2016. Click on entry for price details.
Vargas Llosa, Mario El héroe discreto Two men, tested by life, discover the true meaning of courage and loyalty. The latest novel by the Nobel prizewinner, and giant of South American literature, is a book full of humour but with elements of pathos and melodrama.
New Fiction. Published 15/09/2013. Price: £21.99
Vargas Llosa, Mario La llamada de la tribu
New Fiction. Published 01/. Click on entry for price details.
Vargas Llosa, Mario La llamada de la tribu Autobiographical novel in which Vargas Llosa walks the reader through all the relevant literary works that have shaped his thinking for the past 50 years.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £20.99
Various Madrid negro This anthology brings together some of the most prominent authors of the black novel in Castilian, on a criminal route through the emblematic neighborhoods of the city of Madrid.
New Fiction. Published 11/05/2016. Price: £17.99
Various Por una rosa A retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast through three stories written by Young Adult Spanish authors (Laura Gallego, Javier Ruescas, Benito Taibo) and illustrated by Mar Blanco.
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2017. Price: £15.50
Vásquez Velandia, Juan Gabriel La forma de las ruinas The arrest of petty criminal Carlos Carballo in Bogotá seems a trivial event, but nobody suspects his obsession with the past nor his determination to prove a conspiracy theory linking the murder of a Colombian political leader in 1948 and that of President Kennedy 15 years later. A vividly drawn portrait of a nation still trying to find its identity.
New Fiction. Published 18/01/2016. Price: £21.50
Vásquez, Juan Gabriel El ruido de las cosas al caer Antonio is aware that his new friend Ricardo has a secret, or maybe several. Little does he realise that his investigations will take him back to the Colombia of the early 1970s, with all its drug problems and political unrest.
New Fiction. Published 2011. Price: £19.99
Vázquez Sallés, Daniel El intruso A story of intrigue and infidelity set in the world of football, revolving around FC Barcelona.
New Fiction. Published 01/05/2014. Price: £21.50
Vázquez-Figueroa, Alberto Rumbo a la noche Caribel works as a prostitute in a luxury brothel. She is an intelligent woman who handles herself coldly in her trade with the sole purpose of accumulating money and retiring early. One night, however, she finds herself involved in a murder case.
New Fiction. Published 31/01/2017. Price: £22.50
Vega, Mercedes Todas las familias felices Teresa Anglada sees how her life falls apart when her daughter Jimena disappears at the Reina Sofía Art Museum in Madrid without a trace. She'll soon discover there have been similar occurrences in the past.
New Fiction. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £21.50
Vega, Mercedes de Cuando estábamos vivos Gripping family saga set in Madrid in the run up to the Spanish Civil War.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2015. Price: £18.99
Vega, Mercedes de Cuando estábamos vivos An exceptional novel about love and destiny, memory and family secrets, set in Madrid in the thirties.
New Fiction. Published 15/03/2017. Price: £12.99
Vicent, Manuel Desfile de ciervos After his last two successful novels, Manuel Vicent returns with the story of the last twenty years of the history of Spain told through a portrayal of the royal family.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2015. Price: £19.99
Vidal-Folch, Ignacio Lo que cuenta es la ilusión Written in the form of a diary, the author experiments with form and language, imagining conversations with Bulgakov, Proust, Leonard Cohen and many others.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £19.99
Vila, María La leyenda de las dos piratas London, 1579. Two young aristocrats- the future Countess Ines Braukings and the bastard princess Victoria Dudley- rebel against their birthright and escape in search of freedom.
New Fiction. Published 11/06/2017. Price: £23.50
Vila-Matas, Enrique Doctor Pasavento + Bastian Schneider The famous writer Andrés Pasavento wishes to regain his anonymity and changes his identity to that of a doctor in psychiatry who travels to Campo di Reca to interview Professor Morante, in an asylum on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2017. Price: £20.50
Vila-Matas, Enrique Marienbad eléctrico Enrique Vila-Matas and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster have been meeting for years at the Bonaparte café in Paris to share ideas, projects and interests. Hence a work that explores the mystery of creation.
New Fiction. Published 15/02/2016. Price: £18.50
Vilas, Manuel Ordesa Reality and fiction are mixed in this novel written with a brave and transgressive voice that shows the difficulties of the contemporary history in Spain.
New Fiction. Published 18/01/2018. Price: £20.99
Volpi, Jorge Examen de mi padre Dealing with a personal loss and grieving, the author decided to create a book that would help to commemorate his father. The result, this book of essays, manages to achieve a lot, being the same time moving and analytical.
New Fiction. Published 02/02/2017. Price: £20.50
Volpi, Jorge Una novela criminal Winner of the XXI Alfaguara award 2018. Novelisation of the events ocurred on December 8, 2005, south of Mexico City, when federal police arrested and tortured Israel Vallarta and Florence Cassez as a result of a corrupted plot.
New Fiction. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £24.50
Zabaleta, Fran En tiempo de halcones In the exciting setting of Santiago de Compostela’s revolt against his master at the end of the Middle Ages, this story tells of confrontations between villains, brothers and members of the nobility.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2016. Price: £17.99
Zepeda Patterson, Jorge Milena o el fémur más bello del mundo Forced into sexual slavery in adolescence, Milena manages to escape her media mogul tormentor and seeks vengeance. A fast-moving thriller, dealing with power, corruption and the plight of women in a globalised world. *Premio Planeta 2014*
New Fiction. Published 04/11/2014. Price: £20.50
Zepeda Patterson, Jorge Los usurpadores Political thriller. A fierce political struggle shakes the country when one of the candidates for a presidential seat orders a massacre.
New Fiction. Published 02/11/2016. Price: £20.50