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Advanced Russian through history Rifkin, B., et al A reader for advanced level. Contains 36 chapters focusing on the history of Russia, from Kievan Rus’ to the post-Soviet era, with tasks that are designed to promote students` abilities to understand and produce argument, both in speaking and writing. Exercises are available separately from the publisher's website.
Advanced Level. Published 01/06/2007. Price: £47.00
Colloquial Russian 2 le Fleming, S., & S. Kay Revise and improve your Russian with this well-structured, systematic course. Designed to give you the opportunity to listen to and read lots of modern, everyday Russian.
Advanced Level. Published 23/05/2018. Price: £37.99
Faces of contemporary Russia Mesropova, Olga A one-semester textbook for high-intermediate to advanced level Russian students that aims to develop students' linguistic proficiency by examining significant personalities in current Russian culture.
Advanced Level. Published 01/07/2019. Price: £52.50
Korotko o glavnom. Smotrim korotkometrazhnie filmy Arapova, O. G. & A. Anisimova The set consists of a DVD with nine contemporary original short films created by the young Russian filmmakers and an exercise book with the full scripts of the films, the assignments, and the keys. Each film draws a picture of modern life and people's relationships, it is a reflection and understanding of the Russian reality. Aimed at intermediate learners
Advanced Level. Published 15/05/2017. Price: £25.50
Mastering Russian through global debate Brown, Tony et al. Each chapter addresses a rich topic of debate, providing students with a set of activities, texts covering both sides of a topic, and comprehension and vocabulary exercises.
Advanced Level. Published 15/12/2014. Price: £30.00
Okno v Rossiiu Skorokhodov, L. Intermediate/advanced level collection of texts with exercises targeting speaking and writing skills.
Advanced Level. Click on entry for price details.
Panorama Panorama moves intermediate-level students of Russian toward advanced proficiency by engaging them in a systematic and comprehensive approach to Russian grammar and engaging them with texts from a variety of genres, including proverbs and sayings, to immerse students in Russian culture.
Advanced Level. Published 20/07/2017. Click on entry for price details.
Poeziia Russkoi Oseni The textbook is aimed at foreign students learning Russian with an intermediate knowledge of the language (B1 of the CEFR and above). It is designed to develop writing and speaking skills of the students based on the materials of the Russian literary texts related to autumn. The textbook implements the methods of teaching foreign students to comprehend Russian linguistic images.
Advanced Level. Published 2017. Price: £14.50
Practice Materials for the A Level Russian Speaking Examination This book is designed to prepare students for the A level Russian speaking examination-new specification. It contains 24 sets of both student's and teacher's practice cards, each with topic-specific vocabulary and background information, as well as a bank of general discussion questions.
Advanced Level. Published 01/03/2019. Price: £25.00
Ruslan Level 3 Langran, J.
Advanced Level. Published 2006-2007. Click on entry for price details.
Russian for Advanced Learners / Russkii Iazyk dlia prodvinutykh This course is designed to cover a wide range of material in various ways, such as the study of typical texts, their structures, lexical and grammatical material and the reproduction of these in personal written and spoken work. Each topic has video material on the accompanying DVD.
Advanced Level. Published 01/12/2014. Click on entry for price details.
Russian in use: an interactive approach to advanced communicative competence Rosengrant, S. Advanced textbook with accompanying DVD with presentations by native speakers. Covers a range of topics, with sections on vocabulary building, synonym usage, grammar, and tasks.
Advanced Level. Published 2007. Price: £52.00
Russian Through Art: for intermediate to advanced students The course develops all four language skills while enhancing students’ cultural knowledge through exposure to Russian visual arts. Each of the six thematically organised chapters is accompanied by an online lecture, readings, audio and video clips.
Advanced Level. Published 03/07/2018. Price: £36.99
Russian: from intermediate to advanced Kagan, O. et al A vibrant and modern course designed to help students achieve advanced proficiency in Russian. Offering a flexible modular approach structured around contemporary themes, the course further develops reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills while also expanding the student’s cultural literacy.
Advanced Level. Published 12/09/2014. Price: £60.99
Using Russian: a guide to contemporary usage Offord, D. Aimed at the advanced learner who has studied basic grammar and is now striving for more comprehensive and sophisticated knowledge.
Advanced Level. Published 2005. Price: £39.99
Vpered!: Posobie po russkoi razgovornoi rechi Golovko, O. An advanced course with eight topics (Travelling and weather, Free time, Meeting people, Fashion and clothes, Appearance and character, Food, Health and Home) with informative modern texts, grammar tables with sample sentences and exercises with keys.
Advanced Level. Published 2006. Price: £25.50
Vremia obsuzhdat: uchebnoe posobie po rechevoi praktike dlia inostran Designed for students to achieve the communicative competence of B2-C1 of the CEFR. It is structured according to the subjects and consists of 5 lessons, that are divided into units. Each unit includes "symbolic" speech and actual speech exercises, aimed at developing of comprehension and understanding of authentic texts within the framework of the studied subject at a certain level.
Advanced Level. Published 15/02/2017. Price: £23.50