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Colloquial Russian le Fleming, S. An ideal self-study interactive course for beginners, also suitable for classroom use. Good step-by-step approach, clear instructions and explanations, many exercises with key. With audio download.
Beginners. Published 01/08/2015. Price: £36.99
Davai s toboi pogovorim! A series aimed at building communication skills, includes various communicative tasks, such as posters, creative projects, and presentations.
Beginners. Published 15/07/2018. Price: £12.75
Doroga v Rossiiu Antonova, V. & M. Nakhabina A well-structured, systematic course for working with private tutors or in a classroom. Designed and updated according to the recent requirements of The Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. In Russian throughout.
Beginners. Published 2009-2011. Click on entry for price details.
Learn Russian Press, I. Exercises and background information on Russian history, culture and society. Starts with simple alphabet and progresses rapidly to include texts from great Russian writers (with translations).
Beginners. Published 2000. Price: £16.99
The new Penguin Russian course Brown, N. A complete course for beginners with detailed grammar up to the equivalent of A-Level.
Beginners. Published 1996. Price: £12.99
Po-russki - legko! Guskova, E. Designed for beginners to develop their speaking and listening skills, the book addresses the main communicative requirements for effective communication in everyday life. The basic grammar commentary encourages students' interest for active speech practice from the first lessons.
Beginners. Published 2018. Price: £34.95
Poekhali! Chernyshov, S., & A. Chernyshova For classroom instruction, in Russian throughout. Each volume contains a wealth of topics with texts, tasks and exercises.
Beginners. Published 2007-2008. Click on entry for price details.
Prakticheskii russkii iazyk v situatsiakh i illiustratsiakh An illustrated course of Russian in everyday practice for beginners. The coursebook features colourful and vivid illustrations, thoroughly selected samples of conversational practice dialogues, and the structured grammar material
Beginners. Published 15/07/2017. Price: £34.99
Rodnaya rech': An Introductory Course for Heritage Learners of Russian With an emphasis on conceptual understanding of vocabulary and grammar, the book builds students' literacy skills and teaches them to strategically use the linguistic intuition they have gained as heritage speakers while strengthening all four skill areas.
Beginners. Published 01/04/2019. Price: £64.00
Ruslan Russian: a communicative Russian course for adults and teenagers Langran J. & N. Veshnyeva A highly-acclaimed Russian language course from beginner to advanced level. Lively dialogues with compelling storyline, vocabularies, clear grammar explanations, language exercises and games for the classroom, listening comprehension, reading texts and more. Dictionary and Key to the exercises. Internet support. Workbooks (with free audio-CDs) contain additional exercises. Teacher's notes and tests are free on the Ruslan website. Student’s books are now in colour.
The CD-ROMs (for Windows) are complete multimedia versions of the various levels of the course, with additional exercises and resources. Dialogues, grammar, explanations, background information, vocabularies, 300 interactive exercises at each level with full sound and a large number of photos, dictionary, sophisticated search facility, and more. Department of Trade and Industry Award for Language Excellence.
Versions for speakers of French, German, Dutch, Italian and Swedish, and a North American edition are also available.
Beginners. Published 1997-2008. Click on entry for price details.
Russian Alphabet Starter Langran, John A 96 page, pocket-sized booklet in full colour to help travellers and students with the Russian alphabet, whilst covering a range of cultural, historical and practical references.
Beginners. Published 2014. Price: £9.95
Russian in an easy way (Russkii – eto prosto) Useinova, G. An intensive course suitable for both classroom and self-study. Explanations are in English. Contains an MP3 audio-CD. A separate new workbook contains numerous exercises to support the textbook material.
Beginners. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £59.99
Russkii Iazyk: 5 Elementov This textbook has been produced for classes with mixed level beginner students, and is organised to suit exam modules in accordance with the levels described in the Common European Framework for Languages (A1-B1).
Beginners. Published 2016. Click on entry for price details.
Russkii suvenir Mozelova, Irina The textbook is divided into two parts. Part 1 consists of 10 chapters, and each chapter includes 3 lessons. The 'Review' section at the end of each chapter provides various grammatical and lexical exercises covered by a particular chapter. Part 2 of the textbook includes a final test, texts from CDs, an answer key for the exercises, a concise reference guide to grammar, and exercices to develop communication skills.
Beginners. Published 01/01/2016. Click on entry for price details.
Sovremennyi russkii rechevoi etiket v kartinkakh Malyshev, G. G. The book introduces students to the speech etiquette formulas used in modern Russian in different types of speech. The language material is presented through various speech situations supported by the author's illustrations.
Beginners. Published 10/10/2018. Price: £32.99
Teach Yourself: Read and write Russian script West, D. An introduction to reading and writing Russian.
Beginners. Published 2010. Price: £15.99
Tochka ru Russian course for teenagers and adults. The perfect balance of grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills of modern Russian language is the key feature of this course. The combination of traditional and modern teaching methods helps students to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.
Beginners. Published 15/03/2019. Click on entry for price details.
V Moskvu? V Moskvu!: videokurs i uchebnoie posobie The course consists of a video course and a textbook. The video course includes 6 films (each lasts for approximately 10 minutes), and the textbook offers various tasks based on the films. The texts of the films include the speech patterns which cover the main conversational topics. Level A2-B1
Beginners. Published 30/09/2017. Price: £27.50
Zhili-byli Miller, L. & L. Politova A well-structured course for beginners designed for classroom use or private tuition.
Beginners. Click on entry for price details.