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500 Erros mais comuns da Língua Portuguesa 500 most common errors in Portuguese
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £20.50
501 Portuguese verbs Nitti, J.J., & M.J. Ferreira Portuguese verbs fully conjugated in all tenses plus Brazilian Portuguese spelling differences and 1,000 additional verbs cross-referenced to verbs similarly conjugated in the main text.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 01/12/2015. Price: £19.50
Basic Portuguese: a grammar and workbook An accessible reference grammar and related exercises in a single volume. Takes students up to intermediate level.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 2013. Price: £33.99
Correspondência comercial Moreira, I Cartas comerciais, relatórios, newsletters, e-mail, ofícios, circulares, atestados.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Price: £24.99
Desafios de Escrita Criativa (A1-C1) Isidoro, Paula Creative writing exercises in a self-paced or guided way via 20 challenges that will test not only learners' language skills but also their imagination.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 15/11/2018. Price: £17.95
Developing writing skills in Portuguese Donovan, C. F. This book provides intermediate and advanced level students with the necessary skills to become competent and confident writers in the Portuguese language, offering a rich selection of original materials including narrative texts, essays, opinion pieces and newspaper articles.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 05/02/2019. Price: £29.99
Dialogar em Português Designed to improve learners' communication skills, covers levels A1/A2.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 01/10/2018. Click on entry for price details.
Exercícios gramática prática: da comunicação à expressão
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 2010. Price: £14.50
Expressões idiomáticas ilustradas Rente, Sofia Presents a wide range of idiomatic expressions, arranged alphabetically. In addition to clear explanations of the terms, the book features examples of usage and humorous illustrations reproducing the literal meaning of the phrase. Levels B1-C2.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 2013. Price: £16.65
A frequency dictionary of Portuguese: core vocabulary for learners Davies, M., & A.M. Raposo Preto-Bay An invaluable tool for all learners of Portuguese, providing a list of the 5,000 most frequently used words in the language. Each entry features the English equivalent and a sample sentence.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 2008. Price: £30.99
Gramática aplicada: português língua estrangeira. Oliveira, C. & L. Coelho Grammar explanations followed by exercises, with key.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 2012. Click on entry for price details.
Gramática ativa Coimbra, O. M. & I. Coimbra Q.E.C.R nível A1/A2. Best-selling grammar exercise course with answers. Explanation of grammar concepts with corresponding exercises on facing page.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Click on entry for price details.
Gramática básica do Português Brasileiro A modern Brazilian Portuguese grammar book that will present learners with authentic and contemporary language throughout. The explanations featured account for students who may not yet have a sound knowledge of grammar, and are thus accompanied (in many cases) by full-colour illustrations to aid understanding.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £27.50
Gramática do português Comprehensive grammar of Portuguese.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 01/02/2014. Click on entry for price details.
Uma Gramática Intuitiva Intuitive exercises and clear explanations of rules of the Brazilian Portuguese grammar.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 2013. Price: £16.50
Hoje em dia… Learners will have the opportunity to develop the use of the language, written and oral skills and simultaneously become familiar with different experiences and ways of life in countries where Portuguese is spoken. Level C1-C2.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 01/07/2016. Price: £25.00
Learn 101 Portuguese verbs in 1 day with the Learnbots Ryder, R. A fast, fun and easy way to learn Portuguese verbs. With downloadable audio materials.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 01/11/2014. Price: £7.99
Modern Brazilian Portuguese grammar: a practical guide Whitlam, J. An innovative reference guide combining traditional and function-based grammar.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 28/02/2017. Price: £39.99
Modern Brazilian Portuguese grammar: workbook Whitlam, J. Book of exercises and language tasks for all levels, includes answer key. Can be used independently or alongside the Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar reference book.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 28/02/2017. Price: £27.99
Português em direto Exercises with a CD-audio to practise and assess listening and speaking comprehension. Can be used as complementary material in the classroom or for independent learning.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 2013. Price: £25.00
Portuguese verbs & essentials of grammar Tyson-Ward, S. A solid foundation in the major verbal and grammatical concepts of the language, from pronouns to idioms and expressions, and from irregular verbs to expressions of time. Each unit is devoted to one topic.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 2008. Price: £13.99
Portuguese verbs explained: an essential guide Cook, M. For the self-taught learner or class learning this book provides information on how the Portuguese verb system works and includes quick reference tables on regular and irregular verbs.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 2009. Price: £17.99
Portuguese: an essential grammar Hutchinson, A.P., & J. Lloyd Ideal for adults with limited learning time, the most important points of grammar are covered clearly and concisely.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 09/08/2018. Price: £33.99
Praticar Português Lemos, H. Activities to help students to practise and consolidate the basic language structures used in Portuguese.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 2011-2013. Click on entry for price details.
Pronunciação de Verbos A1-C2 A guide to help the correct conjugation and pronunciation of Portuguese verbs. It includes a study on the irregularity of the pronunciation of Portuguese verbs, in their European version.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 01/07/2015. Price: £18.50
Os sons do português: uma introdução prática à fonética e à pronúncia da língua portuguesa A practical introduction to the phonetics and pronunciation of Portuguese, with a focus on the sound patterns of Portuguese from a non-theoretical perspective.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 21/09/2018. Price: £34.99
Teach Yourself Portuguese grammar you really need to know Tyson-Ward, S. Comprehensive and clear explanations of key grammar patterns and structures are reinforced and contextualized through authentic materials.
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 2012. Price: £14.99
Vocabulário temático: exercícios lexicais (A1-B2) Rueda, Isabel
Grammar, verbs & vocabulary. Published 01/05/2015. Price: £17.50