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Amado, Jorge O gato malhado e a andorinha sinhá Jorge Amado wrote "O Gato Malhado e a Andorinha Sinhá" in 1948, for his son João Jorge, when he was one year old. The text wss first published with illustrations in 1978, after it was recovered by his son.
Children's fiction. Published 01/09/2016. Price: £11.50
Carle, Eric A lagartinha muito comilona Translation of "The very hungry caterpillar".
Children's fiction. Price: £17.99
Curtis, C. I took the moon for a walk Bilingual story for children.
Children's fiction. Published 2008. Price: £9.50
Dahl, Roald O fantástico Sr. Raposo Translation of "Fantastic Mr Fox".
Children's fiction. Price: £9.99
Fletcher, Tom Natalossauro Translation of "The Christmasaurus".
Children's fiction. Published 01/10/2016. Price: £18.50
Rayner, C. Augustus e o seu Sorriso / Augustus and his Smile Bilingual story in Portuguese and English.
Children's fiction. Price: £9.50
Rosen, M. & H. Oxenbury Vamos à caça de um urso Bilingual edition of "We are going on a bear hunt".
Children's fiction. Published 2007. Price: £9.50
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter
Children's fiction. Click on entry for price details.
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter (illustrated edition)
Children's fiction. Click on entry for price details.
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine O Principezinho Illustrated by the author.
Children's fiction. Price: £13.50
Sepúlveda, Luis História de um caracol que descobriu a importância da lentidão The snails that live in "Dandelion Country" are accustomed to a quiet and peaceful lifestyle. One of them, however, wonders what is the reason behind their slowness. That's why he will embark on a journey of self-discovery.
Children's fiction. Published 01/04/2014. Price: £16.99
Various My first bilingual book: Portuguese/English Colourful bilingual cardboard books of basic words for toddlers.
Children's fiction. Click on entry for price details.
Vasconcelos, José Mauro de O Meu Pé de Laranja Lima Young Zezé is five (almost six), and he's got the blood of the devil in him, which makes him mischievious, but also very smart. An all time favourite classic of every Brazilian/Portuguese child, that won't leave you unsatisfied.
Children's fiction. Published 01/05/2015. Price: £17.50
Ward, S.M., & P. Soares Freda and the Dolphin / Freda e o golfinho Bilingual story.
Children's fiction. Price: £15.99
Ward, Sheila Darcy, a dinossaura (Portguese/English) Darcy is a gentle and friendly dinosaur who enjoys walking through the jungle singing her dinosaur song. Unfortunately, she causes problems because she is a bit short-sighted and clumsy.
Children's fiction. Published 01/09/2016. Price: £12.99
Ward, Sheila Freda e Fernano no rio Tejo (bilingual) The mighty River Tagus is the river that flows into Lisbon, the longest on the Iberian Peninsula and a very important cultural aspect of the Portuguese capital. The story is that of two boats that carry passengers across the river on a daily basis.
Children's fiction. Published 01/12/2014. Price: £17.99