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Alice in Wonderland Carroll, Alice
Korean: For Children. Price: £23.50
Let's learn Korean flashcards An introductory language learning tool especially designed to help children from preschool through early elementary level acquire basic words, phrases, and sentences in Korean in a fun and easy way.
Korean: For Children. Published 10/09/2015. Price: £10.99
My first bilingual book: Korean/English Various Colourful bilingual cardboard books of basic words for toddlers.
Korean: For Children. Click on entry for price details.
My first book of Korean words: an ABC rhyming book Introduces Korean language to preschool children in a gentle and playful way. Each word is shown in Korean script and transliteration.
Korean: For Children. Published 10/09/2017. Price: £8.99
New bilingual visual dictionary: English<>Korean Aimed at children aged 5+, the dictionary features useful, everyday words that will help learners to build their vocabulary. The words are grouped by subjects, so children can focus on one set of related words at a time.
Korean: For Children. Published 01/04/2017. Price: £14.99
Peter Par Barrie, J. M. Beautifully illustrated edition of "Peter Pan".
Korean: For Children. Price: £21.50
Time for Korean: basic Korean for young learners Choe Yoon, Inshil This two-volume textbook series aimes at fostering young learners' skills of listening and speaking Korean through various stimulating activities as well aslearning relevant aspects of Korean culture. Audio CDs included.
Korean: For Children. Published 01/01/2009. Click on entry for price details.
Traditional Korean folk tales (bilingual) Bilingual Korean-English children's books
Korean: For Children. Published 01/09/2016. Click on entry for price details.