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Essential Korean Idioms: 300 idioms to upgrade your Korean Lee, Jeyseon Korean Essential Idioms outlines the meaning and usage of idioms used in everyday speech in Korean. The book contains 30 units, and each unit features ten idioms in four exercises, a dialogue, a warm-up quiz, practice questions, and an interview activity. This book helps foreign learners learn and understand the Korean idioms actually used by native speakers.
Korean: Supplementary Material. Published 01/09/2017. Price: £23.99
Inside Korea: Discovering the people and culture This book is designed to increase understanding about Korea for people around the world and to present Korean society and culture in a thoughtful manner to foreigners who are not familiar with it. Bilingual English-Korean.
Korean: Supplementary Material. Price: £21.99
An introduction to Korean linguistics Various This book provides an in-depth introduction to the basics of Korean linguistics, and modern linguistic theory, in an accessible style. It features a step-by-step approach designed to lead the reader through the linguistic make-up of the language, from the basics of its sound system and sentence structure to the semantics of modern spoken Korean.
Korean: Supplementary Material. Published 18/11/2015. Price: £36.99
Korea unmasked: in search of the country, the society and the people Rhie, W.-B. In this book the story of Korean people is told through cartoons. The author's personal insights provide a delightful and humorous portrait of the Korean people. It is comical yet serious, well-informed but objective. If you have the time for just one book on Korea, try this one! In English.
Korean: Supplementary Material. Published 2002. Price: £22.99
Korean keyboard stickers Transparent stickers with Korean keyboard layout.
Korean: Supplementary Material. Price: £5.99
Listening Korean for Beginners This book aims to improve one's speaking ability in Korean, the most essential part of the language for new learners. It is specifically designed to give those who cannot easily converse with native Korean-speakers the chance to experience real life conversations.
Korean: Supplementary Material. Published 2007. Price: £29.99
The Routledge Course in Korean Translation Kiaer, Jieun This advanced course in Korean translation discusses cross-linguistic and cross-cultural issues that arise in the course of Korean-English and English-Korean translation and offers useful tools for dealing with the problems that arise in the actual practice of translation.
Korean: Supplementary Material. Published 15/09/2017. Price: £32.99
Sketches of Korea: an illustrated guide to Korean culture Various Kimchi, K-pop, Taekwondo, Samsung - the images that most people get when they think of Korea don't stray much beyond the usual ones. But there are so many other fascinating sides to Korea and this book will help you to discover them.
Korean: Supplementary Material. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £18.99
Speed up your Korean: strategies to avoid common errors Brown, Lucien Suitable for classroom use or self-study, this book is an ideal resource for intermediate learners wishing to refine their language skills and gain an in-depth understanding of Korean grammar and usage. Audio files and supplementary exercises available on companion website.
Korean: Supplementary Material. Published 29/04/2016. Price: £32.99