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2000 essential Korean words Ahn, S.-H. Features: a deliberate selection of 2000 necessary Korean words; a systematic categorization of fourteen topics and detailed subsections; useful word translations in English, Chinese and Japanese; helpful and sufficient reference words; practical example sentences used in everyday life; accurately recorded entry words and example sentences. With MP3 CD.
Korean: Vocabulary. Click on entry for price details.
500 Common Korean Idioms A useful learner’s tool that presents the 500 most commonly used Korean idioms in a clear and easy-to-follow manner.
Korean: Vocabulary. Published 14/12/2017. Price: £29.99
Dirty Korean: Everyday slang from "What's up?" to "F*%# off!" Baek, H. W. Slang, funny insults, swear words, casual expressions heard on the streets of Korea.
Korean: Vocabulary. Published 2010. Price: £6.99
Essential Korean vocabulary Presents the 6,000 most common Korean words and phrases organised into 22 different subject areas.
Korean: Vocabulary. Published 30/12/2014. Price: £16.99
A frequency dictionary of Korean: core vocabulary for learners Jones, R. & E. Tschirner Provides a list of 5,000 entries in the rank frequency, with sample sentences. Thematically organised.
Korean: Vocabulary. Published 12/08/2016. Price: £37.99
An illustrated guide to Korean: essential words and phrases Various Engaging illustrations and texts aimed at helping to learn basic Korean vocabulary.
Korean: Vocabulary. Published 28/02/2014. Price: £21.99
Korean essential vocabulary 6000 Lee, J.-W. Any foreigner who studies Korean must inevitably know 6000 words selected by The National Academy of the Korean Language. With this only book there is no need to worry about vocabulary in any Korean language test. With MP3 free download.
Korean: Vocabulary. Published 2006. Price: £13.99
Korean in a flash Kim, S. Contains 448 flashcards (per volume) featuring the most common Korean words and phrases used un everyday speech and writing. Provides related words, phrases and expressions for each main word. A sample sentence in Korean shows how the words are used.
Korean: Vocabulary. Published 26/08/2016. Price: £14.99
Korean vocabulary practice for foreigners A series of reference and exercise books introducing Korean vocabulary.
Korean: Vocabulary. Published 2011-2012. Click on entry for price details.
My weekly Korean vocabulary Vocabulary practice books divided into short thematic units for each day. Each day you have one new keyword, and built upon that keyword are 20 additional phrases and sentences that get progressively longer.
Korean: Vocabulary. Published 2015. Click on entry for price details.