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Hangeul: Korea's unique alphabet Various Hangeul is an ingenious system that utilizes forward-thinking and scientific linguistic theories and principles of Korean traditional culture to perfectly express the sound of the Korean language.
Korean: Script. Published 2010. Price: £17.50
Korean script hacking Meyer, Judith Using a unique, tried and tested algorithm, this book teaches you how to quickly and efficiently recognise letters and common words in Korean script. Whether you're travelling and want to understand the words around you, or preparing to learn Korean and want to master the basics, this is the book for you
Korean: Script. Published 07/03/2019. Price: £9.99
Learning Korean with a smile. Reading & Writing Various This introductory Korean language book takes a novel approach to learning reading and writing Hangeul.
Korean: Script. Price: £20.99
You can learn the Korean alphabet in one morning: A commemorative publication for International Congress of Linguists (CIL)-18: to briefly introduce the Korean script, Hangeul Lee, S.-O. A quick reference guide to an exotic alphabet. On the streets and in restaurants foreigners can try to read shop signs, billboards, menus, and other kinds of notices.
Korean: Script. Published 2008. Price: £17.50