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Collins gem Korean dictionary Features a clear colour layout, with a phrasefinder and menu reader for travellers.
Korean: Dictionaries. Published 02/05/2019. Price: £5.99
Korean picture dictionary Covers the 1,200 most useful Korean words and phrases. It gives each word and sentence in Korean Hangeul characters with a Romanized version to help you pronounce it correctly and the English meaning.
Korean: Dictionaries. Published 10/07/2018. Price: £12.99
Korean<>English bilingual visual dictionary With over 6,500 fully illustrated words and phrases in Korean and English, along with a free bilingual audio app, using and learning Korean has never been easier. With access to an online app.
Korean: Dictionaries. Published 03/10/2019. Price: £8.99
Mini Korean Dictionary More than 12,000 essential words, idioms, and expressions. Headwords printed in bold for quick and easy reference. Korean words are given in Romanized form for natural pronunciation.
Korean: Dictionaries. Published 10/04/2018. Price: £4.99
Pocket Korean dictionary Contains 12,000 commonly used words, presented in an accessible format of both romanised and authentic script.
Korean: Dictionaries. Published 30/09/2016. Price: £4.99
Tuttle Korean<>English mini dictionary Over 15,000 words in a handy format.
Korean: Dictionaries. Published 2013. Price: £4.99
Tuttle learner's Korean>English dictionary Park, K. Covers the 16,800 most commonly-used Korean vocabulary items, over 5,600 example sentences given in Hangeul, romanization and English, and extensive grammar notes
Korean: Dictionaries. Published 2013. Price: £14.99
Tuttle pocket Korean<>English dictionary Portable two-way dictionary, includes grammar tables. Contains over 18,000 words.
Korean: Dictionaries. Published 06/08/2019. Price: £7.99