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Delaney, J.P. The girl before Translation from English.
Korean: Fiction. Published 17/08/2018. Price: £15.50
Hall, James The self-portrait: A cultural history Translation from English.
Korean: Fiction. Published 27/07/2018. Price: £9.99
Heo, Kyung Honggildongjeon "The Story of Hong Gildong" is arguably the single most important work of classic Korean fiction. A fantastic story of adventure, it has been adapted into countless movies, television shows, novels, and comics in Korea.
Korean: Fiction. Published 01/01/2009. Price: £17.50
Jung, Chul Yeon Majo & Sady One of the most popular Korean webtoons.
Korean: Fiction. Published 10/01/2015. Click on entry for price details.
Kang, Han The Vegetarian / Chaesikju-uija After a gruesome and bloody dream about human cruelty, Yeong-hye decides to stop eating meat completely. Her abstinence frustrates those around her, and leads to some dire consequences not only for her but for her family and those involved with her.
Korean: Fiction. Published 2016. Price: £20.99
Lane, Nick The vital question The book by the English biochemist Nick Lane talks about the way the evolution and origin of life on Earth was constrained by the provision of energy.
Korean: Fiction. Published 05/07/2016. Price: £6.50
Shin, Kyung-sook Eommareul Butakhae "Please Look After Mom" is the story of a missing mother and her family, told from the shifting points of view of each of the family members. With this book, Shin reclaimed her place as one of South Korea’s most prominent writers, achieving both critical acclaim and commercial success
Korean: Fiction. Published 28/11/2008. Price: £22.50
Various Korean Contemporary Short Stories Short stories collection. In English.
Korean: Fiction. Published 01/12/2017. Price: £17.99
Various Penguin loves Mev in the UK
Korean: Fiction. Price: £19.50