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Beginning Japanese Phrases Language Practice Pad This calendar like desk companion is divided into monthly topics and builds upon itself, one day at a time. Japanese phrases are kept short, simple and functional. Each of the 365 pages include these four components: the phrase or dialogue in Japanese characters; a transliteration using English letters (romanji); the English translation; a related note about the phrase, Japan, or Japanese culture to add context.
Japanese: Supplementary Material. Published 15/06/2017. Price: £11.99
Colloquial Kansai Japanese Palter, D.C. & K. Slotsve With clear explanations of grammar, a Kansai-ben dictionary, and a helpful index, this books is an indispensable guide to the rich speech of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe. Hundreds of sample phrases, sentences and conversations show how the dialect works in everyday situations.
Japanese: Supplementary Material. Price: £12.99
The Japan culture book Various This book is about Japanese culture. Each chapter consists of short topics, in both Japanese and English, from traditional performances to martial arts, Ozu films, Godzilla, J-pop and fashion. An interesting and amusing read.
Japanese: Supplementary Material. Published 2014. Price: £34.99
Japan's cultural code words: 233 key terms that explain the attitudes and behaviour of the Japanese De Mente, B. 233 most important code words, fully analysed and arranged alphabetically - from ageashi ("tripping on your own tongue") to zenrei ("breaking the moulds of the past").
Japanese: Supplementary Material. Published 2004. Price: £12.99
The Japanese mind: Understanding contemporary Japanese culture R. Davies, & O. Ikeno (ed.) Offers readers a fascinating overview of contemporary Japanese culture in 28 informative essays, describing values, attitudes, behaviour patterns and communication styles.
Japanese: Supplementary Material. Published 2002. Price: £12.99
Japanese proverbs Galef, David A collection of 200 Japanese proverbs with illustrations and explanations for each saying.
Japanese: Supplementary Material. Published 2012. Price: £14.99
Japanese proverbs (Read it!) Various 77 proverbs to remember for elementary school students with a simple and easy-to-follow illustrated story. Quizzes and other fun elements are also abundant. All kanji have phonetic styles, children of lower grades can read well without difficulty.
Japanese: Supplementary Material. Published 31/03/2015. Price: £19.99
JLPT Study Guide: The Comprehensive Guide to the JLPT Level N5 Exam A complete study package thoroughly prepares exam-takers by providing grammar lessons with explanatory texts and sample sentence patterns, printable Hiragana, Katakana, vocabulary, and Kanji flashcards, and more than 300 JLPT sample test questions.
Japanese: Supplementary Material. Published 14/08/2018. Price: £12.99
The Languages of Japan and Korea Tranter, Nicolas The Languages of Japan and Korea provides detailed descriptions of the major varieties of languages in the region, both modern and pre-modern, within a common format, producing a long-needed introductory reference source. Korean, Japanese, Ainu, and representative members of the three main groupings of the Ryukyuan chain are discussed for the first time in a single work.
Japanese: Supplementary Material. Published 24/03/2017. Price: £34.99