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Berlitz Japanese phrase book and dictionary Contains over 8,000 words and phrases.
Japanese: Phrasebooks. Published 01/08/2018. Price: £6.99
Collins Japanese phrasebook and dictionary As the only phrasebook in the market offering an hour's worth of downloadable audio files, it's ideal for practicing pronunciation, listening comprehension and becoming more confident, not just in speaking but in understanding others when abroad. With online download.
Japanese: Phrasebooks. Published 09/03/2017. Price: £4.99
Essential Japanese phrasebook and dictionary Over 2,000 practical sentences with pronunciation guide and grammar notes.
Japanese: Phrasebooks. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £7.99
Instant Japanese De Mente, B. A pocket-size language guide for tourists that introduces basic vocabulary and useful phrases.
Japanese: Phrasebooks. Published 15/03/2016. Price: £4.99
Japanese for Fun: phrasebook & dictionary This handy Japanese phrasebook and pocket dictionary is designed for people who want to learn Japanese quickly and don't have a lot of time to study.
Japanese: Phrasebooks. Published 01/02/2017. Price: £9.99
Japanese for travelers: phrasebook & dictionary A combination of phrasebook, travel guide and etiquette guide. Packed with expressions and information for every travel situation, it helps you to get around and communicate more effectively during your time in Japan.
Japanese: Phrasebooks. Published 10/09/2017. Price: £7.99
Lonely Planet Japanese phrasebook & CD Contains the phrasebook and audio CD meaning you can perfect your pronunciation before you go. Includes 400 key phrases on CD for practical, social and emergency situations plus a 3500 word two-way dictionary.
Japanese: Phrasebooks. Published 01/10/2015. Price: £7.99
Lonely Planet Japanese phrasebook & dictionary This phrasebook gets you on board the linguistic bullet train, stopping all stations to conversational perfection. If you want to know your shabu shabuya from your tonkatsuya, this guide is just the ticket.Two-way dictionary. Guide to pronunciation and phrase-building. Fail-safe small talk.
Japanese: Phrasebooks. Published 14/09/2018. Price: £4.99
Practical Japanese: your guide to speaking Japanese quickly and effortlessly in a few hours Maeda, J. Written for tourists, this book is divided into 25 short lessons & contains around 350 essential words with simple illustrations.
Japanese: Phrasebooks. Published 04/11/2016. Price: £6.99
Rough guide Japanese phrasebook A thematically arranged phrase book with pronunciation guide, menu reader, basic grammar and more. Audio files of each conversation can be downloaded from the publisher's website.
Japanese: Phrasebooks. Published 01/05/2019. Price: £5.99
Survival Japanese Provides you with the most important Japanese words and phrases to get you speaking without fuss or fear.
Japanese: Phrasebooks. Published 16/02/2016. Price: £4.99