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Colloquial Swedish Holmes, P. & G. Serin Elementary Swedish course for self-study. Course conducted in English, with audio download.
Swedish: Courses. Published 13/05/2016. Price: £37.99
Formativ svenska Eklund, Carin & Inna Rösåsen
Swedish: Courses. Published 09/05/2017. Price: £57.99
Instant Swedish An interactive course on USB stick with access to an app for tablets. Combines two of our most popular series, Talk Now and Talk More - a basic vocabulary course and a module to practice basic dialogues in everyday situations. For PC & Mac.
Swedish: Courses. Published 2015. Price: £49.99
Mål New edition of the popular course for evening classes.
Swedish: Courses. Published 2012-2013. Click on entry for price details.
Mot målet Flom, Camilla; Ryen Söberg, Ola Brand new exciting course on Swedish language.
Swedish: Courses. Published 22/01/2014. Click on entry for price details.
Nya mål 3
Swedish: Courses. Click on entry for price details.
På svenska: Svenska som främmande språk Göransson, U. & M. Parada
Swedish: Courses. Click on entry for price details.
Pimsleur basic Swedish Interactive audio-only instruction that teaches spoken language organically; grammar and vocabulary are taught together in everyday conversation. 30-minute lessons and CD case included.
Swedish: Courses. Published 26/04/2011. Price: £26.50
Rivstart Levy Scherrer, P., & K. Lindemalm Popular course for beginner's Swedish. All in Swedish.
Swedish: Courses. Published 2007. Click on entry for price details.
Svenska dag för dag Zara, Jan All-in-one textbook suitable for learners on pre-intermediate level who wish to progress quickly. Accompanying audio material and answers can be found on the textbook's website. Suitable for classrom use as well as self-study.
Swedish: Courses. Published 03/08/2017. Price: £34.50
Swedish for your trip The 60-minute audio CD features native Swedish speakers using phrases you're likely to encounter in typical travel situations. The booklet includes phonetic transcription of words and phrases.
Swedish: Courses. Published 01/04/2014. Price: £6.98
Swedish Slanguage A fun visual guide to Swedish terms and phrases, geared to helping you learn how to communicate. Soon you’ll be speaking simple Swedish words and phrases well enough to be understood.
Swedish: Courses. Published 10/08/2017. Price: £7.99
Swedish with Michel Thomas method All-audio course. Join teacher, native speaker and two students in a live lesson and, hearing both their successes and their mistakes, within the first hour you will be able to construct simple phrases. MP3/iPod compatible.
Swedish: Courses. Click on entry for price details.
Swedish: An elementary grammar-reader Hird, G., et al. A grammar for beginners, comprising 17 lessons each with a text in Swedish with useful vocabulary and graded grammatical points, and practice exercises. Also includes a variety of reading texts, with comprehension exercises.
Swedish: Courses. Published 1980. Price: £36.99
Talk Now! Learn Swedish Talk Now! is the world's best selling language learning CD-ROM series for beginners, used by more than eight million people to date. It's useful for travellers, holiday makers, business people, school children, students and families. Interactive topics include: first words, phrases, shopping, numbers and time and you can test yourself with graded games.
Swedish: Courses. Published 2015. Price: £29.99
Teach yourself Complete Swedish Croghan, V. New edition of this popular beginners' Swedish course for self-study. The course is conducted in English and aims to help you learn everyday, useful Swedish through real-life situations.
Swedish: Courses. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £29.99
Text i fokus: Övningar i läsförstaelse och ordkunskap Fasth, C., et al
Swedish: Courses. Click on entry for price details.
Ultimate Swedish An interactive course on USB stick with access to an app for tablets. Combines six Eurotalk courses and covers basic vocabulary and communication courses, business language and variety of interactive exercises. For PC & Mac.
Swedish: Courses. Published 2015. Price: £89.99
Verb med variation Enström, Ingegerd Verb exercises on an advanced level, based on fifteen of the most common Swedish verbs, related schemes, colloquials, idioms, etc.
Swedish: Courses. Published 2009. Click on entry for price details.