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360 tegnede verb Vestmoen Nilsen, Marit This useful resource book focuses on 360 most important verbs in Norwegian bokmål. Suitable for a classroom use for learners on different levels. In Norwegian only.
Norwegian: Grammars. Published 01/08/2010. Price: £50.99
Exploring Norwegian grammar Concise Norwegian grammar with plenty of examples.
Norwegian: Grammars. Published 2013. Price: £55.00
Learn 101 Norwegian verbs in 1 day with the Learnbots Ryder, R. A fast, fun and easy way to learn Norwegian verbs. With downloadable audio materials.
Norwegian: Grammars. Published 01/11/2014. Price: £7.99
Norsk grammatikk Various Comprehensive and updated grammar book for Bokmål Norwegian.
Norwegian: Grammars. Published 16/10/2017. Price: £49.50
Norwegian: an essential grammar Åse-Berit & R. Stranskogen
Norwegian: Grammars. Published 1989. Price: £32.99
Norwegian grammar dictionary with exercises Rysst, Cathrine & Daren Sylvester Detailed definitions, rules of use, all possible conjugation forms, idiomatic phrases, common errors and all you possible may need to avoid frustration while learning Norwegian as a foreign language.
Norwegian: Grammars. Published 01/01/2013. Price: £71.50
Norwegian magnetic poetry kit Over 500 magnetized words and word fragments. Can be stuck on the fridge, locker, or any steel surface. Arrange the words into sentences and make poetry. For native speakers and learners alike. Includes a mini glossary of words translated.
Norwegian: Grammars. Price: £19.50
Norwegian tutor: grammar & vocabulary workbook Offers a range of clear and effective learning features covering levels A2-B1: 200 activities across a range of grammar and vocabulary points, unique visual verb tenses timeline and infographics for extra context, personal tutor hints and tips and much more.
Norwegian: Grammars. Published 17/05/2018. Price: £24.99
Norwegian verbs and essentials of grammar
Norwegian: Grammars. Published 1998. Price: £15.99
Norwegian: a comprehensive grammar A complete reference guide to modern Norwegian (the Bokmål standard) organised to promote a thorough understanding of Norwegian grammar. It presents the complexities of Norwegian in a concise and readable form. Explanations are full, clear and free of jargon. Throughout, the emphasis is on Norwegian as used by present-day, native speakers.
Norwegian: Grammars. Published 18/04/2018. Price: £56.99