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Ambjørnsen, Ingvar Brødre i blodet Elling has anxiety disorder and has been living with his mother all his life. When she dies, all his life turns upside-down. In Bokmål.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £23.50
Bakkeid, Heine Møt meg i paradis The haunted former interrogation leader Thorkild Aske reluctantly agrees to take on the job of consulting detective for Milla Lind, a renowned Norwegian crime fiction writer. Lind’s previous consultant, also a former policeman, was killed on the job as they were working on Lind’s latest novel, a story based on the real-life case of two girls mysteriously disappearing from an orphanage. It isn’t long till Aske begins to suspect that there’s more to the case, Milla Lind, and his predecessor’s death, than he first thought.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 25/09/2018. Price: £22.50
Bakkeid, Heine T. Jeg skal savne deg i morgen The stormy season is fast approaching when former interrogation leader Thorkild Aske is released from prison. Having served a three-year sentence for manslaughter, Thorkild is a pariah among his colleagues: a cop gone bad…
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £32.50
Bjørnstad, Ketil Verden som var min. Sekstitallet Famous Norwegian musician talks about the Sixties.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 18/07/2016. Price: £21.50
Bjørnstad, Ketil Verden som var min. Syttitallet The seventies seen from the perspective of the author, who although calssically trained, turned to jazz music quite early in his career.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 15/05/2017. Price: £21.50
de Figueiredo, Ivo En fremmed ved mitt bord When, aged fourty-five, the author asked his father about their family, he opened the door to unknown... The family history spans across four continents, five centuries and two empires.
Norwegian: Fiction. Price: £30.50
Eikemo, Marit Alt inkludert In Nynorsk.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 23/03/2018. Price: £23.00
Elstad, Lotta Jeg nekter å tenke "I refuse to think" has much of the same sharp and smart humour of her earlier books. We meet Hedda Møller after a traumatic plane landing and hazardous journey back to Oslo, though a Europe in crisis, on buses and trains, dirty hostel rooms and a one-night stand in Berlin that will just not stop sending messages in caps lock.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 18/05/2018. Price: £22.50
Faldbakken, Matias The hills The Hills is an unexpected, smart and entertaining novel about collapsing structures and a world caught somewhere between diligence and decay. Matias Faldbakken possesses a rare talent for observation and an uncompromising eye for detail and humor as he pushes the performances of the novel to the point of absurdity, and does so in a manner that evokes a sense of unease as well as gravity.
Norwegian: Fiction. Click on entry for price details.
Fosse, Jon Trilogien (Andvake / Olavs draumar / Kveldsvævd) Winner of the Nordic Council Prize 2015. Trilogien (The Trilogy) brings together three stories about a young couple, Asle and Alida.Through their condensed tableaux, they tell a story that stretches over generations and centuries.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/06/2015. Price: £19.99
Frode Tiller, Carl Beggynelser In Nynorsk.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 16/03/2018. Price: £22.50
Gelliksen, Geir Historie om et ekteskap Nominated to Nordic Council Literature Prize. In "The story of a marriage" the narrator tries to understand the divorce he has recently been through by looking back to the start of the relationship and by imagining what it may have looked like from the spouse’s perspective. In Bokmål.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £23.50
Havelin, Karen Les pakningsvedlegget nøye After many years of enduring pain and the persistent feeling of never being understood, Laura navigates her own sexuality and her unrecognized chronic condition the best she can, forced to question her beliefs as she learns to find a certain peace, even in an impossible situation. Figure skating has been her salvation together with her writing and the dream of escaping Norway and moving to NYC.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/01/2019. Price: £45.00
Hjorth, Vigdis Arv og miljø Nominated to Nordic Council Literatur Prize for 2017. Novel focuses on a key social problem of child abuse. At the same time the novel thematises the language that is available to process and convey traumatic experiences more generally.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/05/2017. Price: £27.99
Hjorth, Vigdis Et norsk hus Alma is a divorced, middle-aged textile artist who makes standards for marching bands and trade unions for a living, and who, for that reason, rents an apartment to a Polish family. English title: "A house in Norway".
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £24.99
Hjorth, Vigdis Lærerinnens sang Lotte Bøk teaches at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She is passionate about Brecht, whose work she describes with great empathy to her drama students. One day senior student Tage Bast asks to film some of the teachers at work, but also outside of the academy. He wants to visit them at home to find out whether there is any correlation between their lives and their teaching.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/01/2018. Price: £55.00
Hjorth, Vigdis Snakk til meg
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £23.50
Hoem, Edvard Bror din på prærien
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 20/05/2016. Price: £16.99
Holt, Anne En grav for to Selma Falck, a former professional athlete and star lawyer, is in a deep crisis. In the blink of an eye she’s been left by her husband and child and lost her job and house – and it’s all her own fault. With nowhere else to go, Selma moves into a wreck of an apartment, her only companion a pedigree cat she can’t stand.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/09/2018. Price: £49.99
Jacobsen, Roy De usynlige English title: "The unseen". Longlisted to Man Booker International Prize 2017.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/01/2014. Price: £24.99
Jacobsen, Roy Hvitt hav This is the stand alone sequel to the successful novel "The Unseen"."White Ocean" is a dramatic love story from the small island Barrøy in the year 1944–45. Ingrid thinks she is alone on the island, but experiences an unusual love affair in the course of several intense winter-weeks.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 27/05/2016. Price: £27.50
Jacobsen, Roy Rigels øyne The Eyes of Rigel is the third book in the trilogy. A strong, epic novel about a country and a people after a great war. In this moving story about a woman that does what everyone tells her not to – Ingrid Barrøy ventures out on a hazardous quest to find the young Russian Alexander, a man she had a love affair with and who is the father of her child.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/05/2018. Price: £23.50
Knausgård, Karl Ove Årstid-encyklopedien The bestselling Norwegian author brings his forensic attention to everyday objects to explain the world to his unborn baby.
Norwegian: Fiction. Click on entry for price details.
Knausgård, Karl Ove Uforvarende "Inadvertent", a book in the Why I Write series provides generous insight into the creative process of the award-winning Norwegian novelist Karl Ove Knausgaard.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 31/08/2018. Price: £28.99
Leine, Kim De søvnløse Set in Greenland in 2025, where a small community experiences daily challenges.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £25.99
Lier Horst, Jørn Når havet stilner Bestselling crime novel. English title: "When the sea calms".
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £25.99
Lier Horst, Jørn Blindgang Crime. Single mother Sofie Lund is ready for a new start when she moves into the house her grandfather left her. In the basement of her new home she soon finds an old safe bolted to the floor, and its contents give her reason to believe that the smuggling rumors surrounding her grandfather were indeed true...
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/02/2016. Price: £27.50
Lier Horst, Jørn Vinterstengt Crime. Police Inspector William Wisting has witnessed his share of bloody crime scenes, but this particular one echoes with a frantic desperation new to him. His unease deepens when his daughter Line decides to temporarily relocate to a cottage near the murder scene.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/04/2015. Price: £24.99
Lunde, Maja Bienes historie English title: "The history of bees". This dazzling and ambitious literary debut follows three generations of beekeepers from the past, present, and future, weaving a spellbinding story of their relationship to the bees—and to their children and one another—against the backdrop of an urgent, global crisis.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 23/05/2016. Price: £25.99
Nesbø, Jo Blod på snø English title: "Blood on snow".
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 14/01/2016. Price: £27.50
Nesbø, Jo Flaggermusmannen English title: "The bat".
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 16/01/2017. Price: £23.50
Nesbø, Jo Kakerlakkene English title: "The cockroaches".
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 16/01/2017. Price: £32.50
Nesbø, Jo Mere blod English title: "Midnight sun".
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 13/01/2016. Price: £21.99
Nesbø, Jo Rødstrupe English title: The redbreast".
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 16/01/2017. Price: £19.99
Nesbø, Jo Sorgenfri English title: "Nemesis".
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 16/01/2017. Price: £22.50
Nyborg, Line Det andre barnet
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 26/04/2018. Price: £23.00
Petterson, Per Ut og stjæle hester (Bokmål) BESTSELLER. English title: "Out stealing horses". Winner of International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and Indeoendent Foreign Fiction Prize.
Norwegian: Fiction. Published 01/01/2012. Price: £23.50
Saabye Christensen, Lars Byens spor
Norwegian: Fiction. Click on entry for price details.