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The Germanic languages Various Comprehensive survey of twelve Germanic languages, from English and German to Faroese and Yiddish.This important work provides a chapter-length description of each language as they are spoken today whilst also giving an analysis of their history and development.
Nordic: General. Published 13/06/2002. Price: £61.99
The Languages of Scandinavia: Seven Sisters of the North Sanders, Ruth A profound insight into languages with a cultural impact deep-rooted and far-reaching, from the Icelandic sagas to Swedish writer Stieg Larsson's internationally popular Millennium trilogy. Sanders's book is both an accessible work of linguistic scholarship and a fascinating intellectual history of language.
Nordic: General. Published 03/11/2017. Price: £26.00
Nordic Europe phrase book & dictionary The languages featured: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish.
Nordic: General. Published 01/09/2019. Price: £6.99
North Sámi: An essential grammar Kahn,Lily & Riitta-Liisa Valijärvi A systematic order of topics beginning with the alphabet and phonology, continuing with nominal and verbal morphology and syntax, and concluding with more advanced topics such as discourse particles, complex sentences, and word formation.
Nordic: General. Published 21/02/2017. Price: £39.99
Talk now! Learn Saami (Northern) Talk Now! is the world's best selling language learning CD-ROM series for beginners, used by more than eight million people to date. Interactive topics include: first words, phrases, shopping, numbers and time and you can test yourself with graded games.
Nordic: General. Published 2015. Price: £29.99
The way back: Poems in Sámi Various "The Way Back" is one of the few collections of poetry to have been translated into English from The Northern Sámi language which is spoken in parts of Finland, Norway and Sweden.
Nordic: General. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £9.99