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Ali, Sabahattin Kürk Mantolu Madonna A shy young man leaves his home in rural Turkey for 1920s Berlin. The city's crowded streets, thriving arts scene, passionate politics and seedy cabarets provide the backdrop for a chance meeting with a woman which will haunt him for the rest of his life.
Turkish: Literature: Fiction. Published 1943. Price: £12.99
İşigüzel, Şebnem Gözyaşı Konağı
Turkish: Literature: Fiction. Published 2016. Price: £13.99
Pamuk, Orhan Beyaz Kale Orhan Pamuk's celebrated first novel tells the tale of an Italian scholar captured by pirates and put up for auction at the Istanbul slave market. Acquired by a brilliant Turkish inventor, he is set to work on projects to entertain the jaded Sultan.
Turkish: Literature: Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £14.99
Pamuk, Orhan Istanbul - Memories and the City A shimmering evocation, by turns intimate and panoramic, of one of the world's great cities, by its foremost writer. Orhan's portrait of the city of his birth is a triumphant encounter of place and sensibility, beautifully written and immensely moving.
Turkish: Literature: Fiction. Price: £12.99
Pamuk, Orhan Kar (Snow) As the snow begins to fall, a journalist arrives in the remote and troubled city of Kars to investigate a suicide epidemic among its young women. When the growing blizzard cuts off the outside world, the stage is set for a terrible and desperate act...
Turkish: Literature: Fiction. Published 2002. Price: £9.99
Pamuk, Orhan Kırmızı Saçlı Kadın (The Red-Haired Woman) In 1980s Istanbul, Mahmut and his apprentice use ancient methods to dig wells, desperate to find water in a barren land. This is the tale of their struggle and also a deeper investigation of themes such as fathers, sons, the state and individual freedom.
Turkish: Literature: Fiction. Published 2016. Price: £8.95
Şafak, Elif Ustam ve Ben (The Architect's Apprentice) When 12 year old Jahan travels to 16th-century Istanbul as a stowaway, little does he know the of the adventures which await him. When Grand Architect Sinan chooses him as his apprentice, Jahan's destiny is changed forever…
Turkish: Literature: Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £12.99
Şhafak, Elif Aşk (The Forty Rules of Love) When an unhappily married Jewish housewife reads a manuscript about the thirteenth-century Sufi poet Rumi and Shams of Tabriz, and his forty rules of life and love, her world is turned upside down. She embarks on a journey to meet the mysterious author of this work.
Turkish: Literature: Fiction. Published 2009. Price: £13.99