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Abate, Carmine Le rughe del sorriso Sahra is a young Somali who lives with her sister-in-law Faaduma and her granddaughter Maryan in Calabria. One day she disappears. On her trail, "like an investigator in love", her Italian teacher, Antonio Cerasa.
New Fiction. Published 16/10/2018. Price: £20.50
Abate, Francesco Mia madre e altre catastrofi Abate recounts his relationship with his eccentric, Maoist, feminist mother in all its calamitous, comedic and tragic moments.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2016. Price: £15.70
Affinati, Eraldo Tutti i nomi del mondo The characters sign up with a language school for immigrants, where the river of painful humanity continues to flow tumultuously. Everyone has a tale to tell.
New Fiction. Published 30/01/2018. Price: £18.65
Agnello Hornby, Simonetta Caffe' amaro Stormy love story between the beautiful, naïve Maria and Pietro, fifteen years her senior and into gambling and women.
New Fiction. Published 28/04/2016. Price: £14.50
Agnello Hornby, Simonetta Piano nobile Palermo, summer 1942. As in a lucid delirium, Baron Enrico Sorci sees the recent history of his family pass before his eyes from his deathbed.
New Fiction. Published 15/10/2020. Price: £22.50
Agnello Hornby, Simonetta La zia marchesa Through the story of Costanza, from poor to rich, we see the whole modern history of Sicily.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £12.50
Agus, Milena Terre promesse The 'promise lands' of the title are those of three generations of a Sardinian family on a long journey full of illusions and delusions.
New Fiction. Published 11/05/2017. Price: £21.99
Alajmo, Roberto L'estate del '78 One summer afternoon Roberto Alajmo meets his mother on a street in Mondello. He didn’t know it, but it was the last time he would see her. "What she did in the next three months, I still do not know today. It is the object of the present survey”.
New Fiction. Published 22/10/2018. Price: £18.99
Albinati & Timi Tuttalpiú muoio Born in a small town in the Umbrian province, Filo is a puppet of our times without a fairy who helps him, and who seeks his own redemption by becoming an actor.
New Fiction. Published 21/05/2019. Price: £16.99
Albinati, Edoardo Un adulterio Stealing a weekend away from ordinary life to consume their newly born passion, the two protagonists embark on a boat journey to an island where time is still.
New Fiction. Published 08/06/2017. Price: £16.99
Albinati, Edoardo Cuori fanatici: Amore e ragione All hearts are fanatics. Those that Edoardo Albinati tells us are in their twenties and thirties, and they are possessed by an inexhaustible desire: to understand, to be themselves and yet different, to protect themselves and burn.
New Fiction. Published 26/02/2019. Price: £22.99
Albinati, Edoardo La scuola cattolica Rome, seventies: a private school in a residential district. Just after leaving high school, a group of students will become the author of one of the most sensational crime of the all time, the Crime of Circeo.Winner of the Premio Strega 2016.
New Fiction. Published 16/03/2016. Price: £19.99
Amelio, Gianni Padre quotidiano Amelio tells the story of how he decided to adopt Etham, honouring the act of love of a father ready to separate himself from his son to give him a less uncertain future.
New Fiction. Published 27/09/2018. Price: £19.50
Amerighi, Marco Le nostre ore contate Amerighi gives us a book with a rare descriptive force, capable of staging the dreams and torments of adolescence. A novel that investigates the strength of friendship, the drama of betrayal and that transition to adulthood that always hurts us.
New Fiction. Published 27/03/2018. Price: £21.50
Ammaniti, Niccolò Anna In an apocalyptic Sicily devastated by a strange virus, thirteen year old Anna goes in search of her kidnapped brother.
New Fiction. Published 29/09/2015. Price: £14.50
Ammaniti, Niccoló Il momento é delicato A collection of short stories written by Ammaniti in the last 20 years. From love stories to horror, all told with the genius of this contemporary Italian writer.
New Fiction. Published 27/04/2012. Price: £16.50
Angello Hornby, Simonetta Nessuno può volare The popular author recalls her childhood in this enchanting memoir.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2017. Price: £17.99
Argento, Dario Horror: Storie di sangue, spiriti e segreti Dario Argento returns with this collection of stories with tales of demons, witches and the supernatural mixed with reality.
New Fiction. Published 06/03/2018. Price: £17.99
Armanino, Ester L'arca The story of two very different sisters, one a nurse, the other an artist. Two divided souls, who only later in life find each other and truly connect, in order to overcome the problems brought by sickness.
New Fiction. Published 29/10/2016. Price: £17.50
Arpaia, Bruno Qualcosa, là fuori In a Europe devastated by climate change, hundreds of thousands of 'environmental migrants' are fleeing arid, desertified lands and heading north to temperate Scandinavia. A visionary novel that reflects urgent issues in our own reality.
New Fiction. Published 28/04/2016. Price: £17.50
Auci, Stefania I Leoni di Sicilia From the moment they land in Palermo from Bagnara Calabra, in 1799, the Florio family looks ahead, restless and ambitious, determined to get higher than everyone. To be the richest, the most powerful.
New Fiction. Published 06/05/2019. Price: £19.99
Augias, Corrado Il lato oscuro del cuore Clara is studying the history of psychoanalysis, spending her time alone with the writings and case histories of Freud, Jung, Charcot etc. Then she takes a job in her brother’s bar and is confronted with real lives and real people... and a brutal murder.
New Fiction. Published 22/09/2015. Price: £18.99
Avallone Silvia Da dove la vita é perfetta This is their story, of love and abandonment, of parents seen by their children. An intertwining of expectations, choices and renunciations that touch and illuminate the deeper meaning of being mothers, fathers and sons.
New Fiction. Published 03/04/2018. Price: £13.75
Avallone, Silvia Un'amicizia Everyone thinks they know Beatrice. They admire, envy, hate or adore her. But no one guesses the secret that hides behind her her smile except Elisa, her best friend.
New Fiction. Published 10/11/2020. Price: £20.99
Avallone, Silvia Da dove la vita é perfetta In a suburban neighbourhood near the big city, a group of youngsters tell their story growing up in a modern Italy and their relationship with mothers and fathers, more distant than ever.
New Fiction. Published 30/05/2017. Price: £22.99
Bajani, Andrea Il libro delle case The book of houses is the story of a man: friendships, marriage, the discovery of sex and poetry, the separation from a self-destructive family, and the liberation. All told through the stories of the places he lived in.
New Fiction. Published 04/02/2021. Price: £19.99
Baldini, Eraldo La palude dei fuochi erranti 1630. In Lancimago, a village lost between fields and marshes, the inhabitants await the approaching plague with anguish.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2019. Price: £19.90
Baldini, Eraldo Stirpe selvaggia Amerigo grows up in a village high in the Italian mountains, the only son of a single mother.
New Fiction. Published 29/11/2016. Price: £18.50
Balzano, Marco Resto qui War comes knocking on the door of Trina’s house. She follows her husband into the mountains, where they both learn to face death.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2018. Price: £20.50
Barbaglia, Alessandro L'atlante dell'invisibile Ismaele, Dino and Sofia, on a late-summer evening, kidnap the moon in protest. They live in Santa Giustina, a village on the Dolomites, which is about to be submerged by an artificial lake, carrying away all of their memories.
New Fiction. Published 22/05/2018. Price: £17.99
Bardinelli e Maggio Io lo so chi sei Luciano teaches at the University of Milan, at forty finds himself facing the fears and ghosts of a lifetime. Monica works at the local market and at night she performs for fun. Two opposing worlds destined to clash when fate brings them together.
New Fiction. Published 08/02/2017. Price: £12.50
Baricco, Alessandro La Sposa giovane A bride moves into her new husband's home. He's away for work, and the woman waits for him surrounded by his interesting family.
New Fiction. Published 15/09/2016. Price: £11.50
Baricco, Alessandro Mr Gwyn Reprint. Jasper Gwyn is a writer who lives in London. A strange feeling possesses him suddenly and he wants to stop doing things in his life, especially writing.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £10.50
Baricco, Alessandro Il nuovo Barnum The new Barnum is a book of small and big news, of curiosities and amazing stories from around the world, collected by Alessandro Baricco.
New Fiction. Published 29/09/2016. Price: £19.99
Baricco, Alessandro Tre volte all'alba The characters in this book meet three times, and every time is going to be their first and last date.
New Fiction. Published 08/01/2014. Price: £9.99
Barzini, Chiara Terremoto Eugenia, a Roman teenager, moves with her family to a rough area of Los Angeles at the beginning of the 90s. Through her eyes we see love, drugs and excess, overwhelming and delicate friendships, and finally the emergence of a political conscience.
New Fiction. Published 26/09/2017. Price: £20.50
Bazzi, Jonathan Febbre Jonathan is 31 years old in 2016, one day he gets a fever and never goes away. His paranoia continues until the day he finds out he is HIV-positive, he is not dying but has to reflect on his life.
New Fiction. Published 09/05/2019. Price: £21.50
Benni, Stefano Dancing Paradiso Dancing Paradiso is a nightclub in a cruel metropolis. It is in that club that a guardian angel tries to bring together the five protagonists of this book.
New Fiction. Published 02/05/2019. Price: £13.99
Benni, Stefano Prendiluna A ghost cat gives to Prendiluna, a retired old teacher, a mission on which depends humanity's destiny.
New Fiction. Published 11/05/2017. Price: £19.50
Benni, Stefano & Luca Ralli La bottiglia magica
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2017. Price: £15.50
Bertola, Stefania Divino Amore A funny novel about what is love and how to find it in the 21st century.
New Fiction. Published 04/06/2019. Price: £21.50
Bertoni, Federico Morire il 25 aprile The protagonist investigates a Resistance episode that involved his family and a dead friend of him.
New Fiction. Published 18/04/2017. Price: £19.50
Bianchi, B. Matteo Maria Accanto Betty, a simple and common young woman, divides her life between work, her boyfriend and going out. But one day the Virgin Mary appears in her room, she is looking for a friend to share her life on Earth with.
New Fiction. Published 30/05/2017. Price: £20.99
Bianchi, Matteo B. Generations of love: extensions The cult novel of Bianchi returns to bookshops, now with exciting new additions to the original story about growing up gay in the Lombard province. Set in the 80s, with plenty of fun pop references to that glorious decade.
New Fiction. Published 10/11/2016. Price: £18.99
Bianchini, Luca Dimmi che credi al destino Set in London, the story follows Ornella who works for a bookshop in danger of closing. Her friend Patti comes to her rescue, and suggests hiring Diego, an accountant. But just when Ornella is most needed, she has to go back to Italy.
New Fiction. Published 12/05/2015. Price: £14.50
Bianchini, Luca Nessuno come noi Turin 1987. Vincenzo is17 and in love with Cate, his classmate who sits next to him during lessons. She falls in love with other boys, but not with him though...
New Fiction. Published 10/01/2017. Price: £19.50
Bianchini, Luca So che un giorno tornerai Emma's father disappears from her life when she is still a baby, leaving her and her mother in difficulties. Until one day she will decide to find her father.
New Fiction. Published 02/10/2018. Price: £18.99
Bignardi, Daria Non vi lasceró orfani The death of a person’s mother is, at the same time, a moment of suffering and that of confrontation. The main character goes back to childhood memories, their adolescence and youth, and the unreal maturity they felt.
New Fiction. Published 15/01/2019. Price: £13.50
Bignardi, Daria Oggi faccio azzurro During her first to Munich, Galla visits the exhibition of the German painter Gabriele Münter. From that moment, Gabriele's voice enters Galla's life tormenting her, teasing her and in the meantime telling her long love story with Kandinskij.
New Fiction. Published 10/11/2020. Price: £20.00
Bignardi, Daria Storia della mia ansia Lea suffers from anxiety, just like her mother did. While life takes its course, she looks at her dark side, trying to save what still has meaning for her.
New Fiction. Published 20/02/2018. Price: £22.99
Bisotti, Massimo Karma city What would we do if we were offered the opportunity to change life, to start from scratch? Amanda, Mary Jane, Sarah, Joy, Robin, Yuki, Zac and Sasha are between twenty-five and forty and each of them has a particular story.
New Fiction. Published 28/03/2019. Price: £19.50
Bonini, Carlo & Giancarlo De Cataldo Suburra BESTSELLER. Rome. Two old enemies, a criminal and a policeman, engage in their final challenge.
New Fiction. Published 26/10/2017. Price: £15.50
Bosco, Federica Ci vediamo un giorno di questi Lifelong friends fiery Caterina and fearful Ludovica could not be more different. When the dynamics of their friendship change, Ludovica finds herself beginning a dangerous, unexpected and surprising new existence.
New Fiction. Published 14/01/2018. Price: £20.50
Bosonetto, Marco Il bacio della Dea Montagna As every year, Luca Rollin goes on a skiing trip with his family for his holidays. He is a popular writer and this year he realises that something has changed in how people see him: fame has a price.
New Fiction. Published 28/08/2018. Price: £20.50
Brabaglia, Alessandro La locanda dell'ultima solitudine Libero and Viola are looking for each other, but still don't know it. Eventually they will meet at the Inn of Last Loneliness. There, in that all-wood inn enclosed by the sea, their life will change.
New Fiction. Published 17/01/2017. Price: £17.00
Brizzi, Enrico Tu che sei di me la miglior parte Bologna in the 80s: Tommy Bandiera, fatherless, grows up with his mother Alice and her family.
New Fiction. Published 29/05/2018. Price: £21.50
Brizzi, Fausto Se mi vuoi bene Diego is in his late forties and realises that it's time to do something good for all the people he loves, albeit with bittersweet consequences, in this amusing new novel.
New Fiction. Published 19/03/2016. Price: £12.99
Bruck, Edith Il pane perduto In order not to forget and not to make people forget, Edith Bruck, remembers her life in this novel.Remembers Auschwitz and the concentration camps, but also how she arrived in Rome to re-start her life.
New Fiction. Published 21/01/2021. Price: £18.99
Caboni, Cristina La casa degli specchi A magical Italian bestseller that takes us behind the scene of the glamorous Mostra, Venice film festival.
New Fiction. Published 19/09/2019. Price: £19.50
Caboni, Cristina La stanza della tessitrice Bellagio is the place where Camilla took refuge to start a new life. There she is free to make clothes that infuse courage. But she is forced to abandon everything when Marianne, the woman who raised her like a mother, needs her support.
New Fiction. Published 18/10/2018. Price: £21.50
Cacucci, Pino Puerto Escondido It's when he get accused of a killing, that the adventures of this story begins and bring our main character from Italy to Mexico.
New Fiction. Published 07/01/2014. Price: £12.99
Calandrone, Maria Grazia Splendi come vita The narrator is an adopted child who loves her mother immensely. Then there is a primary wound and the mother no longer believes in her daughter's love. Fracture upon fracture their relationship is broken.
New Fiction. Published 28/01/2021. Price: £17.99
Callieri, Valerio Teoria dell'incompletezza Two brothers investigate the death of his father, former Fiat worker, killed in 2004 in his bar during a robbery.
New Fiction. Published 12/01/2017. Price: £20.99
Camileri, Andrea Morte in mare aperto: e altre indagini del giovane Montalbano Eight intriguing Inspector Montalbano mysteries.
New Fiction. Published 23/10/2014. Price: £15.50
Camilleri, Andrea L'altro capo del filo Montalbano's twenty-fifth outing facing murderers, kidnappers and the mafia in a Vigàta coping with the arrival of new migrants.
New Fiction. Published 26/05/2016. Price: £14.99
Camilleri, Andrea Autodifesa di Caino A powerful, deep body of work, addressing the incessant questions about Good and Evil.
New Fiction. Published 21/11/2019. Price: £9.50
Camilleri, Andrea Donne This book of short stories brings to life the voices of different women throughout the centuries, women who are dark and beguiling like Camilleri's Sicily.
New Fiction. Published 2016. Price: £12.75
Camilleri, Andrea La giostra degli scambi The new thrilling novel from the master of Italian crime fiction. This time Montalbano is investigating a serial kidnapping... and the victims are always young girls.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2015. Price: £16.50
Camilleri, Andrea Km 123 On a stormy night, when he was about to reach km 123 between Rome and Grossetto, a car drives Giulio out of the road. But is it really a genuine accident?
New Fiction. Published 26/03/2019. Price: £15.99
Camilleri, Andrea Il metodo Canalotti Another fantastic crime novel with protagonist the inspector Montalbano.
New Fiction. Published 31/05/2018. Price: £14.99
Camilleri, Andrea Noli me tangere Inspector Maurizi investigates the disappearance of beautiful Laura, whose seemingly untroubled life is full of secret torment.
New Fiction. Published 19/01/2016. Price: £10.50
Camilleri, Andrea La rete di protezione: Commissario Montalbano In the latest Montalbano book, the inspector has to deal with an episode of bullying in school, immersing him in the world of teenagers and their shrewd intelligence.
New Fiction. Published 25/01/2018. Price: £16.50
Camilleri, Andrea I tacchini non ringraziano The personal zoo of Andrea Camilleri is made up of animals and stories that will enter our lives forever. Dogs, cats, foxes and tigers are described as bearers of a spirit full of love and intelligence, much more complex than we think.
New Fiction. Published 16/11/2018. Price: £16.99
Camilleri, Andrea La Targa Vigata, 1940. On the evening of June the 11th, the day after the Italian entry into the war, a few men meet in a bar to discover truths and look at the past.
New Fiction. Published 19/01/2017. Price: £12.99
Camilleri, Andrea Una voce di notte Another difficult investigation for Montalbano.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £17.50
Camilleri, Andres Riccardino Montalbano's latest investigation, published posthumously.
New Fiction. Published 16/07/2020. Price: £23.00
Caminito, Giulia L'acqua del lago non è mai dolce Antonia's family arrives in Lake Bracciano, fleeing from the indifference of Rome. She is a proud woman to the point of stubbornness who alone takes care of a disabled husband and four sons. Winner of the 59th Campiello prize
New Fiction. Published 13/01/2021. Price: £19.99
Campani, Sandro Il giro del miele Davide is a simple man with a simple job: he delivers honey into an Apennines village where he was born and grew up.
New Fiction. Published 31/01/2017. Price: £20.50
Campo, Rossana Così allegre senza nessun motivo Patti, Manu, Lily, Alice, Yumiko and Sandra: Paris is their city, a house chosen to rebuild their lives when they felt that the place where they were born did not welcome them anymore
New Fiction. Published 05/06/2019. Price: £20.50
Carofiglio, Giancarlo Il maestro Corrado Lazari was the greatest actor of the twentieth century but is now a lonely man. Fame, success, friends, all lost. Until one day Alessandra, a young theatre student, comes into his life.
New Fiction. Published 12/09/2017. Price: £21.50
Carofiglio, Gianrico La regola dell'equilibrio Another gripping case for well-known, fictional lawyer Guido Guerrieri.
New Fiction. Published 11/11/2014. Price: £13.99
Carofiglio, Gianrico Il bordo vertiginoso delle cose Bildungsroman of a troubled adolescent.
New Fiction. Published 02/12/2013. Price: £15.99
Carofiglio, Gianrico Della gentilezza e del coraggio Carofiglio takes us on a journey through time and space and builds a summary of rules - or better suggestions - for a new practice of civil coexistence.
New Fiction. Published 03/09/2020. Price: £16.50
Carofiglio, Gianrico L'estate fredda When news arrives that a child, son of a clan leader, has been kidnapped, Marshal Pietro Fenoglio understands that the point of no return has been reached.
New Fiction. Published 25/10/2016. Price: £14.50
Carofiglio, Gianrico Una mutevole verità
New Fiction. Published 23/01/2016. Price: £10.80
Carofiglio, Gianrico Passeggeri notturni 30 short stories, each three pages long. Each story is different in style and features new characters.
New Fiction. Published 15/03/2016. Price: £12.25
Carofiglio, Gianrico Il silenzio dell'onda Every Monday and Thursday Roberto Marias walks through Rome to have his theraphy session. Sometimes, when he sits there in silence, his hauting memories come back with an overwhelming force.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2016. Price: £12.99
Carofiglio, Gianrico Le tre del mattino
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2017. Price: £17.50
Carofiglio, Gianrico La versione di Fenoglio Pietro Fenoglio, an old carabiniere who has seen everything, and Giulio, a very intelligent, sensitive, disoriented twenty-year-old, become friends in the most unexpected of situations.
New Fiction. Published 19/02/2019. Price: £18.50
Carozzi, Ivan Teneri violenti A young Italian man discovers strange events which happened in his city long ago.
New Fiction. Published 13/09/2016. Price: £17.99
Carrisi, Donato La casa delle voci The newest title by the italian thriller master. Trying to remember a traumatic event from her childhood, Hanna Hall asks Pietro Gerber's help. The psychologist guide her on the path to remember what happened in the House of Voices.
New Fiction. Published 02/12/2019. Price: £22.99
Carrisi, Donato Io sono l'abisso Within a few hours, the orderly life of a man will be turned upside down by meeting a girl. He, who has chosen to be invisible, will find himself involved in the girl's unspeakable reality.
New Fiction. Published 23/11/2020. Price: £23.50
Carrisi, Donato Il maestro delle ombre A murderer is on the loose in Rome’s darkness, and is up to the priest Marcus to find them.
New Fiction. Published 01/12/2016. Price: £13.99
Carrisi, Donato La ragazza nella nebbia Everything changes on a night of ice and fog in Avechot, a village in the Alps. The car of agent Vogel ends up in a ditch. He does not remember why and how he got there while he should be searching for a girl who disappeared in the fog.
New Fiction. Published 14/09/2017. Price: £19.50
Carrisi, Donato L'uomo del labirinto Kidnapped and long-held prisoner, Sam is now suddenly free but in a hospital room. Next to her, Dr. Green, who wants to look inside her memories to find clues that can lead to the capture of his jailer: the Man of the Labyrinth.
New Fiction. Published 04/12/2017. Price: £24.99
Casati Modignani, Sveva Un battito d'ali In a letter to her dad, the writer tells her own story growing up in Italy after the second world war, doing many jobs and finally becoming the famous writer she is today.
New Fiction. Published 11/04/2017. Price: £16.60
Casati Modignani, Sveva Festa di famiglia As Christmas approaches in Mila four friends Andreina, Carlotta, Gloria and Maria Sole meet every week in a restaurant in Piazza Novelli to talk and share confidences.
New Fiction. Published 17/10/2017. Price: £16.99
Casati Modignani, Sveva Suite 405 A luxury car rushes into the night along the highway that connects Rome to Milan. On board we find Count Lamberto Rissotto, who owns an important metallurgical industry and directs it with wisdom, despite the difficulties of the economic crisis.
New Fiction. Published 25/09/2018. Price: £21.50
Cassar Scalia, Cristina La logica della lampara It's 4.30 am. From their boat, Dr. Manfredi Monterreale and Sante Tammaro, a journalist of an online newspaper, see on the coast a man who drags a large suitcase with difficulty and throws it among the rocks.
New Fiction. Published 30/04/2019. Price: £22.50
Catalano, Guido D'amore si muore ma io no In his first novel, Guido Catalano writes about the falling in love between a poet and a charming arachnologist. This simple story is exciting, moving and entertaining, showing the ridiculous side of love.
New Fiction. Published 02/02/2017. Price: £13.99
Catalano, Guido Ogni volta che mi baci muore un nazista He has been labelled 'The last of the poets'. Surely Catalano's poems change the perspective of contemporary poetry. In this collection the best of this extraordinary writer in one book for the first time.
New Fiction. Published 02/02/2017. Price: £21.99
Catozzella, Giuseppe E tu splendi A memorable summer for Pietro is transformed into a rite of passage, painful yet full of tenderness and joy. It is his own voice that describes how we overcome death, betrayal and injustice and how we grow conquering its own fragile and obstinate splendour.
New Fiction. Published 22/10/2018. Price: £16.99
Catozzella, Giuseppe Il grande futuro Amal was born on an island where there's a war between Blacks and Regular Army, soldiers clutching in one hand the gun and the holy book in the other. Amal is the last son of the fishermen servants and best friend of Ahmed, son of the village's head.
New Fiction. Published 23/02/2017. Price: £13.99
Catozzella, Giuseppe Non dirmi che hai paura Samia is a seventeen year old girl in Somalia. Running is her life and, despite the hardening political atmosphere, she qualifies for the Beijing Olympics. Although coming last she becomes a symbol for muslim women around the world and vows to do better at the 2012 London Olympics. But then the fundamentalists crack down and, rather than being forced into seclusion, she risks everything to take the long and dangerous journey to Europe. Premio Strega Giovani 2014.
New Fiction. Published 12/05/2015. Price: £12.99
Celestini, Ascanio Barzellette A station, two men waiting for a mysterious convoy from afar and a "brogliaccio" full of jokes to read to deceive the wait.
New Fiction. Published 05/03/2019. Price: £15.99
Ciabatti, Teresa La piú amata Teresa is a much loved child who grows up with a need to investigate her own roots, her family, and the overpowering figure of her father, a famous doctor.
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2017. Price: £19.99
Cibrario, Benedetta Il rumore del mondo Finalist Strega prize 2019. The Piedmontese officer Prospero Carlo, based in London, marries Anne Bacon, daughter of a rich silk merchant. When, after being the victim of smallpox, she arrives in Turin, Anne is very different.
New Fiction. Published 02/10/2018. Price: £22.99
Cognetti, Paolo Le otto montagne Winner of Premio Strega 2017. Pietro goes with his parents to a village in the mountains. There he meets Bruno, a boy who takes care of the cows. That village and those mountains will be his education and the moment of his passage to adulthood.
New Fiction. Published 08/11/2016. Price: £13.50
Cognetti, Paolo Senza mai arrivare in cima: Viaggio in Himalaya A narrative work inspired by a journey. This is a travel notebook, but also a detailed account of how certainties falter with mountain sickness, how to talk to a Tibetan dog, and how the landscape becomes part of the body and spirit.
New Fiction. Published 06/11/2018. Price: £14.99
Colombo, Maria Paola Il bambino magico A story of three African children who experience the hardship of life, but who also believe in the immense possibilities life creates for them.
New Fiction. Published 09/02/2016. Price: £18.50
Comencini, Cristina Essere vivi A reflective story, this is the life of Caterina, as told on the day she finds her adoptive mother dead in a hotel room.
New Fiction. Published 06/06/2017. Price: £11.99
Corona, Mauro Nel muro In the thick of a wood in northern Italy, a man finds a hut that belonged to his ancestors. He decides to rebuild it, to go and live there, thus escaping the cruelty of the world around him.
New Fiction. Published 13/11/2018. Price: £20.50
Corona, Mauro L'ultimo sorso: Vita di Celio The protagonist takes refuge in himself, in the hermeticity of the Ladin dialect and in the ambiguous embrace of alcohol, which will hold him for all his life, until delirium and death.
New Fiction. Published 27/10/2020. Price: £20.00
Correnti, Dario Nostalgia del sangue A serial killer in northern Italy uses the same methods of a killer from the 19th century as Marco Besana and Ilaria Piatti follow his trail.
New Fiction. Published 17/01/2018. Price: £24.50
Corrias, Pino Dormiremo da vecchi X-ray of the new Roman dolce vita, more bitter than ever. Chronicle of a friendship poisoned by treason. Of a love that becomes cinema. Of expensive solitude without remedy.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2015. Price: £18.50
Costantini, Roberto Il male non dimentica Libya, 1969. Italia Balistreri falls off a cliff, and the very same night Muammar Al Gaddafi overthrows the monarchy by taking control of the country. Was Italia's death a suicide or murder? An engaging political thriller.
New Fiction. Published 13/01/2016. Price: £14.99
Cotti, Andrea Il cinese Luca Wu is the first Italian vice-chancellor of Chinese origins. He will end up clashing with the power of the infamous Triads and with the project of an obscure murderous mind.
New Fiction. Published 11/09/2018. Price: £18.99
Covacich, Mauro Di chi è questo cuore A small cardiac anomaly is discovered to the man who has the name and the likeness of the author, removing him from sport and breaking the illusion of a physical efficiency without expiration date.
New Fiction. Published 07/02/2019. Price: £17.50
Covavich, Mauro La città interiore Mauro Covacich returns to his Trieste, with a book with an urgent rhythm, an adventurous novel of his own training, written with the surgical precision of a war analyst and animated by the curiosity of a reporter.
New Fiction. Published 19/01/2017. Price: £21.99
Crapanzano, Dario La squillo e il delitto di Lambrate Milan, 1951. Margherita, a high-profile prostitute, learns that a childhood friend stands accused of murdering her boyfriend. Convinced of her innocence, Margherita becomes a detective in order to help her.
New Fiction. Published 18/01/2018. Price: £20.50
Cubeddu, Marco Pornokiller The master of Italian pulp novel is back, with 'Pornokiller' he creates a mix of crime, cinema and porn with a very interesting, creative main character.
New Fiction. Published 24/02/2015. Price: £20.99
Culicchia, Giuseppe Bla bla bla The protagonist is a nameless and ageless man, in revolt against everything and everyone. He abandons the routine and banality of his life, escapes without a trace and moves to a foreign city.
New Fiction. Published 25/02/202. Price: £14.00
Culicchia, Giuseppe Il cuore e la tenebra Giulio is reached by the news of his father's death. He embarks on a journey to collect the pieces of the life of that father who died so suddenly.
New Fiction. Published 12/03/2019. Price: £19.50
Culicchia, Giuseppe Essere Nanni Moretti Bruno gets mistaken for the director Nani Moretti. It's the beginning of an adventure that will take him and his girlfriend around Italy.
New Fiction. Published 21/03/2017. Price: £18.99
D'Aloja, Francesca Cuore, sopporta From childhood, Adele is governed by a constant sense of insecurity, while Nina is bold and unconscious; one is driven by an irrepressible need for consensus, the other has always taken what life has been able to offer, even at a cost.
New Fiction. Published 20/03/2018. Price: £18.65
D'Amicis, Carlo Il gioco Mister Wolf, the First Lady and the President form the most classic and scabrous triangle of eroticism. They play roles but the more the body is their stage dress, the more their soul is undressed.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £21.50
D'Andrea, Luca La sostanza del male Young documentary maker Jeremiah is drawn into the mystery of an unsolved triple homicide in the Dolomite mountains. Butting against the silence of the townspeople makes Jeremiah think they have something to hide, and he will find it out...
New Fiction. Published 21/06/2016. Price: £15.99
D'Avenia, Alessandro Ciò che inferno non è
New Fiction. Published 20/05/2016. Price: £14.99
D'Avenia, Alessandro Ogni storia é una storia d'amore D'Avenia tries to unravel the web of many different love stories, and to weave the narrative thread that unites them. To do so, like a "philosopher of myth", he addresses the archetype of every love story: Eurydice and Orpheus.
New Fiction. Published 31/01/2018. Price: £21.99
D'Urbano, Valentina Isola di neve Manuel feels like everything is over after a terrible mistake. The only place to welcome him is November, the island where his grandparents lived. Some strange meeting are going to change his mind.
New Fiction. Published 13/09/2018. Price: £21.99
Dandini, Serena La vasca del Führer The story of Lee Miller Penrose who took the first images of the liberated concentration camps.
New Fiction. Published 10/11/2020. Price: £18.99
Dazieri, Sandrone L'angelo A train arrives at Rome's central station on a normal day, but all the people in first class are dead. Colomba Caselli will investigate.
New Fiction. Published 15/11/2016. Price: £12.99
De Cataldo, Giancarlo Il combattente The life of Sandro Pertini, the most beloved Italian president, told by one of the most interesting contemporary writers.
New Fiction. Published 16/11/2017. Price: £14.50
De Cataldo, Giancarlo Io sono il castigo At first glance it appears to be a car accident, but it isn't: someone killed him. Manrico Spinori investigates.
New Fiction. Published 26/05/2020. Price: £19.99
De Cataldo, Giancarlo Romanzo criminale At the end of the 70s, a criminal gang tried to spread the terror in Rome.
New Fiction. Published 05/02/2015. Price: £18.50
De Giovanni, Maurizio I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone Some new detectives are sent to Pizzofalcone to investigate a series of murders in the high society of the seaside town.
New Fiction. Published 07/05/2016. Price: £15.50
De Giovanni, Maurizio Fiori per i Bastardi di Pizzofalcone Savio Niola, owner of a historic flower kiosk, was killed. A crime that upsets Pizzofalcone, because the elderly was loved by everyone in the neighborhood.
New Fiction. Published 01/12/2020. Price: £19.90
De Giovanni, Maurizio I guardiani A German journalist gets sent to Naples to write an article on esoteric places. Marco, his assistant and his niece, while helping the journalist, find a series of strange events happening in the city.
New Fiction. Published 13/04/2017. Price: £23.50
De Giovanni, Maurizio Una lettera per Sara The ghosts of the past come back to settle unfinished business. Inspector Davide Pardo finds himself in front of the deputy commissioner Angelo Fusco.
New Fiction. Published 19/05/2020. Price: £21.90
De Giovanni, Maurizio Nove volte per amore Nine short unmistakeably Italian stories dealing with crimes of passion.
New Fiction. Published 19/05/2016. Price: £21.50
De Giovanni, Maurizio Le parole di Sara Sara and Teresa are close friends.When Teresa's boyfriend disappears, she asks Sara for help.
New Fiction. Published 12/03/2019. Price: £19.99
De Giovanni, Maurizio Il resto della settimana A little bar in Naples is the centre of this book, where all the characters unpack their lives.
New Fiction. Published 29/09/2016. Price: £14.50
De Giovanni, Maurizio Sara al tramonto Sara is a retired policewoman. An old colleague urges her to investigate a murder that has already been solved. So Sara, who never trusts the most obvious truths, returns to action.
New Fiction. Published 10/09/2019. Price: £14.99
De Giovanni, Maurizio Il senso del dolore: L'inverno del commissario Ricciardi Another story of the inspector Ricciardi, this time his season is winter.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £12.99
De Giovanni, Maurizio Serenata senza nome Commissario Ricciardi investigates the murder of a rich businessman, killed by a forceful blow to the head. His first suspect is the widow's old flame, a successful boxer who it appears would like to rekindle their love.
New Fiction. Published 28/06/2016. Price: £19.99
De Giovanni, Maurizio Le Solitudini Dell'anima Melancholy, love, irony, crime, suspense, cruelty and passions of a city full of contradictions like Naples: incisive and mysterious stories, black but also full of humor and melancholy.
New Fiction. Published 19/01/2017. Price: £14.50
De Giovanni, Maurizio Troppo freddo per Settembre Mina does not hold back. On the contrary, she drags with her - in a rescue mission that runs parallel to the investigations of the judiciary, conducted by an old acquaintance of hers - her closest friends.
New Fiction. Published 15/09/2020. Price: £19.99
De Luca, Erri Il giro dell'oca In dialogue with the son he never had, a man traces his life.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £15.99
De Luca, Erri Non ora, non qui
New Fiction. Price: £8.99
De Luca, Erri Tu, mio It's just after World War II - a boy by the sea lives a summer like no others.
New Fiction. Published 2011. Price: £9.99
De Luca, Erri & Alessandro Mendini Diavoli custodi A book that combines 36 stories by Erri De Luca and drawings by the artist Alessandro Mendini, duets which always begin with an illustration from which the story then freely begins.
New Fiction. Published 14/09/2017. Price: £17.99
De Pascalis, Luigi Il sigillo di Caravaggio The young Caravaggio begins to work in the workshop of Cavalier d'Arpino. There he copies a tablet that, unbeknown to him, will change his life forever.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2019. Price: £13.50
De Roma, Alessandro La mia maledizione The story of an impossible friendship, lived during those golden teenage years when everything seems possible.
New Fiction. Published 11/02/2014. Price: £18.50
De Silva, Diego Non avevo capito niente Vincenzo is a lawyer who has been given an important case, and has to deal with his broken life at the same time.
New Fiction. Published 10/02/2014. Price: £12.50
De Silva, Diego Terapia di coppia per amanti
New Fiction. Published 27/10/2015. Price: £18.99
De Silva, Diego I valori che contano Vincenzo Malinconico's adevnture begins with a girl in underwear, who has just escaped a raid in a brothel on the fourth floor of his building, hiding in his house. A bit of a thriller, a bit of a life story.
New Fiction. Published 03/06/2020. Price: £20.90
Della Scala, Elisa Aria di vetro Twelve stories that revolve around the fugacity of certain moments, the role of time and memories. The author asks about the actual existence of reality and about the possibilities that open up when one finds oneself.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £12.50
Della Scala, Elisa La regina dei cupcakes She has everything and the man that ticks all the boxes, but in her head a voice is telling her to follow her passion…
New Fiction. Published 2014. Price: £9.00
Derossi, Daniele Non sono stato io Giacomo and his friend Robi go deeper and deeper into the woods, up to the ruins of the castle. No one had ever found the door to the basement, where there is the threat that for centuries has held the secret of the valley.
New Fiction. Published 21/02/2019. Price: £19.50
Di Guardo, Marina La memoria dei corpi Giorgio runs into the fascinating Giulia, who draws him into an ambiguous and highly erotic relationship. However, when Agnese disappears into thin air, Giorgio wants to know why and starts to investigate.
New Fiction. Published 15/01/2019. Price: £19.99
Di Piazza, Giuseppe Un uomo molto cattivo Sari De Luca is a successful manager at the helm of the most important Italian publishing group. His private life is divided between a second wife and a young lover, Valeria, for whom he has lost his head. But fate is lurking: the girl, during a business trip to Barcelona, ​​is kidnapped.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2017. Price: £11.99
Di Pietrantonio, Donatella L'Arminuta Winner of Premio Campiello 2017. A little girl loses everything and has to go back to her birth house, full of people she doesn't know but who are her family.
New Fiction. Published 14/02/2017. Price: £20.50
Di Pietrantonio, Donatella Bella mia The story of a woman who finds herself improvising as a mother, despite having abandoned that idea for some time, with a taciturn and grumpy teenager.
New Fiction. Published 30/01/2018. Price: £11.80
Di Pietrantonio, Donatella Borgo sud In the dark of the night Adriana storms at the door with a baby in her arms. They hadn't seen her in a while and didn't even know she was expecting a child. But who is she running away from? Is she really in danger?
New Fiction. Published 03/11/2020. Price: £19.99
Dikele Distefano, Antonio Chi sta male non lo dice The love story of Yannick and Ifem is also the story of two families, moved from North Africa towards Europe and a better future.
New Fiction. Published 28/03/2017. Price: £13.50
Donati, Massimo Giochi cattivi Roberto and Mario are at that age when you are no longer children but you are not yet men. In the summer of 1981 they play adults in Madonna della Neve, a small Alpine village in the province of Trento.
New Fiction. Published 19/04/2018. Price: £22.50
Doninelli Luca La conoscenza di sé Luca Doninelli intertwines four stories set in contemporary Milan, linked by the need of the protagonists to discover their identity, beyond the image that others (or themselves) have built around them.
New Fiction. Published 18/09/2017. Price: £21.50
Durastanti, Claudia La straniera Daughter of two deaf parents, emigrated to a Lucanian village from New York, still a child to return periodically, the protagonist of the "Straniera" lives a feverish, fragile childhood.
New Fiction. Published 14/02/2019. Price: £19.99
Eco, Umberto Il cimitero di Praga The story of Simone Simonini, a secret agent and master forger, who concocts the ultimate conspiracy theory: the mythical meeting in the Jewish cemetery in Pragueof the Elders of Zion, and their plans to rule the world.
New Fiction. Published 2011. Price: £14.50
Eco, Umberto Numero Zero The new book by master Eco is a story of modern Italy seen through the eyes of the main characters and the newspaper they work for. A mix of crime and love story makes this an exceptional novel.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2015. Price: £13.99
Emanueli, Roberto E allora baciami Leonardo, still cannot free himself from the memories of his first love. Since Angela left he has had so many women, but no one can hope to take her place.
New Fiction. Published 27/01/2018. Price: £20.99
Emanuelli, Roberto Buonanotte a te Two couples, two apparently very distant worlds that touch each other like parallel universes, with a single point of contact: love.
New Fiction. Published 16/10/2018. Price: £21.50
Emanuelli, Roberto Tu, ma per sempre Lorenzo and Marzia are new friends. Breaking every pattern and with the disruptive tenderness of true friendships, they and a fantastic group of people, will face a summer destined to change everything in their lives.
New Fiction. Published 08/10/2019. Price: £19.99
Faletti, Giorgio Io uccido A dee-jay receives a delirious phone call. A strange reveals that he is a killer. The fact is filed as a joke, but he day after a Formula One driver and his partner are found dead. Thus began a series of crimes, preceded by a phone call to the Radio.
New Fiction. Published 06/07/2015. Price: £16.99
Faletti, Giorgio L'ultimo Giorno Di Sole While all flee in search of an unlikely place where they can save themselves from an impending solar explosion, a woman decides to stay in the country where she was born, and to look inside herself.
New Fiction. Published 28/09/2017. Price: £17.50
Fantozzi, Federica Il meticcio During a routine service on security measures at Fiumicino, journalist Amalia Pinter sends an operation of her former friend Alfredo Pani downstream.
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2019. Price: £17.50
Farinaccio, Valentina Le poche cose certe We must run the risk of being happy, even if everything could sink at any moment. Because nothing is certain, in life. Only one thing: that between an island and the other there is always the sea.
New Fiction. Published 27/03/2018. Price: £18.99
Fazioli, Andrea Gli svizzeri muoiono felici Private investigator Elia Contini has to deal with a very delicate case. Eugenio Torres, a well-known doctor, disappears. After his wife's death, his family decides to investigate: the doctor could be still alive somewhere in the Sahara desert.
New Fiction. Published 06/09/2018. Price: £24.50
Ferrante Elena Cronache del mal d'amore: L'amore molesto; I giorni dell'abbandono; La figlia oscura The first three books that made Elena Ferrante, this obscure writer, known to the public. Here collected in one volume.
New Fiction. Published 24/10/2012. Price: £22.50
Ferrante, Elena L'amica geniale A story of a friendship between women in 1950s Naples.
New Fiction. Published 2011. Price: £22.50
Ferrante, Elena L'amore molesto The stormy relationship between a woman and her mother, in a harsh and ruthless Naples, turns into a domestic thriller.
New Fiction. Published 02/04/2015. Price: £12.50
Ferrante, Elena La figlia oscura
New Fiction. Published 2015. Price: £12.99
Ferrante, Elena La frantumaglia: Nuova edizione ampliata A collection of letters, interviews and thoughts by the famous writer Ferrante. A book that helps to shed some light on this mysterious writer.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2016. Price: £19.50
Ferrante, Elena I giorni dell'abbandono A woman who is still young, serene and satisfied is suddenly abandoned by her husband and falls into a dark and ancient whirlpool.
New Fiction. Published 31/03/2015. Price: £11.99
Ferrante, Elena Storia del nuovo cognome: 'L'amica geniale'. Volume secondo We found Lila and Elena at the point where we left them last time in 'L'amica geniale'. From the dead-end street where they found themselves, we see them here fighting to take charge of their lives.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £22.50
Ferrante, Elena Storia della bambina perduta: L'amica geniale. Quarto e ultimo volume
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2014. Price: £20.80
Ferrante, Elena Storia di chi fugge e di chi resta. L'amica geniale 3 Part three of the bestselling quadrilogy.
New Fiction. Published 29/10/2013. Price: £20.99
Ferrante, Elena La vita bugiarda degli adulti «Two years before leaving home my father told my mother that I was very ugly. The sentence was uttered in a whisper. Everything since then has stood still. I, on the other hand, slipped away and continue to slide even now».
New Fiction. Published 07/11/2019. Price: £22.00
Ferrari, Gian Arturo Ragazzo italiano The life of Ninni, a post-war son, goes through the hardships of the first industrial revolution in the Lombard province, the decline of the rural Emilian civilization, and the explosion of life in Milan.
New Fiction. Published 06/02/2020. Price: £19.99
Fiore, Peppe Dimenticare After working all his life in a beach club, Daniele retired in a remote village, where he took over the bar of an abandoned ski resort in the woods . The small community welcomes him with the suspicion that he is running away from something.
New Fiction. Published 12/09/2017. Price: £20.50
Fiorello Galeano, Catena Cinque donne e un arancino Following her husband's death, Rosa decides to leave Milan to return to her homeland, the remote Sicilian village of Monte Pepe.
New Fiction. Published 24/06/2020. Price: £19.50
Fiorello, Catena Picciridda 'Picciridda' means 'little girl' in Sicilian. Lucia is still a little girl when her family leaves her with her grandmother in Sicily, to emigrate to Germany.
New Fiction. Published 15/03/2017. Price: £17.50
Fois, Marcello Del dirsi addio Leo investigates the disappearance of the little Michele, and while he does his job the whole of his life seems to take a turn that will make him face the truth of his own past and future.
New Fiction. Published 09/05/2017. Price: £21.50
Fontana, Giorgio Morte di un uomo felice Milan 1981 and a terrorist campaign. Giacomo Colanghi is investigating, and at the same time trying to sort out his life.
New Fiction. Published 25/04/2014. Price: £14.99
Fontana, Matteo Il veleno dei ricordi The main character has no memory. However, thanks to dialogues with his psychiatrist the face of a woman gradually reappears: he does not remember her name, but he feels he has loved her.
New Fiction. Published 08/02/2018. Price: £21.99
Foois, Marcello Quasi Grazia A novel, in theatrical form, about Grazia Deledda, the only female Italian writer to win the Nobel prize.
New Fiction. Published 29/11/2016. Price: £14.99
Forgione, Alessio Giovanissimi Morocco is fourteen years old and lives with his father in Soccavo, a district of Naples. His mother abandoned them without giving any further news of herself, and he experiences that absence as an open wound, a dull pain that does not give peace.
New Fiction. Published 23/01/2020. Price: £17.99
Franceschini, Enrico Scoop
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £17.50
Franzoso, Marco L'innocente A novel about the most painful themes of today's society, told from the point of view of a child. A journey that reveals to the reader the real meaning of words, with the same astonishment of a child.
New Fiction. Published 04/09/2018. Price: £18.99
Frascella, Christian Il delitto ha le gambe corte: Una nuova indagine di Contrera The inspector Contrera, with an arm in plaster and a broken existence, sets out on the trail of an Italian-American girl he met at a party in Turin.
New Fiction. Published 09/04/2019. Price: £21.99
Gamberale, Chiara Adesso An oniric story of falling in love and the fear of change each new love brings.
New Fiction. Published 11/02/2016. Price: £11.50
Gamberale, Chiara Come il mare in un bicchiere Chiara, Daniela, Pierantonio and Gollum seem all too capable of enduring the quarantine. But did the world have to get sick to allow them to feel better? What is there, in the restrictions to which they are called, that reassures them?
New Fiction. Published 25/06/2020. Price: £14.95
Gamberale, Chiara L'isola dell'abbandono The protagonist feels the urgency to return to the island of Naxos. There, ten years earlier, she was abandoned by Stefano, her first love. Also there she met Di, a man capable of putting her in contact with parts of herself she did not know.
New Fiction. Published 21/02/2019. Price: £17.99
Gamberale, Chiara Qualcosa In the form of a fairy tale, Chiara Gamberale tells the story of our modern lives. We tend to do too much and always be busy, just like Princess 'Qualcosa di trioppo'.
New Fiction. Published 09/02/2017. Price: £20.99
Gamberale, Chiara Una vita sottile Chiara appears through her ties with others, the loving friendship with Emiliano, with the teacher of high school or her dog. The adolescent years flow through a story that reveals all the suffering and the fatigue of life at that age.
New Fiction. Published 31/10/2018. Price: £16.99
Gamberale, Chiara La zona cieca
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2017. Price: £18.50
Gazzola, Alessia Costanza e buoni propositi Costanza has a dependent little daughter, the funny Flora. She tracks down her father after several years, to find him as fascinating as when she had met him and to discover him perfect with Flora.
New Fiction. Published 12/10/2020. Price: £18.00
Gazzola, Alessia Il ladro gentiluomo Alice finds a diamond in a corpse. She convokes a bailiff to deliver it. The officer is an elegant man, and Alice does not hesitate to entrust him with the diamond. At that point he disappears into thin air.
New Fiction. Published 15/10/2018. Price: £21.50
Gazzola, Alessia Lena e la tempesta Going back to the happy place where she used to spend her summers until she turned 15, Lena discovers to mountain of secrets buried there.
New Fiction. Published 06/05/2019. Price: £17.50
Gazzola, Alessia Questione di Costanza Costanza is on the plane that is taking her from Sicily to Veneto where her sister, Antonietta, already lives. She doesn't travel alone. With her Flora, her little daughter. Together looking for a new life.
New Fiction. Published 21/10/2019. Price: £19.99
Geda, Fabio Anime Scalze Ercole and his sister live alone with their father, they're young and go to school, they fall in love. Ercole keeps thinking about his life and how he's unsatisfied when he learns his mother is still alive.
New Fiction. Published 11/04/2017. Price: £17.99
Genovese, Paolo Supereroi Superpowers are needed to love someone a lifetime. Anna is an impulsive cartoonist, an enemy of conventions; Marco is a professor of physics who is convinced that every phenomenon has its own explanation.
New Fiction. Published 24/11/2020. Price: £19.90
Genovesi, Fabio Il calamaro gigante Genovesi tells the true story of the giant squid and of those who searched for it in spite of everything, together with a thousand other stories that like tentacles extend from the ocean to our house.
New Fiction. Published 06/05/2021. Price: £15.99
Genovesi, Fabio Chi manda le onde Set amidst the magnificent scenery of Versilia, a group of unique and absurd personalities share various adventures and in the process forge close emotional ties.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £15.99
Genovesi, Fabio Il mare dove non si tocca Fabio is six years old, two parents and a dozen grandparents. Yes, because he is the only child of the Mancini family, and the many brothers of his true grandfather contend him to drag him into their adventures.
New Fiction. Published 05/09/2017. Price: £21.50
Genovesi, Fabio Il mare dove non si tocca Fabio is six years old, has two parents and a dozen grandparents. He is the only child in the Mancini family, and his grandfather’s many brothers are always desperate to drag him into their thousand adventures.
New Fiction. Published 30/10/2018. Price: £14.99
Gentile, Andrea I vivi e I morti A novel of great wisdom and insight.
New Fiction. Published 22/03/2018. Price: £19.99
Gentile, Lorenza La felicitá é una storia semplice Vito is an unhappy man who, one day, gets invited by his grandmother to travel to her hometown in Sicily. A series of tragicomic situation will lighten up his life.
New Fiction. Published 07/02/2017. Price: £16.70
Giordano, Paolo Divorare il cielo During long summer days in Speziale, Teresa meets the boys from the farm and falls in love with Bern.
New Fiction. Published 08/05/2018. Price: £22.50
Giordano, Paolo La solitudine dei numeri primi Two broken teenagers find friendship together, and escape from their tormented lives.
New Fiction. Published 26/05/2016. Price: £16.99
Gramellini, Massimo C'era una volta adesso
New Fiction. Published 01/12/2020. Price: £18.99
Gramellini, Massimo Cuori allo specchio: Storie d'amore in cerca di risposte Through the voices of people aged 14 to 80, each of us will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a truly unique adventure: living together with the protagonists the most common and varied sentimental situations.
New Fiction. Published 26/06/2017. Price: £11.99
Gramellini, Massimo Fai bei sogni A child overcomes the tragic loss of his mother. A story of growing up without the strength and love that a mother can give you, and the search for a reason to be alive.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £19.50
Grossi, Pietro Orrore Horror. Diego and Lidia got lost during a hike and find a strange abandoned house in the middle of woods.
New Fiction. Published 04/06/2018. Price: £16.99
Guccini, Francesco & Loriano Macchiavelli Tempo da elfi A group of young people takes care of the forest and lives in contact with nature, they call themselves elphs. One day one of them is found dead.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2018. Price: £17.65
Ianniello, Enrico La vita prodigiosa di Isidoro Sifflotin Isidoro Sifflotin, youngest member of the three hundred year old house of Mattinella, is growing up in Naples. A loving portrait of life in that most haunting of cities. Premio Campiello Opera prima 2015.
New Fiction. Published 26/05/2016. Price: £13.99
Introna, Marcello Castigo di Dio Deep and exciting, Castigo di Dio confirms Marcello Introna's great talent, his immediacy and authenticity in describing Italian life and history. Noir and mystery meet mafia.
New Fiction. Published 16/01/2018. Price: £21.99
Janeczek, Helena La ragazza con la Leica Winner of Premio Straga 2018. 1st of August 1937, a parade of red flags crosses Paris. It is the funeral of Gerda Taro, the first photographer to fall on a battlefield. Capa is destroyed: he taught her photography, until they left for the Spanish War.
New Fiction. Published 07/09/2017. Price: £23.99
Lagioia, Nicola La cittá dei vivi In March 2016, in an anonymous apartment in the Roman suburbs, two boys from a good family named Manuel Foffo and Marco Prato tortured a younger boy, Luca Varani, for hours, leading him to a slow and terrible death.
New Fiction. Published 20/10/2020. Price: £23.50
Lahiri, Jhumpa In altre parole Jhumpa Lahiri, whose native tongue is Bengali and has always written in English, writes now her first book in Italian. This is the expression of a love story with a language she first encountered while visiting Florence.
New Fiction. Published 20/09/2016. Price: £16.50
Lattanzi, Antonella Una storia nera Carla and Vito have always been together, since their childhood, they had children and then divorced. Vito is violent and vulgar, he also has another family. Can a love like this ever finish?
New Fiction. Published 28/03/2017. Price: £18.50
Leone, Cinzia Ti rubo la vita On the run, Miriam, Giuditta and Esther are women capable of defending their identity from the scabrous traps of men and of history.
New Fiction. Published 12/02/2019. Price: £22.99
Licalzi, Lorenzo Le alternative dell'amore Tristan Dubois, a heartbroken parisian writer looking for inspiration, retires in a small Burgundy's village. Seventy years earlier, a former nazi agent did the same thing. How will their story "meet"?
New Fiction. Published 05/02/2019. Price: £17.99
Littizzetto, Luciana La bella addormentata in quel posto We certainly do not live in the world of fairy tales. But if we take it with the right irony, even the strangest situation can have a happy ending in its own way.
New Fiction. Published 28/11/2017. Price: £14.99
Lo Cascio, Luigi Ogni ricordo un fiore It is a slow journey, back from Palermo to Rome, which Paride Bruno has chosen to take on the same train he took twenty years ago, as a boy.
New Fiction. Published 06/09/2018. Price: £21.99
Lomartire, Carlo Maria Il Moro: Gli Sforza nella Milano di Leonardo Historical novel about Ludovico Sforza, known as "Il Moro", lord of Milan.
New Fiction. Published 28/05/2019. Price: £24.50
Lomartire, Carlo Maria Gli Sforza: Il racconto della dinastia che fece grande Milano The story of the Sforza, the family who ruled Milan.
New Fiction. Published 22/05/2018. Price: £21.99
Lombardi, Guido Il ladro dei giorni A father and son, reunited after many years, do a road trip to southern Italy
New Fiction. Published 04/04/2019. Price: £17.99
Lucarelli, Carlo Carta bianca
New Fiction. Price: £12.99
Lucarelli, Carlo Intrigo italiano: Il ritorno del commissario De Luca After five years, inspector De Luca goes back to investigate in Bologna during the Christmas holidays.
New Fiction. Published 17/01/2017. Price: £18.99
Lucarelli, Carlo Peccato mortale: Un'indagine del commissario De Luca Set in Italy in the mid 1940s. De Luca wakes up and finds that Fascism has "magically" disappeared. Then the German army invades the Country.
New Fiction. Published 04/09/2018. Price: £18.99
Lucarelli, Carlo & Massimo Picozzi Amok. Le stragi dell'odio On the evening of October 1, 2017, from the window of a hotel in Las Vegas, Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd attending a country music concert, killing fifty-eight people and injuring more than five hundred.
New Fiction. Published 27/02/2018. Price: £20.50
Maggiani, Maurizio L'amore Maurizio Maggiani succeeds in describing what love is from the point of view of a man who has finally found the love of his life — the gestures, the words, and the habits.
New Fiction. Published 30/08/2018. Price: £16.99
Mainardi, Ilaria L'alba è d'argento The London detective George Bennett usually drowns his sorrow in a couple of glasses of whiskey. One day, during the evening of October 24th, 1966, exactly ten years after an event that changed his life, a sinister detail draws his attention.
New Fiction. Published 28/08/2018. Price: £15.99
Malvaldi, Marco Il borghese Pellegrino Pellegrino Artusi is a guest of an ancient castle. It happens that a guest is found dead; he is locked in the bedroom but Professor Mantegazza is sure: he has been suffocated by human hands.
New Fiction. Published 18/06/2020. Price: £15.99
Malvaldi, Marco Buchi nella sabbia Ragazzoni investigates a murder that takes place on a concert stage in a sumptuously rendered turn of the 19thC Pisa. Suspicion falls upon the company of foreign musicians and even on Puccini himself!
New Fiction. Published 05/11/2015. Price: £14.99
Malvaldi, Marco La misura dell'uomo Leonardo da Vinci's fame has crossed the Alps and reached King Charles VIII’s France. The King sends two ambassadors to Milan to ask for help in the war against the Aragonese, but also entrusts them with a secret mission that concerns the artist.
New Fiction. Published 06/11/2018. Price: £20.99
Malvaldi, Marco Negli occhi di chi ci guarda When the time comes to decide whether or not to sell their beautiful Tuscan estate, the twins Zeno and Alfredo Cavalcanti, find themselves divided in this character-driven and satirical novel.
New Fiction. Published 12/01/2018. Price: £14.99
Mander, Marina L'età straniera The story of the friendship between Leo and Florin, the troubled Romanian boy adopted by his family.
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2019. Price: £18.50
Mandetta, Pierpaolo Dillo tu a mammà Samuele goes back home to see his family with his best friend Claudia. While his dad thinks he's going to marry her, Samuele wants to reveal them he's actually married to a man.
New Fiction. Price: £19.50
Manzini, Antonio Ah l'amore l'amore Rocco Schiavone, assistant superintendent in Aosta, is hospitalized. A bullet hit him in a firefight, he lost a kidney but he is no less anxious to move, to start investigating who did this to him.
New Fiction. Published 09/01/2020. Price: £16.50
Manzini, Antonio L'anello mancante: Cinque indagini di Rocco Schiavone A collection of short stories starring the famous inspector Rocco Schiavone.
New Fiction. Published 26/04/2018. Price: £15.50
Manzini, Antonio La costola di Adamo Rocco Schiavone is sent to the north of Italy to investigate the death of an old lady, only to discover so much more hidden behind the tragedy.
New Fiction. Published 09/01/2014. Price: £14.99
Manzini, Antonio Ogni riferimento è puramente casuale Between grotesque realism and psychological thriller seven stories about the cultural industry, the cynicism and speculation that threaten the freedom of books.
New Fiction. Published 02/05/2019. Price: £13.50
Manzini, Antonio Orfani bianchi Mirta, a young Moldovan woman in Rome in search of work, meets a series of characters whom she keeps company until the day of their death. A moving and relatable story of contemporary Italy.
New Fiction. Published 15/02/2018. Price: £7.99
Manzini, Antonio Rien ne va plus A van with nearly three million euros on board, the takings of the Saint-Vincent casino, vanishes. The statement of one of the guards, left stunned on the ground, sets in motion the investigations for robbery.
New Fiction. Published 10/01/2019. Price: £14.99
Manzini, Antonio Gli ultimi giorni di quiete An ordinary morning, by chance, Nora recognizes a face on the train. He is the person who destroyed her life. Six years earlier in the course of a robbery a thief killed her only son Corrado.
New Fiction. Published 22/10/2020. Price: £15.99
Manzini, Gaia Ultima luce Ivano has realized his dreams: he has a job and a family he loves. Everything goes well until he loses his wife.
New Fiction. Published 31/01/2017. Price: £19.50
Maraini & Valentini Il coraggio delle donne Two intellectuals, two friends with behind them a life of commitment and militancy on the female question reflect together on the long journey covered.
New Fiction. Published 12/11/2020. Price: £15.99
Maraini, Dacia Corpo felice: Storia di donne, rivoluzioni e un figlio che se ne va A mother who has not had time to be herself and a son who has never grown up. This is an uninterrupted dialogue that depicts what it means to become women and men in today’s society.
New Fiction. Published 13/11/2018. Price: £18.00
Maraini, Dacia Tre donne: Una storia d'amore e disamore Gesuina, Maria and Lori are a grandmother, a mother and a daughter forced by circumstances to live together. The fragile balance which regulates the lives of the three generations is shattered when a man enters their lives.
New Fiction. Published 26/10/2017. Price: £19.99
Maraini, Dacia Trio Sicily, 1743. Their bond comes from afar and has deep roots. It was born when, still children, Agata and Annuzza learned the feminine art of embroidery under the severe gaze of Sister Mendola.
New Fiction. Published 30/06/2020. Price: £18.95
Marasco, Wanda La compagnia delle anime finte Rosa looks at Naples and talks to the body of Vincenzina, her dead mother. That way Rosa relives the story of her mother.
New Fiction. Published 20/04/2017. Price: £17.99
Marconi, Cristina Citta Irreale Alina had always wanted to be English, London was her dream. What happens when the dream becomes true but brings with it unexpected collateral events? In a very graceful way, that's the question the author answer in this brave novel.
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2019. Price: £18.50
Mari, Michele Leggenda privata An autobiographical work in which the author challenges himself and faces his worst demon: literature.
New Fiction. Published 04/04/2017. Price: £19.99
Marone, Lorenzo Cara Napoli Lorenzo Marone chooses to describe Naples in his own way, letting himself be surprised by what is happening around him so as to gather stories, meetings and anecdotes.
New Fiction. Published 08/11/2018. Price: £15.00
Marone, Lorenzo Magari domani resto Luce is a girl living in Naples. Her life changes when one day they give her a job involving a child custody case.
New Fiction. Published 09/02/2017. Price: £17.50
Marone, Lorenzo Un ragazzo normale Mimi, a talented, twelve year old comic fan, lives in Naples where his father works as a porter. She spends her days on the sidewalk with his best friend Sasa, his teenage sister and his grandparents.
New Fiction. Published 22/02/2018. Price: £19.99
Marone, Lorenzo La tentazione di essere felici Cesare is an old cynic who has decided many years back that caring for others is a weakness. Could he, a proud egoist, ever change?
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2016. Price: £6.50
Marzano, Michela L' amore che mi resta The evening when Giada kills herself, Daria, her adoptive mother, falls into a suffering that nourishes with religious devotion, because it is all that remains of her daughter.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2017. Price: £18.99
Marzano, Michela Idda Alessandra is a biologist who teaches in Paris, where she lives with Pierre. For years she has not been back to Salento, the place where she was born. As Pierre's mother starts to lose her memory, Alessandra is forced to question her on life and decisions.
New Fiction. Published 22/01/2019. Price: £17.99
Masini, Beatrice Piu grnade la paura Have you ever wished that "grown-ups" would actually know more? Instead they build their children playhouses, hoping to see them grow in it to the point they are to big to escape. This book is about childhood-s and how it shapes us.
New Fiction. Published 24/01/2019. Price: £17.99
Mastrocola, Paola Leone A mother and a son. Katia is a single woman of thirty-six, and Leo is a lonely, shy six-year-old boy. One day, in the midst of all the people passing by, he starts to pray. He will be known as 'the child who prays'.
New Fiction. Published 16/10/2018. Price: £19.99
Maurensig, Paulo Il Gioco degli dei Who is that mysterious man everyone in New York is talking about? Malik is an enigmatic character, brilliant chess player, followed by a tiger. Between karma and destiny, talent and strategy, that book is about the true and imagined story of the servant who became king.
New Fiction. Published 26/03/2019. Price: £19.99
Mazzantini, Margaret Il catino di zinco The first novel of the bestselling writer Mazzantini, in a new edition.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £13.50
Mazzantini, Margaret Nessuno si salva da solo 30-something Delia and Gaetano meet for dinner to discuss the breakup of their relationship. A bittersweet tale of lost love, regrets, and painful memories.
New Fiction. Published 2011. Price: £15.99
Mazzariol, Giacomo Gli squali Max has just graduated from high school. He, like many, is good with computers. Instead of going around Europe to listen to concerts with his friends, he finds himself in Rome working for a start-up. In just a few short weeks the old Max is gone.
New Fiction. Published 06/11/2018. Price: £17.99
Mazzucco, Melania L'architettrice Melania Mazzucco comes back to historical fiction for the best, sharing her passion for the arts and their performers.
New Fiction. Published 26/11/2019. Price: £23.99
Mazzucco, Melania G. Limbo Premio Bottari Lattes Grinzane 2013. Manuela fought in the Afghani desert but, now back in Italy, cannot settle into a new life without telling her war story.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £14.99
Mazzucco, Melania G. Vita The story of a boy and girl, Damiano and Vita, who from the Italian countryside have to move to the big city of New York.
New Fiction. Published 18/03/2014. Price: £14.99
Melandri, Francesca Sangue giusto Ilaria returns to her apartment and finds a surprise waiting for her: a boy with black skin and long legs who shows her a passport. "My name is Shimeta Ietmgeta Attilaprofeti," he says to her, "and you're my aunt."
New Fiction. Published 17/09/2019. Click on entry for price details.
Mencarelli, Daniele La casa degli sguardi Mencarelli graciously offers us the courageous account of the refuge sought by many in alcohol.
New Fiction. Published 13/02/2018. Price: £18.65
Mencarelli, Daniele Tutto chiede salvezza Daniele is twenty years old when he undergoes a TSO: compulsory medical treatment. United by the hospitalization, Daniele and the others feel a sense of brotherhood and a need for mutual support.
New Fiction. Published 25/02/2020. Price: £21.90
Messina, Laura Imai Quel che affidiamo al vento Set in Japan, that book is a fantastic - almost fantsay like - tale about the narrow relationship between grief and vital spark that animates human beings.
New Fiction. Published 14/01/2020. Price: £21.00
Milan, Alessandro Mi vivi dentro In a rush, two people mistakenly swap mobile phones. They see each other again a few hours later and an almost surreal dialogue takes them to a cinema, then to an exhibition, an aperitif, and a trip to the mountains.
New Fiction. Published 27/09/2018. Price: £24.99
Milone, Rossella Cattiva Writing of Rossella Milone accurately portrays the battle of emotions that accompanies the birth of the first child.
New Fiction. Published 22/05/2018. Price: £18.50
Missiroli, Marco Fedelta What does "being unfaithfull" really means? Is resisting a temptation being faithful? What about emotional involvement? Fedelta asks these questions and tries to answer them in a very poetic and deep digging way.
New Fiction. Published 12/02/2019. Price: £21.99
Moccia, Federico Tre volte te Angry Step has grown up and now he's a different person. He is going to marry Gin and his life has changed: but is he really happy? Has he really forgotten Babi, his old love?
New Fiction. Published 18/04/2017. Price: £24.50
Molesini, Andrea La solitudine dell'assassino Many years ago, Carlo Malaguti killed. Now, at the age of 80, he is free again. Free to redeem himself or kill once more?
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2018. Price: £15.99
Montanaro, Giovanni Il libraio di Venezia In Venice there is a bookshop called Moby Dick, its bookseller is called Vittorio, he lives for his books. One day he meets Sofia who gets into the habit of visiting the bookshop.
New Fiction. Published 12/11/2020. Price: £13.99
Montefoschi, Giorgio Il corpo
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2017. Price: £21.50
Morellini, Maico Il diario dell'estinzione Caleb Cavendish is a scholar of the occult arts, obsessed with the theories of Darwin so much that he retraces the steps of the scientist. On a journey across the Arctic ice he loses a hand.
New Fiction. Published 10/10/2018. Price: £16.50
Moresco, Antonio L'adorazione e la lotta A very personal journey animated by an unsettling vision of literature and the world, which crosses the works of writers, poets, philosophers, saints and political leaders.
New Fiction. Published 20/02/2018. Price: £23.99
Mosca, Davide Breve storia dei vasi comunicanti Remo and Margherita are young and lost, both imprisoned in an inhospitable body: he suffers from bulimia, she is anorexic. At least until they come across each other and they discover that together we can save ourselves.
New Fiction. Published 26/03/2019. Price: £19.50
Moschardelli, Chiara Volevo essere una vedova Chiara, 45 years old and still single, tells her story, of moving to Milan looking for love, but finding only friends and a lot of fun.
New Fiction. Published 21/05/2019. Price: £20.50
Muccino, Silvio Quando eravamo eroi Alex is thirty-four and is about to return to Italy. In Amsterdam he looks at an old photo of him as an adolescent with his four friends who represented his whole world at that time. A passionate novel about the strength of friendship.
New Fiction. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £17.99
Murgia, Michela L'incontro Sardinia in the 80s. It's summer and Maurizio and his friends start a little battle that gradually takes over the whole village.
New Fiction. Published 28/01/2014. Price: £9.99
Murgia, Michela Il mondo deve sapere Michela works in a call center and writes a blog. A story about Italy's precariousness, which makes you think and laugh. Murgia's first novel, made into a film by Paolo Virzí.
New Fiction. Published 01/07/2010. Price: £12.99
Niffoi, Salvatore Il venditore di metafore Agapitu Vasoleddu, known Matoforu, the "seller of metaphors", guides us in this book. Here, in a southern Italian square, he promises adventures: "stories for young and old, a thousand stories in one, the whole world at the tip of the word!".
New Fiction. Published 11/10/2017. Price: £18.99
Oggero, Margherita Non fa niente Esther and Rosanna are two friends in post war Turin, sharing life and problems but staying strong in a world not fit for two young women.
New Fiction. Published 24/10/2017. Price: £20.50
Oggero, Margherita La ragazza di fronte When he was a child, arrived in Turin from the South, Michele was enchanted by the little girl reading on the opposite terrace. Now they're older but still live near by.
New Fiction. Published 14/02/2017. Price: £11.99
Ostuni, Lorenzo The cage: Uno di noi mente Ray wakes up in a cell. He is alone and doesn't remember anything, how he got there, nor why. He wears a uniform he does not recognise, yellow like the light that illuminates the small room in which he is locked.
New Fiction. Published 13/03/2018. Price: £17.99
Ozpetek, Ferzan Come un respiro Sergio and Giovanna are making final preparations while waiting for guests when a stranger shows up at their door. Many years ago she lived in that house and would like to see it one last time, she explains to them.
New Fiction. Published 12/05/2020. Price: £18.99
Ozpetek, Ferzan Rosso Istanbul It all begins one evening when a Turkish director who lives in Rome decides to take a plane to Istanbul, where he was born and raised. The sudden return home lights one by one memories from his past.
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2017. Price: £17.99
Ozpetek, Ferzan Sei la mia vita The famous director Ozpetek writes in a fictionalised way his own story. On a journey leaving Rome he tells his lover how his life was before him, when he left Turkey and moved to Italy to make films.
New Fiction. Published 24/05/2016. Price: £12.50
Palmieri, Daniele Diario di un cinico gatto The adventures of a cynical cat which lives with two humans. It will give the reader its point of view on the world.
New Fiction. Published 06/09/2018. Price: £16.99
Panariello, Giorgio Io sono mio fratello Giorgio and his younger brother were abandoned by their mother soon after birth. Giorgio is entrusted to his maternal grandparents, while Franco ends up in a institute.
New Fiction. Published 03/11/2020. Price: £19.90
Pandiani, Enrico Les Italiens A Paris police station is devastated by an attack. The team affected is that of "les italiens", a group of agents of Italian origin under the command of Commissioner Jean-Pierre Mordenti.
New Fiction. Published 26/02/2019. Price: £15.99
Pandiani, Enrico Più sporco della neve A violent explosion in the snow near Italy's border sparks an investigation that brings Zara close to something dark.
New Fiction. Published 18/05/2016. Price: £13.33
Papi, Giacomo Happydemia In a distant present in which kisses have been banned to contain the infection, Michele finds work as a rider for Happydemia - the most important multinational for the distribution of psychotropic drugs.
New Fiction. Published 19/11/2020. Price: £16.99
Parenti, Chiara La voce nascosta delle pietre Luna is a disillusioned woman in her early thirties, hurt by the unexplained disappearance of a man who was dear to her. Will she be prepared to listen to him when he returns?
New Fiction. Published 12/01/2017. Price: £20.99
Pariani, Laura "Domani e' un altro giorno" disse Rossella O'Hara The Girl, the protagonist of the book, faces reality for the first time through the adults' experiences.
New Fiction. Published 02/05/2017. Price: £19.99
Parrella, Valeria Almarina Can a prison free the ones who enter it? Elisabetta teaches mathematics in a prison. She meets Almarina and their respective loneliness starts speaking as one, unique voice.
New Fiction. Published 02/04/2019. Price: £19.50
Parrella, Valeria Troppa importanza all'amore Eight short stories and about the human being and all his shades.
New Fiction. Published 05/05/2015. Price: £13.75
Pederiali, Giuseppe Stella di piazza Giudia Celeste is the most beautiful girl in the Rome Ghetto but almost no one calls her by her name. She is Stella, to her admirers, or, in the dark years of the German occupation, ‘Black Panther’ to the relatives of the many she handed over to the Fascists.
New Fiction. Published 17/01/2018. Price: £12.99
Pedulla, Gabriele Lame Olimpia and Ruggiero are a happy couple. They taste for the first time the feeling of freedom thanks to a aged skater meeting. After that, everything changes.
New Fiction. Published 17/01/2017. Price: £18.99
Pennacchi, Antonio Il delitto di Agora It all begins in Agora, where one night a very cruel crime takes place: Loredana and Emanuele, a young couple, are found dead with one hundred and eighty-four stab wounds.
New Fiction. Published 27/11/2018. Price: £18.99
Pennacchi, Antonio La strada del mare Pennacchi returns with a new chapter in the saga of the Peruzzi family, in which he tells the fifties of the Agro Pontino, of the “world of the Mussolini Canal” and of the women and men who live there.
New Fiction. Published 26/09/2020. Price: £21.99
Perissinotto, Alessandro Il silenzio della collina Domenico was born in the Langhe, but now lives in Rome, where he has achieved great success. When he receives the news that his father, with whom he has long interrupted all contact, is ill and has little time left, he is forced to return to the hills.
New Fiction. Published 22/01/2019. Price: £22.99
Piccolo, Francesco Il desiderio di essere come tutti A book that is both the novel of the Italian left wing and a story of individual and collective formation.
New Fiction. Published 21/02/2017. Price: £11.99
Piedimonte, Stefano L'innamoratore Ivan has a strange job. He makes women fall in love with him and then destroys their lives. He is appointed by businessmen and politicians. One day, though, he falls in love, and the tables have turned.
New Fiction. Published 13/04/2016. Price: £21.50
Pif …che Dio perdona a tutti Arturo is a thirty-five year old man, he does not have a girlfriend yet and he's an estate agent. His main goal in life is to maintain this status quo.
New Fiction. Published 15/11/2018. Price: £19.50
Pinketts, Andrea G. E dopo tanta notte A story telling us how urgent it is becoming to go beyond our fears and prejudices.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2019. Price: £20.99
Postorino, Rosella Le assaggiatrici Rosa Sauer is hungry. There are nine other women with her. She has to try Hitler's food before it is served to him. In the closed room of the forced canteen, alliances, friendships and underground rivalries are intertwined among the young women.
New Fiction. Published 11/01/2018. Price: £17.50
Presta, Marco Accendimi Caterina's patisserie sweetens the life of many, but what abot her? Her boyfriend Giancarlo is a police officer who does not know how to excite her. Her friends rarely remember her and Vittorio, her brother, has the unique talent to get in trouble.
New Fiction. Published 17/01/2018. Price: £19.50
Prunetti, Alberto 108 metri: The new working class hero A strange gang shares the life, adventures and work with an Italian who emigrated to England. In the background, Brexit and an impoverished working class that is looking for its pride.
New Fiction. Published 29/03/2018. Price: £19.99
Pugno, Laura La metà di bosco Bestseller. Salvo Calvi, a medic sufferig from insomnia accepts friend's invoitation to visit one of the Greek islands. What he encounters there is beyond imagination…
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2018. Price: £17.50
Pugno, Laura Sirene Samuel joins a female mermaid. From that union Mia is born - half mermaid and half human - and she is perhaps the beginning of a new species.
New Fiction. Published 30/11/2017. Price: £17.50
Raimondi, Daniela La casa sull'argine: La saga della famiglia Casadio The Casadio family has always lived in the village of Stellata. Simple, hardworking people. At the beginning of the19th century, something changes: Giacomo Casadio falls in love with Viollca Toska, a gypsy. Their descendants split into two lineages.
New Fiction. Published 24/08/2020. Price: £20.00
Rattaro, Sara L' amore addosso Complicated love story where despite all the efforts to keep some of the details hidden, protagonists learn that nobody can excape consequences of their actions.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2017. Price: £18.50
Rea, Ermanno Napoli ferrovia
New Fiction. Published 23/09/2015. Price: £11.50
Rea, Ermanno Nostalgia Felice returns to Naples after forty-five years spent between the Middle East and Africa. The mother is dying and he takes care of her until the end. Then, instead of returning to Cairo, Felice seems to obey the call of roots and remains .
New Fiction. Published 29/03/2018. Price: £13.50
Recami, Francesco Commedia nera n.1 Antonio Maria Cotroneo, owner of a tailoring shop, and Maria Antonietta, a beauty admired by all. A great engagement, but then they get married; and that leads him to bury himself in the house and her to exert more and more absolute tyranny.
New Fiction. Published 23/02/2017. Price: £16.50
Robecchi, Alessandro Follia maggiore A woman is found dead on the street outside her house. Maybe she had a fight with someone, maybe she slipped and hit her head. Or maybe not.
New Fiction. Published 11/01/2018. Price: £16.99
Roversi, Paolo Cartoline dalla fine del mondo: La nuova indagine di Enrico Radeschi After eight years spent as a fugitive around the world, Radeschi is recalled to Milan to follow the complicated case of a man killed underneath a painting in the museum of modern art.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2018. Price: £22.50
Roversi, Paolo La confraternita delle ossa Milan 2002; a famous lawyer is killed in the town centre, in broad daylight.
New Fiction. Published 08/09/2016. Price: £20.99
Sapienza, Goliarda L'arte della gioia Modesta is a Sicilian girl, who does all she can to escape the patriarchal society she grew up in.
New Fiction. Published 10/02/2014. Price: £16.99
Sarchi, Alessandra La notte ha la mia voce After a car incident, a woman has lost her legs. She meets then another woman that will totally change her life.
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2017. Price: £17.99
Saviano, Roberto Bacio feroce The boys who tried to control the city in 'La Paranza dei Bambini', now are looking for allies to get stronger. The relationships with their families and the very idea of power is analysed in depth in Saviano's the second novel.
New Fiction. Published 12/10/2017. Price: £19.15
Saviano, Roberto La paranza dei bambini The story of ten teenagers who will try to conquer Naples with violence.
New Fiction. Published 11/01/2018. Price: £11.99
Scalia, De Cataldo, De Giovanni Tre passi per un delitto A beautiful young woman is killed in her apartment in Rome. Three characters involved in the murder for different reasons provide their interpretation of the facts.
New Fiction. Published 14/07/2020. Price: £16.75
Scarpa, Tiziano Il Cipiglio del gufo Story about three men at a turning point of their lives.
New Fiction. Published 23/01/2018. Price: £20.60
Schisa, Brunella Non essere ridicola Emma is a little over sixty years old, looks good, has an adult daughter and a seemingly happy marriage...but her husband is in love with someone else.
New Fiction. Published 07/05/2019. Price: £15.50
Scotti, Carmela Chiedi al cielo After her son disappears, Anna learns what the real grief is. When she decides to look for her son, she meets Giona, a solitary and mysterious man.
New Fiction. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £19.00
Scurati, Antonio M. Il figlio del secolo M. is Benito Mussolini, a former socialist leader expelled by the party, now director of a small opposition newspaper. No one has ever treated Mussolini's parable and fascism as if it were a novel. A novel in which nothing was made up.
New Fiction. Published 12/09/2018. Price: £27.99
Scurati, Antonio M. L'uomo della provvidenza The second part of the unfortunate epic of fascism narrated by Scurati with the construction and style of a novel.
New Fiction. Published 23/09/2020. Price: £19.99
Serra, Michele Le cose che bruciano Furious for the rejection of his brilliant bill, Attilio abandons his political career and retires to the mountains, among the woods and tractors.
New Fiction. Published 04/04/2019. Price: £16.99
Sicignano, Marzia Io, te e il mare A collection of verses and prose through which the young writer Marzia Sicignano describes what love feels like for the first time: fragility, strong feelings and the fear of not being enough.
New Fiction. Published 24/04/2018. Price: £16.99
Simi, Gianpaolo Come una famiglia A dramatic noir, a history of individuals who recognize each other and seek complicity and protection in belonging, in group loyalty, in friendship, in the tenacious core of the family.
New Fiction. Published 14/06/2018. Price: £16.99
Simi, Gianpaolo La ragazza sbagliata Dario is a journalist who wrote a piece about a murder twenty years before. Now he's asked to write a book about the facts, only to discover more.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £15.99
Simoni, Marcello L'eredità dell'abate nero: Secretum Saga Florence 1459.When banker Giannotto de 'Grifi is killed in mysterious circumstances, the only witness is Tigrinus, a young thief of unknown origins. He witnessed the crime, but at a very high price: being arrested on charges of murder.
New Fiction. Published 19/06/2017. Price: £11.99
Simoni, Marcello Il monastero delle ombre perdute Rome, June 1625. The young Leonora Baroni enters the catacombs of Dormitina with a suitor, but here she comes across the corpse of a man and then, with the same horror, a woman with a goat's face.
New Fiction. Published 27/09/2018. Price: £16.20
Simoni, Marcello Il patto dell'abate nero: Secretum Saga March 13, 1460, Alghero. A Jewish merchant secretly meets the agent of a Florentine businessman, Messer Teofilo Capponi. He wants to sell him a very precious piece of information…
New Fiction. Published 23/06/2018. Price: £9.99
Siti Walter Resistere non serve a niente *Winner of the Strega prize 2013*. The story of Tommaso who epitomises the world of high finance, where humans are treated as objects.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £13.99
Siti, Walter Bontá Ugo comes from a rich family, he has made a career for himself in publishing among business competitions, management problems and sarcasm on mediocre literature. For him, pleasure and domination coincide.
New Fiction. Published 16/10/2018. Price: £13.99
Siti, Walter Bruciare tutto Don Leo is divided between his work in the church, his faith in God, and his all-consuming private life.
New Fiction. Published 13/04/2017. Price: £21.50
Siti, Walter Il contagio The 'professor', who belongs to a different Rome, spends his time in the suburbs where lives Marcello, his lover. Here, in a decadent side of town, he meets the most interesting and real characters of modern Italian literature. Siti at his best.
New Fiction. Published 28/09/2017. Price: £20.50
Sole, Francesco ti voglio bene: #poesie A fresh collection of poems by the youngest published Italian poet of the year. Very popular with millennials.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2018. Price: £16.50
Stella, Paolo Meet me alla boa Franci takes the first plane and arrives at a morgue in Paris. Once through the door, time slows down and at each step he sees the sensational and engaging film of his wonderful love story. He and Marti.
New Fiction. Published 10/07/2018. Price: £16.99
Stokholma, Ema Per il mio bene Morwenn, a five-year-old girl, is afraid of a monster: her mother. Only when she reaches fifteen is she able to escape and create the life she desires.
New Fiction. Published 12/02/2020. Price: £19.99
Strukul, Matteo Dante enigma Florence 1288. The great poet Dante Alighieri is a young man. This novel follows those years that made a mark in his life and in Italian history.
New Fiction. Published 03/05/2021. Price: £13.99
Strukul, Matteo I Medici: Un grande romanzo storico Winner of Premio Bancarella 2017. A historical novel about the most powerful family of the Italian Renaissance: the Medici.
New Fiction. Published 28/11/2016. Price: £11.99
Strukul, Matteo I Medici. Decadenza di una famiglia Seventeenth-century Paris is the essence of vice and violence. Maria de 'Medici, recently married to Henry IV of Bourbon, soon finds herself confronted with the rapacious aims of Henriette d'Entragues.
New Fiction. Published 23/10/2017. Price: £11.99
Tabucchi, Antonio Per Isabel: Un Mandala This visionary novel, published for the first time one year after Antonio Tabucchi's death, is a mystery story that becomes a metaphysical investigation.
New Fiction. Published 05/11/2013. Price: £9.99
Tamaro, Susanna Il tuo sguardo illumina il mondo A book on friendship, capable of tackling the harshness of adolescence, the cruelty that strikes different, sensitive people, those who do not give in to the banality of evil.
New Fiction. Published 20/09/2018. Price: £14.99
Tamaro, Susanna Va' dove ti porta il cuore An elderly woman decides to write to her grandaughter a letter, in the form of a diary, telling her about her life and the choices she made. Olga hopes that by doing so her grandaughter will realized that the most important thing in life is to listen and follow the voice we all have deep inside.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £13.99
Tarabbia, Andrea Madrigale senza suono Winner of Campiello prize 2019. Gesualdo da Venosa, the famous madrigalist prince who lived in the sixteenth century, is the centre of this gothic and sensual novel.
New Fiction. Published 21/02/2019. Price: £19.75
Terranova, Nadia Addio fantasmi Ida has just landed in her hometown of Messina after her mother called her back to help with the renovation of the family apartment before it is sold. Surrounded by objects from her past, she must choose what to keep and what to throw away, coming face to face with trauma from when she was a girl.
New Fiction. Published 25/09/2018. Price: £19.50
Terzani, Tiziano Un' idea di destino. Diari di una vita straordinaria "What makes life a happy adventure?" asks Tiziano Terzani in this work, which tells with the usual reflective power the existence of a man who has never stopped talking with the world and with the conscience of each of us.
New Fiction. Published 08/05/2014. Price: £13.99
Testori, Giovanni Il dio di Roserio A secret challenge between the rising star of cycling Dante Pessina and his wingman Sergio Consonni is deformed and transformed, over five chapters, into a powerful apologue on human nature and its ferociousness.
New Fiction. Published 07/06/2018. Price: £11.50
Tondelli, Pier Vittorio Altri libertini A series of short stories about a group of students in the 70s forms a cohesive story on utopia and freedom during the 70s.
New Fiction. Published 16/12/2013. Price: £11.50
Tondelli, Pier Vittorio Camere separate A terrific novel of love and death in which we can recognise the crisis of our time and its mysterious reasons…
New Fiction. Published 2016. Price: £12.65
Torregrossa, Giuseppina Il basilico di Palazzo Galletti The author has written a flickering and sensual story, describing unexpressed desires and impasses. A rich, sumptuous and sensual story, with strong female characters in the foreground that carry the reader among Sicily's perfumes.
New Fiction. Published 12/06/2018. Price: £20.50
Trevi, Emanuele Sogni e Favole: Siete sicuri di esistere davvero? The latest "strange book" by Emanuele Trevi, an "almost novel" about three real lives. The dreamlike memory of a collapsed Rome, humans' youth and midlife, the illusions that make them happy, the imprudent truth of art.
New Fiction. Published 10/01/2019. Price: £16.99
Trigiani, Adriana La sposa italiana Bergamo, 1910. There is the joy of first love in the bond that unites Enza and Ciro. She is beautiful and volatile, he is energetic and thoughtful, and both already imagine their life together, in spite of the daily difficulties of their village.
New Fiction. Published 21/06/2018. Price: £19.50
Tuti, Ilaria Fiore di roccia Ilaria Tuti celebrates the courage and resilience of women, the self-denial capacity of humble but strong peasants in the desire for peace. Ready to sacrifice themselves to help the military at the front during the First World War.
New Fiction. Published 08/06/2020. Price: £21.90
Tuti, Ilaria Fiori sopra l'inferno Crime. In a quiet village surrounded by centuries-old woods and the imposing Italian Alps, a series of violent assaults take place.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2019. Price: £7.99
Tuti, Ilaria Ninfa dormiente Teresa Battaglia is a police commissioner specializing in profiling. Every day she walk over hell, trying to save her team.
New Fiction. Published 27/05/2019. Price: £19.50
Urciuolo, Alice Adorazione In Pontinia, a small town, the young Elena was killed by her boyfriend. A year later, her friends are still torn between the pain of that trauma and the need for a normal adolescence.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2020. Price: £20.99
Vaccari Michele Il tuo nemico Gregorio is a young genius but, due to a critical family situation, becomes a man who doesn't work or study. Who is his enemy?
New Fiction. Published 04/04/2017. Price: £14.99
Various Sbirre Three policewomen struggling with their weaknesses, with a heavy past inside their soul.
New Fiction. Published 03/07/2018. Price: £20.00
Vassalli, Sebastiano La notte della cometa A novel about Dino Campana, the famous 'crazy poet' of Italian literature.
New Fiction. Published 14/05/2019. Price: £23.50
Vassalli, Sebastiano Terre selvagge Historical novel set in the time of the Romans and the barbarians.
New Fiction. Published 02/04/2014. Price: £12.50
Veladiano, Mariapia Lei Winner of Calvino Prize 2017. The very human story of Mary, mother of Jesus, a tale which will told for generations in poetry, in painting, in music.
New Fiction. Published 26/10/2017. Price: £16.70
Venturini, Roberto L'anno che a Roma fu due volte Natale Alfreda lives in the same house as her son Marco. Taking care of that place becomes for them a way to reconnect and make a very stange plan.
New Fiction. Published 04/02/2021. Price: £19.99
Veronesi, Sandro Il colibrí Marco Carrera is the hummingbird (colibrí of the title). His life is full of continuous suspensions but also of fatal coincidences, of atrocious losses and absolute loves. Strega Prize 2020 winner.
New Fiction. Published 24/10/2019. Price: £24.99
Vettori, Pierpaolo La notte dei bambini cometa Zeno Vivaldi has a very special imaginary friend who accompanies him throughout his childhood: a monster named Ulmer, who tells the reader his story.
New Fiction. Published 28/08/2019. Price: £12.00
Vichi, Marco Un caso maledetto: Un'avventura del commissario Bordelli A brutal murder takes place in a street in the center of Florence. Will that hateful crime be Bordelli's latest case? But above all, will he be able to solve it?
New Fiction. Published 26/10/2020. Price: £20.99
Vinci, Simona Mai piú sola nel bosco There is a fairy tale in this book, and tells of a little girl and a mysterious creature. The creature of dark water that crawls in the attic is perhaps the ghost of a man killed during the Resistance and whose body was hidden in the pond.
New Fiction. Published 14/03/2019. Price: £14.50
Vinci, Simona Parla Mia Paura Simona Vinci immerses herself in fear. Looking inside herself, Vinci shows how we can challenge the code of silence surrounding anxiety, panic and depression and find salvation through literature.
New Fiction. Published 19/09/2017. Price: £13.99
Viscardi, Sofia Abbastanza Bestseller.
New Fiction. Published 20/02/2018. Price: £17.99
Vitali, Andrea A cantare fu il cane In Bellano, on the night between the 16th and 17th of July 1937 a woman shouts "Thief! Thief!” And indeed a daring fool is then caught by the night watchman Romeo Giudici.
New Fiction. Published 23/02/2017. Price: £21.99
Vitali, Andrea Certe fortune The marshal Ernesto Maccadò, already struggling with the strange fainting of his wife, must also juggle the bullfighting, the upcoming inauguration of the new target shooting and a German tourist locked in the boat toilet.
New Fiction. Published 21/02/2019. Price: £19.50
Volo, Fabio Una gran voglia di vivere Waking up one morning and no longer knowing if you still love the woman you have near, the woman with whom you built a family, a life. You don't know how it could have happened.
New Fiction. Published 22/10/2019. Price: £21.99
Volo, Fabio Quando tutto inizia Bestselling love story.
New Fiction. Published 10/11/2017. Price: £20.50
Volpi, Silvia Alzati e corri, direttora Elsa Guidi is the head of the "Piazza", the local newspaper. Tommaso Morotti is her reporter. They throw themselves into a strange investigation, not without teasing each other all the time. Who will come to the truth first?
New Fiction. Published 02/04/2019. Price: £21.50
Zucca, Giulia Il cielo dopo di noi The story of a boy without a father, forced to grow up too fast, and a woman forced to make a terrible decision, which will mark her life forever.
New Fiction. Published 30/08/2018. Price: £19.99