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15 minute German: Learn in just 12 weeks Whether starting from scratch or just in need of a refresher, there is no easier way to learn German - fast.
Self Study. Published 02/01/2018. Price: £7.99
50 ways to improve your German Klövekorn-Ward, S. 50 top tips for improving your German, with explanations as to where and why people sometimes go wrong. Gives access to free audio download.
Self Study. Published 2010. Price: £10.99
Assimil superpack German One hundred lessons from beginners to level B2, with audio materials on CDs and plenty of exercises.
Self Study. Published 01/02/2014. Price: £56.99
Collins easy learning German audio course McNab, R. Easy Learning German teaches you key words for the most important situations and lets you expand your language through a variety of activities. You choose whether to focus on learning the essentials or to progress to some more challenging activities – so whether you’re a beginner, or you want to refresh and build upon your existing knowledge, you can become confident in German without even having to pick up a pen.
Self Study. Published 08/06/2016. Price: £14.99
Colloquial German A step-by-step approach to spoken and written German, allowing the student to communicate confidently in a broad range of everyday situations. With audio download.
Self Study. Published 01/07/2015. Price: £26.99
Colloquial German 2: The next step in language learning Duensing, A. & C. Batstone Developed to work systematically on reinforcing and extending your grasp of German grammar and vocabulary. The course is structured to give you the opportunity to listen to and read lots of modern, everyday German.
Self Study. Published 01/08/2015. Price: £28.99
Deutsch für Besserwisser Typical errors and pitfalls of the German language highlighted and explained in an approachable manner, and followed by exercises. With MP3 CD.
Self Study. Published 2015. Click on entry for price details.
Easy German step-by-step Swick, E. Provides a solid grounding in basic grammar, verbs and vocabulary in quick and easy steps. Includes 200 exercises and readings, to help the student gain confidence in their conversation skills
Self Study. Published 20/01/2015. Price: £12.99
Einfach sprechen! Speaking skills workbook for lower intermediate learners (A2-B1)
Self Study. Published 2011. Price: £14.50
Enjoy intermediate German Coggle, P. & H. Schenke A practical course for intermediate (B2) learners.
Self Study. Published 18/06/2015. Price: £19.99
The everything learning German book Swick, E. A course for beginners to speak, write and understand basic everyday German in a matter of days.
Self Study. Published 2009. Price: £14.99
Fit für den TestDaF: Tipps und Übungen Roche, J.-M. Exercises and model exams. With 2 Audio-CDs and transcripts. Level B2/C1.
Self Study. Published 2005. Price: £21.75
German all-in-one for dummies Foster, Wendy An all-encompasing guide to German.
Self Study. Published 2013. Price: £21.99
German for dummies Christensen, P., & A. Fox A course for beginners, contains a textbook with an audio-CD-ROM with dialogues, and a handy separate pocket phrase book.
Self Study. Published 2011. Price: £16.99
German in 10 minutes a day Kershul, K. Fun and colourful grammar and activity book with stickers to aid learning. With access to downalodable audio and interactive exercises.
Self Study. Published 2014. Price: £24.99
German with Michel Thomas Method All-audio course. Join teacher, native speaker and two students in a live lesson and, hearing both their successes and their mistakes, within the first hour you will be able to construct simple phrases. MP3/iPod compatible.
Self Study. Published 24/01/2019. Click on entry for price details.
German workbook: false beginners Over 170 exercises with answer to practice grammar, vocabulary and basic skills in German.
Self Study. Published 11/05/2016. Price: £9.99
German: a self-teaching guide Taylor, H. & W. Haas User–friendly providing the basic vocabulary and grammar Needed to start speaking German right away.
Self Study. Published 2007. Price: £11.99
German: how to write and speak it Rosenberg, J. An elementary text, designed for personal or classroom use, is comprised of dialogues and accompanying exercises in grammar and pronunciation.
Self Study. Price: £8.99
Der grosse Sprachkurs Deutsch als Fremdsprache This book and CD pack contains 32 chapters to help learn German to an intermediate level through a range of exrcises and interesting texts. The accompanying CD contains more than 160 minutes of spoken text to help students learn the correct sounds of German.
Self Study. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £13.50
Hören & Sprechen Variety of exercises aimed at developing listening and speaking skills. With audio CD.
Self Study. Published 2018-2019. Click on entry for price details.
Hugo German in 3 months A language course for beginners. The pack contains three 70-minute CDs narrated by native speakers that guide you through the carefully structured, week-by-week course.
Self Study. Published 2011. Click on entry for price details.
Instant Deutsch with John Peter Sloan Learn German according to the successful John Peter Sloan method. Ideal for all those who want to improve their German skills with a bit of fun. Grammar, sayings and language usage is humorously and logically explained, for learners with good basic language skills.
Self Study. Published 15/07/2017. Price: £19.99
Instant German An interactive course on USB stick with access to an app for tablets. Combines two of our most popular series, Talk Now and Talk More - a basic vocabulary course and a module to practice basic dialogues in everyday situations. For PC & Mac.
Self Study. Published 2015. Price: £49.99
Langenscheidt Deutsch in 30 Tagen / German in 30 days Are you short of time and want to purposefully learn the basics of the German language? Then, this course, with its thirty clearly-structured daily sections, is just the right course for you.
Self Study. Published 15/07/2017. Price: £22.50
Language hacking German An unconventional conversation course for beginners that teaches you everything you need to start speaking German right away - not after years of study. Crack the code and get fluent faster!
Self Study. Published 08/09/2016. Price: £19.99
Living German: a grammar-based course Buckley, R. W. A course with a traditional approach to language learning. Each unit includes grammar explanations, vocabulary lists, reading material, questions for speaking practice and exercises.
Self Study. Published 2012. Price: £15.99
Living Language complete German Learn German in 4 simple steps: words, phrases, sentences, and conversations. Contains 40 step-by-step lessons and 4 audio CDs, extensive grammar reference section, supplemental vocabulary and internet resources, and German<>English learner's dictionary.
Self Study. Published 2008. Price: £45.99
Living Language essential German The Essential package is a unique multimedia introduction to German.
Self Study. Published 2011. Price: £20.99
Phonetiktrainer A1-B1 Practice book in pronunciation including a wide range of exercises.
Self Study. Published 2012. Price: £20.99
PONS Blicken statt büffeln An innovative self-study course based on short stories and various associated exercises.
Self Study. Published 15/08/2018. Price: £12.99
Practice Makes Perfect: German conversations Swick, E. Engaging dialogues followed by exercises to build up confidence and communication skills in German.
Self Study. Published 2012. Price: £11.99
The sounds of German Russ, C. A clear and comprehensive introduction to German pronunciation designed for English-speaking students. Topics covered include articulation, distribution and spelling. Includes audio CD.
Self Study. Published 2010. Price: £29.27
Sprachkurs Deutsch Bild für Bild An innovative course based around vivd photos which are aimed to facilitate learning.
Self Study. Published 01/11/2018. Price: £19.99
Sprachkurs für Faule Deutsch / German for lazy learners This language course for minimalists and people without patience is based on the principle of less is more. In 10 mini lessons the learner practices the most important everyday topics and speaking situations. The humorous approach and the appealing presentation make immersing yourself in the language fun.
Self Study. Published 01/11/2018. Price: £13.99
BBC courses: Talk German An ideal short course for absolute beginners.
Self Study. Published 22/08/2014. Click on entry for price details.
Talk now! Learn German Essential words and phrases for complete beginners of all ages.
Self Study. Published 2015. Price: £29.99
Talking the talk German Webb, M. Go beyond survival language and get to know people by easily chatting with confidence. Ideal for anyone with a basic knowledge of German. Include audio download.
Self Study. Published 10/03/2017. Price: £9.99
Teach Yourself complete German A comprehensive self-study course for beginners to intermediate learners (levels A1-B2).
Self Study. Published 2012. Price: £29.99
Teach Yourself Traveller's German Smith, Elisabeth Learn all the language you need for travelling, shopping, ordering food, staying in a hotel and more. This is your essential guide to getting out and really speak German.
Self Study. Published 2013. Price: £9.99
Teach Yourself: Get started in German McNab, R. Designed for those who really want to learn German but are daunted by the prospect of complicated grammar, classes and coursebooks, this course starts right from the beginning and explains everything in simple English.
Self Study. Published 2010. Price: £19.99
Ultimate German An interactive course on USB stick with access to an app for tablets. Combines six Eurotalk courses and covers basic vocabulary and communication courses, business language and variety of interactive exercises. For PC & Mac.
Self Study. Published 2015. Price: £89.99
Unlocking German with Paul Noble Ideal for anyone learning for the first time, giving the tools to learn efficiently and quickly. A pocket sized format, with fun illustrations and easy pronunciation guidance.
Self Study. Published 12/01/2018. Price: £9.99
Willkommen 2: intermediate course A follow up to the popular 'Willkommen' series.
Self Study. Published 09/01/2017. Click on entry for price details.