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A practice grammar of German Dreyer, H.& R. Schmitt This is the version of Lehr- und Übungsbuch der deutschen Grammatik with English explanations.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2013. Price: £35.99
A-Grammatik Buscha, A. Grammar exercise book for levels A1-A2. Includes answer key and audio CD with pronounciation exercises.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2010. Price: £25.50
Akkusativ oder Dativ? A rotating wheel - ideal for quick reference.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2008. Price: £8.50
B-Grammatik Buscha, A. Grammar exercise book for levels B1-B2. Includes answer key and audio CD with pronounciation exercises.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2011. Price: £25.99
Basic German: A grammar and workbook Schenke, H. & K. Seage Each of the 28 units presents one or more related grammar topics, illustrated by examples, and followed by exercises. Contains keys.
Reference: Grammar. Published 10/03/2016. Price: £28.99
Bildgrammatik Deutsch German grammar explained in pictures in a fun way suitable for adults and children, aimed at learners who want to learn the foundations of German grammar with the help of images. The book is also ideal for children, young people and adults in literacy courses and language courses for refugees and asylum seekers.
Reference: Grammar. Published 10/09/2017. Price: £19.99
C-Grammatik Buscha, A. Grammar exercise book for levels C1-C2. Includes answer key and audio CD with pronounciation exercises.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2013. Price: £25.99
Collins easy learning complete German: Grammar + Verbs + Vocabulary Scriven, R. Complete reference guide, combining three books in one.
Reference: Grammar. Published 14/01/2016. Price: £14.99
Collins easy learning German grammar A clear step-by step presentation with hundreds of useful examples.
Reference: Grammar. Published 07/04/2016. Price: £7.99
Collins easy learning German grammar and practice A complete guide to German grammar with over 150 exercises. Ideal resource for independent study or as part of a course.
Reference: Grammar. Published 19/05/2016. Price: £10.99
Complete German grammar Swick, E. Comprehensive guide and workbook covering all aspects of German grammar, with examples and a variety of exercises.
Reference: Grammar. Published 31/10/2018. Price: £12.99
Deustch als Fremdsprache. Grammatik - kein Problem Basic grammatical concepts explained in clear tables and followed by exercises and activities. For revision or classroom use. Level A1-A2.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2011. Price: £19.50
Deutsch als Fremdsprache: Übungsgrammatik für die Grundstufe Various Exercises and reference grammar for beginners (levels A1-A2).
Reference: Grammar. Published 2012. Price: £17.50
Deutsch Grammatik Intensivtrainer Grammar exercises with useful learning tips and the key grammar points highlighted in a form of graphs and tables.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2015-2016. Click on entry for price details.
Deutsch Intensiv: Grammatik
Reference: Grammar. Published 20/07/2018. Click on entry for price details.
Deutsch Übungsbuch Grammatik A variety of grammar exercises with answer key.
Reference: Grammar. Published 15/08/2017. Price: £22.99
Deutsch: Präpositionen - Preposition wheel A handy reference wheel providing examples of usage of certain prepositions in sentences.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2008. Price: £8.50
Duden Grammatiktabellen Deutsch Over 200 alphabetically arranged tables covering all important aspects of German grammar.
Reference: Grammar. Published 22/02/2016. Price: £14.50
Einfach Grammatik. Übungsgrammatik Deutsch A1 bis B1 Rusch, P., & H. Schmitz A workbook with amusing cartoons and short stories presenting main grammatical points, includes tables, examples, and keys.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2007. Price: £24.99
English grammar for students of German: the study guide for those learning German Zorah, C. & C. Melin Explains basic terminology and concepts of English grammar, focusing on material which will most benefit students of German.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2014. Price: £14.95
Essential German grammar Durrell, M. et al Reference grammar, plus separate exercise section. Suitable for A-Level students and undergraduates.
Reference: Grammar. Published 16/02/2015. Price: £25.99
Essential grammar of German/Grundstufen-Grammatik Reimann, M. & W. Winkler Complete reference and practice grammar for elementary to intermediate students up to level ot the "Zertifikat Deutsch". Available in English or German
Reference: Grammar. Click on entry for price details.
German 1000: German grammar in its simplest form Ross, E.F.
Reference: Grammar. Price: £3.99
German grammar A laminated card with the tables for German grammar with explanations in English.
Reference: Grammar. Price: £6.50
German grammar drills Swick, E. Introduces essential grammar concepts, with practical examples to demonstrate their correct usage and practice exercises.
Reference: Grammar. Published 13/07/2018. Price: £11.99
German grammar in a nutshell Learn everyday grammar with useful examples and amusing cartoons with this attractive, nicely produced book for European Level A1-B2. Additional free exercises can be downloaded.
Reference: Grammar. Published 01/08/2015. Price: £15.50
German grammar in context: analysis and practice Fehringer, C. Authentic texts from a variety of sources are used to illustrate and explain key areas of German grammar. With exercises and key.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2013. Price: £31.99
German Grammar made easy Kahlen, L. Ideal for beginners wanting to advance quickly and effortlessly to a higher level and for intermediate students wishing to consolidate their grammar skills. Includes access to online exercises and audio materials.
Reference: Grammar. Published 28/11/2016. Price: £24.99
The German handbook: your guide to speaking and writing German Webster, P. Practical grammar reference and revision guide for all learners in the first years of German.
Reference: Grammar. Published 1999. Price: £14.75
German pronouns and prepositions Swick, E. Treats pronouns and prepositions systematically in a worktext format. Contains exercises.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2011. Price: £10.99
German sentence builder (Practice makes perfect series) Swick, E. Practice book helping to learn about more complex sentence structures, with clear explanations and a large number of exercises. Includes answer key.
Reference: Grammar. Published 14/11/2018. Price: £10.99
German tutor: grammar & vocabulary workbook Offers a range of clear and effective learning features covering levels A2-B1: 200 activities across a range of grammar and vocabulary points, unique visual verb tenses timeline and infographics for extra context, personal tutor hints and tips and much more.
Reference: Grammar. Published 01/06/2016. Price: £19.99
German verbs and essentials of grammar James, C. Contains contemporary usage of verbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions and other grammar essentials together with examples that reflect contemporary usage and real-life situations.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2008. Price: £10.99
German: an essential grammar Donaldson, B. A practical reference guide to the core structures of modern German. Suitable for individual and classroom use.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2006. Price: £31.99
Grammatik aktiv Grammar exercise book suitable for classroom use and self-study. With audio downloads.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2013-2017. Click on entry for price details.
Grosses Übungsbuch Grammatik Dinsel, S. & S. Geiger German grammar exercise book, suitable for level A2-B2
Reference: Grammar. Published 2019. Price: £20.99
Hammer’s German grammar and usage Durrell, M. A reference grammar and manual of current usage for intermediate/advanced level.
Reference: Grammar. Published 12/12/2016. Price: £31.99
Intermediate German: grammar & workbook Designed for learners who have achieved basic proficiency and now wish to progress to more complex language. Each of the units combines concise grammar explanations with examples and exercises to help build confidence and fluency.
Reference: Grammar. Published 30/09/2005. Price: £32.99
Kleine Bildgrammatik Deutsch Pocket-size grammar book with explanations provided in a form of images and colourful tables.
Reference: Grammar. Published 01/08/2017. Price: £11.50
Klipp und Klar. Übungsgrammatik Deutsch, Ausgabe mit Lösungen Fandrych, C. & U. Tallowitz Clear grammar tables with many examples, with keys.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2015-2016. Click on entry for price details.
Kurzgrammatik Deutsch für A1-B2 Handy grammar reference book for beginner to intermediate learner's, in German throughout.
Reference: Grammar. Published 02/08/2016. Price: £12.50
Langenscheidt Alles für Deutsch Three books in one: verb tables, grammar reference and grammar training. With plenty of exercises, for levels A1-B1.
Reference: Grammar. Published 15/11/2017. Price: £9.99
Modern German grammar workbook Zojer, H. Book of exercises and language tasks for all levels, includes answer key. Can be used independently or alongside the Modern German Grammar reference book.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2011. Price: £27.99
Modern German grammar:a practical guide Dodd, B. et al This innovative reference guide is divided into two parts. Part A covers traditional grammatical categories, and Part B is carefully organised around language functions.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2011. Price: £34.99
PONS Deutsche Grammatik und Rechtschreibung A handy resource to study and practice rules of German grammar and spelling.
Reference: Grammar. Published 13/01/2017. Price: £11.99
PONS Praxis-Grammatik Deutsch als Fremdsprache: Das große Lern- und Übungswerk Hauschild, A. Practical grammar for German as a foreign language. Covers levels A1-C1, includes access to online resources.
Reference: Grammar. Published 06/03/2017. Price: £19.99
Practising German grammar - a workbook Durrell, M. et al A companion to the widely acclaimed "Hammer's German grammar and usage". Suitable both for class work and for self-study, the enlarged selection of exercises comes complete with answers and explanations where necessary.
Reference: Grammar. Published 10/04/2017. Price: £20.99
Schaum’s outline of German grammar A systematic review of German grammar with over 500 exercises with answers. Suitable for elementary to intermediate level.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2014. Price: £14.99
Schritte neu Grammatik Gottstein-Schramm, B. Grammar structures and exercises are labelled according to level. Tests are included at the end of each section and verb tables for irregular verbs and verbs with prepositions can be found at the end of the book. With downloadbale listening exercises.
Reference: Grammar. Published 15/02/2017. Price: £17.99
A student grammar of German Stocker, P. A concise introduction to German grammar, designed for undergraduates with no prior knowledge of grammatical terminology. Includes exercises and solutions.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2012. Price: £26.99
Talk German grammar Purcell, S. A straightforward, easy to follow grammar with clear explanations and hundreds of useful examples, learning tips, and interesting practice activities
Reference: Grammar. Published 2014. Price: £7.99
Teach Yourself German grammar you really need to know Russ, J. Comprehensive and clear explanations of key grammar patterns and structures are reinforced and contextualized through authentic materials.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2012. Price: £10.99
Übungsbuch Grammatik Deutsch Bild für Bild An innovative workbook for visual learners, chapter by chapter and picture by picture for each grammar topic. All the important topics are repeated in a concise and clear way, supplemented with motivating and stimulating exercises.
Reference: Grammar. Published 01/03/2019. Price: £15.99
Übungsgrammatik für die Mittelstufe aktuell Various Exercises and reference grammar for intermediate learners (levels B1-C1). With separate key.
Reference: Grammar. Published 01/02/2019. Price: £23.99
Wortschatz & Grammatik User-friendly workbooks aimed at helping learners gain basic communication skills by practicing using everyday vocabulary and grammatical structures.
Reference: Grammar. Published 2017-2019. Click on entry for price details.