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55 Grammatikspiele für Partner und Gruppenarbeit Grammar games for working together with a partner or in a group. Great material for working in the classroom. For levels A1-B2.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 12/04/2019. Price: £29.40
55 kommunikative Spiele Daum, Susanne; Hantschel, Hans-Jürgen 55 language games aimed at developing communication skills.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2012. Price: £25.99
Easy German crossword puzzles 24 crossword puzzles to learn and practice German vocabulary.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Price: £6.99
Flashsticks German Post-it sticky notes with words and phrases to be used around the house or in the classroom.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2015. Click on entry for price details.
Interpol ermittelt - Deutsch lernen für Krimi-Fans An engaging language practice game for levels A2-B1. With 30 criminal plots, players have to ask the right questions in order to establish who is the criminal.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 15/11/2016. Price: £10.99
Mit Kreuzworträtseln Deutsch lernen Crossword puzzles aimed at learners with an interactive DVD-ROM.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2015. Click on entry for price details.
PONS 250 Rätsel Deutsch als Fremdsprache A1-B1: Fit durch Rätsel-Übungen mit dem Quiz-Block zu Grammatik, Wortschatz und Landeskunde 250 activities, crosswords and puzzles divided into three levels of proficiency with additional tips on German language. Suitable for self-study and also as additional material for teachers.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 01/04/2015. Price: £7.99
PONS Typisch Deutsch: Rätsel & Übungen zu Sprache, Kultur, Land und Leuten Discover the language and culture in entertaining puzzles. Contains 20 big quiz subjects to expand existing language and country knowledge, with answer key and additional background information. Level A2-B2
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 07/02/2017. Price: £10.99
Sprachrätsel Deutsch - Landeskunde A2-B2 With plenty of funny illustrations, games and crosswords this little book makes for a perfect revision tool for learners at elementary to intermediate level.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 15/08/2015. Price: £12.99
Unterwegs in der Stadt A lively board game based on the observation of illustrations related to the city (CEFR A2-B1).
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 01/02/2019. Price: £17.99
Zwischendurch mal… Spiele Various Multi-level teacher resource book suitable for the classroom use. For levels A1-B1.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 15/12/2015. Price: £24.99