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Ahrens, Renate Alles, was folgte The novel tells the touching story of 44-year-old Katharina Elbracht from Hamburg, whose life is shaken by the fall of the Berlin Wall: she receives a bundle of letters from East Berlin, indicating that the woman she has called her "mother" all her life, was in truth her aunt.
Reprints. Published 01/06/2018. Price: £12.99
Ahrens, Renate Das gerettete Kind Irma was rescued from Nazi Germany and evacuated to Britain with other rescued children. 75 years later, when her grand-daughter falls in love with a German student, she is forced to face the past which she has always refused to talk about.
Reprints. Published 2017. Price: £10.99
Altenhoven, Katja Willkommen zuhause! After Renée loses her husband in a car accident, she decides not to sell her huge home and live alone but to set up a house share with her five best friends. Could it work?
Reprints. Published 14/01/2016. Price: £11.99
Ani, Friedrich Der einsame Engel: Ein Tabor Süden Roman Crime. Following an attack on his detective agency, Tabor Süden’s future looks uncertain.
Reprints. Published 01/09/2017. Price: £11.99
Ani, Friedrich Der namenlose Tag When he retires, Jakob Franck thinks he can leave all the murder cases behind him. But when he is contacted by the father of a girl whose death he investigated 20 years earlier, Ludwig Winther still refuses to accept that his daughter took her own life.
Reprints. Published 29/10/2016. Price: £14.50
Baum, Andreas Wir waren die neue Zeit The Berlin Wall has fallen and many of the city’s inhabitants are looking for new ways of living. Sebastian Brandt joins an alternative group but somehow finds it hard not to be sceptical.
Reprints. Published 22/09/2017. Price: £12.99
Beckerhoff, Florian Herrn Haiduks Laden der Wünsche On the pavement outside Herr Haiduk's little newsagents, Alma finds a winning lottery ticket, worth over 13 million Euros. She wants to find the owner and enlists the help of Herr Haiduk and his employee Adamo.
Reprints. Published 04/01/2019. Price: £13.99
Berg, Eric Das Küstengrab BESTSELLER. Lea is involved in a mysterious car accident in which her sister dies and she is left with amnesia. Lea only has the reports of her friends to rely on to tell her what happened but they all contradict each other.
Reprints. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £13.50
Berg, Eric Schrei A psychological thriller told from several different perspectives.
Reprints. Published 26/08/2016. Price: £10.50
Berg, Sybille Der Tag, als meine Frau einen Mann fand This book will leave you asking questions about relationships and what is really important between a couple. Chloe and Rasmus have been together for twenty years and there is definitely a strong bond between them. But then Chloe starts a passionate affair…
Reprints. Published 11/11/2016. Price: £12.99
Bergmann, Michel Alles was war The story of a young Jewish boy growing up in postwar Germany.
Reprints. Published 20/11/2015. Price: £11.50
Bergmann, Michel Weinhebers Koffer Whilst looking for a present for his girlfriend, Elias comes across an interesting leather briefcase at a flea market. He finds a business card for the original owner inside, a Jewish writer, and sets out to discover more about him and his fate.
Reprints. Published 14/10/2016. Price: £13.50
Bjerg, Bov Die Modernisierung meiner Mutter: Geschichten Combining great sense of humour with melancholy seems to be the author's signature style. This short collection makes perfect reading for a relaxed evening.
Reprints. Published 06/11/2017. Price: £12.50
Borrmann, Mechtild Trümmerkind Post-war Hamburg. A city in ruins. A little boy finds something unexpected amongst the rubble, and a crime story set against the backdrop of a ruined Germany unfolds…
Reprints. Published 2018. Price: £12.50
Brandt, Matthias Raumpatrouille: Geschichten An intimate, dreamlike portrait of a child growing up as the son of a powerful politician.
Reprints. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £13.99
Brussig, Thomas Beste Absichten East Berlin, 1989. A warm-hearted hommage to music as one era comes to an end and another begins.
Reprints. Published 27/02/2019. Price: £13.99
Brussig, Thomas Wasserfarben Originally written under a pseudonym, this was the best-selling author's first novel. A coming-of-age story set in 1980s East Germany. Reminiscent of Kerouac, Salinger and Plenzdorf.
Reprints. Published 12/02/2016. Price: £12.99
Buchheim, Lothar-Günther Das Boot Buchheim's classic novel based on his real life experiences on a submarine during the Second World War.
Reprints. Published 2005. Price: £16.50
Capus, Alex Der Fälscher, die Spionin und der Bombenbauer BESTSELLER. The three main characters can only have been in the same place once, in November 1924 at Zürich central station, where this story begins. After that, their lives take them in different directions.
Reprints. Published 01/01/2015. Price: £13.99
Capus, Alex Das Leben ist gut BESTSELLER. Max has been married to Tina, the love of his life, for 25 years and couldn't be happier. This is a story about love and the small things in life which are often overlooked.
Reprints. Published 20/04/2018. Price: £14.50
Capus, Alex Das Leben ist gut BESTSELLER. Max has been married to Tina, the love of his life, for 25 years and couldn't be happier. This is a story about love and the small things in life which are often overlooked.
Reprints. Published 15/02/2019. Price: £13.50
Capus, Alex Léon und Louise BESTSELLER. Following an air raid during WWI sweethearts Léon and Louise both believe that the other has been killed. Léon marries, Louise carries on with her life, until one day in 1928 when they meet again on the Paris metro.
Reprints. Published 2012. Price: £12.50
Capus, Alex Reisen im Licht der Sterne Capus imagines how Robert Louis Stevenson may have been able to afford his palatial home on the island of Samoa. Did he actually find a "treasure island"?
Reprints. Published 14/10/2016. Price: £13.50
Cors, Benjamin Strandgut Having lost his job as a bodyguard, Nicolas returns to his home town of Deauville on the Normandy coast. His retreat is disturbed by the discovery of a severed hand on the beach.
Reprints. Published 18/03/2016. Price: £12.99
Cors, Benjamin Strandgut: Ein Normandie-Krimi At the Cannes Film Festival, Nicolas Guerlain, a young, aspiring bodyguard, makes an unforgivable mistake - his career is ruined, he is being transferred to his old home, the idyllic seaside resort of Deauville in Normandy. However the tranquillity he finds there is soon over when a severed hand is washed up onto the beach.
Reprints. Published 09/02/2018. Price: £11.99
Ditfurth, Christian von Zwei Sekunden A terror attack against the German Chancellor and the Russian President during a state visit to Berlin misses its target by two seconds. A political thriller.
Reprints. Published 2017. Price: £13.50
Dobler, Franz Ein Bulle im Zug BESTSELLER. Winner of the Deutscher Krimi Preis 2015. Police office Fallner kills a young man in self defence during a raid. He knows that he saw a weapon but now it is nowhere to be found. Is one of his colleagues trying to frame him?
Reprints. Published 08/03/2016. Price: £13.99
Dorn, Thea Die Unglückseligen In a provincial town, somewhere in America, a German biologist is working on secret, genetic experiment.
Reprints. Published 11/12/2017. Price: £13.50
Draesner, Ulrike Sieben Sprünge vom Rand der Welt What does it mean to lose your home? The story of two families, both forced to flee during WWII and how even later generations are affected by the traumas which their predecessors experienced.
Reprints. Published 11/01/2016. Price: £11.99
Drvenkar, Zoran Still A nightmare-inducing story of hunters and the hunted, pain and sadness, revenge and retribution.
Reprints. Published 08/03/2016. Price: £13.50
Düdgen, Hannah Über Land In the space of a couple of weeks the lives of Amal, a student who fled Iraq, Clara, a young Berlin doctor and Clara's boyfriend Tarun, an architect from India, will be changed forever.
Reprints. Published 22/06/2018. Price: £13.99
Eckert, Horst Der Preis des Todes A gripping political thriller. When MP Christian Wagner is found hanged in his Berlin apartment, his girlfriend refuses to believe it was suicide and begins her own investigation.
Reprints. Published 22/01/2019. Price: £14.99
Elsberg, Marc Black Out - Morgen ist es zu spät
Reprints. Published 17/06/2013. Price: £12.50
Elsberg, Marc ZERO - Sie wissen, was du tust BESTSELLER. A fast paced thriller which prompts the reader to consider how much they should reveal about themselves online and question how secure their personal data really is.
Reprints. Published 17/10/2016. Price: £12.50
Enzensberger, Theresia Blaupause Luise Schilling is young, inquisitive and full of the future. At the beginning of the seething twenties she comes to the Weimar Bauhaus to study.
Reprints. Published 01/02/2019. Price: £12.99
Erpenbeck, Jenny Heimsuchung English title: "Visitation". By the side of a lake in Brandenburg, a young architect builds the house of his dreams. But the land on which he builds has a dark history of violence that began with the drowning of a young woman in the grip of madness and that grows darker still over the course of the century.
Reprints. Published 11/06/2018. Price: £13.50
Erpenbeck, Jenny Wörterbuch
Reprints. Published 02/01/2007. Price: £10.99
Falk, Rita Weißwurstconnection: Ein Provinzkrimi BESTSELLER. A luxury spa hotel opens in the village of Niederkaltenkirchen, and the villagers are beside themselves with excitement. But when a body is discovered in one of the marble bathtubs, it prompts a tricky investigation.
Reprints. Published 2017. Price: £10.95
Fallada, Hans Der Alpdruck At night, Dr. Doll is haunted by evil dreams. The war, in which the writer carries a moral complicity, comes to an end. Even then, the memories do not desappear. This true novel Hans Fallada wrote directly along his personal experience.
Reprints. Published 31/01/2018. Price: £5.99
Fallada, Hans Bauern, Bonzen und Bomben Fallada at his epic best in this contemporary novel which made him famous. Country people struggle against bureaucracy in a northern German town.
Reprints. Published 24/01/2018. Price: £13.50
Fallada, Hans Jeder stirbt für sich allein English title: "Alone in Berlin".
Reprints. Published 2012. Price: £13.99
Fallada, Hans Jeder stirbt für sich allein Fallada's important novel is a moving story of power and morality under the banner of the National Socialist dictatorship.
Reprints. Published 31/01/2018. Price: £9.99
Fallada, Hans Jeder stirbt für sich allein This novel by the popular German narrator, written after gestapo files, describes the fate of the Berlin working couple Quangel, who, shaken by the son's war death, dares to resist on his own.
Reprints. Published 24/01/2018. Price: £12.99
Fallada, Hans Der Jungherr von Strammin One of the more uplifting stories by Fallada, this book follows a young knight on his quest for happiness and love.
Reprints. Published 06/11/2017. Price: £14.50
Fallada, Hans Kleiner Mann - was nun? Warm-hearted and full of drama, this romantic novel tells of Johannesand his wife "Lämmchen", who is expecting a baby. When Pinneberg loses his position as an accountant, the couple goes to Berlin.
Reprints. Published 24/01/2018. Price: £13.50
Fallada, Hans Kleiner Mann - was nun? / Jeder stirbt für sich allein This two-volume edition includes the two great novels by Hans Fallada.
Reprints. Published 31/06/2018. Price: £12.99
Fallada, Hans Ein Mann will nach oben A gripping novel, full of indestructible humor in Berlin, in which two and a half decades of varied German history are reflected.
Reprints. Published 24/01/2018. Price: £12.50
Fallada, Hans Der Trinker "Der Trinker" tells the story of an alcohol addiction from the harmless quarter of wine to the delivery to a sanatorium. Author Hans Fallada authored the novel while in prison, basing his own experiences.
Reprints. Published 31/01/2018. Price: £5.99
Fallada, Hans Wer einmal aus dem Blechnapf frisst Willi Kufalt is released from prison after five years. He never wants to become criminal, but he fails because of the prejudices of his environment. In the end he is back where he gets on with life and therefore feels at home: in prison.
Reprints. Published 24/01/2018. Price: £12.50
Fallada, Hans Wolf unter Wölfen Hans Fallada wrote the novel about the horrors of inflation, an epic chronicle of that dramatic time when many sought their luck but few found it.
Reprints. Published 24/01/2018. Price: £14.50
Fitzek, Sebastian Flugangst 7A Fitzek again plays with the human primal fears of being trapped and helpless on a plane.
Reprints. Published 01/02/2019. Price: £11.99
Fitzek, Sebastian Das Joshua-Profi BESTSELLER. Unsuccessful writer Max is a law-abiding citizen who leads a quiet life, in stark contrast to his brother. One day though, it all changes dramatically. A brand new title from an acclaimed crime author.
Reprints. Published 14/10/2016. Price: £11.99
Fitzek, Sebastian Noah BESTSELLER. He doesn't know his name or where he is from. He cannot remember how he came to be in Berlin or how long he has been here. The name Noah is tattooed on his palm. And what he doesn't realise is that he is actually an integral part of a conspiracy that already has ten thousand victims.
Reprints. Published 18/12/2014. Price: £12.50
Fitzek, Sebastian Passagier 23 Every year around twenty people disappear without a trace from cruise ships. No-one has ever returned. Until now ...
Reprints. Published 01/10/2015. Price: £13.50
Fitzek, Sebastian Der Seelenbrecher Shortly before it is cut off from the outside world by a snow storm, the residents of a luxury clinic realise that there is a psychopath in their midst. Nicknamed the "Soul Breaker", he turns people into shadows of their former selves.
Reprints. Published 09/01/2017. Price: £8.99
Franzobel Das Floss der Medusa Epic novel set around the sinking the French naval frigate Medusa and its aftermath. Shortlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2017.
Reprints. Published 14/01/2019. Price: £13.99
Fröhlich, Alexandra Meine russische Schwiegermutter und andere Katastrophen Paula's life is turned upside down when she meets and falls for Artjom, a Russian with a love of vodka and nightclubs. What’s more, when his eccentric mother arrives, Paula doesn't know what to make of her. A highly entertaining read.
Reprints. Published 02/11/2016. Price: £13.99
Geiger, Arno Es geht uns gut Bestseller. When Philipp inherits his grandparents' house in the suburbs of Vienna suddenly all the family secrets and stories come back to life again.
Reprints. Published 09/03/2018. Price: £13.50
Geiger, Arno Selbstporträt mit Flusspferd Julian has just split up with his girlfriend. In order to try and forget her, he takes over looking after his professor's pygmy hippo and soon finds himself falling in love with the professor's daughter.
Reprints. Published 14/10/2016. Price: £12.99
Geiger, Arno Unter der Drachenwand 1944: having been seriously wounded in battle, Veit Kolbe is sent home to recuperate. Jaded by five years of war and suffering from PTSD, Veit has no sympathy for Nazi ideology…
Reprints. Published 21/06/2019. Price: £14.90
Gier, Kerstin Die Braut sagt leider nein Elisabeth is in the middle of planning her dream wedding and overseeing the construction of her dream house when she discovers she is pregnant. She rushes to Alex to give him the news but finds him in a very compromising position.
Reprints. Published 14/07/2016. Price: £12.99
Glaser, Brigitte Bühlerhöhe Summer, 1952. Chancellor Adenauer travels to the Black Forest where several death threats await him. Among those tasked with protecting him is Rosa, a German Jew who fled the country in the 1930s and who now works for the Israeli secret service.
Reprints. Published 2017. Price: £11.00
Glavinic, Thomas Der Jonas-Komplex A year of life of a writer from Vienna, from one party to another, from one woman to another…
Reprints. Published 23/11/2017. Price: £13.99
Goldammer, Frank Der Angstmann Dresden, 1945. Amidst the rubble left following an Allied bombing raid on the city, Inspector Heller is on the hunt for a brutal killer.
Reprints. Published 2017. Price: £10.95
Goldammer, Peter Der Zirkus der Stille Thaïs is raised by her grandmother who is a circus artist. Wanting to have a more standard life, Thaïs leaves as soon as she is old enough. The death of her grandmother though, makes her face the past again.
Reprints. Published 05/10/2017. Price: £13.50
Goosen, Frank Radio Heimat Goosen invites the reader to experience the joys of his often overlooked home town of Bochum; from his 1970s childhood and teenage years in the 1980s, through to the present day. Hilarious stories of growing up in small town Germany.
Reprints. Published 11/10/2016. Price: £11.50
Grimm, Hans Herbert Schlump A forgotten classic which has been rediscovered and republished for the first time since the 1920s. A magnificent anti-war novel which was burned by the Nazis and lost for nearly a century.
Reprints. Published 07/01/2016. Price: £13.50
Gryphius, Andreas Gedichte
Reprints. Published 01/02/2012. Price: £8.99
Haas, Wolf Brennerova
Reprints. Published 08/02/2016. Price: £13.99
Hacker, Katharina Die Habenichtse Isabelle and Jacob move to London at the start of the 21st century. As the World Trade Center falls and the Iraq war commences their lives go gradually off the rails.Deutschen Buchpreis in 2006.
Reprints. Published 2011. Price: £13.50
Hahn, Ulla Unscharfe Bilder A painful journey into the past begins when Katja recognizes her father's face in a photograph of Wehrmacht soldiers at an exhibition.
Reprints. Published 09/10/2017. Price: £13.50
Hammesfahr, Petra An einem Tag in November One afternoon in November 5-year-old Emilie Brenner disappears without a trace. A nightmare for her parents who did not notice her leave the house and wait too long before contacting the police. Inspector Klinkhammer investigates.
Reprints. Published 01/03/2016. Price: £11.99
Handke, Peter Die morawische Nacht: ein Erzählung 1963, a young Austrian writer travels to the Croatian island Krk to write his first book. Many books and loves later he returns to this country of his dreams.
Reprints. Published 2009. Price: £15.99
Hansen, Dörte Altes land BESTSELLER. Vera lives alone in a run down old farm house. One day her niece Anne and her young son appear on her doorstep. Together these two outsiders will become something they never thought possible — a family.
Reprints. Published 16/02/2015. Click on entry for price details.
Hauff, Wilhelm Das kalte Herz: Text & Materialien
Reprints. Published 15/03/2009. Price: £10.99
Haushofer, Marlen Die Wand The Wall is the story of one unnamed woman who awakens to find she is the last human on Earth. Surmising her solitude to be the result of a too successful military experiment, she begins the terrifying work of not only survival, but self-renewal.
Reprints. Published 01/11/2004. Price: £13.50
Hein, Christoph Trutz Two families, two men. One a writer who is forced to flee Nazi Germany, another a Russian scientist who is deported from the Soviet Union. Years later, it is their sons who will make the same mistakes as their fathers.
Reprints. Published 01/04/2018. Price: £13.50
Heller, André Das Buch vom Süden Bestseller. The main protagonist, Julian, has been longing for life in the South all his life. Will moving there bring all the happiness he imagines?
Reprints. Published 31/05/2018. Price: £14.50
Hermann, Judith Alice Fife tales centred around the character of Alice, a woman who has lost someone close to her. They explain how life changes and how it is to love again.
Reprints. Published 2010. Price: £13.50
Hermann, Judith Aller Liebe Anfang BESTSELLER. Stella's life is turned into a nightmare by the arrival of a stranger on her doorstep.
Reprints. Published 01/11/2015. Price: £13.99
Herrmann, Elisabeth Der Schneegänger A young boy is kidnapped and disappears without a trace. Four years later a skeleton is found in the woods and Sanela Beara has the task of telling the boy's father. Doubts begin to creep into her mind about the case and she goes undercover in an attempt to find out the truth.
Reprints. Published 21/11/2016. Price: £13.99
Kalisa, Karin Sungs Laden BESTSELLER. Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg discovers its Vietnamese side in this poetic and charming debut novel.
Reprints. Published 10/01/2017. Price: £13.50
Kaminer, Wladimir Russendisko With a keen eye for the oddities of everyday life, Kaminer describes people and destinies in Germany's young capital.
Reprints. Published 2002. Price: £13.50
Kehlmann, Daniel Ruhm: Ein Roman in neun Geschichten Bestselling author Kehlmann investigates the thin border between ficition and reality in nine interwoven stories.
Reprints. Published 2010. Price: £12.99
Kehlmann, Daniel Tyll Tyll Ulenspiegel - vagabond, showman and provocateur, was born in the 17th century as a miller's son in a small village. This book is a great reinvention of this legendary figure and his life.
Reprints. Published 26/03/2019. Price: £13.50
Kehlmann, Daniel Die Vermessung der Welt This philosophical adventure novel blends facts and fiction into a humorous and powerful account of the lives of two geniuses.
Reprints. Published 2005. Price: £11.99
Kempowski, Walter Alles umsonst A family tries to maintain the illusion of normality on their farm in East Prussia during the last weeks of World War II.
Reprints. Published 2008. Price: £12.50
Kling, Marc-Uwe QualityLand Welcome to QualityLand, in the not-too-distant future: everything works well: work, leisure and relationships are optimized by algorithms…But how come drones are afraid of flying, or combat robots experience post-traumatic stress disorder?
Reprints. Published 29/03/2019. Price: £12.50
Kling, Marc-Uwe QualityLand Welcome to QualityLand, in the not-too-distant future: everything works well: work, leisure and relationships are optimized by algorithms...But how come drones are afraid of flying, or combat robots experience post-traumatic stress disorder?
Reprints. Published 15/03/2019. Price: £12.50
Klüssendorf, Angelika April A young woman, who calls herself April, has only one wish: to live a self-determined life. Her search for a way out of a seemingly hopeless past takes her to Leipzig during the last years of the 70's, and to West-Berlin.
Reprints. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £11.99
Knecht, Doris Wald Marian has lost everything. The financial crisis and a few mistakes of her own have led to bankruptcy and a complete retreat from civilisation. Alone in a remote house in the mountains she fights for survival and gradually learns to look after herself.
Reprints. Published 24/06/2016. Price: £13.50
Koch, Krischan Flucht übers Watt Young art thief Harry Oldenburg steals some paintings from the museum in Seebüll and plans to lie low on the island of Amrum. To his dismay, he discovers that the locals are a very nosey bunch.
Reprints. Published 31/01/2019. Price: £12.99
Köhler, Karen Wir haben Raketen geangelt BESTSELLER. Hailed by many as the new voice in German literature, Köhler delivers a collection of short stories with strong female characters.
Reprints. Published 19/02/2016. Price: £12.99
Koppelstätter, Lenz Die Stille der Lärchen One spring morning the body of a girl is found at the foot of an ancient larch in South Tyrol. Legend has it that under the roots of these great trees lies an entrance to Hell.
Reprints. Published 13/10/2016. Price: £13.99
Korn, Carmen Töchter einer neuen Zeit BESTSELLER. We follow four women who despite their very different backgrounds, form a life-long friendship.
Reprints. Published 23/06/2017. Price: £13.50
Kracht, Christian Die Toten Bestseller. "The dead" is set in the film industry at the end of the Weimar era, and tells the story of a (fictional) Swiss director, Emil Nägeli, and a Japanese government official who try to create a collaboration between German and Japanese cinema.
Reprints. Published 01/07/2018. Price: £13.50
Kramp, Ralf Totholz After many years away, Jo Frings returns to the country to take over the family farm. Soon he is mixed up in the mysterious disappearance of artist Lorna and he starts to uncover secrets which had been buried long ago.
Reprints. Published 25/08/2016. Price: £12.50
Krechel, Ursula Landgericht Winner of the Deutscher Buchpreis 2012. What must a person fear, what can they hope for, when, in 1947, they return to their homeland from exile? Post-war Germany provides the backdrop for this epic tragedy.
Reprints. Published 14/07/2014. Price: £13.50
Kronauer, Brigitte Der Scheik von Aachen Anita has given up her job and her life in Zürich to return to Aachen with her boyfriend Mario. When her elderly aunt tells her that she doesn't even really love Mario, Anita is shocked. Could it be true?
Reprints. Published 31/01/2019. Price: £13.99
Kühn, Dieter Tristan und Isolde des Gottfried von Straßburg Dieter Kühn masterfully translates G. v. Straßburg's great mediaeval love story into modern German verse and complements it with a refreshing prose expedition into everyday life in 13th century Straßburg.
Reprints. Published 2005. Price: £13.99
Kurbjuweit, Dirk Die Freiheit der Emma Herwegh 1848. Emma is a woman who wants it all, freedom and happiness. She marries a revolutionary poet and they move to Paris. When her husband falls madly in love with another woman, the fight suddenly moves much closer to home.
Reprints. Published 26/10/2018. Price: £13.50
Kutscher, Volker Lunapark: Gereon Raths sechster Fall Gereon Rath takes on his sixth case in this crime series with the death of an SA officer and the involvement of the Berlin underworld.
Reprints. Published 09/05/2018. Price: £13.99
Kutscher, Volker Märzgefallene Historical crime novel set in 1933. When the Reichstag burns, Gereon Rath's leave is cancelled and he rushes back to Berlin. He is to investigate a series of murders of war veterans. English title: "Babylon Berlin".
Reprints. Published 10/03/2016. Price: £14.50
Landorff, Max Die Siedlung der Toten A gripping thriller by this bestselling author. The last surviving original inhabitant of a once idyllic estate is found dead in her wheelchair, killed by a bullet to the head.
Reprints. Published 2017. Price: £9.99
Leky, Mariana Erste Hilfe The narrator works part-time in a pet shop. She lives with Sylvester, a heartthrob who is busy fighting off his admirers. One night Matilda, a woman who fears she is losing her mind, knocks on their door seeking shelter with her large dog.
Reprints. Published 11/07/2018. Price: £12.99
Leky, Mariana Die Herrenausstatterin An adventurous love triangle takes its course, between a woman who has fallen from everyday life, a very self-confident lover and a life-like dead. Mariana Leky's novel takes us to a world that is weirder and sadder than ours - and yet ghostly human.
Reprints. Published 2018. Price: £12.99
Lenz, Siegfried Fundbüro
Reprints. Published 11/04/2017. Price: £13.99
Link, Charlotte Das Echo der Schuld A deceptive idyll and an old sense of guilt that never goes away…
Reprints. Published 17/03/2014. Price: £15.50
Link, Charlotte Die Entscheidung On a beach in the South of France Simon encounters Nathalie, a young woman with no money, papers or home. He feels sorry for her and offers to help. Little does he suspect the dangerous consequences of this decision.
Reprints. Published 2017. Price: £13.99
Link, Charlotte Die letzte Spur When all flights are grounded due to fog, Elaine accepts the offer of a stranger to stay in his flat for the night. She is never seen again. Five years later, a journalist receives a tip off that Elaine may still be alive.
Reprints. Published 01/10/2014. Price: £12.50
Link, Charlotte Sturmzeit: Die Sturmzeittrilogie (Band 1) Germany 1914. Europe is on the verge of war but on the Degnellys’ family estate in East Prussia everyone is still full of confidence in the future.
Reprints. Published 21/05/2018. Price: £12.99
Link, Charlotte Sturmzeit - Wilde Lupinen: Die Sturmzeittrilogie The second volume of this trilogy is set in Germany in 1938. Belle and Felicia must finally make a decision that will change their lives forever…
Reprints. Published 16/07/2018. Price: £12.99
Maier, Andreas Der Kreis
Reprints. Published 12/12/2017. Price: £13.50
Maier, Andreas Der Ort A man reflects on his first love — Katja Melchior — who he first saw playing elastics with her friends and knew immediately that he would fall in love with her.
Reprints. Published 11/07/2016. Price: £13.50
Mann, Klaus Der Vulkan: Roamn unter Emigranten
Reprints. Published 01/01/2010. Price: £13.99
Mann, Thomas Königliche Hoheit
Reprints. Published 02/04/2012. Price: £12.99
Menasse, Eva Tiere für Fortgeschrittene Collection of short stories.
Reprints. Published 08/10/2018. Price: £12.99
Menasse, Robert Die Hauptstadt Winner of Deutscher Buchpreis 2017. Against the real-life backdrop of a Europe in crisis, Menasse transports his readers to contemporary Brussels for a sprightly and profoundly thought provoking fictionalised tour of the European institutions.
Reprints. Published 02/10/2018. Price: £13.50
Morbach, Petra Justizpalast Thirza did not have a particularly happy start in life but, with the help of her grandfather and elderly aunts, she will become an intelligent and hardworking woman who will forge her own path through the German justice system.
Reprints. Published 08/10/2018. Price: £13.99
Müller, Titus Der Tag X Gripping story set against the backdrop of the People's Uprising in East Germany in 1953.
Reprints. Published 11/06/2018. Price: £13.50
Neuhaus, Nele Im Wald BESTSELLER. Investigations into two murders lead Oliver von Bodenstein and Pia Sander to look into the past, bringing them up against a wall of silence, fear and mistrust. What exactly happened in the woods in August 1972?
Reprints. Published 2017. Price: £13.99
Neuhaus, Nele Mordsfreunde When a human hand is found in a zoo, two criminal investigators are called for help. What could be a motive for such a terrible act?
Reprints. Published 09/01/2017. Price: £8.50
Neuhaus, Nele Eine unbeliebte Frau: Der erste Fall für Bodenstein und Kirchhoff How are the suicide of the Frankfurt public prosecutor and the murder of a beautiful young woman connected? Oliver von Bodenstein and his new colleague Pia Kirchhoff investigate.
Reprints. Published 06/11/2015. Price: £13.50
Noll, Ingrid Hab und Gier Wolfram, a terminally-ill widower with no children, makes Karla an offer. If she cares for him until he dies, he will leave her half of his fortune. However, if she agrees to end his life when and in the way he wishes, she will receive everything.
Reprints. Published 26/08/2015. Price: £12.99
Noll, Ingrid Halali A mix of crime caper and spy novel set in 1950s Bonn.
Reprints. Published 28/11/2018. Price: £13.50
Noll, Ingrid Der Mittagstisch Single mother Nelly needs money and so, as she has the space and can cook, she invites paying guests into her home for lunch. One of these is an attractive electrician but he always comes with his partner. Then Nelly discovers this partner has a nut allergy.
Reprints. Published 14/12/2016. Price: £13.99
Nolte, Mathias Miss Bohemia When Lukas is shown a photo of the funeral of his old friend and former love rival Philipp, he discovers Tara in the crowd. She was the object of their affection and the main protagonist in a memory he has successfully managed to suppress for many years.
Reprints. Published 19/02/2016. Price: £12.99
Ortheil, Hanns-Josef Das Kind, das nicht fragte A story about stepping out of the shadows and finding a voice, set on the island of Sicily.
Reprints. Published 01/11/2014. Price: £11.50
Ortheil, Hanns-Josef Was ich liebe - und was nicht A strangely gripping read in which the author tells the reader what he likes, and what he doesn’t like!
Reprints. Published 01/09/2018. Price: £14.50
Pflüger, Andreas Endgültig Thriller. Talented Jenny had a brilliant career in police special forces when she lost her sight in a terrible accident. She thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen to her. She was wrong…
Reprints. Published 08/05/2017. Price: £12.99
Plenzdorf, Ulrich Die neuen Leiden des jungen W. Plenzdorf wrote this book using the DDR youth's slang of the 1970s as a societal critique. It tells the story of a young man, who wants to escape from his small middle class environment. Reading Goethe's "Die Leiden des jungen Werthers", he discovers similarities between himself and the book's protagonist.
Reprints. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £7.99
Poznanski, Ursula, & Arno Strobel Fremd Thriller. A stranger appears in Joanna's house and claims to be her partner but she has never seen him before. Erik arrives home to find that Joanna no longer recognises him and all his things have disappeared from the house. What is going on?
Reprints. Published 26/08/2016. Price: £12.99
Prahs, Madeleine Nachbarn The stories of six individuals from 1989 to 2006 who feel lost and crave something else.
Reprints. Published 24/06/2016. Price: £10.99
Raab, Thomas Still. Chronik eines Mörders The fascinating life story of a serial killer. Only one thing eases the pain which the noise of the world inflicts upon Karl Heidemann — the silence of death.
Reprints. Published 01/04/2016. Price: £13.99
Raabe, Melanie Die Falle When Linda sees the man she believes to be her sister's murderer on TV, she tries to set a trap to catch him. With herself as the bait.
Reprints. Published 11/04/2016. Price: £13.50
Ransmayr, Christoph Atlas eines ängstlichen Mannes A collection of stories set all over the world, from Austria to pacific islands, South East Asia and a post-Soviet ship graveyard.
Reprints. Published 24/07/2014. Price: £16.50
Regener, Sven Herr Lehmann So far safe from any major disruptions Herr Lehmann drifts through life in late 1980's West Berlin. Bestseller.
Reprints. Price: £13.99
Regener, Sven Wiener Straße This boisterous book is set in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin, famous for its distinctive counterculture forged in a creative melting pot of immigrants, artists, anarchists, squatters and punks.
Reprints. Published 15/05/2019. Price: £13.99
Roth, Joseph Tarabas
Reprints. Published 26/01/2010. Price: £13.99
Rothmann, Ralf Im Frühling sterben BESTSELLER. Set towards the end of WWII, two young friends are recruited into the army. One is employed as a driver, the other is sent to the front.
Reprints. Published 08/08/2016. Price: £13.99
Ruge, Eugen Cabo de Gata A man leaves behind his town, his country and his life and gets on a train heading south. With no destination in mind he ends up in the village of Cabo de gata on the Mediterranean coast. A place that gives him no reason to stay, and yet stay he does.
Reprints. Published 28/11/2014. Price: £12.50
Ruge, Eugen Im Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts BESTSELLER. Saga of an East German family stretching from the communist grandparents in the 50s to the grandson who emigrates to the west at the turn of the century. This tale follows the gradual darkening of the communist utopia. Winner of the Deutscher Buchpreis 2011.
Reprints. Published 2012. Price: £13.50
Salzmann, Sasha Marianna Ausser sich Debut novel following the lives of twins Alissa and Anton from Russia to West Germany and then Istanbul. They belong together and when Anton disappears without a trace, Alissa is herself lost.
Reprints. Published 10/12/2018. Price: £13.99
Schami, Rafik Das Geheimnis des Kalligraphen
Reprints. Published 01/03/2014. Price: £12.99
Schamoni, Rocko Fünf Löcher im Himmel When life throws him on the rubbish heap, Paul ups and leaves with only his teenage diary for company. He heads to Northern Germany and his first great love — Katharina Himmelfahrt.
Reprints. Published 14/01/2016. Price: £11.99
Schätzing, Frank Breaking News BESTSELLER. Star reporter Tom Hagen is willing to risk anything for a good story but, one night in Afghanistan, he goes too far and loses everything. Three years later he thinks he has found his comeback story in Israel but it is a deadly game that he is playing.
Reprints. Published 20/08/2015. Price: £14.50
Schenk, Herrad Für immer Schwestern Three sisters, who couldn't be more different, have been close since childhood. But one day they are confronted with a tragic family secret which is bound to put their relationship under severe strain.
Reprints. Published 14/01/2017. Price: £11.99
Schimmelpfennig, Roland An einem klaren, eiskalten Januarmorgen zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts A contemporary Berlin fairy tale that bristles with urban truths by the most successful German playwright. English title: "One clear ice-cold January morning at the beginning of the Twenty-first century".
Reprints. Published 14/12/2017. Price: £12.50
Schlink, Bernhard Die Frau auf der Treppe A long lost famous painting of a woman suddenly reappears. This is not only a huge surprise for the art world but also for three men who once loved her and feel betrayed by her. English title: "The woman on the stairs".
Reprints. Published 25/11/2015. Price: £13.99
Schlink, Bernhard Sommerlügen Collection of seven short stories about the little and big lies in life.
Reprints. Published 2012. Price: £14.50
Schulz, Frank Onno Viets und das Schiff der baumelnden Seelen Hopeless private detective Onno Viets is hired by an eccentric artist to accompany him on a Mediterranean cruise as his bodyguard. Things don't go to plan though and unexpected events force them to cut short their trip.
Reprints. Published 22/07/2016. Price: £12.99
Sebald, W. G. Nach der Natur
Reprints. Published 01/04/2018. Price: £13.99
Seethaler, Robert Ein ganzes Leben BESTSELLER. Andreas Egger meets the love of his life, only to lose her almost immediately. He won't see her again until towards the end of his life. A simple yet deeply moving story.
Reprints. Published 01/02/2016. Price: £12.99
Seethaler, Robert Der Trafikant BESTSELLER. In 1937 17-year-old Franz Huchel moves to Vienna to work as an apprentice in a tobacco and newspaper shop. There he meets Sigmund Freud and over time the two men develop an unlikely friendship.
Reprints. Published 01/04/2017. Price: £12.99
Seethaler, Robert Die weiteren Aussichten Herbert runs a petrol station in the middle of nowhere with his mother and their pet fish. Life is very quiet until one day Hilde arrives and opens up a whole new world of experiences for Herbert, including love.
Reprints. Published 08/09/2016. Price: £12.99
Seidl, Anna Es wird keine Helden geben A moving and thought-provoking debut by a young author. When a fellow pupil runs amok with a gun at her school, Miriam survives but begins to ask herself if life is worth living without her boyfriend and with the nightmares which now haunt her.
Reprints. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £11.50
Seiler, Lutz Kruso Winner of the Deutscher Buchpreis 2014. Summer 1989, East Germany. Edgar travels to the island of Hiddensee to try to get over the death of his girlfriend. He discovers a place full of dissidents and dropouts, many of whom are trying to escape to Denmark.
Reprints. Published 06/09/2015. Price: £13.99
Sendker, Jan-Philipp Am anderen Ende der Nacht: Die China-Trilogie 3 On a trip to China, Paul and Christine's four-year-old son is kidnapped. Through pure luck he is returned to them but the kidnappers refuse to give up. The only place the family can be safe is the US embassy in Beijing, but how will they make it there when all airports, stations and streets are being watched?
Reprints. Published 22/08/2016. Price: £22.50
Sendker, Jan-Philipp Drachenspiele: Die China-Trilogie 2 Paul has lived in China for so long that he assumes he understands the country and the woman he wants to share his life with. Then a fortune teller predicts a dark future for him and his wife. As the prophecy starts to become true, Paul grows increasingly alienated from the country and from the people around him.
Reprints. Published 08/08/2016. Price: £12.99
Sendker, Jan-Philipp Das Flüstern der Schatten: Die China-Trilogie 1 Following the tragic death of his son, Paul has shut himself away from the world on a small island off the coast of Hong Kong. An encounter with an American woman, whose son was murdered in China, will bring him back into contact with the world and reawaken his lust for life.
Reprints. Published 08/08/2016. Price: £12.99
Speck, Daniel Bella Germania The story of one family across three generations and two countries. Fashion designer Julia is on the cusp of her big break when a man claiming to be her grandfather appears and shows her a picture of Giulietta, her Italian grandmother.
Reprints. Published 2017. Price: £13.50
Stamm, Peter Agnes The romance between an American physics student and a young journalist. The student persuades her boyfriend to write an imaginary history of her life but finds more and more that the borders between reality and fiction are becoming fuzzier.
Reprints. Published 2012. Price: £11.99
Stamm, Peter Die sanfte Gleichgültigkeit der Welt In the book the author asks existential questions about life, our destiny and the importance of relationships.
Reprints. Published 15/05/2019. Price: £13.50
Stephan, Cora Ab heute heiße ich Margo Two women meet during the thirties as they happen to love the same man. Decades later their lives are still entwined...
Reprints. Published 15/09/2017. Price: £13.50
Stermann, Dirk Der Junge bekommt das Gute zuletzt Claude is thirteen and almost always alone. The only person he can confide in is a Serbian taxi driver, Dirko.
Reprints. Published 17/11/2017. Price: £13.99
Strunk, Heinz Jürgen Jürgen is not particularly successful with women. Could a trip to Poland with a company called Eurolove bring a positive change?
Reprints. Published 26/06/2018. Price: £14.99
Suter, Martin Montecristo BESTSELLER. A highly topical thriller set in the world of bankers, stockbrokers, journalists and politicians.
Reprints. Published 28/09/2016. Price: £14.99
Tägert, Fil Mitarbeited des Monats West Berlin in the eighties. Nick has a boring job and plays in a rather unpopular band called "Adolf and the Peopels", so he takes meeting beautiful and alluring Jacky as a blessing.
Reprints. Published 18/08/2017. Price: £12.50
Taschler, Judith W. bleiben Max, Paul, Felix and Juliane, four young people, full of dreams for the future, meet on the night train to Rome. Twenty years later their lives are still entwined but in a much more dramatic way.
Reprints. Published 02/11/2017. Price: £12.99
Taschler, Judith W. Roman ohne U A story of love, betrayal and death spanning half a century.
Reprints. Published 01/02/2016. Price: £12.99
Tegrit, Gabriele Käsebier erobert den Kurfürstendamm Berlin in 1929. A varieté performer unexpectedly becomes famous and the city's elite floods in to see the show. How long can this hype and fame last?
Reprints. Published 09/10/2017. Price: £12.99
Tellkamp, Uwe Der Turm: Geschichte aus einem versunkenen Land. Set in the bourgeois part of Dresden, Uwe Tellkamp shows the conflicts of a family before and after the events of 1989. English title: "The Tower".
Reprints. Published 2010. Price: £14.50
Thiesler, Sabine Der Kindersammler During holiday in Tuscany Anna's son gets missing. Despite extensive police efforts he is never found. She returns to Italy ten years later still hoping to solve the mystery of his disappearance.
Reprints. Published 09/01/2017. Price: £7.99
Thome, Stephan Gegenspiel Maria is desperate to escape 1970s Portugal and moves to Berlin in an effort to escape her designated path of marriage and children. Thirty years later she is a wife and mother, living in a small German town.
Reprints. Published 08/02/2016. Price: £12.99
Timm, Uwe Freitisch
Reprints. Published 01/10/2012. Price: £12.50
Timm, Uwe Ikarien Michael Hansen returns to Germany, the country of his birth. His mission is to uncover the role played by a prominent scientist during the Nazi regime.
Reprints. Published 15/02/2019. Price: £15.50
Timm, Uwe Vogelweide After he loses everything - his girlfriend and his lover, his apartment, job and most of his money - a man moves to a small island where he works as a bird warden. Six years later Anna, the woman who turned his life upside-down, pays him a visit, bringing back all the long-buried memories.
Reprints. Published 01/02/2015. Price: £11.99
Trojanow, Ilija Macht und Widerstand "Power and Resistance" is a brilliantly written tour de force which offers unique insights into life under a totalitarian regime.
Reprints. Published 23/03/2018. Price: £13.99
Tsokos, Michael Zersetzt A true crime thriller.
Reprints. Published 01/04/2016. Price: £17.50
Tsokos, Michael Zersetzt True crime thriller.
Reprints. Published 01/08/2018. Price: £14.50
Walser, Martin Der Spaziergang
Reprints. Published 02/01/2014. Price: £13.99
Walser, Robert Die kleine Berlinerin: Geschichten aus der Großstadt The book collects Walser's alternately celebratory, droll, and satirical observations on every aspect of the bustling German capital.
Reprints. Published 15/01/2018. Price: £13.50
Weidermann, Volker Ostende. 1936, Sommer der Freundschaft Sun, sea and schnapps. They could just be a group of friends on holiday on the Belgian coast. But this is the summer of 1936 and these are writers who have all been forced to flee Germany where their books are banned and they are no longer welcome.
Reprints. Published 10/08/2015. Price: £12.50
Wells, Benedict Beck's letzter Sommer A lovesick teacher, a wacky German-African and a musical prodigy from Lithuania are on the adventure of their lives. From Munich through Eastern Europe all the way to Istanbul. A novel about music, love and live…
Reprints. Published 01/01/2009. Price: £14.50
Witzel, Frank Die Erfindung der Roten Armee Fraktion durch einen manisch-depressiven Teenager im Sommer 1969 BESTSELLER. Winner of the Deutscher Buchpreis 2015. Awarded the prize for being "a hybrid compendium of pop, politics and paranoia". Set in West Germany, a teenager tries to make sense of what is happening in his country in his own unique way.
Reprints. Published 12/09/2016. Price: £18.50
Woelk, Ulrich Was Liebe ist A story with both romance and tragedy. Roland and Zoe meet and fall in love. Shortly afterwards, Roland learns the truth about his family history, and the real reason his parents split up.
Reprints. Published 23/09/2016. Price: £12.50
Wolf, Klaus-Peter Mord am Deich Thirteen short crime stories by the bestselling author.
Reprints. Published 14/07/2016. Price: £12.99