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Adler, Caroline (ed.) Noch mehr Gute-Laune-Geschichten A collection of humorous stories by popular authors, including Dora Heldt and Rafik Schami, to put a smile on readers faces.
New Fiction. Published 23/10/2020. Price: £13.99
Ani, Friedrich Ermordung des Glücks Crime. A series of tragic events starts with the disappearance of eleven-year-old Lennard one November evening.
New Fiction. Published 11/09/2017. Price: £25.99
Annas, Max Die Mauer Thriller set in South Africa. Moses just wants to get home, but when his car breaks down he finds himself stuck in the middle of nowhere. He hopes to find help behind the walls of a nearby gated community but here, amongst "the whites", help is the last thing he will find.
New Fiction. Published 21/05/2016. Price: £13.50
Augustin, Ernst Robinsons blaues Haus Shortlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2012. No man is an island. Although sometimes life in modern society can be stressful, centred around money and, indeed, alienating to the point of making us feel like castaways.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £19.50
Baldinin, Laura Lehrerin einer neuen Zeit A fictionalised account of the story of the life of Maria Montessori. Part of a series of novels about important women who forged their own paths against all the odds.
New Fiction. Published 10/08/2020. Price: £14.99
Banciu, Carmen-Francesca Lebt wohl, Ihr Genossen und Geliebten!: Tod eines Patrioten Longlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2018. Maria-Maria travels back to Romania to look after her sick father. Due to his political involvement in the Communist Party they have become estranged, so she is preparing for some difficult conversations ahead.
New Fiction. Published 30/08/2018. Price: £27.99
Bánk, Zsuzsa Schlafen werden wir später Celebrated writer Zsuzsa Bánk’s new novel is an ode to the strength and power of female friendship. We’ll Sleep Later starts with a bang: in the first sentence of an email to her friend Johanna, Márta reports what happened over breakfast that morning...
New Fiction. Published 23/02/2017. Click on entry for price details.
Bannalec, Jean-Luc Bretonische Flut A young fisherwoman is murdered and Inspector Dupin's investigations lead him to believe that old smuggler routes may have been reopened, and Brittany's maritime nature reserve may be under threat.
New Fiction. Published 28/06/2016. Price: £16.99
Bannalec, Jean-Luc Bretonisches Leuchten Inspector Dupin should be enjoying the summer and lying on the beach but he can’t think of anything worse. Luckily a woman disappears and there is a case to be investigated.
New Fiction. Published 27/07/2017. Price: £17.99
Banneluc, Jean-Luc Bretonische Geheimnisse Bestselling crime fiction. The legendary enchanted forest of Brocéliande becomes the setting for a crime investigation when the body of an academic is found.
New Fiction. Published 16/06/2018. Price: £19.50
Barbetta, María Cecilia Nachtleuchten Shortlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2018. A group of colourful individuals are struggling to make the best of their lives in times of upheaval in Buenos Aires.
New Fiction. Published 15/08/2018. Price: £25.50
Bärfuss, Lukas Koala Winner of the Solothurner Literaturpreis 2014. A clever book about the difficult subject of suicide. A man tries to understand why his brother chose to take his own life.
New Fiction. Published 25/03/2014. Price: £22.50
Becker, Giulia Das Leben ist eins der Härtesten
New Fiction. Published 26/03/2019. Price: £21.99
Berg, Ellen Ich Will Es Doch Auch! Frikadelle zum Frühstück Charlotte is a doctor, has a great job, a great apartment, great friends - but unfortunately no man. Until an attractive plumber appears and steals her heart!
New Fiction. Published 07/11/2014. Price: £10.99
Berg, Ellen Wie heiß ist das denn?: (K)ein Liebes-Roman Three women from different generations in search of love.
New Fiction. Published 15/06/2018. Price: £13.50
Berg, Ellen Willst du Blumen, kauf dir welche: (K)ein Romantik-Roman Lena is a hopeless romantic who believes in love at first sight. Benjamin is an author who believes he has found the ultimate algorithum for love via online dating. Against her best judgement, Lena agrees to let Benjamin try and find her the perffect man.
New Fiction. Published 13/10/2020. Price: £15.99
Berg, Sibylle GRM It is the story of four kids from highly unstable homes in one of the bleakest regions in England, the deindustrialised north-west.The only thing that binds together the angry, martial-arts- obsessed Don(atella); the traumatised Polish boy Peter; the albino girl Karen; and Hannah, an or- phan from Liverpool, is their hatred of their lived reality, their love of grime music.
New Fiction. Published 11/04/2019. Price: £25.00
Bergmann, Emanuel Der Trick The "Great Zabbatini" was once a celebrated magician but is now a grumpy old man who has lost his belief in magic. Until, that is, a young boy comes to him for help in preventing his parents from splitting up. A moving story about loss and rediscovered illusions.
New Fiction. Published 24/02/2016. Price: £24.50
Berkel, Christian Der Apfelbaum Bestseller. Berlin 1932: Sala and Otto are teenagers when they fall in love. He comes from a working class family, she is from an intellectual Jewish one. Can their love survive?
New Fiction. Published 12/10/2018. Price: £24.00
Bielefeld, Claus-Urlich & Petra Hartlieb Im großen Stil: Ein Fall für Berlin und Wien Complicated case in the art world makes Anna Habel from Vienna and Thomas Bernhardt from Berlin to join forces. Will they succeed and stop the forger?
New Fiction. Published 25/01/2017. Price: £14.99
Biller, Maxim Sechs Koffer Shortlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2018. "Six suitcases" tells the story of a Jewish Russian family escaping from Eastern to Western Europe.
New Fiction. Published 08/08/2018. Price: £22.50
Bittl, Monika Man sollte öfter mal ausmisten After 27 years of marriage, Franziska and Bastian agree it's time to call it quits. The only problem is Franziska's mother who has just suffered a heart attack. They decide to play happy families until she is fit and well again but how long can they keep the peace?
New Fiction. Published 12/01/2021. Price: £17.99
Bittrich, Dietmar Zum Niedermähen schön
New Fiction. Published 21/02/2020. Price: £11.99
Bjerg, Bov Auerhaus At the end of the 80s, six friends and a promise: Their lives should not be filed in folders with the inscription Birth - School - Work - Death. That is why they go to the Auerhaus together.
New Fiction. Published 17/02/2017. Price: £12.50
Bloom, Franka Anfang 40 - Ende offen Ever thought of reinventing your own life? So does the main protagonist in search for independence and freedom from her domestic life.
New Fiction. Published 17/02/2017. Price: £11.50
Blum, Antonia Kinderklinik Weissensee Set in Berlin in 1911, two young women start work in the city's first hospital for children.
New Fiction. Published 30/11/2020. Price: £12.99
Bogdan, Isabel Der Pfau BESTSELLER. A humorous story about a group of bankers on a team building weekend in the Scottish Highlands and a crazy peacock.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2016. Price: £13.50
Bomann, Corina Die Farben der Schönheit New York, 1942. When her husband voluntarily enlists, Sophia's world crumbles. The war back home in Europe seems so far away. She buries herself in her work but when her husband is reported as missing, Sophia is forced to put her own dreams aside.
New Fiction. Published 30/11/2020. Price: £16.99
Bomann, Corina Die Jasminschwestern Melanie's great grandmother opens up to her and tells her her life story — her childhood in Saigon, her time in 1920s Berlin, and the story of her great love.
New Fiction. Published 01/05/2014. Price: £10.99
Bomann, Corina Sturmherz With her mother suddenly becoming dependent, Alexa is forced to change her attitude. When she finds an old letter, the whole new side to her estranged mother emerges. Could this help to break the ice between the two women?
New Fiction. Published 10/02/2017. Price: £10.99
Boos, Verena Kirchberg A deeply human story that will resonate with readers across the world. The novel chronicles the damaged life of protagonist Hanna, who is emotionally scarred by repeated rejection and physically impaired by a stroke. Verena Boos’s empathetic prose conjures up an atmosphere of melancholy that transfixes her readers, invoking a relentless suffering comparable to that in Hanya Yanagihara’s "A little life".
New Fiction. Published 15/09/2017. Price: £22.99
Borée, Karl Friedrich Dor und der September The novel, which made Karl Friedrich Borée famous, captivates timelessly the love between two unequal people.
New Fiction. Published 21/09/2018. Price: £24.50
Borrmann, Mechtild Trümmerkind Post-war Hamburg. A city in ruins. A little boy finds something unexpected among the rubble, and a crime story set against the backdrop of a ruined Germany unfolds…
New Fiction. Published 02/11/2016. Price: £21.50
Boschwitz, Ulrich Alexander Der Reisende Germany, November 1938. Jewish businessman Otto Silbermann is trying to remain unnoticed. Taking one train after another to keep on the move, he witnesses the indifference of the masses and the kindness of the few.
New Fiction. Published 18/03/2018. Price: £20.00
Brandhorst, Andreas Mars Discovery Eleonora is determined to follow in her parents' footsteps and finish what they started. As she boards the "Mars Discovery" space shuttle she feels that she is finally on track to complete the secret mission which cost her parents their lives.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2021. Price: £21.99
Bronsky, Alina Der Zopf meiner Großmutter
New Fiction. Published 09/05/2019. Price: £22.50
Buchholz, Simone Beton rouge Crime set in Saint Pauli district of Hamburg.
New Fiction. Published 10/03/2019. Price: £13.50
Buchholz, Simone Mexikoring Crime. Latest investigation leads Riley into the Hamburg's underworld.
New Fiction. Published 10/09/2018. Price: £15.99
Buslau, Oliver Wahn: Der Bergische Krimi A routine case leads private detective Remigius Rott to the Wahner heath. Soon one mystery follows the next: A woman is hit by a car and disappears, the driver takes his life shortly thereafter, and mysterious prophetic messages are distributed across the heathland. Are these events connected?
New Fiction. Published 12/10/2017. Price: £12.99
Capus, Alex Eine Frage der Zeit Based around the events in 1913, when Emperor Wilhelm II commissioned three North German shipyard workers to disassemble a steamboat into its individual parts and reassemble it on Lake Tanganyika south of Mount Kilimanjaro.
New Fiction. Published 30/11/2018. Price: £12.50
Capus, Alex Königskinder Beautiful love story by one of Germany's most popular authors.
New Fiction. Published 20/08/2018. Price: £22.50
Capus, Alex Das Leben ist gut BESTSELLER. Max has been married to Tina, the love of his life, for 25 years and couldn't be happier. This is a story about love and the small things in life which are often overlooked.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2016. Price: £21.50
Capus, Alex Reisen im Licht der Sterne Through a mixture of fact and fiction, Capus tells the story of Robert Louis Stevenson, his life on the island of Samoa and what he might have found there.
New Fiction. Published 24/08/2015. Price: £20.50
Cors, Benjamin Küstenstrich Crime.
New Fiction. Published 2016. Price: £11.99
Cors, Benjamin Leuchtfeuer: Ein Normandie- Krimi Crime. Initially Nicolas Guerlain refuses to look into a tragic incident in Vieux-Port, but when a second victim is found, he has no choice but to investigate.
New Fiction. Published 21/09/2018. Price: £20.50
Decker, Anita Wir von der anderen Seite
New Fiction. Published 26/07/2019. Price: £22.99
Delius, Freidrich Christian Die Liebesgeschichtenerzählerin Inspired by the author’s own family history, this novel takes the reader on a journey through different epochs and cruel wars…
New Fiction. Published 21/07/2017. Price: £12.99
Despentes, Virginie Das Leben des Vernon Subutex, Bd.1 Translation of "Vernon Subutex ".
New Fiction. Published 17/08/2017. Price: £24.99
Ditfurth, Christian von Giftluft Thriller. An explosive attack on the Oberbaum Bridge shakes Berlin. There are dead and injured and explosions in other cities follow.
New Fiction. Published 04/09/2017. Price: £14.60
Düffel, John KL: Gespräch über die Unsterblichkeit A nameless narrator travels to Paris in order to interview KL who is an imortnat yet ambigous figure and a difficult persona.
New Fiction. Published 08/12/2017. Price: £12.50
Durst Benning, Petra Die Fotografin: Am Anfang des Weges Historical novel set before the First World War.
New Fiction. Published 10/09/2018. Price: £22.00
Dutzler, Herbert Die Welt war eine Murmel Life growing up in the Sixties seen through the eyes of the young Siegfried.
New Fiction. Published 12/01/2021. Price: £25.99
Elsberg, Marc Gier: Wie weit würdest du gehen? Bestselling thriller.
New Fiction. Published 25/02/2019. Price: £25.99
Elsberg, Marc Helix Thriller. The US Secretary of State dies during a state visit to Munich. During the autopsy a strange sign is found on his heart- was the man murdered?
New Fiction. Published 19/11/2018. Price: £10.99
Engel, Kerstin Wünsch dich glücklich Rosalie has fallen in love with the wrong man again. And this time not only is he her boss, but he's also a married man.
New Fiction. Published 20/11/2018. Price: £12.99
Enzensberger, Theresia Blaupause Theresia Enzensberger’s entertaining debut is set in 1920s Germany, where an ambitious young woman learns about love, feminism and modern architectural design in the exciting, freewheeling atmosphere of the Bauhaus art school.
New Fiction. Published 01/07/2017. Price: £22.99
Erpenbeck, Jenny Gehen, ging, gegangen BESTSELLER. A powerful novel about asylum seekers. Ten men originating from Africa camp out in front of the Berlin town hall and refuse to eat or drink. All they want is to be able to work. Nominated for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2015.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2015. Price: £21.50
Erpenbeck, Jenny Gehen, ging, gegangen In her inimitable way, Jenny Erpenbeck narrates a story of looking and seeing, of death and war, of eternal waiting, and of all that is hidden beneath the surface.English title: "Go, went, gone".
New Fiction. Published 09/05/2017. Click on entry for price details.
Eschbach, Andreas NSA - Nationales Sicherheits-Amt BESTSELLER. What would life in the Third Reich have been like if computers had already existed? And the internet, email, mobile phones and social media?
New Fiction. Published 28/09/2018. Price: £24.99
Evers, Horst Der kategorische Imperativ ist keine Stellung beim Sex
New Fiction. Published 20/01/2017. Price: £17.99
Falk, Rita Grießnockerlaffäre: Ein Provinzkrimi Hilarious crime novel set in provincial Germany.
New Fiction. Published 07/07/2017. Price: £13.50
Falk, Rita Leberkäsjunkie: Ein Provinzkrimi Eberhofer is having hard times, his health is not great and he would rather do anything but be on yet another criminal case.
New Fiction. Published 13/01/2017. Price: £13.50
Falkner, Gerald Apollokalypse A mythological novel of incomparable linguistic power, a literary event that turns everything upside down.
New Fiction. Price: £24.99
Falkner, Gerhard Romeo oder Julia Shortlisted for Deutscher Buchpreis 2017. A series of unexplained events have Kurt Prinzhorn puzzled but when a dead woman is found outside the hotel where he is staying, he realises things are far more serious than just a couple of pranks.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2017. Price: £26.99
Fallada, Hans Der eiserne Gustav
New Fiction. Published 11/10/2019. Price: £27.50
Fallada, Hans Junge Liebe zwischen Trümmern A collection of previously unpublished short stories. Fallada at his best.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2018. Price: £21.50
Felsenheimer, Bela B. Scharnow The first novel by Bela B., famous as one third of the German punk rock band Die Ärzte.
New Fiction. Published 25/02/2019. Price: £20.99
Finnik, Niah Fuchsteufelsstill July struggles through her life as with the condition she has and every day is challenging. Her meeting with two very warm and friendly people will be a breakthrough…
New Fiction. Published 07/04/2017. Price: £14.55
Fitzek, Sebastian AchtNacht Thriller. Each year a name is chosen in a cruel psychological experiment...
New Fiction. Published 14/03/2017. Price: £15.50
Fitzek, Sebastian Flugangst 7A: Psychothriller New psychological thriller by this bestselling author who again plays with the human primal fears of being trapped and helpless on a plane.
New Fiction. Published 25/10/2017. Price: £24.99
Fitzek, Sebastian Der Heimweg Fitzek's most disturbing thriller yet. A person who knows the date of their death has already begun to die.
New Fiction. Published 21/10/2020. Price: £25.99
Fitzek, Sebastian Der Insasse: Psychothriller The only way for Max Berkhoff’s father to discover the boy’s fate is to become a patient at the high security psychiatric unit where the suspect is being held.
New Fiction. Published 24/10/2018. Price: £23.99
Fitzek, Sebastian Der Insasse BESTSELLER. With two murders of children, Berlin police have their hands full…
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2020. Price: £13.50
Fitzek, Sebastian Das Paket Since the young psychiatrist Emma Stein was raped in a hotel room, she no longer leaves the house. She was the third victim of a psychopath, whom the press calls the "hairdresser".
New Fiction. Price: £12.50
Florescu, Catalin Dorian Der Nabel der Welt: Erzählungen The nine stories in the book were written between 2001 and 2016 and are connected by themes of migration and a shared sense of unease. They examine the impact of the mass movement of people on individual lives and illustrate the resilience required to overcome hardship.
New Fiction. Published 19/09/2017. Price: £22.50
Föhr, Andreas Eifersucht: Ein neuer Fall für Rachel Eisenberg Crime. Rachel Eisenberg is said to have blown up her partner, Eike Sandner, out of jealousy. As remains of the explosives used are found on her, it could be very tricky to prove her innocence…
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2018. Price: £16.99
Föhr, Andreas Eisenberg Dr Rachel Eisenberg reluctantly takes on the defence of a homeless man accused of murdering a young woman in a most brutal fashion. When she meets him for the first time, Rachel is shocked to find she knows the man. Or at least she thinks she does.
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2016. Price: £16.50
Föhr, Andreas Schwarzwasser BESTSELLER. Commissioner Clemens Wallner and police master Leonhardt Kreuthner work on a new case.
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2017. Price: £15.00
Franke, Christiane & Cornelia Kuhnert Mörderjagd mit Inselblick Preparations to a big summer literary festival are in a full swing when one of the guest writers dies. The local police are less than keen on exploring the posibility that it could had been a murder...
New Fiction. Published 22/04/2017. Price: £13.50
Franz, Andreas Der Fänger A rapist is found dead in the woods, having been brutally murdered. Julia Durant is tasked with investigating, and has to find out who the real victims are.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2016. Price: £12.99
Franz, Andreas Kalter Schnitt BESTSELLER. Crime. First, Durant faces a violent crime which seems unprecedented, but then she discovers that there have already been similar cases in the past but nobody thought they were linked.
New Fiction. Published 21/08/2017. Price: £12.99
Franz, Andreas Der Panther
New Fiction. Published 20/09/2019. Price: £12.50
Franz, Andreas & Daniel Holbe Blutwette Crime. After the death of a respected sportsman the real nature of his life is revealed.
New Fiction. Published 20/08/2018. Price: £13.50
Franzobel Das Floß der Medusa Epic novel set around the sinking the French naval fregate Medusa and its aftermath. Shortlisted to Deutscher Buchpreis 2017.
New Fiction. Published 30/01/2017. Price: £27.50
Freudenberg, Achim Das Mädchen auf der anderen Seite Paranormal thriller. A mysterious text message is the last thing Eva hears from her friend Felix before he disappears without a trace. Eva starts to look for him and comes to realise that his disappearance is somehow linked to a crime in her family's past.
New Fiction. Published 22/01/2016. Price: £13.50
Frisch, Max Stiller When he entered Switzerland, Mister White was arrested because he was identical to the disappeared sculptor Stiller.
New Fiction. Price: £13.99
Fritz, Susanne Wie kommt der Krieg ins Kind Longlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2018. The author tells a difficult personal story based on her mother's experiences after the Second World War.
New Fiction. Published 05/03/2018. Price: £21.99
Fröhlich, Alexandra Dreck am Stecken Grandpa Heinrich is dead and all that he has left behind is his diary. When Johannes begins to read the diary, he discovers that his grandfather had an awful lot of skeletons in his closet.
New Fiction. Published 09/09/2019. Price: £17.50
Gablé, Rebecca Die fremde Königin Rebecca Gablé, best-selling author and creator of the popular Waringham- Saga, has now created another masterpiece with its Historienepos "Otto the Great".
New Fiction. Published 27/04/2017. Price: £28.99
Geiger, Arno Der alte König in seinem Exil Arno Geiger tells the story of his father, Alzheimer's, openly and lovingly. Now translated into English as "The old king in his exile".
New Fiction. Published 2014. Price: £12.50
Geiger, Arno Koffer mit Inhalt Luke dreams of the great love with a sleeping young woman, Mr. Gabriel hopes to find the life stories of her owners in forgotten suitcases, two lines of life cross in the intensive care unit in the fight for the life of a boy ...
New Fiction. Published 2016. Price: £11.99
Geiger, Arno Unter der Drachenwand It is spring 1944, and having been seriously wounded in battle, Veit Kolbe is sent home to recuperate. He goes to visit his uncle, the local police commander in the Austrian village of Mondsee. Jaded by five years of war and suffering from PTSD, Veit has no sympathy for Nazi ideology…
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2018. Price: £26.00
Gerold, Ulrike, & Wolfram Hänel Allee unserer Träume The story of a young architect and her vision for the GDR's great boulevard, Karl-Marx-Allee. Her plans are accepted but then she is blackmailed by her own husband who claims the work as his own.
New Fiction. Published 25/01/2019. Price: £11.99
Geschke, Linus Finsterthal
New Fiction. Published 21/02/2020. Price: £17.50
Giordano, Mario Tante Poldi und der schöne Antonio: Krimiroman "A Man Called Ove" meets "Inspector Montalbano", Auntie Poldi leaves no stone unturned in her quest for answers.
New Fiction. Published 26/01/2018. Price: £16.50
Glattauer, Daniel Alle sieben Wellen Continuation of the story of an unusual relationship between a man and a woman from "Gut gegen Nordwind".
New Fiction. Published 08/03/2011. Price: £12.99
Glattauer, Daniel Gut gegen Nordwind When Leo replies to an accidentally sent email from a stranger, he has no idea that this will change his entire life.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2008. Price: £13.50
Goerz, Anja Jakobs Schweigen A well-respected lawyer is murdered in his chambers and his 17-year-old son Jakob is the prime suspect. His grandmother Dora cannot believe that she may well lose her grandson as well as her son and starts her own investigations.
New Fiction. Published 24/07/2020. Price: £17.50
Goga, Sabine Tod in Blau Berlin, 1922. A controversial painter is found dead in his atelier. At first, all the links lead to a mysterious organisation called Asgard.
New Fiction. Published 13/01/2017. Price: £15.99
Goga, Susanne Es geschah in Schöneberg Inspector Leo Wechsler investigates a possible case of industrial sabotage in the fashion houses of 1920s Berlin.
New Fiction. Published 22/01/2016. Price: £12.99
Goga, Susanne Das Haus in der Nebelgasse London, 1900. Matilda Gray is an independent woman, working as a teacher in a girls' school. When her favourite pupil stops coming to class, Matilda fears the worst and sets out to find her.
New Fiction. Published 09/01/2017. Price: £13.50
Goga, Susanne Nachts am Askanischen Platz Berlin 1928. A body is discovered in the shed at a high school. Is the mysterious owner of the cabaret next door involved? And what about the upset young Russian who was seen nearby just before the body was found? Leo Wechsler investigates.
New Fiction. Published 09/02/2019. Price: £11.99
Golch, Dinah Marte Die fehlende Stunde Police inspector Sigi Kamm and psychologist Alicia Behrens are forced to work together on the case of two missing children.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £14.99
Goldammer, Frank Juni 53 17th June 1953 in Dresden. On the night of the people's uprising in the GDR, a brutal murder takes place and detective Max Keller is called to investigate. Meanwhile, his wife is left alone to decide: should they stay or should they go?
New Fiction. Published 23/12/2019. Price: £17.50
Goldammer, Frank Roter Rabe: Kriminalroman Crime. In the late summer of 1951, Oberkommissar Heller returns from a family holiday on the Baltic coast back to Dresden where he is immediately given a mysterious case to solve.
New Fiction. Published 21/12/2018. Price: £18.50
Goldammer, Frank Tausend Teufel Dresden, two years after the Second World War ended and the city is still in rubble. Max Heller is summoned to investigate a crime but gets sidetracked.
New Fiction. Published 13/10/2017. Price: £18.99
Goldammer, Frank Vergessene Seelen Bestselling crime novel set in postwar Dresden.
New Fiction. Published 22/06/2018. Price: £18.60
Gruber, Andreas Todesmärchen A serial killer is on the loose in Bern. He leaves behind mysterious markings on the bodies of his victims.
New Fiction. Published 15/08/2016. Price: £13.99
Gruber, Andreas Todesreigen Thriller. After a string of suicides among a group of colleagues, Sabine Nemez, an instructor in the Federal Criminal Police Office, finds it hard to believe they were not in fact staged murders.
New Fiction. Published 21/08/2017. Price: £13.50
Gstrein, Norbert Die kommenden Jahre A portrait of a summer full of adventures for a "middle aged" couple, the flight of time, changing and becoming older. The book will show the reader that it's not just about the years to come, it's about every moment of life.
New Fiction. Published 19/02/2018. Price: £23.50
Günther, Verena Power Nominated for the Leipzig Buchpreis 2020. A powerful parable of today's world and warning for what can happen when a society becomes disconnected from its children.
New Fiction. Published 21/04/2020. Price: £23.50
Haderlap, Maja Engel des Vergessens The author tells the story of the daily attempt of a growing girl to understand her family and the people around her.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £13.50
Hahn, Ulla Liebesarten: und andere Geschichten vom Leben Captivating stories revolving around the theme of love.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2017. Price: £13.99
Hammesfahr, Petra Der gläserne Himmel Christian returns to an idyllic village of his childhood only to discover that behind the happy facade there is a much darker reality.
New Fiction. Published 09/01/2017. Price: £13.50
Hanika, Beate Teresa Das Marillenmädchen All her life Elisabetta has lived in the same house in Vienna. Every year she makes apricot jam from the fruits in her garden, in a ritual that binds her to her past.When passionate young dancer Pola moves in with her, Elisabetta’s secluded life is changed as an initially awkward but gentle companionship grows between the two women
New Fiction. Published 12/09/2016. Price: £21.50
Hansen, Dorthe Mittagsstunde Bestseller. What is it like to return to a small Frisian village after years elsewhere? Nothing has changed it seems…
New Fiction. Published 15/10/2018. Price: £22.99
Haratischwili, Nino Die Katze und der General Shortlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2018. This powerful novel of guilt and atonement set in Chechnya, Moscow and Berlin tells the story of three very different families, from the decline of the Soviet Union until the present day.
New Fiction. Published 31/08/2018. Price: £29.99
Hauptmann, Gaby Lebenslang mein Ehemann?
New Fiction. Published 05/08/2019. Price: £15.99
Hauser, Franziska Die Gewitterschwimmerin Longlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2018. The story of Tamara Hirsch, a spirited girl whose wings are clipped by growing up in the GDR.
New Fiction. Published 23/02/2018. Price: £23.50
hausmann, Romy Liebeskind
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2019. Price: £19.99
Hausmann, Romy Marta schläft A psychological thriller about guilt, revenge and the question of whether an offender can ever truly be free again.
New Fiction. Published 24/04/2020. Click on entry for price details.
Hegemann, Helene Bungalow In "Bungalow" Helene Hegemann clearly and radically tells us about survival in an increasingly apocalyptic world and the vital power of free will.
New Fiction. Published 20/08/2018. Price: £24.50
Heidenreich, Elke Alles kein Zufall: Kurze Geschichten BESTSELLER. Collection of moving short stories.
New Fiction. Published 22/02/2016. Price: £20.99
Heidenreich, Gert Der Fall: Kriminalroman When a body is found, retired policeman Alexander Swoboda, who was planning to spend some lovely time painting in Normandy, cannot stand back…
New Fiction. Published 07/04/2017. Price: £14.50
Hein, Christoph Verwirrnis Friedeward and Wolfgang are young and in love but they live in 1950s Catholic Germany and their love can never accepted. A move to Leipzig to study offers them new opportunities and new possibilities for their relationship.
New Fiction. Published 13/08/2018. Price: £23.50
Heiss, Sonja Rimini A fabulous family novel in which narratives alternate between the different family members’ perspectives, revelling in the bizarre details of everyday life and celebrating the tragicomic scenarios that family life is so adept at creating.
New Fiction. Published 01/08/2017. Click on entry for price details.
Heldt, Dora Ausgeliebt When a boyfriend of ten years breaks up with her over the phone, the protagonist is truly shocked. Yet soon she is to discover that being single in your forties is not that bad after all.
New Fiction. Published 10/02/2017. Price: £13.50
Heldt, Dora Drei Frauen am See Three childhood friends meet after years of sporadic contact united by grief after the unexpected death of a mutual friend, Marie.
New Fiction. Published 31/08/2018. Price: £21.50
Heldt, Dora Im Grunde ist alles ganz einfach Dora Heldt tackles the questions of female everyday life and strikes with her life-like and easy-going observations.
New Fiction. Published 2016. Price: £13.50
Heldt, Dora Mathilda oder Irgendwer stirbt immer Mathilde's rural idyll is disturbed bysuspicious men in suits who take a sudden interest in the wide open spaces surrounding the village. A series of tragic events is set in motion and more than one person will lose their life.
New Fiction. Published 12/03/2020. Price: £18.50
Heldt, Dora Wir sind die Guten Crime. Two complicated cases seem to be somehow connected but can the Westerland police cope with the quick pace and pressure?
New Fiction. Published 09/06/2017. Price: £18.99
Helfer, Monika Die Bagage A moving portrait of a woman at the beginning of the 20th Century.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2020. Price: £22.99
Henn, Carsten Der Buchspazierer An enchanting and sentimental novel about what connects people and why books are so wonderful.
New Fiction. Published 02/11/2020. Price: £18.99
Hensel, Jana Keinland: Ein Liebesroman Nadja and Martin feel a strong connection from their vey first meeting, yet they struggle to overcome misunderstandings and the distance between them. She is in Berlin and he in Tel Aviv.
New Fiction. Published 31/07/2017. Price: £22.50
Hermann, Judith Lettipark BESTSELLER. Collection of short stories.
New Fiction. Published 25/05/2016. Price: £13.50
Herrndorf, Wolfgang Bilder deiner großen Liebe A girl is standing in the yard of an asylum. The door opens, the girl scouts out and begins her journey, through forests, fields, villages, and along the highway…
New Fiction. Published 2017. Price: £12.99
Herrndorf, Wolfgang Die Rosenbaum-Doktrin: Und andere Texte Short forms collected in this volume are less known yet they all bear witness to the linguistic accuracy, literary power, and the humour of the author.
New Fiction. Published 22/04/2017. Price: £10.50
Herrndorf, Wolfgang Stimmen Herrndorf wanted all of his unpublished work to be destroyed after his death. This book is therefore made up of texts which were released in one form or another whilst he was still alive, be that at readings or on the internet, but which will be unfamiliar to most of his readers.
New Fiction. Published 25/09/2018. Price: £19.50
Herzog, Katharina Immer wieder im Sommer Chic lit. Anna decides to find a man with whom she had a romantic summer love years ago. Suddenly though, all her immediate family is in the car with her too...
New Fiction. Published 22/04/2017. Price: £12.99
Herzog, Katharina Zwischen dir und mir das Meer If life gives you lemons, make limoncello out of it! Lena leads a retired life on Amrum. She collects sea glass on the beach, which she uses to make jewellery. With that, she wants to recapture what she once took from the sea.
New Fiction. Published 24/04/2018. Price: £14.50
Herzog, Rudolph Truggestalten Ghosts haunt a set of Berliners in this highly enjoyable and genuinely frightening short story collection.
New Fiction. Published 16/02/2017. Price: £23.50
Hess, Annette Deutsches Haus BESTSELLER. Frankfurt, 1963. Eva is asked to be the court interpreter at the first Auschwitz trial taking place in the city. Little does she suspect just how much this trial will change not only the country but also her own life.
New Fiction. Published 21/09/2018. Price: £21.50
Hilmes, Oliver Berlin 1936 The dictatorship in the break mode: City and games in summer 1936 In the summer of 1936, Berlin is dominated by the Olympic Games.
New Fiction. Published 2016. Price: £13.50
Hohlfeld, Kerstin Wenn das Glück anklopft At a back clinic, Milena meets three very different women with similar problems who will become her friends. Together they will discover what really lies behind their back problems — loneliness, the need to be perfect, and the fear of not being loved.
New Fiction. Published 01/12/2014. Price: £10.50
Höhtker, Christoph Das Jahr der Frauen Frank Stremmer is in his early forties and burnt out from working for an illustrious international organisation in Geneva. His therapist wants him to have goals for the year and so he sets himself one — Twelve women in twelve months!
New Fiction. Published 07/08/2017. Price: £25.50
Homann, Gunnar Sabbatical Teacher Victor is excited about a year-long sabbatical yet has no idea how and where exactly he should spend it.
New Fiction. Published 18/12/2017. Price: £14.99
Horowitz, Dominique Tod in Weimar Crime. Rehearsals for the 'Schiller Circle' are suddenly interrupted as each member of the theatre group dies under mysterious circumstances one after the other.
New Fiction. Published 14/08/2017. Price: £15.50
Horst, Norbert Kaltes Land Crime. Kommissar Steiger in a life-threatening battle against a powerful underworld boss.
New Fiction. Published 18/09/2017. Price: £13.99
Hülsmann, Petra Hummeln im Herzen Chic lit.
New Fiction. Published 23/09/2016. Price: £13.99
Hülsmann, Petra Das Leben fällt, wohin es will Party, fun and freedom - that is the most important thing for Marie, and she loves her carefree existence, but this changes when her sister Christine falls seriously ill and asks her to look after her children.
New Fiction. Published 26/05/2017. Price: £13.50
Hülsmann, Petra Wenn's einfach wär, würd's jeder machen Annika didn't seen it coming, so when she gets transferred from her perfect school in Hamburg's quiet suburb to a school infamous for being "difficult", she is in real distress.
New Fiction. Published 01/05/2018. Price: £12.50
Illies, Florian 1913 - Was ich unbedingt noch erzählen wollte New stories which pick up where Illies' last bestseller left off. Stories which are so unbelievable that they must be true.
New Fiction. Published 24/10/2018. Price: £20.00
Jäger, Gerhard All die Nacht über uns A captivating novel about guilt and loss, flight and homeland, love and its transience - neatly composed and enthralling told.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2018. Price: £24.50
Janesch, Sabrina Die goldene Stadt "The City of Gold" is a gripping fictionalisation of the life of a forgotten explorer and his quest to find the lost city of the Incas. This is high-quality literary fiction which is mesmerising from the first page until the last.
New Fiction. Published 18/08/2017. Price: £23.99
Janesch, Sabrina Katzenberge Beautifully written first novel. A trip to Poland to her grandfather's funeral takes Nele on a journey back to not only her own past but also that of her beloved "Djadjo's".
New Fiction. Published 20/02/2012. Price: £12.99
Jaud, Tommy Der Löwe büllt No man can escape his problems, and certainly not with his mother in tow! A hilarious read for all Jaud fans.
New Fiction. Published 30/04/2019. Price: £18.99
Jaumann, Bernhard Der Turm der blauen Pferde: Kriminalroman In this engrossing literary thriller, Jaumann skilfully combines historical details and speculation about the famous lost Expressionist painting The Tower of Blue Horses with a story of obsession that explores notions of authenticity, objectivity and creativity.
New Fiction. Published 14/02/2019. Price: £18.50
Jerger, Ilona Und Marx stand still in Darwins Garten This intriguing story takes an intimate look at the twilight years of two great thinkers of the Victorian age: Charles Darwin and Karl Marx.
New Fiction. Published 01/08/2017. Price: £20.99
Jonuleit, Anja Das Nachtfräuleinspiel One fatal night of supposed fun turns the life of a teenage Annemaria into a nightmare.
New Fiction. Published 22/06/2018. Price: £17.50
Kabatek, Elisabeth Kleine Verbrechen erhalten die Freundschaft Three people who are all running from something, meet by chance at a motorway service station. They continue their journey together but soon run out of money and their unconventional way of raising funds soon brings them to the attention of the police.
New Fiction. Published 10/01/2017. Price: £16.99
Kaiser-Mühlecker, Reinhard Fremde Seel, dunkler Wald The story of two brothers, both looking for salvation and an escape from their lives.
New Fiction. Published 25/08/2016. Price: £21.50
Kaminer, Wladimir Goodbye, Moskau: Betrachtungen über Russland Inspired by the anniversary of the October Revolution, the popular writer looks at the country of his origin.
New Fiction. Published 20/02/2017. Price: £14.50
Kaminer, Wladimir Die Kreuzfahrer Humorous account from a cruising ship.
New Fiction. Published 20/08/2018. Price: £21.99
Kaminer, Wladimir Liebeserklärungen Love stories told with Kaminer's trademark wit.
New Fiction. Published 19/09/2019. Price: £22.50
Kampmann, Anja Wie hoch die Wasser steigen One stormy night aboard a drilling platform in the Atlantic, Waclaw returns to his cabin to find that his bunkmate and friend, Mátyás, has gone missing.
New Fiction. Published 29/01/2018. Price: £24.00
Kärger, Walter Christian Das Knistern von Eis: Bodensee Krimi A winter time idyll in the Lake Constance region is disturbed by a brutal crime. Max Madlener and his assistant start an investigation.
New Fiction. Published 13/10/2017. Price: £14.50
Kasten, Mona Save me BESTSELLER. James and Ruby come from different worlds and yet they are meant to be together.
New Fiction. Published 23/02/2018. Price: £13.99
Kästner, Erich Der Gang vor die Hunde Bestseller. Reconstructed, full and uncensored version of what most readers know as Kästner's masterpiece "Fabian".
New Fiction. Published 10/02/2017. Price: £12.50
Kaufmann, Kat Die Nacht ist laut, der Tag ist finster Ernst left his grandson Jonas 5,000 euros and a note that says: Find this man with a name which means nothing to Jonas: Valerij Butzukin.
New Fiction. Published 2017. Price: £22.99
Keglevic, Peter Ich war Hitlers Trauzeuge Acclaimed director Peter Keglevic’s debut novel is an absurd, farcical story about a Jew who gets roped into running a long-distance race in April 1945, only to find his destiny intertwining with Hitler’s. This surreal take on the Third Reich will appeal to readers of Vermes’s international bestseller "Look Who’s Back".
New Fiction. Published 18/09/2017. Price: £26.99
Kehlmann, Daniel F Daniel Kehlmann tells of three brothers, who are - each in his own way - deceivers, hypocrites, counterfeiters. A novel about lies and truth, about family, forgery, and the power of fiction - complex, mysterious and bold.
New Fiction. Published 2015. Price: £11.99
Kehlmann, Daniel Kommt, Geister It shows how much the reverberating horrors of the German past are grounding his work, writes about the spirits, fools, and demigods in the books of authors such as Ingeborg Bachmann, Tolkien, Shakespeare, Grimmelshausen and Leo Perutz.
New Fiction. Published 2016. Price: £13.50
Kehlmann, Daniel Tyll BESTSELLER. Tyll Ulenspiegel - vagabond, showman and provocateur, was born at the beginning of the 17th century as a miller's son in a small village. When he gets into conflict with church, he has to flee... This book is a great reinvention of this legendary figure and his life.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2017. Price: £24.50
Kempowski, Walter Aus großer Zeit A delicate love story between Karl and Grethe is interrupted by the outbreak of the First World War.
New Fiction. Published 14/08/2017. Price: £15.50
Khider, Abbas Ohrfeige We follow the main protagonist Karim, an Iraqi immigrant, as he struggles to rebuild his life in Europe.
New Fiction. Published 14/08/2017. Price: £15.50
Kinsky, Esther Hain A volume of memories chronicling the author’s travels in Italy. Kinsky takes her readers on a meditative journey through the country during different periods of time.
New Fiction. Published 12/02/2018. Price: £24.00
Kirchhoff, Bodo Widerfahrnis Winner of Deutscher Buchpreis 2016. An insightful novel on the subject of love, commitment and the ability to connect fully with oneself and another human being.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2016. Price: £12.50
Kirchhoff, Bodo Wo das Meer beginnt What boundries are we ready to cross when it comes to love and desire? Answering that question will be fundamental for Viktor Haberland, the main protagonist entangled in a challenging love story.
New Fiction. Published 05/05/2017. Price: £11.99
Kirchoff, Bodo Betreff: Einladung zu einer Kreuzfahrt A writer is invited to a cruise ship as an artist in residence. With a hefty pay packet, great food and plenty of entertainment provided, the offer seems perfect. Soon he is to realise that one needs to read small print carefully. Very carefully…
New Fiction. Published 04/07/2017. Price: £19.99
Kleeberg, Michael Der Idiot des 21. Jahrhunderts: Ein Divan Kleeberg’s novel is a modern twist on Goethe’s ground-breaking work, a broad examination of East meets West in contemporary times.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £24.99
Kliesch, Vincent Auris Matthias Hegel, a famous forensic phonetician becomes a suspect in a murder investigation himself.
New Fiction. Published 02/05/2019. Price: £15.99
Kling, Marc-Uwe QualityLand QualityLand Welcome to QualityLand, in the not-too-distant future: everything works well: work, leisure and relationships are optimized by algorithms...But how come then that drones are afraid of flying, or combat robots experience post-traumatic stress disorder?
New Fiction. Published 22/09/2017. Click on entry for price details.
Kling, Marc-Uwe Die Känguru-Apokryphen A new collection of stories from the "dynamic duo".
New Fiction. Published 12/10/2018. Price: £13.50
Klüpfel, Volker & Michael Kobr Herzblut Crime. Kluftinger gets tipped and hopes to catch a criminal in the act. When the plan fails, his confidence is undermined. To improve his wellbeing he is advised to enrol into a positive thinking course
New Fiction. Published 09/01/2017. Price: £8.50
Klüssendorf, Angelika Jahre später Angelika Klüssendorf tells how a love between two radical loners emerges, both trying by their own means to find social acceptance and to find themselves.
New Fiction. Published 29/01/2018. Price: £18.99
Knigge, Judith Zusammen ist der schönste Ort When Dagmar's husband dies, he leaves her with massive debts. In order to avoid having to sell her house, she decides to rent out rooms and so begins a new chapter in Dagmar's life with some very different and interesting characters.
New Fiction. Published 19/11/2018. Price: £12.99
Koch, Krischan Friedhof der Krustentiere
New Fiction. Published 21/02/2020. Price: £12.50
Koch, Sven Dünenfluch Crime set in the scenery of East Frisia just after the fall of the Iron Curtain.
New Fiction. Published 03/04/2017. Price: £13.50
Kodiak, Frank Nummer 25 Thriller. Two psychopaths in a life-or-death struggle.
New Fiction. Published 03/07/2017. Price: £13.50
Koelle, Patricia Wenn die Wellen leuchten Chic lit. Rhea leads a quiet life in a small seaside town until an unexpected letter turns everything upside down.
New Fiction. Published 22/06/2017. Price: £11.99
Koelle, Patricia Wo die Dünen schimmern Bestseller. Jesieanna lives in California and works for her grandmother's company. When she is to spend some time back in Germany, she feels anything but excitement.
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2018. Price: £12.50
Korn, Carmen Zeiten des Aufbruchs In the second part of her century trilogy, Carmen Korn describes the German post-war period, the pastel coloured fifties and the departure mood of the sixties. Four women. One hundred years of German history.
New Fiction. Published 23/07/2017. Click on entry for price details.
Korn, Carmen Zeitenwende Final instalment in a bestselling series.
New Fiction. Published 25/09/2018. Price: £21.99
Kraus, Christian Nichts wird dir bleiben Psychotherapist Thomas Kern is forced to watch the suicide of one of his patients, unable to stop what is happening. Worse still, the police suspect him of abusing her and driving her to take her own life. What dark forces are working to destroy his life?
New Fiction. Published 01/08/2019. Price: £11.99
Krechel, Ursula Geisterbahn a masterful historical novel, reconstructing in stunning detail life in the north German city of Trier between 1920 and the early 2000s. Krechel’s A unique portrayal of the Nazi past focuses on the discrimination endured by the Roma minority, including the ways in which Roma children were persecuted at school for not being able to speak ‘High German’: thus language itself becomes complicit in historical trauma.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2018. Price: £32.00
Krien, Daniela Die Liebe im Ernstfall "Love in case of emergency" is a suite of hard-hitting stories told by five women who are bound together by friendship and family. The novel speaks to the contemporary focus on women’s experiences of motherhood and childlessness, and offers intimate and hard-hitting perspectives on issues including unwanted pregnancy, bereavement, divorce and infidelity.
New Fiction. Published 27/02/2019. Price: £22.00
Kühne, Alexander Düsterbusch City Lights Set in small town East Germany in the 1980s, Anton idolises David Bowie and decides to set up his own club, much to the dismay of his mother. The final 10 years of the GDR seen through the eyes of some of its music-obsessed young people.
New Fiction. Published 29/02/2016. Price: £16.50
Kunrath, Barbara Geteilt durch zwei
New Fiction. Published 27/12/2019. Price: £11.99
Kurbjuweit, Dirk Angst English title: "Fear".
New Fiction. Published 01/07/2014. Price: £12.99
Kürthy, Ildiko von Es wird Zeit Having lived with a lie for so long, Judith has started to believe it is true. But now, following the death of her mother, she is forced to return home and face her past. Is it too late to start over?
New Fiction. Published 20/08/2019. Price: £23.50
Kutscher, Volker Die Akte Vaterland Bestseller. Berlin, summer 1932. A dead body is found in Haus Vaterland in Potsdamer Platz. For Kommissar Rath it becomes yet another problem on his long list of difficult cases and personal issues that need solving as soon as possible.
New Fiction. Published 08/03/2014. Price: £13.99
Kutscher, Volker Marlow: Der siebte Rath-Roman Bestseller. The latest installment in the "Babylon Berlin" series.
New Fiction. Published 30/10/2018. Price: £26.50
Kutscher, Volker Der nasse Fisch Bestseller. Set in the "roaring twenties" in Berlin, the book brilliantly captures the spirit of the times. Kommissar Rath is young and new to the city. How will he cope with pressures of his work as a criminal investigator and those created by the capital itself? English title: "Babylon Berlin".
New Fiction. Price: £14.50
Kutscher, Volker Der stumme Tod: Gereon Raths zweiter Fall BESTSELLER. Following this ambitious, yet politically indifferent anti-hero, the reader can explore the old “Chicago at the river Spree” and vicariously experience how a young, promising democracy with great progressive tendencies could descend into a rule of fascism.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2017. Price: £13.99
Kutschke, Svealena Stadt aus Rauch Impossible to put down, "City of Smoke" has an ambitious, sweeping scope within which its strong female characters are brought to life in all their luminous, tortured glory.
New Fiction. Published 01/08/2017. Price: £25.50
Lappert, Rolf Über den Winter At fifty Lennard Salm is an internationally recognized artist. During a harsh winter his older sister passes away and he is forced to go back to Hamburg and face his estranged family.
New Fiction. Published 13/01/2017. Price: £13.50
Lehr, Thomas Schlafende Sonne A century of German history in one day. Rudolf Zacharias travels to Berlin to attend the opening of an exhibition by his former student Milena Sonntag. With her exhibition ‘Sleeping Sun’, Milena takes artistic stock not only of her life, but of her era. Like pictures in an exhibition, this novel tells of the historical catastrophes and private entanglements of three people, taking us from the battlefields of the First World War all the way to present-day Berlin. Shortlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2017.
New Fiction. Published 21/08/2017. Price: £28.99
Leky, Mariana Was man von hier aus sehen kann Whenever Selma dreams about an okapi, someone in the village dies. No wonder that the locals both admire and fear her...
New Fiction. Published 01/07/2017. Price: £22.99
Lewinsky, Charles Der Stotterer "The Stutterer" is narrated with great wit and humour and its main protagonist makes a great anti-hero.
New Fiction. Published 20/03/2019. Price: £25.00
Lind, Hera Die Frau zwischen den Welten As the daughter of a German, Ella has a hard time in post-war Czechoslovakia. Finally she thinks she has found her great love in the form of Milan, a Jewish doctor. They make plans to flee to the West with her young daughter but the secret police have other ideas.
New Fiction. Published 14/12/2020. Price: £13.99
Link, Charlotte Die Betrogene BESTSELLER. Police Officer Kate is shocked to the core by the murder of her father. Not trusting the drunken local detective, she decides to lead the investigation herself. She will discover that her father was not the person she thought he was.
New Fiction. Published 02/09/2015. Price: £11.99
Link, Charlotte Ohne Schuld BESTSELLER. Kate Linville's first case in her new job is the seemingly unrelated murders of two women. There are no similarities and nothing links them except the murder weapon.
New Fiction. Published 02/11/2020. Price: £26.99
Link, Charlotte Die Stunde der Erben Final installment of bestselling trilogy.
New Fiction. Published 17/09/2018. Price: £12.50
Link, Charlotte Die Suche The body of 14-year-old Saskia Morris, who disappeared a year earlier, is found on the high moors of northern England. A short time later, another 14-year-old girl goes missing.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2018. Price: £26.50
Löffler, Rainer Der Näher Crime. When bodies of two women are found, Martin Abel is forced to start an investigation…
New Fiction. Published 24/04/2017. Price: £14.50
Loschütz, Gert Ein schönes Paar When cleaning up his parents' home, the photographer Philipp encounters an object that has played a crucial role in the history of his parents.
New Fiction. Published 06/02/2018. Price: £23.50
Lüscher, Jonas Kraft BESTSELLER. An invitation to a competition in Sillicon Valley creates an opportunity for Richard Kraft to change his life completely.
New Fiction. Published 09/07/2018. Price: £13.99
Mahlke, Inger-Maria Archipel Winner of the Deutscher Buchpreis 2018. A great European novel from the periphery of the continent: the island of eternal spring, Tenerife.
New Fiction. Published 21/08/2018. Price: £21.99
Maier, Andreas Die Familie
New Fiction. Published 17/06/2019. Price: £24.50
Maiwald, Stefan Der Knochenraub von San Marco Historical fiction. When relics are stolen during the Carnival in Venice, Davide Venier has no time to party.
New Fiction. Published 21/12/2018. Price: £12.50
Maiwald, Stefan Der Spion des Dogen Historical fiction set in Renassaince Venice.
New Fiction. Published 29/03/2018. Price: £13.50
Malinke, Lo Vier Frauen und ein Sommer Will Melli, Yüzil, Jenny and Britta dare to make a change in their lives before they turn forty?
New Fiction. Published 25/07/2018. Price: £13.50
Maly, Beate Tod an der Wien: Historischer Kriminalroman Historical crime set in Vienna in 1922. In the middle of the ball season, diva Hermione Egger suddenly dies. Retired teacher Ernestine Kirsch does not believe that the singer she admires fell victim to a tragic accident. She suspects a murder.
New Fiction. Published 12/10/2017. Price: £12.99
Maly, Beate Toden in Baden For all fans of Agatha Christie, a historical crime novel set in the 1920s. In a spa town just outside Vienna, retired teacher Ernestine and her friend Anton are drawn into a murder investigation.
New Fiction. Published 17/10/2019. Price: £11.99
Manstein, Bodo Strand. Blut. Crime. Investigation takes an unexpected turn when a journalist Robert Benning receives a macabre delivery.
New Fiction. Published 03/04/2017. Price: £12.99
Marker, Antonia (ed.) Lesezeit. Unterwegs: Lektüre für jedes Zeitfenster A collection of short stories of differing lengths. Perfect if you have just three minutes or twenty-five minutes.
New Fiction. Published 17/05/2019. Price: £12.50
Maron, Monika Endmoränen
New Fiction. Published 2011. Price: £12.50
Martenstein, Harald Nettsein ist auch keine Lösung: Einfache Geschichten aus einem schwierigen Land Called by some 'the most important German columnist', Martenstein never, no matter what the subject is, fails to entertain and surprise his readers. A collection of short pieces on everyday subjects.
New Fiction. Published 14/03/2016. Price: £18.99
Maurer, Jörg Am tatort bleibt man ungern liegen
New Fiction. Published 22/05/2019. Price: £17.50
Maurer, Jörg Den letzten Gang serviert der Tod Murder in the kitchen of a restaurant in an idyllic alpine spa town. Inspector Jennerwein and his team investigate.
New Fiction. Published 14/10/2020. Price: £18.99
Maxian, Beate Tödliches Randezvous: Ein Wien- Krimi Crime. When her boss is murdered, a young journalist Sarah is asked to take over the investigation.
New Fiction. Published 14/03/2011. Price: £12.99
Mayer, Anna-Elisabeth Am Himmel "At heaven’s edge" is a tightly-written historical novel based on a real criminal case from nineteenth-century Vienna. Its story is one of rich versus poor, of greed, of inequality and the human desire for justice: very much a story for our times.
New Fiction. Published 08/08/2017. Price: £21.99
Mehler, Jutta Mord mit Schokoguss A healthy woman dies of a heart attack in the Künzinger Museum. Shortly afterwards the self-appointed investigation team of Thekla, Hilde and Wally stumble across another body. As they get closer to finding the killer, their own lives come under threat.
New Fiction. Published 19/10/2016. Price: £11.99
Mell, Corinna Marienfelde Sixteen-year-old Sonja is attending a finishing school in West Berlin in 1952 when her uncle takes her to the East and opens her eyes to another Germany.
New Fiction. Published 27/12/2018. Price: £13.50
Melle, Thomas Die Welt im Rücken Shortlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2016. The life of a manic-depressive written by an author who knows what it is like to be bipolar, and no longer wants to hide.
New Fiction. Published 26/08/2016. Price: £20.99
Menasse, Eva Tiere für Fortgeschrittene Friedrich Hölderlin Preis 2017 and Österreichischen Buchpreis 2017.A collection of eight texts dealing with the most private parts of our lives: family entanglements, dependencies between generations and within partnerships.
New Fiction. Published 09/03/2017. Price: £23.50
Menasse, Robert Die Haupstadt Winner of Deutscher Buchpreis 2017. Against the real-life backdrop of a Europe in crisis, Menasse transports his readers to contemporary Brussels for a sprightly and profoundly thought provoking fictionalised tour of the European institutions.
New Fiction. Published 11/09/2017. Price: £25.99
Mewe, Susanna Als Clara Dorn ein bisschen heilig wurde Clara Dorn, now in her late sixties, has been an egoist all her life. But as years pass, she begins to slightly worry about the afterlife. Is it too late for Dora to become a saint?
New Fiction. Published 13/01/2017. Price: £16.50
Meyer, Kai Die Krone der Sterne Dramatic space-fantasy by the leading voice of the genre.
New Fiction. Published 26/01/2017. Price: £16.99
Meyerhoff, Joachim Ach, diese Lücke, diese entsetzliche Lücke BESTSELLER. When the young protagonist gets accepted into a drama school, he moves in with his bourgeois grandparents. Now he needs to somehow connect the two worlds together.
New Fiction. Published 09/03/2017. Price: £12.50
Modick, Klaus Vierundzwanzig Türen Moving Christmas tale as surprising as an Advent calendar.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £13.50
Molinari, Gianna Hier ist noch alles möglich A young woman is hired as a night watchperson in a packaging factory. A wolf is seen in the area and the search for the wolf becomes more of a quest to find herself.
New Fiction. Published 13/07/2018. Price: £20.50
Mommsen, Janne Seeluft macht glücklich Chic lit. Jasmin learns that the sea air can indeed bring a lot of happiness.
New Fiction. Published 24/03/2017. Price: £18.50
Muschg, Adolf Heimkehr nach Fukushima Adolf Muschg has succeeded in creating an exceptional work of the late adolescents, who is able to revolve around anthropological basic constants and at the same time express Japanese mentality.
New Fiction. Published 20/07/2018. Price: £24.50
Naß, Matthias Der Elblotse Matthias Naß follows the visible and invisible traces of Helmut Schmidt through Hamburg and not only discovers the city, but also the man who stands for Hamburg like no other.
New Fiction. Published 05/03/2019. Price: £22.99
Netenjakob, Moritz Milchschaumschläger: Ein Café-Roman Best-selling author Moritz Netenjakob transforms his own experience as a café operator into a firework of gags, absurd situations and wonderful characters.
New Fiction. Published 09/03/2017. Price: £17.50
Neuhaus, Nele Muttertag Bestselling crime fiction. Following a macabre discovery in an abandoned factory Pia and her team launch an investigation.
New Fiction. Published 26/11/2018. Price: £23.99
Neuhaus, Nele Zeiten des Sturms All Sheridan Grant wants is to begin a new life far away from the man who broke her heart. But a niggling doubt brings her back to the farm in Nebraska where a dark secret threatens to destroy her.
New Fiction. Published 03/08/2020. Price: £16.99
Nickel, Eckhart Hysteria "Hysteria" tells the story of Bergheim, who discovered strangely unnatural raspberries at an organic market.
New Fiction. Published 04/09/2018. Price: £24.50
Noll, Ingrid In Liebe Dein Darl
New Fiction. Published 22/01/2020. Price: £25.99
Oberhollenzer, Josef Sültzrather A great novel about the question of what it means to remember after the disappearance. With high craftsmanship Oberhollenzer fits his protagonist a memory on the body.
New Fiction. Published 10/09/2018. Price: £21.50
Ohler, Norman Die Gleichung des Lebens "The equation of life" is a historical novel about Frederick the Great’s pet project of ‘peopling Prussia’ by draining the marshlands surrounding Berlin. It reveals a fascinating historical panorama as well as a mounting conflict between man and nature, modernity and tradition.
New Fiction. Published 07/09/2017. Price: £24.99
Ohler, Norman Die Gleichung des Lebens
New Fiction. Published 09/05/2019. Price: £13.99
Ohlsson, Kristina Schwesterherz Who was Sara Texas? Cold-blooded serial killer or innocent victim?
New Fiction. Published 10/04/2017. Price: £15.50
Orths, Markus Picknick im Dunkeln
New Fiction. Published 27/01/2020. Price: £23.50
Pauly, Gisa Vogelkoje: Ein Sylt-Krimi Mamma Carlotta for some time now has thought that her father-in-law drives way too slow. But her own driving results in an accident…
New Fiction. Published 02/05/2017. Price: £14.50
Peinkofer, Michael Ork City Fantasy noir. Private detective Corwyn Rash realises he has taken on more than he bargained for with his latest case when he finds himself with trolls and a blood-thirsty cult on his tail.
New Fiction. Published 11/01/2021. Price: £19.99
Pollatschek, Nele Das Unglück anderer Leute Thene, a twenty-something, appears to be leading the life of her dreams; studying at Oxford and occasionally going back to Germany for the holidays. Yet her family is far from perfect, especially her self-absorbed mother Astrid…
New Fiction. Published 19/03/2018. Price: £13.99
Pons, Brigitte Liebe ist der beste Koch
New Fiction. Published 21/02/2020. Price: £12.50
Poschenrieder, Christoph Kind ohne Namen When Xenia, the novel’s narrator, gives up on college after two semesters and returns home, her fellow villagers are surprised to see her back. Xenia is cagey about the cause for her return, concealing the fact that she is pregnant.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2017. Price: £24.99
Poschmann, Marion Die Kieferninseln Shortlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2017. University lecturer and beard researcher Gilbert Silvester is in shock. Last night, he dreamt that his wife was cheating on him. So, in an absurd knee-jerk reaction, he leaves her, boards the first possible plane and flies off to Japan to get some distance.
New Fiction. Published 11/09/2017. Price: £20.99
Poznanski, Ursula Aquila An unsolvable mystery, a monstrous treason and the mysterious symbols of medieval Siena form the framework of this excellent psychothriller.
New Fiction. Published 14/08/2017. Price: £19.50
Poznanski, Ursula Elanus Seventeen-year-old Jona has built himself a drone which is equipped with a microphone and camera and he is using it to spy on everyone. Nothing escapes his attention, until one day he sees something he shouldn't havt, and suddenly his life is in danger.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2016. Price: £17.50
Poznanski, Ursula Thalamus After Timo's road accident strange things start to happen.
New Fiction. Published 13/08/2018. Price: £18.50
Poznanski, Ursula Vanitas. Schwarz wie Erde
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2019. Price: £16.99
Prange, Peter Die Rose der Welt Historical romance. Robert and Paul, both students at Sorbonne, fight against each other for the charms of the same lady.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2017. Price: £12.50
Prosser, Robert Gemma Habibi Set against the backdrop of the world of boxing, three lives come together in a novel about obsession and friendship.
New Fiction. Published 26/07/2019. Price: £23.50
Raabe, Marc Zimmer At the opening event of the Berlin film festival a murder is committed on screen. The victim is the daughter of the city's mayor. Tom Babylon and Sita Johanns investigate.
New Fiction. Published 30/08/2019. Price: £17.50
Raabe, Melanie Der Schatten Thriller. Nora is warned by a stranger that she will kill a man called Arthur Grimm…She does not take it seriously until one day she meets a certain Arthur Grimm…
New Fiction. Published 23/07/2018. Price: £18.99
Rademacher, Cay Gefährliche Côte Bleue: Ein Provence-Krimi mit Capitaine Roger Blanc Crime. When a body of an unknown diver is found with a harpoon in his socket, everyone but Blanc thinks it was just a tragic incident.
New Fiction. Published 18/05/2017. Price: £18.99
Regener, Sven Wiener Strasse This boisterous book is set in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin, famous for its distinctive counterculture forged in a creative melting pot of immigrants, artists, anarchists, squatters and punks. The pursuit of art and ‘the next big thing’ is the ostensible goal of the colourful group of friends and acquaintances at the centre of Regener’s novel.
New Fiction. Published 07/09/2017. Price: £26.50
Richter, Peter 89/90 An autobiographical novel about the chaotic end of the GDR seen through the eyes of a 16-year-old. Peter and his friends have enough problems to deal with, without the collapse of the world as they know it.
New Fiction. Published 09/03/2015. Price: £12.99
Riebe, Brigitte Die Schwestern vom Ku'damm. Jahre des Aufbaus Berlin, May 1945. The city and its people are in ruins. Sisters Rike, Silvie and Florentine stand before the ruins of their once thriving family business, the Thalheim department store. The decide to rebuild but the path that lies ahead is not a smooth one.
New Fiction. Published 23/10/2018. Price: £22.99
Rietzschel, Lucas Mit der Faust in die Welt schlagen The rise and fall of a family in rural former East Germany which shows how easily the far Right has found it to gain support here.
New Fiction. Published 07/09/2018. Price: £21.99
Rockel, Susanne Der Vogelgott Shortlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis. Strange cults and myths, archaic horrors and nightmares: Irresistible Susanne Röckel leads us into uncanny terrain.
New Fiction. Published 02/03/2018. Price: £23.99
Roth, Charlotte Weil sie das Leben liebten Franka has her dream job working with the animals in the Berlin Zoo where she also finds love. Her happiness is to be short lived however as the Nazis rise to power and Europe stands on the brink of war.
New Fiction. Published 01/06/2016. Price: £13.50
Rothmann, Ralf Der Gott jenes Sommers The story begins when twelve-year-old Luisa and her mother are forced to leave Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein at the end of the Second World War.
New Fiction. Published 07/05/2018. Price: £22.99
Rothmann, Ralf Der Gott jenes Sommers
New Fiction. Published 13/05/2019. Price: £12.50
Rothmann, Ralf Im Frühling sterben BESTSELLER. Set towards the end of WWII, two young friends are recruited into the army. One is employed as a driver whilst the other is sent to the front. English title: "To die in spring".
New Fiction. Published 20/06/2015. Price: £13.50
Ruge, Eugen Follower: Vierzehn Sätze über einen fiktiven Enkel Eugen Ruge draws up a story that can hardly be more different in tone and tempo, but nevertheless proves to be a surprising continuation. A book about the future in which we already live today.
New Fiction. Published 26/08/2016. Price: £12.99
Ruge, Eugen Metropol Following the international success of his novel "In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts", Ruge continues to draw inspiration from the history of his own family. This time it is his grandmother and the story of her time in Stalin's Russia after she fled Nazi Germany.
New Fiction. Published 08/10/2019. Price: £23.50
Safier, David Die Ballade von Max und Amelie Narbe is a one-eyed dog who cannot believe that she will ever be loved. She meets Max who tells her of his wonderful home with a lovely family. In the hope of a better life she agrees to go with Max but a dangerous journey lies ahead of them.
New Fiction. Published 27/11/2018. Price: £22.99
Salzmann, Sasha Marianna Außer sich Shortlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2017. A debut novel of great linguistic and dramaturgical power: from post-Soviet Moscow via a refugee centre in provincial West Germany to present-day Istanbul, Sasha Marianna Salzmann writes about the upheavals and solidarity of the Tschepanows, a refugee family.
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2017. Price: £23.50
Sandberg, Ellen Die Schweigende Three sisters question everything they thought they knew about their mother following a revelation made by their father on his death bed.
New Fiction. Published 26/10/2020. Price: £18.50
Sauer, Beate Echo der Toten: Ein Fall für Friederike Matthée Historical crime novel set in the late forties.
New Fiction. Published 12/01/2018. Price: £16.50
Schalko, David Schwere Knochen Epic yet humorous story starting in Vienna just after Anschluss.
New Fiction. Published 12/04/2018. Price: £26.99
Schamoni, Rocko Grosse Freiheit Cult author Rocko Schamoni is back and tells the early years of Wolfgang "Wolli" Köhler as a development novel of an anti-hero.
New Fiction. Published 18/02/2019. Price: £22.99
Scheuer, Norbert Winterbienen January 1944. Not conscripted into the army thanks to his epilepsy, Egidius Arimond uses his beekeeping hobby as a cover for smuggling Jews out of Germany — in beehives.
New Fiction. Published 27/09/2019. Price: £23.50
Schirach, Ferdinand von Kaffee und Zigaretten The most personal book by the author to date.
New Fiction. Published 04/03/2019. Price: £21.99
Schirach, Ferdinand von Strafe: Stories The author skilfully deals with some of the important ethical questions of truth, guilt and justice.
New Fiction. Published 05/03/2018. Price: £19.50
Schlink, Bernard Abschiedsfarben A collection of stories about the success and failure of love.
New Fiction. Published 22/07/2020. Price: £26.99
Schlink, Bernhard Olga Love story between an unlikely couple, a man blinded by his dream of imperial power and a strong, grounded woman who chooses to be a teacher.
New Fiction. Published 12/01/2018. Price: £27.99
Schneider, Peter Club der Unentwegten Roland likes to have control over his emotional life but meeting Leya challenges his views and as a result, he throws himself into this passionate yet complicated relationship.
New Fiction. Published 11/05/2017. Price: £21.99
Schultz, Marie-Alice Mikadowälder
New Fiction. Published 16/04/2019. Price: £23.50
Schuster, Stefanie Die Wunderfrauen The first in a trilogy of novels about three friends who just want to be happy. Set during the economic boom years of the 1950s, the women believe that after years of sacrifice, they can finally have everything their hearts desire.
New Fiction. Published 29/07/2020. Price: £17.99
Schwarz, Stefan Oberkante Unterlippe Family troubles of an actor Jannick who does his best to divorce his wife- which proves to be far more complicated than one might think.
New Fiction. Published 21/07/2017. Price: £13.99
Schweikert, Ulrike Die Charité: Hoffnung und Schicksal Berlin, 1831. Cholera arrives in Germany and at the Charité Hospital Professor Dieffenbach and his colleagues begin a fight against time.
New Fiction. Published 26/06/2018. Price: £17.50
Seethaler, Robert Das Feld Bestseller. A portrait of a small town seen through the eyes of some of its inhabitants talking to the reader from beyond the grave.
New Fiction. Published 04/06/2018. Price: £23.50
Seethaler, Robert Jetzt wirds ernst The novel has the author's childhood as a starting point.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2018. Price: £13.99
Seethaler, Robert Der letzte Satz BESTSELLER. A man on the deck of a ship heading from New York to Europe and looking back at his life. The man is the famous musician Gustav Mahle and this is his final journey.
New Fiction. Published 03/08/2020. Price: £20.99
Seitz, Michael Die verlorenen Kinder: Ein Wien-Krimi Falco Brunner investigates the case of deaths of nursing home residents. Could it be just a coincidence that within two days two of them died in the same way?
New Fiction. Published 02/05/2017. Price: £14.99
Setz, Clemens Bot: Gespräch ohne Autor bizzare, sometimes confusing, and definitely fascinating journey through the mind and world of Clemens Setz.
New Fiction. Published 12/02/2018. Price: £20.00
Speck, Daniel Piccola Sicilia Archaeologist Nina is looking for her lost grandfather Moritz and meets an unknown relative from Haifa. Together, they uncover a fascinating family secret.
New Fiction. Published 26/09/2018. Price: £19.99
Stamm, Peter Die sanfte Gleichgültigkeit der Welt In the book the author asks existential questions about life, our destiny and the importance of relationships.
New Fiction. Published 22/02/2018. Price: £22.50
Stamm, Peter Weit über das Land A man gets up and leaves the house, his wife and his children. With a smile, he simply continues and disappears. His wife first wonders where he left, then when he comes back, and finally, whether he is still alive.
New Fiction. Published 25/02/2016. Price: £12.99
Steinfest, Heinrich Das Leben und Sterben der Flugzeuge Can the wreck of a certain aircraft of Malaysia Airlines lie in a hidden place, which will disappear only months later?
New Fiction. Published 01/09/2016. Price: £26.50
Strauß, Simon Sieben Nächte Touching story of a young man who wants to protect his sensitivity and innocence.
New Fiction. Published 08/07/2017. Price: £17.50
Strobel, Arno Die App BESTSELLER. Hendrik and Linda move into a smart home where everything is controlled via an app on their phones. When Linda disappears without a trace, the police are clueless and Hendrik gradually starts to feel like he is being observed in his own home.
New Fiction. Published 23/09/2020. Price: £17.99
Strobel, Arno Im Kopf des Mörders - Tiefe Narbe Max Bischoff is new at the criminal investigation department. He is young and full of fresh ideas but his partner Böhmer prefers to stick to the old ones. Their first case together will prove difficult on so many levels.
New Fiction. Published 26/01/2017. Price: £13.50
Strobel, Arno Der Trakt Psychological thriller. Imagine your husband says he's never seen you before and people deny you ever had a child — who can you trust when no-one believes you? And who are you? Really?
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £13.50
Strunk, Heinz Der goldene Handschuh Heinz Strunk tells a story set in the seventies of the Hamburg ripper Fritz Honka and in the process finds illuminating language for this person, who lives close to speechlessness. As if incidentally, however, Heinz Strunk also paints a picture of a society that has little to do with the bright self-portrayals of the old Federal Republic of Germany.
New Fiction. Published 24/03/2017. Price: £12.99
Suter, Martin Elefant BESTSELLER. A pink elephant glowing in the dark enchants everyone. It was meant to become a worldwide sensation, but the creature suddenly disappears. A Burmese elephant whisperer decides to protect the rare creature.
New Fiction. Published 18/01/2017. Click on entry for price details.
Svensson, Angelika Wassersarg Crime. One cold February day a dead man is found in a canal. When he is recognised as a person involved in an awful crime in the past, some suggest suicide. Was his death really repentance-driven?
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2017. Price: £12.99
Taha, Karosh Beschreibung einer Krabbenwanderung Twenty-two year old Sanaa who emigrated with her family from Iraq tries her best re-shape her life in a new country — Germany.
New Fiction. Published 12/03/2018. Price: £22.00
Thome, Stephan Gott der Barbaren Shortlisted for the Deutscher Buchpreis 2018. In his thrilling new book, Thome tells a story of our crisis-ridden present. Led by a Christian convert who considers himself God's second son, rebels in China are building a Theocracy, which anticipates the terrorist movements of our time.
New Fiction. Published 10/09/2018. Price: £37.50
Timm, Uwe Ikarien "Icaria" is set in April 1945 as twenty-five-year-old US army officer Michael Hansen returns to Germany, the country of his birth. His mission is to uncover the role played by a prominent scientist during the Nazi regime. Tasked by the Psychological Warfare Division of the US Army to find out everything he can about the eugenicist Professor Alfred Ploetz’s life, Hansen travels to a second-hand bookshop in Munich to meet Ploetz’s old friend and intellectual sparring partner.
New Fiction. Published 07/09/2017. Price: £27.50
Timm, Uwe Der Mann auf dem Hochrad: Legende A vet called Franz Schröter stirs up excitement and controversy riding on a high wheel through town.
New Fiction. Published 09/06/2017. Price: £13.99
Tingler, Philipp Schöne Seelen An ironic account of the circles in which people constantly shift from a therapist's sofa to a botox injection.
New Fiction. Published 26/04/2017. Price: £15.50
Tsokos, Michael Abgefackelt A true crime thriller. Still reeling from his last case, coroner Paul Herzfeld returns to Itzehoe, only to find himself caught up in another case which will once again put his life in danger.
New Fiction. Published 03/02/2020. Price: £16.50
Tsokos, Michael Abgeschlagen: True-Crime-Thriller Crime. Forensic scientist Paul Herzfeld is irritated when his supervisor, Prof. Schneider, surprisingly quickly decides on a machete as a murder weapon in the autopsy of a dismembered woman's body
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2019. Price: £16.50
Tsokos, Michael & Andreas Gößling Zerbrochen Months after a brutal attack in which he almost died, Dr Abel is back at work. Straight away he gets assigned into a "Darkroom Killer" case. A psychopath behind these crimes manages to keep both police and public on their toes.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2017. Price: £16.50
Uhlmann,Thees Sophia, der Tod und ich BESTSELLER. Charming, fast-paced debut novel with a comical twist.
New Fiction. Published 08/10/2015. Price: £13.50
Uhly, Steven Königreich der Dämmerung Dark, rainy night in the autumn of 1944: the sound of a shot travels through the alleyways of a small town in Poland.
New Fiction. Published 12/09/2016. Price: £14.50
Ullrich, Ulrike Während wir feiern On Swiss National Day, Alexa is making preparations for her birthday party which she throws every year for friends and neighbours. Inspired by Woolf's Mrs Dalloway, this novel is a window on life in Twenty-First Century Europe and how politics have a direct effect on people's lives.
New Fiction. Published 06/07/2020. Price: £25.00
Vanderbeke, Birgit Wer dann noch lachen kann Birgit Vanderbeke's heroine seeks liberation from her family - and recognizes only too late that violence is ubiquitous.
New Fiction. Published 01/08/2017. Price: £19.99
Various Die besten deutschen Erzählungen Collection of the best German short stories according to a well know literary critic Reich-Ranicki.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £13.50
Various Nicht schon wieder keine Tore: Geschichten und Gedichte rund um den Fußball Football-themed anthology with short stories by the creme de la creme of German literary scene.
New Fiction. Published 27/04/2016. Price: £13.50
Various Urlaubslesebuch 2018 Summer anthology of short stories. Perfect holiday read.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2018. Price: £10.99
Various Urlaubslesebuch 2019 Perfect summer reading.
New Fiction. Published 19/04/2019. Price: £10.99
Vermes, Timur Er ist wieder da BESTSELLER. Spring 2011. Adolf Hitler wakes up in a very different Berlin — no war, no Party, no Eva, just peace, a lot of foreigners and Angela Merkel. And what does Hitler do in this new world? He makes a career for himself in comedy and becomes a YouTube hit!
New Fiction. Published 2012. Click on entry for price details.
Vermes, Timur Die Hungrigen und die Satten BESTSELLER. In Vermes' latest satire, the EU has closed its borders to refugees and millions are living in camps across North Africa. Following the arrival of a German film crew one group breaks out of a camp and heads on foot towards Germany. All 150,000 of them. Every second of their march is filmed and followed by millions of TV viewers.
New Fiction. Published 27/08/2018. Price: £24.99
Viragh, Christina Eine dieser Nächte The story of a twelve-hour flight from Bangkok to Zurich. Bill, who is in the seat next to Emma, eloquently conjures up places, people and strange beings.
New Fiction. Published 26/02/2018. Price: £31.50
Volks, Sybil Die Glücksreisenden A celestial event sets off a journey for a group of people- could the comet bring luck and happiness to their lives?
New Fiction. Published 20/07/2018. Price: £19.50
Walser, Martin Statt etwas oder / Der letzte Rank The reader is offered something resembling the recollection of specific experiences, albeit in an anonymous and anecdotal form.
New Fiction. Published 05/01/2017. Price: £17.50
Weidermann, Volker Träumer: Als die Dichter die Macht übernahmen In his characteristically lucid, sharp prose, Volker Weidermann presents us with a slice of history – November 1918 to April 1919 – and shows how a small group of people could have altered the course of the twentieth century.
New Fiction. Published 09/11/2017. Price: £24.99
Weigand, Sabine Ich, Eleonore, Königin zweier Reiche Historical fiction. Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the most powerful women in the Middle Ages. This novel gives its reader a glimpse into her venturesome life.
New Fiction. Published 26/01/2017. Price: £13.50
Weiler, Jan Und ewig schläft das Pubertier BESTSELLER. The question as to when this cursed puberty really stops can also be questioned. The narrator sometimes looks in the mirror and thinks: Actually never.
New Fiction. Published 03/07/2017. Price: £15.99
Wells, Benedict Vom Ende der Einsamkeit BESTSELLER. A story of love and loss by a bestselling young author. The happy childhood of Jules and his siblings comes to an abrupt end when their parents are killed in a car accident.
New Fiction. Published 24/02/2016. Click on entry for price details.
Winterberg, Linda Die verlorene Schwester Bern, 1968. Sisters Marie and Lena are taken into care after their father dies. They are separated and sent to two different families where they must work hard for their keep. Will they ever see each other again?
New Fiction. Published 09/11/2018. Price: £14.99
Wisser, Daniel Königin der Berge Winner of the Österreichischen Buchpreis 2018 (Austrian Book Prize). A heart-breakingly funny story of a man who wants to move to Switzerland so that he can decide for himself when it's time to die. The only problem is that he needs help to get there.
New Fiction. Published 06/09/2018. Price: £26.99
Woelk, Ulrich Pfingstopfer A prostitute's body is found in the garden of a church hall. Embedded in her skull detectives discover a note with the words "The Truth will set you free". A psychological thriller about the battle between religious fanatics and science.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2015. Price: £16.99
Wolf, Klaus-Peter Totenstille im Watt Who is this Dr. Sommerfeldt really? A popular doctor is hiding a dark secret...
New Fiction. Published 22/06/2017. Price: £12.99
Wolf, Lena Ein Sommer auf Sylt Three sisters, a house by the sea and a summer, which is worthy of that name.
New Fiction. Published 18/02/2020. Price: £11.99
Wünsche, Christiane Aber Töchter sind wir für immer Three sisters who couldn't be more different and haven't seen each other for years, meet again back at their family home. Here in this house is where everything began.
New Fiction. Published 24/07/2019. Price: £15.99
Würger, Takis Stella It is 1942 when young Friedrich moves to Berlin and throws himself into its night life. It is so easy to forget all about the war and spend evenings in cabarets drinking cognac. An encounter with Stella brings him back to the harsh realities of the war.
New Fiction. Published 11/01/2019. Price: £23.50
Wurster, Maren Das Fell Victoria is in her thirties and lives in Berlin. The novel opens as her all-consuming psychological obsession takes hold, when her boyfriend goes on holiday with his ex-wife and their small child.
New Fiction. Published 24/07/2017. Price: £18.99
Zaimoglu, Feridun Evangelio: Ein Luther-Roman Breathtaking historical novel based around life of Martin Luther. Shortlisted to Deutscher Buchpreis 2017.
New Fiction. Published 09/03/2017. Price: £24.99
Zeh, Juli Leere Herzen Set in 2022, the story takes place in an era after Trump, Brexit, Frexit, a global financial crisis, armed conflict, mass migration and the triumph of an ultrapopulist movement in Germany.
New Fiction. Published 13/11/2017. Price: £21.99
Zeh, Juli Neujahr The skilful hand of author Juli Zeh is evident throughout this masterful novel, as the conventional tale of a middle-aged, middle-class father out for a New Year’s Day cycle shifts into a dark psychological fairy tale.
New Fiction. Published 10/09/2018. Price: £21.50
Zeh, Juli Unterleuten BESTSELLER. An idyllic village in Brandenburg where everyone knows everyone else. When an investment company announces it wants to build a wind farm nearby, old grievances resurface amongst the villagers.
New Fiction. Published 08/03/2016. Price: £15.99
Zeman, Barbara Immerjahn The heir of Immerjahn decides to escape the magnificence of his world to make his villa and the impressive art collection a museum. But in the preparations he gets increasingly entangled in the threads of his love and life story.
New Fiction. Published 05/02/2019. Price: £24.50