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ABC DALF C1/C2: 150 exercices Barrière, I., & Parizet, M.-L. Covers all skills of the DALF, with numerous exercises and an MP3 CD with around 6 hours of listening, plus answers and transcripts. Suitable for self-study or class use.
DELF/DALF. Published 15/02/2019. Price: £30.50
ABC Delf: 200 exercices Kober-Kleinert, C., et al. Covers all the skills of the Delf, with numerous exercises, and an MP3 CD with nearly 2 hours of listening activities. Suitable for class use, or self-study.
DELF/DALF. Click on entry for price details.
ABC DELF junior scolaire: 200 exercices Chapiro, L., et al. Covers all the skills for the Delf junior scolaire, with numerous activities, and a DVD-ROM which includes more than an hour of listening activities, and an interactive video. For children age 11-18 years.
DELF/DALF. Published 2018. Click on entry for price details.
Les clés du DELF Offers motivational topics and context-orientated activities, so that students can learn and revise the necessary vocabulary and grammar required for the exams. In addition to this, students using these guides will find useful advice and practical tips on how to successfully complete each section of the exam. With interactive online tests.
DELF/DALF. Published 28/09/2017. Click on entry for price details.
Comment va la vie?: Découverte de la France au fil des générations Mathey, Daniel et al. This book aimed at students preparing for the DELF B1 and B2 is organised in a chronological and generational way, making it possible to understand the everyday life of the French through the key stages of existence: birth, childhood, adolescence, becoming an adult, adulthood, retirement, and old age.
DELF/DALF. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £22.95
Le DEFL - 100% réussite DELF exams preparation series, each book comes with a variety of exam practice materials and a CD with audio recordings.
DELF/DALF. Published 28/09/2016. Click on entry for price details.
Le DELF scolaire et junior - 100% réussite The books for each level contain exercises, tips and strategies to help students progress, and revision sheets "Ready for the exam!" which summarise the content and main points for the exam covering vocabulary, grammar, speaking, themes and learning tips. With audio CDs.
DELF/DALF. Published 06/09/2017. Click on entry for price details.
Préparation à l'examen du DELF Veltcheff, C et al A series covering everything you need for the DELF exams
DELF/DALF. Click on entry for price details.
Préparation à l'examen du DELF Scolaire et Junior Each book includes a DVD-ROM with interactive exercises and practice exams.
DELF/DALF. Published 15/08/2018. Click on entry for price details.
Préparer le DALF C1 et C2 A comprehensive guide to preparation for DALF C1-C2.
DELF/DALF. Published 15/02/2018. Price: £26.99
Réussir le DELF/DALF A series to prepare students for the new written and oral exams of the DELF and DALF
DELF/DALF. Published 2010. Click on entry for price details.