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Allons-y! Derône, Stéphane A DVD resource for teenagers, everyday scenes present four young characters, their routines, interests and ambitions.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Click on entry for price details.
Bingo verbes A game suitable for children aged 11-14 years to learn basic French verbs
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2007. Price: £17.40
Une boom cool! De Mado, J. A sequel to "La Boutique magique" this pack includes 10 original rap songs, each covering a specific linguistic function. The audio CD is accompanied by an animated DVD with lyric subtitles.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 01/04/2015. Price: £23.99
La Boutique magique De Mado, J. Includes 10 original rap songs, covering subjects such as greetings, ordering food, asking directions, etc. The audio CD is accompanied by an animated DVD with lyric subtitles.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2013. Price: £23.99
Championnat de français: Le français en s'amusant A fun-packed game which will increase your knowledge of French language and culture with questions on French civilisation, traditions, geography, expressions, places and free time. For ages 11-14 years, level A2-B1 of the Common European Framework.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2012. Price: £17.40
La Classe: Paroles d'élèves A DVD with 30 short clips featuring French students answering topical. Ideal for vocabulary reinforcement and introduction of authentic and colloquial language.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 29/08/2014. Price: £35.99
Les dominos de la journée Cards and teacher’s guide, for ages 11-14 .
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Price: £17.40
Easy French vocabulary games Taylor, M. A selection of 48 puzzles and games for beginners, or students brushing up on their French.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 1988. Price: £6.99
Faisons les courses! Game Card game suitable for children ages 11-14 years, level A1-A2 of the Common European Framework. Includes a booklet containing the rules of the game and supplementary activities.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2012. Price: £18.60
Flashsticks French Post-it sticky notes with words and phrases to be used around the house or in the classroom.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2015. Click on entry for price details.
Le français avec…des jeux et des activités Tibert, S.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2003-2004. Click on entry for price details.
French festivals and traditions: activities and teaching ideas for KS3 Hannam, N. & M. Williams Provides background information in English, vocabulary, worksheets and activities ideas ranging from making cards to games and traditional recipes. for each month of the year, related to various French festivals.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2011. Price: £17.95
French language map Includes all French grammar in a single compact and beautifully presented map printed on fabric. The map measures roughly 5 feet in length and 4 feet in height (142 cm wide x 127cm high).
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2016. Price: £25.00
French word puzzles Danesi, M. 100 word puzzles, including crosswords, word searches, scrambled-letter puzzles and cryptograms, arranged in order of difficulty, from easy to challenging.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2006. Price: £7.99
Le grammaire en jeux Various A collection of games for small and larger groups of students on all level.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 22/06/2017. Price: £12.99
Le grand jeu des verbes 100 cards, three dice and a teacher’s guide, for ages 11-14
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Price: £17.40
L'Île aux prépositions: Le français en s'amusant An amusing way to reinforce correct usage of prepositions, this game comprises a poster, pack of 66 cards, 60 pieces of gold and an instruction booklet. Suitable for ages 11-14 years (level A1 of the Common European Framework).
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2012. Price: £17.40
Jeux de rôles A collection of over 100 speaking and interactive activities for the classroom. Following the initial activities are suggestions for students to create similar role plays of their own and ideas for written tasks and dramatisations of the situations. Teachers notes and ideas to expand on the material are included. An accompanying website gives access to 50 improvised monologues and dialogues - by native speakers - with transcripts.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 15/11/2017. Price: £13.95
Kloo "Play the game, speak the language!". A new card game for ages 8-adult, suitable for 1-4 players. Colour coded cards help the student to start making sentences immediately. Each pack contains two different decks of cards and the game can be played with or without the game boards.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Click on entry for price details.
Play Sudoku, learn French! Combines the game of Sudoku with language learning in a collection of over 60 original puzzles, in 3 levels organized by themes. Includes user's guide and solutions.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 03/09/2012. Price: £3.99
Qui est-ce?: le français en s'amusant A game based on physical descriptions of different people, to stimulate learning of basic French vocabulary and grammar. Suitable for children aged 11-14 years.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Price: £17.40
Voyage en France A board game for beginners (levels A2/B1), comprising 1 board, 2 sets of 66 question cards, 2 dice, and a booklet with instructions and suggestions for further activities.
GCSE (KS3/4): Classroom Extras. Published 2009. Price: £17.40