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Les 500 exercices de phonétique, niveau A1/A2 Abry, D. & Chalaron, M.-L. Includes 500 exercises to practice French pronunciation for beginners, suitable for self-study or class use. The CD has more than 6 hours of recordings, which are in the book, and answers are also included.
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Published 2010-2011. Click on entry for price details.
800 exercices d'orthographe, grammaire et conjugaison, spécial junior Vulin, A. Grammar and conjugation exercises with answer key designed specifically to meet the needs of young learners.
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Published 2012. Price: £9.99
Communication progressive du français Various Presents lively dialogues from everyday life, with comprehension and consolidation exercises, suitable for self study or class use. Aimed at teenagers and adults.
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Click on entry for price details.
Enrichissons notre vocabulaire par les mots croisés, 10-12 ans Barroy, G. Crossword puzzles developped to help children aged 10-12 years improve their vocabulary.
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Published 2004. Price: £13.99
Expression écrite Practical writing tasks with commonly used styles and forms explained.
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Published 01/08/2017. Click on entry for price details.
Focus A series of books for levels A1-B2, aimed at improving the basic language skills. Each books includes a variety of exercises and answer key.
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Published 25/02/2019. Click on entry for price details.
Le Français par les textes: Quarante-cinq textes de français Barthe, M.. Et al. Includes a variety of texts based on everyday life, each with comprehension questions, and grammar and vocabulary exercises.
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Published 2013-2017. Click on entry for price details.
French speaking activities: Fun ways to get KS3 pupils to talk to each other in French Leleu, S. Contains 60 photocopiable activities ranging from role plays and surveys to quizzes, presentations and games, to promote oral communication. For Key Stage 3, ages 11-14 years.
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Published 30/06/2010. Price: £16.00
Guide de communication en français Martins, C., & Mabilat, J.-J. Includes 75 model dialogues with key phrases from professional and everyday life, with current expressions and tips on French culture. For levels A1-B2 of the Common European Framework. The dialogues are available as an audio download.
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Published 18/06/2014. Price: £14.50
Oxford better French An easy-to-use approach to learning new vocabulary, practising verbs and getting grammar right, for children aged 11-14.
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Published 02/06/2016. Price: £4.99
Paroles en situations (Coll. Focus) Guimbretière, E. & V. Laurens An all-in-one manual with 250 oral comprehension activities, audio CD, transcripts and answer. For level A1-B2 of the Common European Framework.
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Published 28/01/2015. Price: £23.99
Resources for teaching French 14-16 James, G. A resource comprising 80 lesson plans for teachers, each consisting of a teacher sheet and a photocopiable student sheet that corresponds to the teacher's lesson plan. Audio files for the listening exercises and all the worksheets are available online.
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Published 2010. Price: £31.99
Speed up your French: Strategies to avoid common errors Jubb, M. A resource that identifies and explains common errors made by students of French, from false friends to idiomatic expressions and the use of prepositions. Suitable for intermediate learners, for classroom use or self-study.
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Published 30/03/2016. Price: £28.99
Vocabulaire expliqué du français Mimran, R., & N. Larger
GCSE (KS3/4): Key Skills. Published 2004. Click on entry for price details.