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Arlène, Alexandre Bloody Harry: la BD dont il ne faut pas prononcer le nom! The author highlights the inconsistencies of Harry Potter movies and books and describes the characters who go beyond the bounds of political correctness.
Graphic novels. Published 05/10/2016. Price: £15.00
Boulet & Bagieu La page blanche A young woman comes to her senses on a bench unable to remember her name or what she's doing there. She tries to recover her memory and to find her identity. But what will she discover?
Graphic novels. Published 2013. Price: £12.50
Camus, Albert & Jose Munoz L’Étranger Full text of"L’Étranger" with illustration by Jose Munoz.
Graphic novels. Published 2012. Price: £23.55
Coste, Xavier Rimbaud l'indésirable This graphic novel recounts the life of the poet Arthur Rimbaud.
Graphic novels. Published 2013. Price: £18.75
Fernandez, J. L'Étranger Graphic novel version of Camus' work.
Graphic novels. Published 2013. Price: £22.00
Ferri, Jean-Yves & Conrad, Didier (Goscinny & Uderzo) Asterix: Le papyrus de César (36) The new album featuring the further adventures of Asterix and Obelix.
Graphic novels. Published 22/10/2015. Price: £12.50
Ferri, Jean-Yves & Didier Conrad Astérix et la Transitalique (volume 37) Asterix and Obelix in a thrilling adventure in Ancient Italy! A Roman senator decides to organize a horse-chariot race, open to all the peoples of the known world. On their way to Romes, Obelix and Asterix meets the Italics peoples who want to preserve their autonomy from Julius Cesar and his legions. A tribute to the varied identities under the European Union of the time, the Roman Empire.
Graphic novels. Published 19/10/2017. Price: £12.99
Goscinny, R., & Uderzo, A Astérix: hardback
Graphic novels. Click on entry for price details.
Goscinny, René & Morris Lucky Luke Hardback editions.
Graphic novels. Price: £12.50
Greiner Virginie & Daphné Collignon Tamara de Lempicka The life of the painter Tamara de Lempicka in the Paris of the twenties.
Graphic novels. Published 02/11/2017. Price: £15.99
Hergé Tintin au pays des soviets The first adventures of Tintin created by Hergé in January 1929 for a weekly newspaper Le Petit Vingtième. This is the first edition in colour of this album.
Graphic novels. Published 11/01/2017. Price: £14.95
Kinney, Jeff Journal d'un dégonflé Translation of "Diary of a wimpy kid".
Graphic novels. Published 20/08/2009. Price: £12.99
Lob/Rochette/Legrand Transperceneige: intégrale
Graphic novels. Published 26/03/2014. Price: £28.50
Maroh ,Julie Le bleu est une couleur chaude Adele's life is changed when she meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair, who will allow her to discover desire, to assert herself as a woman and as an adult. In front of others, Adele grows, seeks herself, loses herself, finds herself.
Graphic novels. Published 02/10/2013. Price: £18.99
Matsumoto, Taiyou Les chats du Louvre - Tome 1 A graphic novel which invites us in a world where a group of cats are the real inhabitants of the Louvre, funny cats who change their appearance at night.
Graphic novels. Published 02/11/2017. Price: £24.50
Moore, Alan & David Lloyd V pour Vendetta Translation of " V for vendetta".
Graphic novels. Published 18/05/2012. Price: £33.99
Proust, M. & S. Heuet (adaptation and illustrations) À la recherche du temps perdu Cartoon version of Proust's classic being published in stages. These are the volumes available so far.
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Proust, Marcel & S. Heuet A la recherche du temps perdu Tomes 1 à 4 Intégrale Volumes 1 to 4 in one set.
Graphic novels. Published 16/10/2013. Price: £41.50
Riad, Sattouf L'Arabe du futur Volume 1, Une jeunesse au Moyen-Orient, 1978-1984 Son of a Syrian father and a Breton mother, The author recounts his childhood in Libya and Syria from 1978 to 1984. In Tripoli in 1978, the young boy is impregnated by the readings of the Green Paper of Mr. Gadhafi. RTL Grand Prize of BD 2014, Fauve d'Or Best Album 2015 (Angoulême Festival).
Graphic novels. Published 07/05/2014. Price: £21.99
Satrapi, M. Persepolis An autobiographical graphic novel describing Marjane Satrapi's youth in revolutionary war-torn Iran. A funny, heartbreaking, superb piece of work orginally published to wide critical acclaim in France.
Graphic novels. Price: £35.65
Sattouf, Riad L'Arabe du futur Volume 2, Une jeunesse au Moyen-Orient, 1984-1985 In this second volume, the author continues the story of his childhood.
Graphic novels. Published 11/06/2015. Price: £21.99
Sattouf, Riad L'arabe du futur volume 3: Une jeunesse au Moyen-Orient (1985-1987) The mother of Riad cannot stand life in the village of Ter Maaleh. She wants to return to France.
Graphic novels. Published 06/10/2016. Price: £21.99
Simenon, Georges & Loustal Un nouveau dans la ville In a small community a crime has been committed and the newcomer who upsets the established order is immediately suspected.
Graphic novels. Published 20/10/2016. Price: £26.99
Soryo, Fuyumi Marie-Antoinette, la jeunesse d'une reine The life of Marie-Antoinette in manga.
Graphic novels. Published 21/09/2016. Price: £11.99