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A.D.G. La nuit myope Domi is a Parisian sales executive married to Christine. They live in the 10th arrondissement with their dog Laskar. One night, in this club, he meets Armelle, a twenty-five-year-old bank employee.
Reprints. Published 09/03/2017. Price: £6.99
Abécassis, Eliette Philothérapie Tired of failed relationships, Juliette joins the online philotherapy class of a strange professor.
Reprints. Published 02/05/2018. Price: £8.50
Agarmen, Pit La nuit a dévoré le monde Antoine wakes up in a Parisian apartment, stained with blood. Outside, it's war. The police are fighting against zombies. Antoine, who has nothing of a hero, decides to barricade himself; But zombies are not the only threat in this apocalyptic world.
Reprints. Published 20/08/2014. Price: £8.50
Akrich, Anne Il faut se méfier des hommes nus Cheyenne Cohen, of Polynesian origin, is sent to Tahiti to write a script about Marlon Brando. Her memories collide with the tumultuous episodes in the life of the actor. As for the filming, it will turn into madness, then disaster.
Reprints. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £9.50
Andréa, Jean-Baptiste Ma reine Prix Alain-Fournier 2018 & Prix du premier roman 2017. Shell lives alone with his parents at a petrol station. One day his parents decide to place him in an institute for special needs children. He runs away to fight in the "war seen on TV" to prove himself to the world.
Reprints. Published 07/02/2019. Price: £8.95
Angot, Christine Un amour impossible BESTSELLER. Winner of the Prix Décembre 2015. Christine Angot tells the story of her parents, their meeting and separation, and the incestuous relationship she had with her father when she was a teenager.
Reprints. Published 07/09/2016. Price: £8.50
Appanah, Nathacha Tropique de la violence Prix Femina des lycéens 2016. In Mayotte, Moses, a child rejected by his mother, is adopted by a nurse named Marie. When he learns the truth about his origins, Moses rebels and falls under the control of Bruce and his gang.
Reprints. Published 17/05/2018. Price: £7.50
Artus, Isabelle La petite boutique japonaise Pamela, a waitress in a Japanese restaurant, dreams of becoming a geisha. Thad is from Brittany and loves Kung Fu movies. They fall in love and when Thad disappears, Pamela goes to Japan to look for him.
Reprints. Published 20/06/2018. Price: £8.99
Astier, Ingrid Haute voltige Everything begins, one evening, with an attack on the convoy of a rich Saudi, on the outskirts of Paris. Major Suarez of the BRB (Brigade of Punishment of Banditry) is first on the scene.
Reprints. Published 13/09/2018. Price: £7.99
Astier, Ingrid Quai des enfers The corpse of a young woman draped in white and the business card of a famous perfumer are found at the Quai des Orfèvres in Paris. The Police embark on a haunting investigation.
Reprints. Published 07/06/2018. Price: £8.99
Attal, Jerome 37, étoiles filantes
Reprints. Published 14/08/2019. Price: £9.80
Azoulai, Nathalie Titus n’aimait pas Bérénice BESTSELLER. Prix Médicis 2015. In order to overcome heartbreak, a woman revisits the life and work of Jean Racine, who was able to describe the passion of love with great accuracy.
Reprints. Published 02/02/2017. Price: £7.99
Bachelin, Christian Soir de la mémoire A nostalgic inventory of lost things and forgotten memories.
Reprints. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £8.99
Bailly, Pierric L'homme des bois The writer evokes the death of his father. A portrait of a man, but also of a generation of social workers and political activists in provincial France.
Reprints. Published 11/10/2018. Price: £6.50
Bannalec, Jean-Luc L'inconnu de Port Bélon Port Bélon, pearl of Brittany, famous all over the world for its oysters... And a theatre of new mysteries for the Commissaire Dupin.
Reprints. Published 22/03/2018. Price: £9.99
Bannel, Cédric Kaboul express A terrorism thriller.
Reprints. Published 16/05/2018. Price: £8.99
Barakat, Hoda Mon maître, mon amour Translated from Arabic.
Reprints. Published 05/09/2012. Price: £8.99
Barbérat, Angélique La vie enfuie de Marta K. Marta K. is found in a truck in Germany, on the Polish border. She doesn't remember her past, and even when she is introduced to her husband and children, her amnesia remains. She goes home, surrounded by her loved ones, with the feeling that she is missing someone.
Reprints. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £9.99
Barbery, Muriel La vie des elfes BESTSELLER. The story of Maria and Clara, two little girls who have seen elves.
Reprints. Published 10/01/2019. Price: £8.50
Barbéry, Muriel L'élégance du hérisson BESTSELLER. A beautiful novel about life in an old Parisian building; narrated alternatively by the philosophical fifty-four year old concierge Renée and twelve year old suicidal child genius Paloma. Winner of Prix des Libraires 2007.
Reprints. Published 12/03/2015. Price: £9.50
Barbéry, Muriel Une gourmandise
Reprints. Price: £6.99
Barde-Cabuçon, Olivier Humeur noire à Venise A new investigation for Detective Volnay in Eighteenth-Century Venice, where festivals and carnivals take place amid death and misery…
Reprints. Published 04/01/2017. Price: £9.99
Barjavel, Rene La nuit des temps Scientists in Antarctica get a sound signal coming from the depth of the ice floe. The international community is concerned and starts drilling to find out the origin of the signal.Both a report and an epic, this book is above all a love story.
Reprints. Published 16/08/2012. Price: £9.99
Bassignac, Sophie Séduire Isabelle A. Isabelle loves Pierre but will only marry him if her family agrees. Pierre meets his potential in-laws in the country for a week. It quickly turns into a nightmare.
Reprints. Published 09/05/2018. Price: £8.99
Beauvais, Clémentine Brexit romance A year after the Brexit vote, Marguerite comes to London with a brilliant business idea…
Reprints. Published 10/06/2020. Price: £10.99
Beauvais, Clémentine Songe à la douceur When Tatiana meets Eugene, she is 14, he is 17. She falls in love with him and he with her, but he rejects her. Ten years later, they meet by chance. Tatiana has changed, Eugene too. Will they still go against their feelings?
Reprints. Published 07/06/2018. Price: £8.99
Begag, Azouz Mémoires au soleil A deeply moving text on identity, parentage and Franco-Algerian memory. We follow a father struck by "Ali Zaimeur's" illness and his son.
Reprints. Published 28/03/2019. Price: £7.50
Bégaudeau, François La blessure la vraie The narrator returns to the summer of 1986. Aged 15, he decides to find a girlfriend and begins an unexpected romance. At the ball of July 14, everything accelerates and turns into a nightmare.
Reprints. Published 30/08/2012. Price: £8.99
Bégaudeau, François Molécules Annecy, 1995. Jeanne Deligny, a 44 year old nurse, is found dead in her apartment. With no apparent reason for the crime, the investigators find it difficult to move forward.
Reprints. Published 23/08/2018. Price: £7.99
Beigbeder, Frédéric Un roman français BESTSELLER. An autobiographical novel by Beigbeder about identity, family and childhood. Winner of the Prix Renaudot 2009.
Reprints. Published 2010. Price: £8.50
Bellanger, Aurélien Le Grand Paris The narrator of this novel is Alexandre Belgrand, a visionary urban planner whose project is The Grand Paris, a project that has been called “a vast questioning of the meaning of the city”.
Reprints. Published 06/09/2018. Price: £8.50
Bello, Antoine Ada Frank Logan, a policeman in Silicon Valley, is in charge of a special case: finding Ada, an artificial intelligence robot designed to write romance novels. Faced with this computer programme which speaks, has a sense of humour, gives its opinion, and appears unstoppable, Frank is distraught.
Reprints. Published 19/04/2018. Price: £8.50
Bello, Antoine L’homme qui s’envola As the head of a business in New Mexico, Walker, married to a beautiful woman and father of three children, gives all the appearances of success. However, he hates his busy lifestyle and decides to stage his own death. Detective Nick Shepherd, convinced that Walker is still alive, sets out to look for him.
Reprints. Published 21/02/2019. Price: £9.50
Bello, Antoine Manikin 100 Kreuzer is an accomplished artist, recognized around the world for his sculpted wood mannequins. One morning, his apprentice arrives in the studio but Kreuzer is gone.
Reprints. Published 10/01/2019. Price: £2.99
Ben Jelloun, Tahar Le mariage de plaisir The story of Amir, a prosperous merchant from Fez, who has a "temporary wife" called Nabu, a Peul woman from Dakar.
Reprints. Published 02/11/2017. Price: £7.50
Ben Jelloun, Tahar Sur ma mère Written from fragments of memories, family stories, and conversations with his mother during her battle with Alzheimers, Ben Jelloun recounts the tale of his mother's life growing up in the old medina in 1930s and 1940s Fes.
Reprints. Published 2009. Price: £7.99
Benacquista, Tonino Quatre Romans Noirs A new edition of the classic anthology.
Reprints. Published 2019. Price: £14.50
Benacquista, Tonino Romanesque A French couple on the run in the United States go to the theatre to see a classic. The play tells the story of a couple in the Middle Ages who refused to submit to the law and were condemned to death. Little by little, the spectators sought by the police merge with the characters on stage.
Reprints. Published 01/02/2018. Price: £8.50
Benoit, Pierre Koenigsmark Shortly after his arrival in Germany, a young tutor from France falls madly in love with the Duchess. While searching the castle library, he discovers a terrible secret and finds himself immersed in the heart of a drama.
Reprints. Published 31/10/2018. Price: £8.99
Berest, Claire & Anne Gabriële September 1908. 27-year-old Gabriële Buffet, a musician and feminist, meets Francis Picabia, a successful young painter with a sulphurous reputation.
Reprints. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £9.99
Bernanos, Georges Journal d'un curé de campagne Set in Ambricourt in northern France, a young, newly appointed priest struggles with stomach pains and the lack of faith within his parish. Grand Prix du roman de l'Académie française 1950.
Reprints. Published 12/11/2015. Price: £9.50
Besson, Philippe Arrête avec tes mensonges Prix Maison de la Presse 2017. Philippe Besson tells his heartbreaking secret love story with Thomas Andrieu , the outcome of which is tragic.
Reprints. Published 11/01/2018. Price: £8.50
Besson, Philippe Dîner à Montréal
Reprints. Published 18/06/2020. Price: £8.99
Betting, Fabienne Bons baisers de Mesménie Thomas Lagrange replied to an ad proposing a mission of literary translator from mesmene to French. Now at the the top of the bestsellers after the publication of the book, he has the mesmen mafia at his heels.
Reprints. Published 05/04/2017. Price: £9.50
Bey, Maïssa Bleu blanc vert Algeria 1962. When red ink is banned at school for symbolizing the colonial past, corrections to school work are made in green.
Reprints. Published 2007. Price: £8.99
Binet, Laurent HHhH BESTSELLER. Prix Goncourt du Premier Roman 2010. A novel based on historical events of the Second World War. In 1942 two Czechoslovakian parachutists are sent by London to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich, head of the Nazi Secret Service.
Reprints. Published 2011. Price: £9.99
Binet, Laurent La septième fonction du langage BESTSELLER. Two detectives are investigating the death of Roland Barthes among the French intellectual milieu and discover the existence of a secret society, the Logos Club.
Reprints. Published 31/08/2016. Price: £10.99
Blonde, Didier Leïlah Mahi 1932 Prix Renaudot Essai 2015. In the Père-Lachaise cemetery the narrator discovers the picture of a woman wearing a turban on a funerary plate. Under the photo, a name: Leïlah Mahi and a single date: August 12, 1932. The narrator wants to find out more about her.
Reprints. Published 02/11/2017. Price: £7.50
Blondel, Jean-Philippe Blog A high school student feels betrayed by his father who has read his blog without his consent. In order to be forgiven, his father places a cardboard box outside his bedroom door containing, among other memories, his diary.
Reprints. Published 05/03/2020. Price: £7.99
Blottière, Alain Comment Baptiste est mort Abducted with his family in the desert by jihadists, Baptiste, after several weeks of captivity, is the only one to be released. Gradually, he reveals his extraordinary and cruel story. Prix Decembre.
Reprints. Published 08/02/2018. Price: £7.50
Bobin, Christian La grande vie Christian Bobin pays tribute to the books and artists that marked his life.
Reprints. Published 01/10/2015. Price: £6.50
Bobin, Christian L'homme-joie Fifteen short stories about loved ones, encounters, emblematic figures and visions. Short paragraphs, sometimes handwritten, as well as a letter to the woman loved and lost, are inserted between the texts.
Reprints. Published 31/08/2017. Price: £6.99
Bodet, Stéphanie A la verticale de soi An autobiographical tale and atypical journey of arather fragile, asthmatic woman who became world climbing champion at 23. Through writing, she reconciles her taste for action and contemplation.
Reprints. Published 16/04/2020. Price: £9.99
Boissard, Janine Dis, t'en souviendras-tu? Aude is the wife of a famous perfumer from Grasse. She wakes up in the hospital, deprived of some of her memory. She was found inanimate, on a deserted road not far from her husband's car. The doors were open and the car was empty. What happened to them?
Reprints. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £19.99
Boley, Guy Fils du feu Françoise Sagan Prize 2017. A coming-of-age story with scents of nostalgia.
Reprints. Published 15/02/2018. Price: £6.99
Bombardier, Denise Plus folles que ça tu meurs! Five independent and uninhibited friends. They have succeeded at everything except their love lives, which are hectic and disastrous. A lovely and funny novel.
Reprints. Published 03/01/2018. Price: £9.99
Bondoux, Anne-Laure L'aube sera grandiose Sixteen years old Nine had to go to her high school party but instead, her mother took her to an unknown destination, an isolated hut by the lake. That night, the girl discovers an incredible family history.
Reprints. Published 05/03/2020. Price: £8.99
Bondoux, Anne-Laure, & Jean-Claude Mourlevat Et je danse, aussi Pierre-Marie is a writer lacking inspiration. Adeline is an avid reader who has so much to say. Their written correspondence will change their lives forever.
Reprints. Published 04/02/2016. Price: £8.99
Bonnefoy, Miguel Sucre noir In a Caribbean village, Serena Otero is the heir to a sugar plantation and distils the best rum in the region. Intrepid travellers in search of a 300-year-old treasure regularly visit the plantation.
Reprints. Published 03/04/2019. Price: £7.99
Bonnefoy, Yves Le voyage d'Octavio The tribulations of Octavio, an illiterate peasant from Venezuela who reclaims his past and the history of his country with a young actress who teaches him to read and write.
Reprints. Published 25/05/2016. Price: £7.99
Bordage, Pierre Ceux qui sauront And if the French Revolution had not taken place? Here is the portrait of a France where a minority of aristocrats continue, today, to enslave the popular masses.
Reprints. Published 12/05/2010. Price: £8.99
Bordes, Gilbert Les enfants de l'hiver The inspiring story of six children lost in the mountains and left to fend for themselves during the Occupation.
Reprints. Published 2011. Price: £9.50
Boudart, Anne Une marseillaise à la Haye Anne Boudart, a talented young illustrator from Marseille, describes her move to Holland with a lot of humour.
Reprints. Published 31/10/2018. Price: £9.50
Bouraoui, Nina Beaux rivages This is the story of the end of a relationship. After eight years Adrian leaves A. for another woman. A book that the author admits she has written for all people who have suffered heartbreak.
Reprints. Published 23/08/2017. Price: £9.99
Bouraoui, Nina Tous les hommes désirent naturellement savoir The narrator retraces her childhood, her adolescence, her years as a student, torn between Algeria and Brittany.
Reprints. Published 02/01/2020. Price: £9.70
Bourdeaut, Olivier En attendant Bojangles The story of an extraordinary couple who reinvents life every day. Humorous and moving, it has quickly become a bestseller in France.
Reprints. Published 04/05/2017. Price: £8.20
Bourdeaut, Olivier Pactum salis The friendship between a misanthropic salt marsh worker and an ambitious real estate agent. One leads an almost monastic life, happily disconnected from any technology, while the second proudly parks his Porsche in front of nightclubs.
Reprints. Published 04/04/2019. Price: £9.95
Bourdin, Françoise Le choix des autres Lucas, Clémence, Virgile and Philippine live together in a beautiful chalet in the Gap region. Everything will be turned upside down the day Clemence’s ex-husband, who has still not accepted their separation, turns up at their house.
Reprints. Published 06/09/2018. Price: £10.75
Bourdin, Françoise Face à la mer Mathieu has devoted the last 20 years of his life to his bookshop. It has cost him his marriage, his relationship with his daughter, and now his sanity. Although many friends try to help him, it seems only his estranged daughter holds the key to his recovery.
Reprints. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £8.99
Bourdin, Françoise Si loins, si proches Passionate about wildlife, Lorenzo has transformed his inherited lands into an animal sanctuary. That passion influences all his relationships, including the one with Julia…
Reprints. Published 20/05/2020. Price: £8.99
Bourdon, Françoise Les roses sont éternelles Four short stories taking place in the lands of the Midi.
Reprints. Published 07/02/2018. Price: £9.50
Bourdon, Françoise A travers la nuit et le vent 1933, with the rise of anti-Semitism, David knows that he must leave Berlin, because of his religion, and therefore move away from Hannah. Will they be able to find each other again and offer a new chance to their love?
Reprints. Published 06/02/2020. Price: £10.50
Bouysse, Franck Glaise A drama set during the Great War, but far from its tumult, the Correze writer digs deep into the Massif Central that inspires this rural novel.
Reprints. Published 26/09/2018. Price: £9.50
Bouysse, Frank Oxymort A man wakes up chained in a cellar where a terrible silence reigns. Who? Why? The only way to understand is to wander the corridors of his memory…
Reprints. Published 04/03/2020. Price: £9.50
Brault, Emmanuel Les peaux rouges Amédée Gourd is a racist and speaks badly but society wants to re-educate him. A story of failed loves and successful hatred.
Reprints. Published 09/01/2019. Price: £7.99
Brocas, Sophie Le cercle des femmes At the funeral of a great- grandmother, four generations of women are faced with the discovery of a painful family secret. First novel.
Reprints. Published 04/05/2016. Price: £7.99
Bronnec, Thomas En pays conquis A political thriller with imaginary characters.
Reprints. Published 17/01/2019. Price: £7.99
Brussolo, Serge La porte d'Ivoire Prix du roman d'aventures. A crazy old billionaire on an expedition into the heart of the Congo, has disappeared. His daughter does everything possible to find him and uses the skills of Tracy, a former military nurse, Russel, an outstanding shooter who looks like Clark Gable, and Diolo, a connoisseur of the jungle.
Reprints. Published 17/10/2018. Price: £10.50
Bussi, Michel J’ai dû rêver trop fort The story of a 53-year-old married stewardess and mother, who rekindles the romance she had with a musician 20 years ago.
Reprints. Published 05/03/2020. Price: £11.99
Bussi, Michel Maman a tort BESTSELLER. Three-year-old Malone tells the school psychologist that his mother is not his real mother. Against all odds, the psychologist believes the little boy and goes to the police.
Reprints. Published 04/05/2016. Price: £9.99
Bussi, Michel N'oublier jamais Jamal Salaoui was in the wrong place at the wrong time...on a cliff as a girl jumped to her death. He quickly becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation.
Reprints. Published 07/05/2015. Price: £9.99
Bussi, Michel Ne lâche pas ma main BESTSELLER. Martial Bellion is on holiday on the island of Reunion with his wife and six-year-old daughter. Suddenly, after a fight, his wife disappears from the hotel and cannot be found. Martial is the main suspect.
Reprints. Published 07/05/2014. Price: £9.50
Bussi, Michel Nymphéas noirs Giverny is the quiet and idyllic village of the painter Claude Monet. But this peace is undermined when Jerome Morval, the ophthalmologist of the village, is found murdered.
Reprints. Published 05/09/2013. Price: £9.99
Bussi, Michel On la trouvait plutôt jolie Leyli from Mali arrived in Marseilles a few years ago. She is a mother of three children and works as a cleaner in a hotel. One day her daughter is accused of having murdered a charity worker who helped migrants.
Reprints. Published 31/10/2018. Price: £10.99
Bussi, Michel Sang famille Colin would never have thought that his stay on the island of his childhood would be so hectic or that so many mysteries would be revealed.
Reprints. Published 28/02/2019. Price: £9.99
Bussi, Michel T'en souviens-tu, mon Anaïs? - Et autres nouvelles A young woman escapes Paris with her 3 year old to a villa in Normandy, where one hundred years earlier, an actress stayed. Soon the young woman feels spied on.
Reprints. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £8.50
Bussi, Michel Le temps est assassin BESTSELLER. A woman returns to the scene of a car accident in which she was the only survivor.
Reprints. Published 04/05/2017. Price: £9.99
Bussi, Michel Le temps est assassin BESTSELLER. A woman returns to the scene of a car accident in which she was the only survivor.
Reprints. Published 02/11/2017. Price: £11.50
Caillé-Bastide, Virginie Le sans-Dieu The story begins in 1709, in Brittany. Following a cold spell, Lord Arzhur de Kerloguen loses his children and wife. He is found a few years later sailing on the Caribbean Sea. He is no longer the same man, he is called the Shadow and everyone fears him.
Reprints. Published 24/07/2018. Price: £9.50
Le Callet, Blandine Une pièce montée The disintegration of a wedding ceremony!
Reprints. Published 2007. Price: £9.99
Caro, Fabrice Figurec A wannabe writer, financially dependent of his parents and friends, has for habit to assist to funerals of people he doesn't know. He soon realises that he is not the only one and learn about a secret society called "Figurec".
Reprints. Published 14/03/2019. Price: £7.50
Carré, Isabelle Les rêveurs Isabelle Carré modestly evokes her childhood, then her adolescence in a post-1968 family.
Reprints. Published 30/01/2019. Price: £10.10
Carrère, Emmanuel D'autres vies que la mienne BESTSELLER. After having experienced first hand a tsunami in Sri Lanka, the author recounts the story of a man and woman, both cancer survivors, who are battling against extreme poverty. Prize-winning novel.
Reprints. Published 2010. Price: £9.55
Carrère, Emmanuel Limonov Through the character of Liminov and his pilgrimages across Europe to New York, Carrère paints a picture of the world since the end of World War II. Winner of PRIX RENAUDOT 2011.
Reprints. Published 2013. Price: £9.50
Carrère, Emmanuel Un roman russe The author leads an investigation into the disappearance of a Hungarian soldier in 1944, found 56 years later in a Russian psychiatric hospital in Kotelnitch. A dense and captivating autobiographical work.
Reprints. Published 2008. Price: £9.99
Causse, Jean-Gabriel L'algorithme du coeur Arpanet, the origin of the Internet, has become self-conscious. He is personalized in this book and he is indeed the main character. A young hacker, Justine, will teach "him" emotions in order to save the planet.
Reprints. Published 15/04/2020. Price: £9.50
Causse, Jean-Gabriel Les crayons de couleur Arthur, a former alcoholic trader, works in a factory producing coloured pencils; Charlotte, a blind woman, is a specialist in colours. When colour disappears from the planet, they decide to ally themselves to save people from depression.
Reprints. Published 06/06/2018. Price: £7.99
Cayre, Hannelore La daronne An honest and hardworking woman who is raising her children alone smuggles a large quantity of cannabis. Without guilt or fear, she becomes the Mother, a mafia leader. Prix The Point of the European Polar 2017. Prix Le Point du polar européen 2017.
Reprints. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £8.90
Cayre, Hannelore La daronne An honest and hardworking woman who raises her children alone smuggles a large quantity of cannabis. Without guilt or fright, she becomes the Mother, a mafia leader. Prix The Point of the European Polar 2017. Prix Le Point du polar européen 2017.
Reprints. Published 13/02/2020. Price: £8.50
Ceci, Jean-Marc Monsieur Origami Kurokigu left Japan to settle in Italy where he cultivates kõzo, a paper he uses to make his origami. Kurokigu lives as a hermit until the arrival of Casparo, a young man who dreams of making the most complicated watch in the world.
Reprints. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £7.50
Chalandon, Sorj Mon traître Antoine, a Parisian musician, travels to Ireland to follow his passion for stringed instruments. In Belfast he becomes aware of the war ravaging the country and becomes engaged in Irish politics.
Reprints. Published 2009. Price: £7.99
Chandernagor, Françoise L'Allée du Roi The fictional memoirs of Madame de Maintenon, second wife of Louis XIV.
Reprints. Published 2007. Price: £9.50
Chantraine, Olivier Un élément perturbateur A humoristic novel which illustrates the ambivalent relationship of the hero to success, to family, to the couple, and to all types of dominant discourse.
Reprints. Published 07/03/2019. Price: £7.99
Chattam, Maxime Le signal The Spencer family has just moved to Mahingan Falls. A haven of peace. At least that's what they thought.
Reprints. Published 06/02/2020. Price: £11.99
Chérel, Gauillaume Un bon écrivain est un écrivain mort During a literary event set in a monastery in the Alpes, celebrity writers disappear one by one.
Reprints. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £10.50
Chevalier, Séverine Recluses Zora blows up her belt of explosives in the heart of a hypermarket in the suburbs of Lyon, killing several people with her. Suzanne tries to understand her gesture and goes to visit the places where this girl lived with Zia, her disabled sister.
Reprints. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £8.99
Chevillard, Eric Ronce-Rose The notebook of Ronce-Rose contains only the stories of a peaceful existence with Machefer, until her life is turned upside down, and this enjoyable diary becomes a narrative of a desperate quest.
Reprints. Published 03/01/2019. Price: £7.99
Chomarat, Luc Le polar de l'été A writer is trying to write a summer thriller. It becomes a personal and paternal quest that leads him to question his position as son and father.
Reprints. Published 14/06/2018. Price: £7.99
Claudel, Philippe Inhumaines A satire of society today, inspired by current affairs.
Reprints. Published 07/11/2018. Price: £8.50
Claudel, Philippe L’arbre du pays Toraja After the death of both his producer and best friend, a filmmaker reflects on his life and on his relationships.
Reprints. Published 01/02/2017. Price: £8.50
Claudel, Philippe L’archipel du chien On an island in the “Dog's Archipelago” a small community leads a simple life away from the noise of the world. Until the day three bodies are found and the inhabitants are forced to reveal their true natures.
Reprints. Published 27/03/2019. Price: £10.35
Claudel, Philippe La petite fille de Monsieur Linh The story of refugee Monsieur Linh.
Reprints. Published 2007. Price: £7.99
Claudel, Philippe Le Rapport de Brodeck A quiet, gifted man of great sensitivity recounts his life in his village before and after the concentration camp : A story of betrayal, love, courage in a cruel society which will always fear the "other." A moving book, a testimony that seems real.
Reprints. Published 2009. Price: £8.99
Clermont-Tonnerre, Adélaïde de Le dernier des nôtres BESTSELLER. Werner Zilch, adopted by a middle-class couple, dreams of conquering New York. He falls in love with Rebecca Lynch, a young artist and rich heiress. Their passionate love leads them into a bustling city in the era of Warhol, Patti Smith and Bob Dylan. But when Judith's mother sees him for the first time, she collapses. Prix de l'Académie française 2016
Reprints. Published 23/08/2017. Price: £9.99
Colic, Velibor Manuel d'exil - Comment réussir son exil en trente-cinq leçons After deserting the Bosnian army, the narrator finds himself without money or friends, not speaking French, in a refugee home. Using poetic language, full of fantasy and humour, yet without pity, Velibor Colic describes the condition of refugees.
Reprints. Published 02/11/2017. Price: £8.50
Colize, Paul Un jour comme les autres Emily needs answers about the disappearance of her partner Eric, but the police stopped the investigation. One day a journalist contacts her, he too knew Eric and wants to understand.
Reprints. Published 19/03/2020. Price: £10.00
Collette, Sandrine Les larmes noires sur la terre The story of a young migrant and her son who finds refuge in the slums, somewhere in France.
Reprints. Published 31/01/2018. Price: £9.99
Colombiani, Laetitia La tresse The crossed paths of three women, on three different continents. In India, Smita longs to escape her menial life, Julia in Palermo who discovers that her family’s business is failing, and Sarah, a Canadian lawyer who learns that she has breast cancer.
Reprints. Published 30/05/2018. Price: £9.45
Constantine, Barbara Petits portraits de très grandes personnes Sixteen portraits of elderly people telling the stories of their youth.
Reprints. Published 31/10/2018. Price: £8.99
Cossé, Laurence Au bon roman A small group of writers open a unique bookshop in the Latin Quarter, determined to preserve the quality of literature and fight against the large populist publishers. However, certain members become the targets of threats, and a police investigation is launched.
Reprints. Published 2010. Price: £8.99
Cossé, Laurence La Grande Arche A story based around the monument of La Grande Arche and all the human and political drama which surrounded its construction.
Reprints. Published 24/08/2017. Price: £7.99
Cusset, Catherine L'autre qu'on adorait This novel follows Thomas, who was the lover and then close friend of the narrator. Brilliant, charming, he lives his loves, dreams and disappointments intensely. What curse could have led him, first in France and then in the ruthless American university circle, to make mistakes to the point of destroying all hope for the future?
Reprints. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £7.99
Cusset, Catherine Un brillant avenir PRIX GONCOURT DES LYCEENS 2008. A young Romanian woman runs away with a man and marries him against the will of her parents. She obtains American nationality but finds herself confronted with her French daughter-in-law and her husband's depression
Reprints. Published 2010. Price: £8.50
d'Ormesson, Jean Je dirai malgré tout que cette vie fut belle An autobiography written as a trial and a dialogue to his alter ego.
Reprints. Published 07/03/2019. Price: £8.50
Da Costa, Mélissa Tout le bleu du ciel A 26-year-old man with an early Alzheimer's disease and a young women escaping her family and the hospital go on a trip together.
Reprints. Published 12/02/2020. Price: £11.00
Dabos, Christelle La passe-miroir Ophelie, which can read the past through objects and can go through mirrors, lives quietly on the ark of Anima. One day she gets engaged by force to Thorn from the Clan of the Dragons. She will be involved without knowing to a terrible conspiracy. Prize Winner
Reprints. Published 11/05/2016. Click on entry for price details.
Daoud, Kamel Meursault, contre-enquête BESTSELLER. In Algeria the brother of an Arab killed by Meursault thirsts for recognition, fifty years after the event. A new take on Camus' The Outsider told by the brother of the victim.
Reprints. Published 04/05/2016. Price: £7.99
Darrieussecq, Marie Notre vie dans les forêts A psychotherapist lives hidden in the forest along with her clone, far from a menacing society.
Reprints. Published 17/08/2017. Price: £6.50
Debré, Constance Play boy A woman tells, in a deliberately direct language, her sexual experiences and her attraction for women. She calls herself "a play boy".
Reprints. Published 16/01/2020. Price: £8.99
Decoin, Didier Avec vue sur la mer In this book Didier Decoin tells us a story of love: the one he has been keeping for five years with a quirky little house in a peninsula of Contentin.
Reprints. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £8.50
Decoin, Didier Le bureau des jardins et des étangs Shimae, Japan, around the year 1000. Katsuro is a fisherman able to catch the most beautiful carps for sale in Heian-kyo markets. Upon his death, the task falls to his widow, the delicate Miyuki. She must face the risks of travel, the traps of the great city, magic and sorcery and evil of all kinds.
Reprints. Published 10/01/2018. Price: £9.50
Del Amo, Jean-Baptiste Règne animal Prix Valery Larbaud 2018. The story of a family farm destined to become a pig farm. In this environment dominated by the omnipresence of animals, five generations are going through the cataclysm of war, economic disasters and the rise of industrial violence.
Reprints. Published 05/04/2018. Price: £8.99
Delabroy-Allard, Pauline Ça raconte Sarah Two women, a single mother and a violonist, fall in love.
Reprints. Published 05/03/2020. Price: £9.50
Delacourt, Grégoire Danser au bord de l'abîme The story of a woman who leaves her husband and children behind for a man she hardly knows.
Reprints. Published 03/01/2018. Price: £8.99
Delacourt, Grégoire La femme qui ne vieillissait pas Martine is a happy young woman, teacher, mother and wife. One day, at thirty-five she realizes she is no longer aging. We then discover her past life and the difficulties she faced.
Reprints. Published 30/01/2019. Price: £8.99
Delacourt, Grégoire La liste de mes envies BESTSELLER. The tender and funny story of an ordinary woman who wins the Euro Millions.
Reprints. Published 2013. Price: £8.50
Delacourt, Grégoire Mon père A father happens to know that his son has been molested by a priest.
Reprints. Published 29/01/2020. Price: £9.70
Delacourt, Grégoire Les quatre saisons de l’été Couples of different ages meet on a beach in the summer of 1999. They spy on, envy and influence each other.
Reprints. Published 11/05/2016. Price: £9.50
Delesalle, Nicolas Le goût du large The narrator describes his journey on a freighter, from Antwerp to Istanbul.
Reprints. Published 10/01/2018. Price: £9.50
Delmaire, Julien Frère des astres Benoît is a pilgrim of our time, a funny hiker who crosses France, staring at the stars. The figure of celestial tramp, worthy of a novel of Kerouac, he walks towards his destiny with sweetness and innocence.
Reprints. Published 14/02/2018. Price: £8.50
Delperdange, Patrick Si tous les dieux nous abandonnent On the outskirts of an isolated village in the countryside, Leopold, a widower, finds a lost woman.
Reprints. Published 15/11/2018. Price: £7.50
Delzongle, Sonja Récidive New York, spring 2014. Hanah Baxter, a French profiler who tracks serial killers, is back home after a trip to California. Little by little, strange events invade her daily life. Mysterious anonymous callers start ringing at any time.
Reprints. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £8.50
Des Cars, Guy La brute A wealthy American is found murdered in his luxurious cabin of the liner De Grasse. A deaf-mute who has been blind since birth, confesses to the crime. Why did he commit such a barbarous act?
Reprints. Published 17/10/2018. Price: £7.99
Des Cars, Guy La dame du cirque Michaëla abandoned her noble background to become a circus rider. But after marrying the director, she is the victim of an accident. She loses her mind and becomes jealous.
Reprints. Published 17/10/2018. Price: £7.99
Des Cars, Guy La maudite A beautiful woman raised as a boy according to the rules of her strict father is torn between the pure love of a man and the physical attraction she feels for a manipulative woman.
Reprints. Published 17/10/2018. Price: £6.50
Désérable, François-Henri Un certain M. Piekielny As a child, the writer Romain Gary promised his neighbour that he would mention his name to the many personalities he would meet in his life. He never failed to do so. But who was this mysterious Mister Piekielny?
Reprints. Published 14/02/2019. Price: £7.99
Despentes, Virginie King Kong théorie The author of the notorious "Baise-moi" reflects on her personal itinerary and the unconventional choices she has made.
Reprints. Published 2007. Price: £8.00
Despentes, Virginie Mordre au travers intimate dramas or disturbing dreams, these short novels speaks of desire, refusal, anger, unspoken shame, excess of love, or even murderous madness.
Reprints. Published 04/03/2020. Price: £3.99
Despentes, Virginie Vernon Subutex: vol. 1 BESTSELLER. Vernon Subutex, a former record shop owner, is evicted from his Parisian apartment. Hopeless and homeless, he is unaware that everyone is looking for him.
Reprints. Published 02/03/2016. Price: £10.35
Despentes, Virginie Vernon Subutex (vol. 2) The volume 2 of Vernon Subutex's adventures.
Reprints. Published 30/03/2016. Price: £10.35
Despentes, Virginie Vernon Subutex, vol. 3 Continuation and end of the adventures of Vernon Subutex, former record shop owner.
Reprints. Published 02/05/2018. Price: £10.35
Despentes, Viriginie Coffret Vernon Subutex Boxed set of all three volumes.
Reprints. Published 2018. Price: £24.99
Dhée, Amandine La femme brouillon In writing overflowing with irony, Amandine Dhee evokes motherhood and seeks an alternative to the role that society would like to give it.
Reprints. Published 08/11/2018. Price: £6.50
Dicker, Joël Les derniers jours de nos pères In 1940 Paul-Emile, a young Parisian, escapes to London where he enlists in The Special Operations Executive (SOE) recently created by Churchill. After intensive training, he returns to France to join the Resistance.
Reprints. Published 11/03/2015. Price: £9.99
Dicker, Joël Le livre des Baltimore BESTSELLER. Marcus Goldman tells the story of his family, the Goldmans from Baltimore.
Reprints. Published 01/03/2017. Price: £10.99
Dicker, Joël La vérité sur l'affaire Harry Quebert BESTSELLER. Marcus Goldman, a successful writer, is suffering from Writer's Block. Discovering that his friend and former university professor, Harry Quebert, one of the country's most respected writers, is being accused of the murder of a 15 year old girl in 1975, Marcus drops everything and goes to New Hampshire to help his friend. A recipe of suspenseful twists, romanticism and powerful narration.
Reprints. Published 2014. Price: £10.20
Didierlaurent, Jean-Paul Le liseur du 6h27 Every morning on the 6.27 train, Guylain reads a few pages saved from books which were meant to have been destroyed at the factory where he works. One day, he is deeply moved by the text of an unknown woman.
Reprints. Published 27/08/2015. Price: £8.95
Didierlaurent, Jean-Paul Macadam A collection of stories full of dark humour.
Reprints. Published 17/05/2018. Price: £7.50
Didierlaurent, Jean-Paul Le reste de leur vie The story of the friendship between Manelle, a home care worker and Ambroise, an embalmer.
Reprints. Published 24/08/2017. Price: £7.99
Divry, Sophie Quand le diable sortit de la salle de bain Humorous account of the life of Sophie, an unemployed thirtysomething.
Reprints. Published 01/02/2017. Price: £8.50
Djavani, Négar Désorientale A narrative about Iran in the seventies, France and identity. Prix du Style 2016 & Autre prix 2016.
Reprints. Published 05/04/2018. Price: £10.50
Djebar, Assia Nulle part dans la maison de mon père Djebar's autobiographical novel recounts the life and politics of her parents, her childhood in Algeria, and the people and places that have shaped her writing.
Reprints. Published 2010. Price: £10.99
Djian, Philippe Chéri-chéri Denis, a married man, leads a double life. By day he is an unsuccessful writer, at night he dresses up as a woman and dances at the cabaret. But his life is turned upside down by the arrival of his in-laws in the flat upstairs.
Reprints. Published 03/03/2016. Price: £8.50
Djian, Philippe Marlène Dan and Richard are Afghan veterans and childhood friends. Still seriously disturbed by what they experienced, they struggle to regain a normal life. While Dan manages to find a job, Richard flirts with criminality and adultery, damaging his marriage to Nath. The arrival of Marlene, Nath's sister, will disrupt their lives all over again.
Reprints. Published 11/10/2018. Price: £7.50
DOA Pukhtu primo Crime fiction inspired by today's wars.
Reprints. Published 07/09/2017. Price: £9.50
DOA Pukhtu. Secundo Crime fiction inspired by today's wars.
Reprints. Published 07/10/2017. Price: £10.50
DOA Le serpent aux mille coupures Three drug traffickers from Colombia are found dead near Toulouse. They were all killed by a professional.
Reprints. Published 08/10/2015. Price: £7.50
Dubois, Jean Paul Vous plaisantez. Monsieur Tanner Paul Tanner led a quiet life until he inherited the family pile and embarked on a restoration project! From the bestselling author of "Une vie française".
Reprints. Published 2007. Price: £7.99
Ducrozet, Pierre Eroica A biographical novel on Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Reprints. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £9.50
Dugain, Marc L'insomnie des étoiles It's the autumn of 1945 and the Allies are occupying Germany. In the South of the country, Captain Louyre and his company come across an isolated farm where a savage girl is living alongside a corpse.
Reprints. Published 2012. Price: £8.50
Dusapin, Elisa Shua Hiver à Sokcho In Sokcho, a small port city near North Korea, a young woman cooks for the rare visitors. They have come to isolate themselves from the world. The arrival of a Frenchman, a comic book author, breaks the monotony of winter. Robert Walser Prize.
Reprints. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £8.20
Egloff, Joël J’enquête One winter night in a sleepy village , the narrator, a private detective, leads a strange investigation. Around him, everything appears opaque and mysterious.
Reprints. Published 02/03/2017. Price: £7.99
Enard, Mathias Boussole BESTSELLER. Prix Goncourt 2015. Franz Ritter, a Viennese musicologist, is in shock after an alarming medical diagnosis. An insomniac, he escapes his lonely nights by reminiscing about his travels, studies and the wonders he has seen.
Reprints. Published 16/08/2017. Price: £10.50
Énard, Mathias Parle-leur de batailles, de rois et d'éléphants The story of a forgotten few weeks of history when Michelangelo was invited to Constantinople by the Sultan to discuss the design of the Bosphorus Bridge. Winner of Prix Goncourt des Lycéens 2010.
Reprints. Published 2013. Price: £8.50
Énard, Mathias Zone BESTSELLER. One night a man takes the train to Rome with a suitcase filled with secrets about his activities within the French intelligence service in the Near East. Winner of the Prix Décembre 2008.
Reprints. Published 2010. Price: £12.99
Ernaux, Annie Les années Annie Ernaux's distanced version of her autobiography, in which she often refers to herself in the third person.
Reprints. Published 14/01/2010. Price: £9.55
Ernaux, Annie Mémoire de fille The author evokes the summer of her first time and the girl she used to be.
Reprints. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £6.99
Ernaux, Annie Le vrai lieu Annie Ernaux looks back on her personal journey, which determined her entry into the world of literature.
Reprints. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £8.25
Fargues, Nicolas J'étais derrière toi The end of a love story, the beginning of a new one. A man lost between his wife and his mistress, a destructive relationship and an impossible one. Written from the voice of this man itself.Edition with a plastic case.
Reprints. Published 06/06/2013. Price: £10.50
Faye, Gaël Petit Pays BESTSELLER. Prix Goncourt des Lycéens 2016. Burundi, 1992. 10-year-old Gabriel lives in a comfortable expat neighbourhood with his French father, an entrepreneur, his Rwandan mother and his little sister Ana. As the boy watches his parents marriage fall apart, civil war looms.
Reprints. Published 23/09/2017. Price: £9.45
Ferey, Caryl Condor A thriller set in the darkest depths of modern day Chile.
Reprints. Published 08/02/2018. Price: £9.50
Ferey, Caryl Pourvu que ça brule The diary of the famous crime fiction writer.
Reprints. Published 10/01/2018. Price: £8.99
Fives, Carole C’est dimanche et je n’y suis pour rien For forty-year-old Léonore, life has not turned out as she had planned. One day she decides to go to Portugal, the homeland of her first love who died in a car accident at 19.
Reprints. Published 19/01/2017. Price: £6.50
Fives, Carole Une femme au téléphone A woman talks to her daughter on the phone: it's Charlene, an outgoing woman in her sixties who drinks, smokes, and dates men. She survived cancer and is not afraid to say what goes on in her heart, which for her daughter can be both touching and toxic.
Reprints. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £6.50
Foenkinos, David Charlotte BESTSELLER. The story of Charlotte Salomon, a German Jewish painter, deported to Auschwitz at 26.
Reprints. Published 02/05/2016. Price: £7.99
Foenkinos, David La Délicatesse BESTSELLER. Prize-winning novel set in Sweden. Charles Delamain is in love with his recently-widowed colleague Nathalie.
Reprints. Published 2011. Price: £8.95
Foenkinos, David Le mystère Henri Pick BESTSELLER. A librarian creates a library of manuscripts rejected by publishers. Years later, a publisher comes across one of these manuscripts and publishes it. The success is immediate but no one knows the true identity of the author.
Reprints. Published 01/04/2016. Price: £9.55
Foenkinos, David Le potentiel érotique de ma femme
Reprints. Price: £9.25
Foenkinos, David Vers la beauté Antoine Duris is a professor at the Beaux-Arts. From one day to the next, he decides to leave everything to become a warden in a museum. Nobody knows the reasons for this sudden change.
Reprints. Published 02/05/2019. Price: £9.85
Forge, Sylvain Tension extrême Prix du Quai des Orfèvres 2018. A young woman investigator hunts down a cyber terrorist who is a threat to the city of Nantes and its inhabitants.
Reprints. Published 15/11/2017. Price: £10.99
Forge, Sylvain la trace du Silure Police captain Isabelle Mayet leaves Paris to live in Nantes where she investigates the murder of a hermit who was found in a German bunker of the Second World War.
Reprints. Published 09/05/2018. Price: £9.50
Frébourg, Olivier La grande nageuse A love story between a sailor and a swimmer.
Reprints. Published 08/10/2015. Price: £7.50
Frégni, René Je me souviens de tous vos rêves The bucolic wanderings of René Frégni and his little world in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.
Reprints. Published 09/11/2017. Price: £6.99
Frenkel, Françoise Rien où poser sa tête A Jewish bookseller has to flee Germany and goes to France. This is the story of 1940s France from the perspective of a fugitive: violence, denunciations, imprisonment…
Reprints. Published 08/02/2018. Price: £7.99
Gain, Patrice La naufragée du lac des dents blanches Two survivors of a shipwreck and a mountaineer embark on a journey to help a refugee who fled the barbarism of her country and is now searching for her daughter.
Reprints. Published 23/08/2018. Price: £9.99
Gallay, Claudie Détails d'Opalka The biography of a painter which is an opportunity for Claudie Gallay to talk about her vocation as a writer. Two lives put in parallel.
Reprints. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £8.99
Garcin, Jérôme Le voyant The story of Jacques Lusseyran, an unsung hero who was a resistance fighter, a teacher, a philosopher but also blind since childhood.
Reprints. Published 08/04/2016. Price: £7.50
Garde, François L'effroi The hero of this novel is a musician who stood against a gesture made by the conductor of the orchestra who raised his arm in a Nazi salute before a concert.
Reprints. Published 01/02/2018. Price: £8.99
Gary, Romain Clair de femme Michel has had to deal with the death of his wife, while Lydia is mourning the loss of her daughter. Both Michel and Lydia are lonely, and they are attempting to start a relationship together.
Reprints. Published 13/06/2007. Price: £8.80
Gary, Romain Les racines du ciel Goncourt Prize 1956. In Fort Lamy, French Equitorial Africa, idealist Morel launches a one-man campaign to preserve the African elephant from extinction, which he sees as the last remaining "roots of Heaven."
Reprints. Published 13/06/2007. Price: £9.50
Gary, Romain Le sens de ma vie: Entretien Sharing memories and anecdotes, Romain Gary reveals the meaning of his life.
Reprints. Published 11/12/2015. Price: £6.99
Gaudé, Laurent Ecoutez nos défaites A French secret agent is sent to Beirut to find a former US sniper suspected of trafficking. There, he meets an Iranian archaeologist who is trying to save museum treasures from bombed cities.
Reprints. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £8.99
Gaudé, Laurent Le Soleil des Scorta Goncourt winning novel from the author of bestselling "La mort du roi Tsongor". The story of an Italian clan in South Italy.
Reprints. Price: £7.50
Gauthier, Brigitte Personne ne le saura In a swingers club, Anna has been drugged. When she awakes from her coma, she has lost everything. Her memory. The man she loves. The darkness remains but she will have to investigate.
Reprints. Published 20/09/2018. Price: £7.50
Gavalda, Anna L'échappée belle
Reprints. Published 2012. Price: £5.99
Gavalda, Anna Ensemble, c'est tout A feel-good story centering on four very different characters…uplifting and fun! Recently made into a popular film with Audrey Tautou and Guillaume Canet.
Reprints. Published 2005. Price: £9.50
Gavalda, Anna Fendre l’armure A collection of seven short stories whose narrators reveal themselves and talk about the solitude of their lives; each story helping to build an impression of the benevolence of people, “ordinary heroes”.
Reprints. Published 02/05/2018. Price: £9.99
Gestern, Hélèle Eux sur la photo Helen seeks the truth about her mother, who died when she was three years old. Only a couple of clues: two names and a photo found in family papers.
Reprints. Published 03/10/2013. Price: £11.50
Gibran, Khalil Le prophète Original title: "The prophet"
Reprints. Published 15/03/2006. Price: £4.99
Giebel, Karine D'ombre et de silence A collection of eight dark short stories by crime fiction writer Karine Giebel.
Reprints. Published 11/10/2018. Price: £8.50
Giesbert, Franz-Olivier L’arracheuse de dents A fictionalised biography of Lucile Bradsock, a dentist who experienced a century of French and American history and met the great characters of the time, from Robespierre to Napoleon and the first presidents of the United States.
Reprints. Published 08/02/2018. Price: £8.50
Giordano, Raphaëlle Ta deuxième vie commence quand tu comprends que tu n’en as qu’une Camille cannot find happiness in her well-regulated existence. Claude, a "routinologist", will help her to reinvent her life.
Reprints. Published 01/06/2017. Price: £8.99
Giordano, Raphaëlle Ta deuxième vie commence quand tu comprends que tu n’en as qu’une Camille cannot find happiness in her well-regulated existence. Claude, a "routinologist", will help her to reinvent her life.
Reprints. Published 02/11/2017. Price: £9.99
Gounelle, Laurent Homme qui voulait être heureux While on vacation in Bali, Julian decides to consult a wise healer.The old Master Samtyang's diagnosis is firm: you are healthy, but you are not Happy. His teachings on the nature of true happiness and self-discovery, offer unforgettable lessons that linger long past the final page.
Reprints. Published 2010. Price: £7.99
Grand, Emmanuel Les salauds devront payer When Pauline Leroy, a young drug addict, is murdered, the inhabitants of Wollaing, a small northern town demoralised by unemployment, decide to take revenge. However, police commander Erik Buchmeyer distinguished other resentments.
Reprints. Published 04/01/2017. Price: £9.99
Grangé, Jean-Christophe Congo requiem More adventures of the Morvan family.
Reprints. Published 02/11/2017. Price: £10.75
Grangé, Jean-Christophe Lontano BESTSELLER. Erwan Morvan investigates an initiation ritual gone wrong at a Naval College in Brittany.
Reprints. Published 03/05/2017. Price: £12.50
Grannec, Yannick Le bal mécanique The seizure of paintings despoiled by the Third Reich, will force a father and his son to unravel the threads of their family history.
Reprints. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £11.50
Gras, Cédric Anthracite Two friends cross the chaos that became their native Ukraine in a tragi-comic road trip.
Reprints. Published 19/04/2018. Price: £7.50
Grimaldi, Virginie Le parfum du bonheur est plus fort sous la pluie Everyday a woman writes to her ex-husband, describing a memory from their relationship, in an effort to win back his heart.
Reprints. Published 02/05/2018. Price: £9.99
Grimbert, Philippe Un secret Bestselling prize-winning novel, recently made into a film starring Patrick Bruel and Julie Depardieu. Set in post-war France, this is the story of a family haunted by the secrets of their past.
Reprints. Published 2006. Price: £7.50
Guay-Poliquin, Christian Le poids de la neige A village is surrounded by snow, deprived of electricity and contact with the rest of the world. Two men, at two different stages of life, have to face cold, hunger and boredom together. Literary Prize France-Québec 2017.
Reprints. Published 30/01/2019. Price: £8.50
Guégan, Gérard Le sang dans la tête A novel about love and racism, urban loneliness and right-wing extremism.
Reprints. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £7.99
Guenassia, Jean-Michel Le club des incorrigibles optimistes Paris, 1959. 12-year-old Michel comes across a group of people who have escaped from behind the Iron Curtain and meet in the back room of a bistro in Paris. They are all linked by a terrible secret which Michel uncovers.
Reprints. Published 2011. Price: £12.50
Guenassia, Jean-Michel De l'influence de David Bowie sur la destinée des jeunes filles Paul is a 17 year old androgynous man, raised by two women, in search of his true identity and his biological father.
Reprints. Published 23/08/2017. Price: £9.99
Guenassia, Jean-Michel La valse des arbres et du ciel Marguerite Gachet was 19 when her father, a doctor, treated Vincent Van Gogh as a patient. Meeting the painter opens the world of art to her and reaffirms her dream to enter the Fine Arts School, despite her father's opposition.
Reprints. Published 07/02/2018. Price: £9.50
Guène, Faiza Du rêve pour les oufs A young Algerian woman struggles with all sorts of problems but this does not stop her from finding amusement in the people who cross paths with her. From the bestselling author of "Kiffe kiffe demain."
Reprints. Published 2008. Price: £7.50
Guène, Faiza Kiffe kiffe demain Bestseller. Humorous novel about a girl who lives alone with her mother in a troubled Parisian suburb.
Reprints. Published 2005. Price: £7.50
Guez, Olivier La disparition de Josef Mengele Prix Renaudot 2017. 1949, Josef Mengele arrives in Argentina. This former SS doctor, guilty of atrocious experiments on the deportees in Auschwitz, believes he can reinvent himself in South America.
Reprints. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £8.99
Guilcher, Armelle Les inconnus du bout du monde A dive in the heart of Guyana with Marie and Alex, two characters at the crossroads of their lives.
Reprints. Published 19/04/2018. Price: £8.50
Haddad, Hubert Le bleu du temps A famous painter attaches himself to a lost girl, of whom he knows almost nothing. Soon the painter wants her to become his model to save her from herself.
Reprints. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £10.99
Haddad, Hubert Corps désirable What would happen if your head was transplanted onto a new body?
Reprints. Published 30/08/2018. Price: £6.99
Haenel, Yannick Tiens ferme ta couronne Prix Médicis 2017. While no producer is interested in his script on the life of Herman Melville, the narrator meets a famous filmmaker in New York, and a series of incredible adventures follow.
Reprints. Published 14/02/2019. Price: £8.99
Haroche, Raphäel Retourner à la mer Short stories which portrays several characters. A Berber security guard in love with an aging stripper; a butcher saves a baby cow, three teenagers witness the crash of an airliner etc… Prix ​​Goncourt de la Nouvelle 2017.
Reprints. Published 13/09/2018. Price: £6.99
Hauuy, Vincent Le tricycle rouge Noah Wallace is contacted by an ex-profiler to investigate a murder. At the same time, in New York, a journalist attempts to elucidate the disappearance of a reporter in the 1970s. Michel Bussi Award 2017 for the best French thriller.
Reprints. Published 23/03/2018. Price: £10.50
Henaff, Sophie Poulets grillés Anne Capestan has just been promoted to head of a special police unit.
Reprints. Published 30/03/2016. Price: £9.99
Hornakova-Civade, Lenka Giboulées de soleil Prix Renaudot des Lycéens. Three Czech women share the same fate: from mother to daughter, they grow up without a father. Can they break the curse?
Reprints. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £8.99
Houel, Fred Quand les oiseaux s'étaient tus In Port Scott, Antarctica, Thorn and Jim are lighthouse keepers. Jim makes a phone call about the accidental death of Thorn before being in turn found dead. Police captain Brad Morney and Dr. Mary Seurley are going to investigate this mysterious death with only Jim's diary as a clue. Prix du Masque 2017
Reprints. Published 17/05/2017. Price: £9.99
Houellebecq, Michel La carte et le territoire BESTSELLER. Houellebecq's latest work is finally out in paperback. A novel which touches on many topics close to the author's heart such as father-son relationships, death, solitude and creativity.
Reprints. Published 2012. Price: £9.99
Houellebecq, Michel La carte et le territoire Edition luxe BESTSELLER. A novel which touches on many topics close to the author's heart such as father-son relationships, death, solitude and creativity.
Reprints. Published 16/01/2019. Price: £11.50
Houellebecq, Michel La possibilité d'une île BESTSELLER. Prix Interallié 2005. The 21st century. A sect promising immortality to its members has supplanted traditional religion…. Houellebecq is back with possibly his best novel yet.
Reprints. Published 2013. Price: £10.50
Houellebecq, Michel Sérotonine The narrator tells of his life as an agronomist, his friendship with an aristocrat farmer, the failure of the ideals of their youth and the perhaps foolish hope of finding a lost love.
Reprints. Published 07/10/2020. Price: £9.95
Houellebecq, Michel Soumission BESTSELLER. In 2022, with the help of the French Socialist party and the Centrists, Mohammed Ben Abbes defeats the far-right National Front and becomes the first Muslim president of France. The country is in turmoil.
Reprints. Published 04/01/2017. Price: £9.99
Incardona, Joseph Chaleur Every year in Finland, the world sauna championships take place. Niko, multiple winner, and Igor, his perpetual challenger, are both ready for victory.
Reprints. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £7.50
Ivoire, Paul A chacun son rêve Sylvain Balmont, a sales rep for a food company, wins the Euromillions jackpot thanks to Xavier Rosa, a homeless person. He wants to find the vagabond to thank him and help him, but he is dead. Sylvain decides to investigate the past of his benefactor.
Reprints. Published 09/05/2018. Price: £9.50
Jablonka, Ivan Laëtitia ou La fin des hommes Prix Medicis 2016. In January 2011, 18-year-old Laëtitia Perrais was kidnapped before being killed. For two years, the author met with the relatives and investigators, before attending the murderer's trial. He studied her life as well as society in general, revealing widespread violence against women.
Reprints. Published 07/09/2017. Price: £9.99
Jacq, Christian La vengeance des dieux Two novels "Chasse à l'homme" and "La divine adoratrice". Love story, conspiracy and murder in the time of the Pharaohs.
Reprints. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £12.90
Jaeglé, Marianne Vincent qu'on assassine This novel traces the last two years of the painter's life and questions his tragic end. Who killed him and how did the legend of suicide last for one hundred and twenty years?
Reprints. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £8.50
Jaenada, Philippe La serpe Prix Femina 2017. The fictional account of the life of Georges Arnaud, writer of "Salaire de la peur" who was accused and later acquitted of the mysterious murder of his family.
Reprints. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £10.50
Japrisot, Sebastien L'ete meurtrier One of the author's many bestsellers.That novel will keep you in suspense all along.
Reprints. Published 1977. Price: £9.50
Jolibert, Stéphane Déclic Leandre has a wife who hates him and two daughters who despise him. One morning, he finds an envelope in the mail that contains enough money to change a man's life.
Reprints. Published 14/03/2018. Price: £9.50
Joncour, Serge Repose-toi sur moi Prix Interallié 2016. Aurore is a stylist and a mother. Ludovic is a bailiff who used to be a farmer. They share a courtyard in their Parisian building. A problem with birds in the shared space leads to a confrontation, but they eventually come to understand each other.
Reprints. Published 03/05/2017. Price: £9.50
Kââ Il ne faut pas déclencher les puissances nocturnes et bestiales An action thriller with a lot of casualties by a classic author of the Noir novel.
Reprints. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £10.99
Kaddour, Hédi Les Prépondérants Grand prix du Roman de l'Académie française 2015. 1922 in Nahbès, a small city in the Maghreb. The intrusion of a Hollywood film crew disrupts the lives of the inhabitants.
Reprints. Published 05/10/2017. Price: £9.50
Kalfon, Stéphanie Les parapluies d’Erik Satie In 1901, Erik Satie is 34. Melancholic, he abandons his friends and Montmartre, isolates himself in the suburbs and drinks more and more. In spite of his gloominess and his solitude, he succeeds in composing works as original as they are sensational.
Reprints. Published 11/10/2018. Price: £6.99
Kerangal, Maylis de Réparer les vivants A young man has been killed in a road accident and his parents have authorised organ donation. The story follows the path of his heart and its impact on other lives.
Reprints. Published 13/05/2015. Price: £10.50
Kerangel, Maylis de Naissance d'un pont BESTSELLER. The destinies of a dozen different characters merge through a project to construct a suspension bridge in California. Winner of the Prix Medicis in 2010.
Reprints. Published 2012. Price: £8.99
Khadra, Yasmina Attentat
Reprints. Published 2006. Price: £8.99
Khadra, Yasmina Ce que le jour doit à la nuit BESTSELLER. Voted book of the year 2009 by France Télévisions. A novel about life in colonial Algeria.
Reprints. Published 2009. Price: £9.99
Khadra, Yasmina Dieu n’habite pas La Havane Juan del Monte Jonava, a man in his fifties, sings in the cabarets of Havana. One day he falls in love with a younger woman on the run.
Reprints. Published 07/09/2017. Price: £8.99
Khadra, Yasmina Khalil A dive into the mind of a terrorist, on the 13th November 2015 in Paris.
Reprints. Published 05/09/2019. Price: £9.80
Khadra, Yasmina L'outrage fait à Sarah Ikker
Reprints. Published 27/08/2020. Price: £10.50
Kiner, Aline La nuit des béguines Paris, 1310. Maheut takes refuge in the royal beguinage in order to avoid a forced marriage. Her arrival is not welcomed by the majority of the women and Ysabel, the head of the hospital, decides to protect her.
Reprints. Published 20/09/2018. Price: £10.70
L'Ajar Vivre près des tilleuls A novel on the mourning of a mother but also a declaration of love to literature.
Reprints. Published 07/02/2018. Price: £8.99
Labro, Philippe Des cornichons au chocolat A cult novel for a generation who identifies with the 13 year old teenager - loneliness, rebellion, school and a troubling view on adults. A very memorable character and written in a beautiful, believable tone.
Reprints. Published 2008. Price: £7.70
Labro, Philippe Ma mère, cette inconnue The writer evokes the fate of his mother, Nekta, born in Poland of a clandestine relationship between a teacher and her rich employer.
Reprints. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £6.99
Lacarrière, Jacques Chemin faisant - Suivi de La mémoire des routes The writer and poet Jacques Lacarrière invites us in this book to travel with him a thousand kilometers on foot through the 1970s France.
Reprints. Published 04/05/2017. Price: £8.99
Lalumière, Jean-Claude Ce mexicain qui venait du Japon et me parlait de l'Auvergne Benjamin has found a job that involves travelling around the world. A humoristic novel where the hero ends up in grotesque situations.
Reprints. Published 07/02/2018. Price: £9.99
Lamberterie, Olivia de Avec toutes mes sympathies A brilliant and moving first novel about grief and a beautiful posthumous portrait.
Reprints. Published 28/08/2019. Price: £10.10
Lançon, Philippe Le Lambeau PRIX FEMINA 2018. Philippe Lançon tells the story of the attack on Charlie Hebdo of which he was a victim and where a lot of his friends died.
Reprints. Published 03/01/2020. Price: £10.50
Larher, Erwan Marguerite n'aime pas ses fesses An insecure and shy lady working for a publisher is asked to write the memoirs of the president of the Republic. Her life will suddenly change for the better.
Reprints. Published 04/04/2018. Price: £8.50
Laurain, Antoine Ailleurs si j'y suis A Parisian lawyer finds himself face to face with a 18th Century portrait which looks like him.
Reprints. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £6.50
Laurain, Antoine Carrefour des nostalgies A politician who just lost the elections decides to start looking for his former comrades, unaware that he will uncover many secrets.
Reprints. Published 02/03/2016. Price: £8.50
Laurain, Antoine Le chapeau de Mitterrand One evening Daniel finds himself dining in the same restaurant as Mitterrand. When the President leaves, he forgets his hat and so Daniel takes it as a souvenir. This hat will have an unexpected effect on Daniel's life.
Reprints. Published 2013. Price: £7.50
Laurain, Antoine La femme au carnet rouge One evening in Paris a young woman has her handbag stolen. A bookseller comes across it and wants to find the owner.
Reprints. Published 06/05/2015. Price: £7.99
Laurain, Antoine Rhapsodie française Alain was playing with friends in an amateur rock band. 33 years later he receives the long awaited letter from a record company. Foolish, he goes to meet his old friends.
Reprints. Published 03/05/2017. Price: £9.99
Laurens, Camille Celle que vous croyez 48-year-old Claire creates the fake facebook profile of a pretty 24-year-old brunette. She sends a friendship request to her ex-boyfriend's friend, Chris, with whom she starts a conversation that turns a platonic love story.
Reprints. Published 18/05/2017. Price: £8.95
Laurent, Jacques Une sacrée salade A behind closed door novel where a young lady must admit she had an abortion to a Police Inspector. The novel takes place in 1954.
Reprints. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £8.99
Le Clézio, J.M.G. Tempête: deux novellas Two stories. One set on Udo Island in the Sea of Japan, the second in Paris and in a few other places. The stories of two teenage girls who will grow up away from the expectations of their age.
Reprints. Published 05/10/2017. Price: £7.50
Le Clézio, Jean-Marie Gustave Le Chercheur d'or Thirty years of a desperate quest to finally understand that the treasure is inner self, in the love of life and beauty of the world.
Reprints. Price: £9.50
Le Corre, Hervé Prendre les loups pour des chiens Frank is 25 years old by the time he leaves prison after a robbery committed with his elder brother. He is greeted by a toxic family. A roman noir with a strong atmosphere and characters, an agonizing landscape and poisonous passions.
Reprints. Published 03/01/2018. Price: £8.99
Le Corre, Hervé Tango Parano Valles, an ex-policeman, is contacted by the secret services following the murder of a young woman from Bordeaux. He infiltrates a wealthy sect, whose relations with the state are complex.
Reprints. Published 12/05/2016. Price: £9.50
Ledig, Agnès De tes nouvelles Valentine, a teacher in a village, was seeing Eric, a widow. Unsure of their feelings, they separated. When he comes back with his daughter, the foundation of a new family seems to be obvious…but an unexpected male presence is stirring up trouble.
Reprints. Published 06/09/2018. Price: £9.99
Ledig, Agnès On regrettera plus tard BESTSELLER. Valentine, a teacher in a village in the Vosges, has her life turned upside down by the arrival of Anna Nina and her father Eric. She opens the door of her house and her heart to them.
Reprints. Published 07/09/2017. Price: £8.99
Ledun, Marin Ils ont voulu nous civiliser A petty thug comes face to face with one of the biggest crime lords.
Reprints. Published 12/09/2018. Price: £10.99
Legardinier, Gilles Ca peut pas rater! A young woman decides to take revenge on all the men who have stabbed her in the back.
Reprints. Published 03/03/2016. Price: £9.50
Legardinier, Gilles Une fois dans ma vie The story of three women of different ages that fate has brought together.
Reprints. Published 10/10/2018. Price: £9.99
Legardinier, Gilles Le premier miracle Karen Holt, an agent with an unusual intelligence service, investigates thefts of historical objects around the world. Benjamin Horwood, an academic, spends his holidays in France, in search of a lost love. Karen recruits Ben following the mysterious death of a historian, her former advisor.
Reprints. Published 16/08/2017. Price: £8.99
Legendre, Cyrille Derrière la lumière Dan Mitlov is a charismatic presenter of the Prize Money game show. One day, at the end of the recording of a show, a young woman throws at him: "I know what you did, I know who you really are". Prix du Masque de l'année français.
Reprints. Published 30/05/2018. Price: £9.99
Leger, Nina Mise en pièces "Prix Littéraire de la Vocation". Jeanne dates men. Obsessed by their sexual attributes and characteristics, she ignores the person to create a memory palace of sexual geography.
Reprints. Published 17/01/2019. Price: £8.20
Lemaitre, Pierre Au revoir là-haut BESTSELLER. PRIX GONCOURT 2013. Two survivors of the Great War dream up a scam of unprecedented boldness that puts the whole country in turmoil.
Reprints. Published 22/04/2015. Price: £11.40
Lemaitre, Pierre Couleurs de l’incendie The second part of the trilogy following “Au revoir là-haut”, Prix Goncourt 2013. February 1927. Madeleine is due to take over as head of her father's financial empire but destiny decides otherwise.
Reprints. Published 20/02/2019. Price: £11.99
Lemaitre, Pierre Trois jours et une vie BESTSELLER. A 12-year-old boy kills a classmate by accident. Panicked, he hides the truth...but an unforeseen event occurs and changes everything again.
Reprints. Published 22/03/2017. Price: £9.99
Leroy, Jérôme Comme un fauteuil Voltaire dans une bibliothèque en ruine A collection of quirky short stories.
Reprints. Published 03/01/2017. Price: £10.50
Leroy, Jérôme La petite gauloise In a city of the West in a near future, in a context of (anti) terrorist struggle, the author throws us cops, Muslim extremists, a drunk teacher , students from the suburds, and a everything rests in the hands of a young girl.
Reprints. Published 21/03/2019. Price: £6.99
Levy, Marc Une autre idée de bonheur BESTSELLER. Two unlikely travel companions, one of whom is an escaped prisoner, embark on a road trip across the US during the course of which they discover a shared desire for freedom.
Reprints. Published 15/12/2018. Price: £9.50
Levy, Marc La dernière des Stanfield Eleanor Rigby is a journalist in London and George Harrison is a cabinetmaker in Quebec. They do not know each other. Each of them receives a similar letter from a raven who accuses their respective mothers of crimes.
Reprints. Published 22/05/2018. Click on entry for price details.
Levy, Marc Elle et lui BESTSELLER. An English actress and an American writer, both living in Paris, meet through a dating website. They don't become lovers but friends and they want their relationship to remain that way. But is this really possible?
Reprints. Published 2018. Price: £8.99
Levy, Marc Une fille comme elle A comedy set in New York.
Reprints. Price: £11.15
Levy, Marc L’horizon à l’envers BESTSELLER. Three friends studying neuroscience are working on a project on the conscience when one of them has a near death experience.
Reprints. Published 02/02/2017. Price: £9.99
Levy, Marc Mes amis Mes amours Bestseller. Marc Levy's runaway bestseller about two thirty-something men sharing a flat in London.
Reprints. Published 2018. Price: £10.60
Levy, Marc Toutes ces choses qu'on ne s'est pas dites BESTSELLER. Days before her wedding Julia learns that her brilliant but distant father has died. But he had one last surprise, a discovery which takes her on an incredible journey and gives her the chance to say all the things that were never said.
Reprints. Published 2018. Price: £10.60
Lighieri, Rebecca Les garçons de l'été Zacchaeus and Thadée, two brothers, brilliant students and gifted surfers, display the charms of their youth in the wild summer of Reunion. But summer and youth have an end, and it can occur faster and more tragically than expected.
Reprints. Published 05/04/2018. Price: £8.99
Lighieri, Rebecca Husbands This thriller starts with the meeting of three men on a website and their intention to swap wives.
Reprints. Published 18/10/2018. Price: £8.50
Loridan-Ivens, Marceline Et tu n’es pas revenu The moving and poetic memoir by Marceline Loridan-Ivens, who at the age of fifteen was arrested in occupied France, along with her father.
Reprints. Published 24/08/2016. Price: £7.50
Loridan-Ivens, Marceline L’amour après In her new book, Marceline Loridan-Ivens opens "her suitcase of love", full of epistolary memories of all kinds, letters and notes from the men in her life.
Reprints. Published 06/02/2019. Price: £8.50
Loubière, Sophie Dernier parking avant péage A teenager disappears... Then two, then three... Some are found, others are not. Who kidnap them and why?
Reprints. Published 13/05/2004. Price: £9.99
Loubry, Jérome Les chiens de Détroit An investigation into the disappearance of some children in Detroit.
Reprints. Published 26/09/2018. Price: £9.50
Louis, Edouard En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule Humiliated everyday at school for his effeminate manners, threatened by an alcoholic brother and a tyrannical father, a young man escapes his family and his social milieu and finds salvation in Drama school. A first novel.
Reprints. Published 07/05/2015. Price: £7.99
Louis, Edouard Histoire de la violence BESTSELLER. The author talks about the violent aggression he suffered the night of Christmas 2012. English title: "History of the violence".
Reprints. Published 05/01/2017. Price: £8.50
Lux, Charles L'évasion du Capitaine Lux On December 3, 1910, Charles Lux, chief of the intelligence service of the military government of Belfort, was arrested by the German police and was sentenced for six years in the fortress of Glatz. This is the true story of his exceptional escape.
Reprints. Published 03/04/2019. Price: £7.50
Maalouf, Amin Origines
Reprints. Price: £10.50
Madjidi, Maryam Max et la poupée Prix Goncourt du premier roman 2017. The childhood memories of the author, born in Iran in the early hours of the revolution.
Reprints. Published 05/09/2018. Price: £9.99
Magellan, Murielle Les indociles Olympe's art gallery in Paris is so successful that she has opened a new one in New York. She only lives for her work and her private life is about light relationships with men and women. She lives for the pleasure of art and the bodies. One day she meets a group of peoples who will change her life.
Reprints. Published 02/02/2017. Price: £8.50
Makine, Andreï L’archipel d’une autre vie Russian Far East, in the vastness of the Taiga, Pavel Gartzev and his companions must capture a criminal.
Reprints. Published 24/08/2017. Price: £8.99
Malte, Marcus Le garçon Femina prize 2016. The story of a boy who doesn't have a name and doesn't speak. Being quasi savage, the only world he knows is that of his mother and their cabin. In 1908 he discovers war and the madness of men.
Reprints. Published 23/08/2018. Price: £8.99
Malzieu, Mathias La mécanique du coeur On the day that Jack was born, the weather was so cold that his heart froze. His wise mother replaces it with a clock which must be wound up every morning. Jack must avoid any kind of emotion, even love. Then he meets a women with smouldering eyes…
Reprints. Published 2009. Price: £6.50
Manel, Laure La délicatesse du homard Following an unusual encounter, a man and a woman reveal their personal stories to each other.
Reprints. Published 02/05/2018. Price: £9.50
Manook, Ian Mato Grosso A crime novel set in the Brazilian Jungle.
Reprints. Published 02/10/2018. Price: £9.99
Marchand, Gilles Une bouche sans personne During the day an accountant takes refuge in his figures and during the night in a bar where he finds the same friends. His face protected by a scarf, no-one knows anything about his past. Yet, one evening, he is obliged to reveal himself.
Reprints. Published 05/10/2017. Price: £8.99
Marouane, Leïla La jeune fille et la mère Through the story of a mother and her daughter, Leila Marouane denounces the condition of women in Algeria.
Reprints. Published 02/02/2007. Price: £7.50
Martin-Lugand, Agnès J’ai toujours cette musique dans la tête Yanis and Vera are married and parents of three children. Yanis doesn't get on with his business partner, who is also Vera’s brother. He decides to start his own business but his problems are far from over.
Reprints. Published 19/04/2018. Price: £9.99
Martinez, Carole Du domaine des murmures BESTSELLER. In 1187 on the day of her wedding, Esclarmonde refuses to marry. Going against her father's wishes, she wants to devote herself to God. Winner of Prix Goncourt des lycéens 2011.
Reprints. Published 2013. Price: £7.50
Martinez, Carole La terre qui penche Blanche died in 1361 at the age of 12 but her soul continued to age. A story set in a medieval and esoteric age.
Reprints. Published 06/04/2017. Price: £8.99
Mathieu, Nicolas Aux animaux la guerre Another factory closes. One hundred guys unemployed... and some of them now have nothing to lose.
Reprints. Published 06/01/2016. Price: £10.99
Mathieu-Daudé, Agnès Un marin chilien Sent to Iceland to study a volcanic eruption, a Chilean geologist finds himself embroiled in a series of events.
Reprints. Published 03/05/2017. Price: £9.50
Mauvignier, Laurent Continuer A mother organises for her and her son a journey of several months on horseback in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.
Reprints. Published 20/09/2018. Price: £8.99
Mccormack, Eric Le Nuage d'obsidienne Translation of "Cloud".
Reprints. Published 2017. Price: £10.99
Mehdi, Chloe Rien ne se perd Crime fiction set on a neglected suburban estate. Prix Mystère de la Critique 2017
Reprints. Published 20/09/2017. Price: £8.50
Menegaux, Mathieu Je me suis tue Claire, the narrator, resumes the chain of events which led her to prison.
Reprints. Published 12/01/2017. Price: £7.50
Merault, Paul Le cercle des impunis Prix du Quai des Orfèvres 2018. A double investigation between London and Marseilles. Policemen are being murdered and Scotland Yard and the French Police join forces to find the serial killer.
Reprints. Published 07/11/2018. Price: £10.99
Messina, Marion Faux départ A novel about a young couple’s struggle to fit in.
Reprints. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £9.30
Meur, Diane La carte des Mendelssohn A story that traces the fate of the Mendelssohn's family: the philosopher Moses, his son Abraham, a forgotten banker, his grandson Felix, a composer, and so on.
Reprints. Published 24/08/2016. Price: £9.99
Minier, Bernard Nuit While Kirsten Niggard investigates the murder of a technician from an off-shore base, she finds photographs of Martin Servaz, who was being watched. This investigation leads them to Julian Hirtmann, the elusive killer.
Reprints. Published 08/02/2018. Price: £9.99
Minier, Bernard Soeurs An investigation around the murder of two sisters.
Reprints. Published 21/03/2019. Price: £10.50
Modiano, Patrick Dimanches d'août The love story of the narrator with a married woman, their escape to the south and her disappearance.
Reprints. Published 20/02/2001. Price: £6.99
Modiano, Patrick Dans le café de la jeunesse perdue BESTSELLER. In 1960s Paris, a familiar voice in the street invokes powerful memories of the childhood of Madame Choureau, alias Louki, whose enigmatic existence is then recounted by four different narrators.
Reprints. Price: £7.99
Modiano, Patrick L'horizon John Bosmans notes the various episodes of his life on his black moleskin... places and faces without names, fleeting encounters... He remembers Margaret Le Coz, a young woman tormented by her past.
Reprints. Published 17/11/2011. Price: £7.99
Modiano, Patrick Un pedigree In this novel, Patrick Modiano returns to the first twenty years of his life. The choice of the title "Pedigree" is an ode to Simenon's autobiographical novel.
Reprints. Published 11/05/2006. Price: £6.99
Modiano, Patrick La petite Bijou A young lady follows a woman she believes is her mother who abandoned her a few months before the war.
Reprints. Price: £9.05
Modiano, Patrick Pour ne pas que tu te perdes dans le quartier BESTSELLER One day, two strangers who claim to have found the address book of the writer Jean Daragane insist on meeting him. The writer gets involved in their investigation of a man called Guy Torstel.
Reprints. Published 11/02/2016. Click on entry for price details.
Modiano, Patrick Villa triste The story of a young man who takes refuge under a fake name in a seaside resort near the Swiss border.
Reprints. Published 1994. Price: £6.99
Mougin, Dominique Où passe l’aiguille From a concentration camp to the summit of French haute couture, here is Tomi's journey — her miraculous life, disrupted by history, saved by beauty.
Reprints. Published 02/01/2019. Price: £9.50
Mréjen, Valérie Troisième personne An artist reflects on the upheaval caused in her life by the birth of her child.
Reprints. Published 20/09/2018. Price: £6.50
Mukasonga, Scholastique Coeur tambour The new book by Scholastique Mukasonga is about Nyabinghi, a forgotten African princess and the birth of the rasta movement.
Reprints. Published 22/02/2018. Price: £7.50
Musso, Guillaume 7 ans après… BESTSELLER. When Nikki and Sebastian divorced they each took custody of one child. Now their son Jeremy has disappeared and they must combine forces to find him. Their desperate search takes them from the streets of Paris to the Amazonian jungle.
Reprints. Published 2013. Price: £9.99
Musso, Guillaume Un appartement à Paris Two strangers rent by mistake the same Parisian studio that belonged to a famous artist. They discover that three paintings have disappeared.
Reprints. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £9.99
Musso, Guillaume Central Park BESTSELLER. Alice, a Parisian policewoman, and Gabriel, an American jazz pianist, wake up handcuffed to each other on a bench in Central Park. Not only do they not know what happened the night before, but they also don't remember ever having met.
Reprints. Published 26/03/2015. Price: £9.99
Musso, Guillaume Central Park BESTSELLER. Alice, a Parisian policewoman, and Gabriel, an American jazz pianist, wake up handcuffed to each other on a bench in Central Park. Neither remembers the events of the previous night, or how they met.
Reprints. Click on entry for price details.
Musso, Guillaume Demain BESTSELLER. Emma and Matthew meet online and after numerous emails, decide to meet in person. They both arrive at the same restaurant at the same time and are lead to the same table, and yet they do not meet. What is going on?
Reprints. Published 27/03/2014. Price: £9.99
Musso, Guillaume La fille de Brooklyn BESTSELLER. Three weeks before getting married, Anna reveals her secret to Raphael, her future husband. The story of an investigation about a cold case between France and the United States.
Reprints. Published 30/03/2017. Price: £9.99
Musso, Guillaume La jeune fille et la nuit Côte d'Azur - Winter 1992. Vinca Rockwell, 19, elopes with her philosophy teacher with whom she was in a secret relationship. Nobody will ever see her again. In 2017 her best friends, who have not spoken since the end of their studies, meet up again.
Reprints. Published 20/03/2019. Price: £10.99
Musso, Guillaume L’instant présent BESTSELLER. Lisa is desperate to seduce Arthur but he reveals a terrible truth that makes their love impossible.
Reprints. Published 24/06/2016. Price: £11.45
Musso, Valentin La femme à droite sur la photo In the 60s, in the United States, Elizabeth Badina, a rising actress disappears overnight. Forty years later, her son David, now a screenwriter, is contacted by Wallace Harris, the director who worked with Elizabeth on her last film.
Reprints. Published 07/06/2018. Price: £9.99
Ndiaye, Marie La Cheffe, roman d'une cuisinière A former kitchen assistant tells the story of the life and career of La Cheffe, a cook who had a period of glory. At the centre of the story, cooking is lived as a spiritual adventure.
Reprints. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £8.99
Ndiaye, Marie Trois femmes puissantes BESTSELLER. Winner of the Prix Goncourt 2009. These stories revolve around three women who say 'no'. Each is fighting to maintain their dignity in the face of the humiliations that life inflicts upon them with a methodical stubbornness.
Reprints. Published 2011. Price: £8.50
Némirovsky, Irène Chaleur du sang BESTSELLER Recently discovered treasure following the success of "Suite française".
Reprints. Published 2008. Price: £7.50
Némirovsky, Irène L'ennemie Originally published under a pseudonym when she was an unknown author, Némirovsky dissects her relationship with her mother.
Reprints. Published 16/05/2019. Price: £16.90
Nohant, Gaëlle L'ancre des rêves While the Guérindel family lives in Brittany, Enogat has always forbidden his four sons to approach the sea. This strange measure ends up stirring their curiosity. Prix ​​Inre marine 2007. First novel.
Reprints. Published 16/08/2017. Price: £9.50
Nohant, Gaëlle Légende d'un dormeur éveillé A fictionalized biography of Robert Desnos. A ballad to the Paris of the 30s, in the company of other writers, poets and artists.
Reprints. Published 19/09/2018. Price: £11.65
Nothomb, Amélie Biographie de la faim Biographical novel based on the author's itinerant childhood.
Reprints. Published 2006. Price: £7.50
Nothomb, Amélie Le fait du prince BESTSELLER. Baptiste Bordave steals the identity of Olaf Sildur, a wealthy man who drops dead outside his house. Olaf's widow accepts Baptiste's presence, and Baptiste is slowly seduced by a life of wealth, wine and luxury.
Reprints. Published 2010. Price: £6.99
Nothomb, Amélie Frappe-toi le coeur The new novel by Nothomb, built around a quote from Musset. This is the story Diane who will gradually become aware of the jealousy felt by her own mother towards her.
Reprints. Published 02/01/2019. Price: £9.05
Nothomb, Amélie Ni d'Ève ni d'Adam BESTSELLER. After the novel 'Stupeur et tremblements' in which Amélie Nothomb recounted her professional life in Japan, she reveals here the story of her engagement to a young man from Tokyo.
Reprints. Published 2009. Price: £7.99
Nothomb, Amélie Pétronille BESTSELLER. A story of friendship between two women, and a new autobiographical novel in which the heroine is looking for the best partner to drink champagne with, Amélie Nothomb's favourite hobby.
Reprints. Published 04/01/2016. Price: £7.99
Nothomb, Amélie Riquet à la houppe A modern retelling of one of the classic fairy tales by Charles Perrault.
Reprints. Published 03/01/2018. Price: £8.99
Olmi, Véronique Bakhita Prix Patrimoines 2017. Bakhita, born in Darfur in the mid-nineteenth century, was kidnapped by slave traders at the age of seven. Resold to an Italian consul, she is later placed with the nuns and becomes a sister.
Reprints. Published 30/01/2019. Price: £10.99
Ormesson, Jean de Un amour pour rien Philippe met Beatrice in Italy. He first has fun with her, but little by little, this love is transformed into obsession. Beatrice ends up turning away from him. Philippe then discovers, too late, the passion he feels.
Reprints. Published 09/03/2017. Price: £6.99
Orsenna, Erik La révolte des accents Previous winner of the Prix Goncourt, Erik Orsenna returns with this jubilatory exploration of the French language.
Reprints. Published 2008. Price: £6.99
Pagan, Hugues La mort dans une voiture solitaire A story of revenge which is also an exemplary painting of the police machinery and its turpitudes, a description of a narrow France in a foggy and rainy provincial town.
Reprints. Published 08/11/2017. Price: £9.99
Pagan, Hugues Profil perdu A love story whose background is a tragic criminal investigation.
Reprints. Published 14/03/2018. Price: £9.99
Pancol, Katherine Trois baisers Stella wonders about the reality of her feelings for Adrian, Elena is preparing her revenge, Hortense wants to succeed with her first fashion show and Junior reveals her paranormal powers.
Reprints. Published 27/03/2019. Price: £11.50
Pattieu, Sylvain Et que celui qui a soif, vienne: un roman de pirates The adventures of three boats and their respective crews, a slave, a pirate and a merchant ship, sailing between the Old and New Worlds.
Reprints. Published 16/08/2017. Price: £9.99
Pellegrino, Bruno et al. Stand-by - Saison 1, Tome 1 When a volcano erupts in the Naples area, a massive cloud of ashes gradually paralyses Europe, grounding planes and blurring communications. Here is the story of the first twenty-four hours after the eruption.
Reprints. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £13.50
Pennac, Daniel Chagrin d'école Narrated from the perspective of a bad student at school this novel reflects upon school life, the role of parents in education, and the desire of young students to learn.
Reprints. Published 2009. Price: £8.99
Pépin, Charles La joie The story of a young man who enjoys life despite being in prison. A reflection on happiness.
Reprints. Published 01/04/2016. Price: £8.20
Perrignon, Judith Victor Hugo vient de mourir Winner of the Prix révélation SGDL 2015. A fictional account of the final days of Victor Hugo and the events which followed his death.
Reprints. Published 19/01/2017. Price: £7.50
Pevel, Pierre Le Paris des merveilles: Les enchantements d'Ambremer In 1900, in Paris, where sirens swim in the Seine and the cats speak, the magician Louis Denizart Hippolyte Griffont investigates a series of murders. He is forced to associate with his former mistress Isabel of Saint-Gil, a fallen fairy.
Reprints. Published 09/03/2017. Price: £8.50
Pisier, Evelyne & Caroline Laurent Et soudain la liberté A fictional autobiography co-authored with her publisher.
Reprints. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £12.75
Plamondon, Eric Taqawan Following a riot on an Indian reserve in Quebec, Eric Plamondon weaves the canvas of his novel.
Reprints. Published 27/02/2019. Price: £9.99
Postel, Alexandre Les deux pigeons Théodore and Dorothee are a young couple wondering about the right way to live one's life. The novel depicts French society of the 2000s generation.
Reprints. Published 01/02/2018. Price: £7.99
Prudhomme, Sylvain Légende 1980. Arles. A band of young people eager for freedom, eager to live, to love, to dare. Among them two brothers who oppose everything. AIDS is already looming in the distance, with its four unspeakable letters. Who are these boys who are going to die? What will have been their life?
Reprints. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £8.99
Prudon, Hervé La langue chienne Martin lives with Gina on the beaches of Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Between them, it is not the crazy passion: Gina cheats on him regularly. The traumas of this ordinary couple arise as a certain Franck interferes in their lives.
Reprints. Published 09/03/2017. Price: £10.50
Quignard, Pascal Dans ce jardin qu'on aimait Pascal Quignard tells the story of a pastor haunted by his missing wife and fascinated by the singing of birds.
Reprints. Published 14/02/2019. Price: £6.50
Quignard, Pascal Les larmes A novel evoking the birth of a language by the Oath of Strasbourg, one of the earliest texts in a language that is distinctly French, pronounced in February 842 AD.
Reprints. Published 06/09/2018. Price: £7.50
Raphaël, Thomas La vie commence à 20h10 "The Devil wears Prada" for the world of TV. Joyce, a TV producer, promises to give Sophie's manuscript to a large Parisian publishing house on the condition that Sophie accepts the job she is offering her.
Reprints. Published 2012. Price: £8.99
Raufast, Pierre La baleine thébaïde A young man embarks as a cabin boy on a boat to northern Alaska to find the famous "whale 52", which sings at a frequency unique in the world and prevents him from finding a soul mate.
Reprints. Published 06/09/2018. Price: £7.50
Raufast, Pierre La variante chilienne Florian stores his memories in jars. Each pebble he deposits there corresponds to an event in his life. Two holidaymakers meet him by chance, and soon friendship ties are formed as he tells his incredible stories.
Reprints. Published 14/09/2017. Price: £7.99
Rault, Antoine La danse des vivants Summer 1918. In a military hospital, a young man wakes up with amnesia. He cannot remember his past or his name; he speaks good French and German. The French Secret Service consider him an ideal candidate for espionage.
Reprints. Published 02/05/2018. Price: £10.50
Ravey, Yves Trois jours chez ma tante An elderly lady announces to her nephew that she is putting an end to her monthly transfer and that she is thinking of disinheriting him. A lively discussion then begins between them.
Reprints. Published 07/03/2019. Price: £8.50
Récondo, Léonor de Amours 1908. A couple who are unable to have children discover that Celeste, their 17-year-old maid, is pregnant. They decide to raise the child as their own.
Reprints. Published 06/05/2016. Price: £8.50
Reinhardt, Éric L’amour et les forêts BESTSELLER. A subtle portrait of a woman trapped in marital hell.
Reprints. Published 07/01/2016. Price: £10.15
Reyboz, Cécile Pouvoirs Magiques A funny homage to the generation of the 1970s, a declaration of love to Paris, its streets, squares, metro stations, and, above all, a facetious and sincere autobiography of a young woman and her journey.
Reprints. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £9.99
Reza, Yasmina Art A comedy which raises questions about art and friendship.
Reprints. Published 03/01/2017. Price: £6.30
Reza, Yasmina Babylone BESTSELLER. Prix Renaudot 2016. After a neighbour's party, one of the guests comes back to the narrator’s flat and confesses to her that he has just killed his wife. What will our narrator do?
Reprints. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £8.95
Robert-Diard, Pascale La déposition In April 2014, Maurice Agnelet appeared at the assizes for the murder of his mistress, Agnes Roux who disappeared in 1977. After defending his father for so many years, Guillaume Agnelet makes an overwhelming deposition.
Reprints. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £7.50
Rondeau, Daniel Mécaniques du chaos Prix de l'Académie Française 2017. Several characters cross paths in Tunisia, Libya, Malta, and in the suburbs of Paris to gradually build up, like a patchwork, a story of money and terrorism.
Reprints. Published 02/01/2019. Price: £10.50
Rosnay, Tatiana de L'appartement témoin After his divorce, a fifty-year-old man moves into a new brand apartment. Soon after he begins sleeping badly and starts to feel a presence.
Reprints. Published 30/08/2017. Price: £7.50
Rouart, Jean-Marie La guerre amoureuse Whilst in Helsinki, the narrator falls for the beautiful Helena, a seemingly pure and innocent student. Their relationship will lead him to the very depths of hell.
Reprints. Published 2012. Price: £8.50
Rouart, Jean-Marie Une jeunesse perdue A former seducer, bored of his conventional marriage, has an affair with a young woman. It isn’t long until his wife discovers the secret.
Reprints. Published 21/06/2018. Price: £6.99
Roux, François Tout ce dont on rêvait In the 1990s, 25-year-old Justine falls in love with Alex. Twenty years later, she is married to his brother Nicolas. She lives a quiet and comfortable life, until the day Nicolas loses his job.
Reprints. Published 06/02/2019. Price: £9.50
Rufin, Jean-Christophe Check point BESTSELLER. A truck is travelling through a country at war. Its passengers are four men and one woman, on a humanitarian mission. As they cross the war zones, their personalities are revealed little by little; Friendships are formed and a passionate romance develops. A page turner with a lot of suspense and well-defined characters.
Reprints. Published 03/10/2016. Price: £8.99
Rufin, Jean-Christophe Le collier rouge BESTSELLER. It's 1919 and, in a small town in Berry, a war hero is being kept prisoner in a deserted barracks. Outside his door sits his dog who barks continuously, day and night. A story of true loyalty.
Reprints. Published 10/04/2015. Price: £6.99
Rufin, Jean-Christophe La salamandre
Reprints. Price: £6.99
Rufin, Jean-Christophe Sept histoires qui reviennent de loin BESTSELLER. Seven different short stories set in seven different places from Mozambique to Sri Lanka.
Reprints. Published 2012. Price: £7.50
Rufin, Jean-Christophe Le tour du monde du roi Zibeline The life of Auguste Benjowski, an aristocrat born in 1746 in Slovakia. He was an officer, a convict, an escapee, an explorer and the king of Madagascar and lived an intense love affair with Aphanasie, the daughter of a Siberian governor.
Reprints. Published 06/09/2018. Price: £8.99
Sabolo, Monica Summer Summer, 19, disappears during a picnic on the shore of Lake Geneva. Twenty-five years later, her brother decides to investigate and discovers the secrets of a family frozen in appearances.
Reprints. Published 01/11/2018. Price: £9.70
Salvayre, Lydie Pas pleurer PRIX GONCOURT 2014. Lydie Salvayre, daughter of Spanish refugees, offers us a novel with two voices: Georges Bernanos, rebellious witness of the Spanish Civil War, and Montse, the mother of the writer, who remembers the bright days of the summer 1936.
Reprints. Published 20/08/2015. Price: £8.99
Sansal, Boualem 2084: La fin du monde BESTSELLER. Winner of the 2015 Grand prix du Roman de l'Académie française. In 2084 in Abistan, the people are subject to a single God and live in faith under a system which controls ideas.
Reprints. Published 02/03/2017. Price: £7.99
Sansal, Boualem Le village de l'Allemand ou Le journal des frères Schiller
Reprints. Published 2009. Price: £8.50
Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel Concerto à la mémoire d'un ange Six short stories linked by the theme of redemption. Followed by extracts from Schmitt's diary from the period of writing this collection.
Reprints. Published 2011. Price: £8.50
Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel Lorsque j'étais une oeuvre d'art Deluded about life, our (anti)-hero agrees to become the Art object of a devilish artist.
Reprints. Published 2004. Price: £8.99
Schmitt, Éric-Emmanuel L’homme qui voyait à travers les visages A wave of bloody attacks in Charleroi has been linked to religious groups. Augustin, an apprentice journalist, conducts the investigation using his gift; a method of reading the personality of the protagonists. Crazy or wise, he sees through faces, perceiving what haunts or motivates people.
Reprints. Published 10/01/2018. Price: £9.50
Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel Ulysse from Bagdad BESTSELLER. Saad Saad wants to leave Baghdad for Europe but faces difficulties in crossing the borders. A captivating story about identity, the human condition and boundaries.
Reprints. Published 2010. Price: £8.99
Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel La vengeance du pardon Four stories on forgiveness: Two sisters who hate each other, a candid girl seduced by an evil man, a mother visiting the murderer of her son in prison, and an old man who committed a war crime.
Reprints. Published 30/01/2019. Price: £9.50
Sebbar, Leïla La Seine était rouge October 1961. The end of the war in Algeria is close, but a peaceful protest by the Seine turns violent and a dozen young Algerians are killed by French police. Nearly 40 years later, 16 year old Amel knows nothing about that fateful day.
Reprints. Published 2009. Price: £7.50
Seigle, Jean-Luc Femme à la mobylette The novel features Reine and her three children who can no longer cope with the everyday life and their lack of money. Their situation gets worse every day until a blue motorbike gives hope to the family.
Reprints. Published 03/10/2018. Price: £8.99
Seksik, Laurent Romain Gary s'en va-t-en guerre Laurent Seksik unveils the mystery of Romain Gary's father in this captivating novel.
Reprints. Published 03/01/2018. Price: £9.99
Signol, Christian Se souvenir des jours de fête In 1939 a young man joins the army and goes to the front leaving his pregnant fiancé behind .
Reprints. Published 04/10/2017. Price: £9.50
Signol, Christiane Pourquoi le ciel est bleu A touching semi-autobiographical novel. Signol looks back on the life of his illiterate grandfather. He considers how the sacrifices both his grandfather and father made in their lives have shaped him and inspired his love of literature.
Reprints. Published 2011. Price: £8.99
Signol, Claude Dans la paix des saisons Out of the hospital, Matthieu has only one idea in mind: to leave Paris, take refuge in Quercy, with his grandparents who raised him.
Reprints. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £8.50
Simenon, Georges Le bateau d'Emile An old man bequeaths his fortune to a son he had outside of marriage but his legitimate son doesn't want to give up on his inheritance.
Reprints. Published 13/11/2015. Price: £6.99
Sinoué, Gilbert Averroès ou le secrétaire du diable Prix de la Griffe Noire 2017. This richly romanticised biography revives one of the most iconic thinkers in history.
Reprints. Published 16/01/2019. Price: £8.99
Slimani, Leila Chanson douce BESTSELLER. Winner of Goncourt Prize 2016. The story of two young children who are murdered by their nanny. Translated into English as "Lullaby".
Reprints. Published 03/05/2018. Price: £8.95
Slimani, Leïla Dans le jardin de l'ogre A young married woman cannot help but have affairs to satisfy her fantasies.
Reprints. Published 07/01/2016. Click on entry for price details.
Slocombe, Romain L'affaire Léon Sadorski Crime fiction set in 1942 during the Occupation of Paris when the police collaborated with the Nazis.
Reprints. Published 24/08/2017. Price: £10.50
Sollers, Philippe Centre Nora, 40, is a psychoanalyst. Her lover, a controversial French novelist, takes a close interest in Freud and Lacan. He also wants to understand why, recently, against all odds, Paris has suddenly become the centre of a secret.
Reprints. Published 07/03/2019. Price: £6.50
Spitzer, Sébastien Ces rêves qu'on piétine Germany, 1945. The paths of Magda Goebbels, the most powerful woman in the Third Reich, and Ava, child of Auschwitz, cross. As the allies progress, the former plunges into the abyss of Nazi madness while the second tries to escape from her destiny.
Reprints. Published 02/01/2019. Price: £9.99
Sylvain, Dominique Kabukicho Kabukicho is a rather dreary city by day. At night, hostess bars and love hotels open. Marie, a young French woman, hopes to find a job there.
Reprints. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £8.50
Taia, Abdellah Celui qui est digne d’etre aimé Three letters: A bitter one to a mother, a love letter from an ex and a break-up one. The central character is Ahmed, a 40-year-old Moroccan who has lived in France for twenty years.
Reprints. Published 11/01/2018. Price: £6.99
Taret, Catherine Il n'est jamais trop tard pour éclore In a book halfway between an initiatory narrative and a book of personal development, Catherine Taret tells us about the "late bloomer", people for whom everything comes later in life.
Reprints. Published 16/05/2018. Price: £7.50
Tesson, Sylvain Berezina Tesson describes his journey by sidecar from Moscow to Paris, following in the footsteps of Napoleon.
Reprints. Published 10/03/2016. Price: £7.99
Tesson, Sylvain Dans les fôrets de Sibérie BESTSELLER. Tesson tells of six months spent in a cabin in the Siberian wilderness — moments of extreme solitude, the fight for survival, moments of peace and being at one with nature.
Reprints. Price: £9.55
Tesson, Sylvain Sur les chemins noirs Enriched by extensive traveling, the author returns with a new book that is at the same time beautiful and simple.
Reprints. Published 07/02/2019. Price: £6.99
Tesson, Sylvain Une très légère oscillation The travelling writer invites the reader to take advantage of the humblest things in life, without expecting anything from the morrow. His reflections cover both current events as well as his thoughts on poetry and spirituality.
Reprints. Published 06/09/2018. Price: £8.50
Teulé, Jean Entrez dans la danse Alsace, 1519. A strange epidemic is sweeping the region — People are unable to stop dancing to the point of dropping dead.
Reprints. Published 07/02/2019. Price: £8.30
Teulé, Jean Je, François Villon
Reprints. Published 01/03/2007. Price: £9.99
Thériault, Denis Le facteur émotif A postman comes across an envelope which will lead him to know Segolene, by epistolary way. Literary Award Canada Japan 2006.
Reprints. Published 31/05/2017. Price: £8.50
Thiery, Danielle Des clous dans le coeur The discovery of the corpse of an aging idol of show business adds to a ten-year enigma that torments Inspector Revel: a double crime never elucidated and the disappearance of his wife. Prix Quai des Orfèvres 2013
Reprints. Published 14/03/2018. Price: £9.50
Thiéry, Danielle Féroce The bones of a child are found at the Vincennes Zoo in the lion enclosure. Alix de Clavery, the OCRVP criminologist, immediately makes the connection with the young Swan, whose disappearance at the Thoiry Zoo six years ago continues to obsess him.
Reprints. Published 13/03/2019. Price: £11.50
Thiéry, Danielle Le sang du bourreau The hunt for a serial killer targeting women.
Reprints. Published 14/11/2018. Price: £10.99
Thilliez, Franck Sharko A policewoman kills the suspect of kidnapping cases somewhere in a basement in South Paris. She conceals the crime with the help of Sharko, her husband and colleague. She later finds herself in charge of the investigation.
Reprints. Published 11/05/2017. Price: £10.50
Thomas, David Le poids du monde est amour Short stories about love.
Reprints. Published 20/03/2019. Price: £9.50
Tillinac, Denis Boulevards des Maréchaux The author walks down the Boulevards des Maréchaux in Paris. It is a long walk where the pedestrian describes the city, while reciting lessons of history.
Reprints. Published 20/09/2018. Price: £6.99
Tong Cuong, Valérie Par amour Tracing the destiny of two families swept away by the Second World War, this powerful and captivating story takes us from Le Havre to Algeria and brings to light an unknown part of history.
Reprints. Published 03/01/2018. Price: £9.50
Toussaint, Jean-Philippe L'appareil-photo A burlesque novel originally published in 1988. This reprint includes an recent interview with the author.
Reprints. Published 2007. Price: £5.50
Toussaint, Jean-Philippe Autoportrait (à l'étranger) A collection of short autobiographical stories, impressions and anecdotes written while travelling abroad.
Reprints. Published 2012. Price: £6.99
Toussaint, Jean-Philippe Nue The fourth and final part after "Faire l'amour" (Hiver, 2002) "Fuir" (Eté, 2005)"La Vérité sur Marie" (Printemps-été, 2009).
Reprints. Published 14/09/2017. Price: £6.99
Truc, Olivier La montagne rouge Klemet and Nina, teammates in the P9 police patrol are based in southern Lapland, in Central Sweden where they are responsible for settling conflicts between Swedish foresters and reindeer herders.
Reprints. Published 28/09/2017. Price: £9.99
Tuil, Karine L’insouciance A lieutenant returns from Afghanistan after a passionate affair with a novelist.
Reprints. Published 12/04/2018. Price: £8.99
Uras, Michaël Aux petits mots les grands remèdes Alex is passionate about books and has chosen to practice the unusual profession of bibliotherapist. His mission: to cure patients by prescribing readings: Yann, the fragile adolescent who has shut out the world; cynical Robert, suffocated by his work and who no longer knows how to talk to his wife; Anthony, the football star refusing to admit some of his passions…all consult Alex. But who will give advice to the librarian himself?
Reprints. Published 28/02/2018. Price: £9.99
Valognes, Aurélie En voiture, Simone! A family comedy.
Reprints. Published 29/03/2017. Price: £8.99
Valognes, Aurélie Minute Papillon After her father dies, Rose finds herself unemployed and sees her18-year-old son leave home. To survive, she agrees to become the personal assistant of a rich eccentric woman.
Reprints. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £9.50
Van der Plaetsen, Jean-René La nostalgie de l'honneur The biography of Army General Jean Crépin by his grandson. An exceptional man, he was the commander of the artillery of the 2d DB, a liberation companion and the commander-in-chief of the Allied Central Europe forces at NATO.
Reprints. Published 19/09/2018. Price: £8.99
Vanier, Nicolas Ecole buissonnière A story set in the aftermath of WW1 in a rural France, a boy from the city discovers the country as well as the truth about his birth.
Reprints. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £8.99
Vargas, Fred Quand sort la recluse Three men have recently died from the bites of the brown recluse, a venomous spider. Commissaire Adamsberg suspects a murder.
Reprints. Published 06/06/2018. Price: £8.99
Vargas, Fred Temps glaciaires BESTSELLER. From Rambouillet to the island of Grimsey, north of Iceland, detective Adamsberg faces a killer who leaves clues related to the French Revolution on his victims and who, for ten years, has been terrifying the survivors of a tragic expedition to Iceland.
Reprints. Published 20/04/2016. Price: £9.50
Various 13 à table! A collection of stories written by bestseller writers: Philippe Besson, Françoise Bourdin, Maxime Chattam, François d'Epenoux, Eric Giacometti…
Reprints. Published 02/11/2017. Price: £6.99
Various Allumer le chat The story of Bastos, the philosopher and pedantic cat.
Reprints. Published 10/01/2018. Price: £8.99
Various Phobia In this collection of novels our phobias are dissected: fear of the dark, death, spiders and even people.
Reprints. Published 14/03/2018. Price: £6.50
Verne, Jules Les révoltés de la Bounty suivi de Maître Zacharius December 1787: The Bounty, the ship of the British Royal Navy, sailed with forty-six crew members to the island of Tahiti. The story is based on British documents about the Mutiny on the Bounty.
Reprints. Published 03/01/2008. Price: £2.99
Viel, Tanguy Article 353 du Code pénal Grand Prize RTL-Lire 2017. Martial Kermeur finds himself in front of the judge for having murdered Antoine Lazenec, a real estate agent. He recounts the events that led to the murder.
Reprints. Published 07/02/2019. Price: £7.99
Vigan, Delphine de D’après une histoire vraie BESTSELLER. Prix Renaudot 2015. Prix Goncourt des Lycéens 2015. The story of a destructive friendship. A psychological thriller based on real life events.
Reprints. Published 04/01/2017. Price: £10.35
Vigan, Delphine de Les jolis garçons Three chapters, each on a different man in Emma's life — a smooth lawyer, a charming but married man, and an egocentric television producer.
Reprints. Published 2010. Price: £8.50
Vigan, Delphine de No et moi Winner of the Prix des Librairies 2008 and shortlisted for the Prix des Lecteurs 2009. A young intellectual savant meets a homeless girl hardly older than herself and brings her home to rescue her.
Reprints. Published 2009. Price: £7.99
Vigan, Delphine de Rien ne s'oppose á la nuit Delphine de Vigan recounts the life of her mother Lucile after the tragedy of her suicide. She alternates biographical stories and describes her own distress. Grand prix des lectrices Elle Roman 2012.
Reprints. Published 2013. Price: £10.35
Vigan, Delphine de Un soir de décembre Matthew Brin, 45 years old with a wife and two children, wrote a book which was highly successful. One day he receives a strange letter from a woman. 'One evening in December' is the story of a woman who writes to a man she loved.
Reprints. Published 07/11/2018. Price: £9.05
Vincent, Almendros Un été Jean invited his brother Pierre and his friend Lone, to spend a few days on his boat near the Italian coast Jean's girlfriend, Jeanne, joins them. Jeanne and Pierre have been lovers in the past.
Reprints. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £7.99
Vuillard, Eric La bataille d'Occident "La bataille d'Occident" alternates intimate portraits with epic and moving scenes to provide a very personal story of the Great War.
Reprints. Published 05/03/2014. Price: £9.99
Vuillard, Eric Tristesse de la terre - une histoire de Buffalo Bill Cody Eric Vuillard deconstructs the myth of Buffalo Bill Cody and of the "Wild West Show".
Reprints. Published 17/08/2016. Price: £7.50
Werber, Bernard La boîte de Pandore There may be several hidden personalities in you. Do you know who you really are?
Reprints. Published 02/01/2020. Price: £11.40
Werber, Bernard Depuis l’au-delà A crime in which the victim and the investigator are the same person. The soul of Gabriel wakes up to discover he has been murdered. Finding help from a medium and the ghost of his grandfather, Gabriel goes to hunt down his murderer.
Reprints. Published 06/02/2019. Price: £10.50
Yourcenar, Marguerite Nouvelles orientales Collection of short novels by Marguerite Yourcenar
Reprints. Published 07/06/2006. Price: £8.99
Zarca, Johann Paname Underground Prix de Flore 2017. Zarca takes us behind the scenes of underground Paris: Forbidden catacombs, the Chapelle of drug addicts and the Barbes of gangsters. When he escapes a murder attempt, his exploration turns into a hunt…
Reprints. Published 14/11/2018. Price: £8.50
Zeller, Florian Amants du n'importe quoi Tristan had promised himself to remain single.Until Amélie arrives in his life. This is the beginning of excessive indecisions: he wants this woman and all the others and alternatively wants nothing. the relationship become impossible …
Reprints. Published 2004. Price: £5.50
Zeniter, Alice Juste avant l’oubli Franck met Emilie eight years ago. He is convinced that she is his soulmate. But the young woman, a PhD student, has a boundless passion for a detective writer who disappeared in 1985.
Reprints. Published 24/08/2016. Price: £7.99
Zeniter, Alice L’art de perdre Prix Goncourt des lycéens 2017, Prix littéraire du "Monde" 2017, Prix des Libraires de Nancy. The writer tells the fate of the successive generations of her family who always remained silent about their Algerian origins.
Reprints. Published 30/01/2019. Price: £8.99
Zeniter, Alice Sombre dimanche The life of a Hungarian family in Budapest from 1978 to date. A tragi-comic story about destiny.
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