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Abécassis, Agnès Café! Un garçon s'il vous plaît Ava, a young artist likes to hang around in cafés as she finds it inspiring. One day she gets an interesting commission which could help to start off her career properly. But nothing goes as it should...
New Fiction. Published 10/05/2017. Price: £9.99
Abécassis, Agnès Cherche ton bonheur partout Régine and Tom love each other but the young woman is afraid of commitment. On her side, Monique, sixty, get convinced by her friend Lutèce to take part in a single's night.
New Fiction. Published 20/03/2019. Price: £20.50
Adam, Olivier Chanson de la ville silencieuse A young woman travels to Lisbon in search of her father who disappeared 15 years ago and was given for dead after his car was found near a river. He was a popular, legendary singer.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2018. Price: £19.00
Adam, Olivier Une partie de Badminton The misadventures of an author who became a local journalist after going through a rough patch. Life stroke again in wild French Brittany.
New Fiction. Published 21/08/2019. Price: £23.99
Adam, Olivier Tout peut s'oublier
New Fiction. Published 06/01/2021. Price: £21.50
Adrian, Pierre & Philbert Humm Le tour de la France par deux enfants d'aujourd'hui Aboard a Peugeot 204 or a sailboat, on a bicycle, bus or TGV, two friends embark on funny road trip through France and its culture.
New Fiction. Published 31/05/2018. Price: £20.99
Aillon, Jean d' Le grand incendie - Les enquêtes de Louis Fronsac 1666. France has just declared war on England. So Louis Fronsac is surprised - and worried - when a gray eminence from London asks him to find a jewel belonging to the Stuarts. Should he accept? It is a trap set by his enemies?
New Fiction. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £22.99
Alaoui, Meryem La vérité sort de la bouche du cheval Jmiaa, a prostitute in Casablanca, lives alone with her daughter. Her life changes the day she meets Chadlia who is looking for actresses to make her first film about the life of a popular area of ​​the city.
New Fiction. Published 23/08/2018. Price: £21.00
Almendros, Vincent Faire mouche Laurent doesn't want to return to his childhood village where he doesn't have very good memories. But for his cousin’s wedding, he heads for Saint-Fourneau with his friend. On arrival the tension is palpable and will continue to grow.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £11.40
Amellal, Karim Dernières heures avant l'aurore Mohamed, an old Algerian living in Paris, finally decides to return to Algiers, his hometown. He convinces Rachid, who arrived in France at the same time as him, to accompany him. Both discover a country that has profoundly changed.
New Fiction. Published 02/05/2019. Price: £20.00
Andrea, Jean-Baptiste Cent Millions d'Annees et un Jour Jean-Baptiste Andrea sign a new breath taking novel, carried by the follies that haunt us. A prehistoric beast, a village lost between France and Italy and three scientists told through the author's cinematographic and poetic writing style take us with them on a perilous adventure.
New Fiction. Published 21/08/2019. Price: £18.99
Angot, Christine Un tournant de la vie The narrator meets an ex-boyfriend on the street. From there they start a new relationship. A text in dialogues which could be a play.
New Fiction. Published 29/08/2018. Price: £19.99
Antoine, Amélie Fidèle au poste Psychological thriller. Chloé and Gabriel lead a very happy life together so with her sudden death the grief is unbearable. Seeking some consolation through therapy, Gabriel gets to know an intriguing woman…
New Fiction. Published 22/02/2017. Price: £9.50
Appanah, Nathacha Une année lumière The author talks about her childhood in Mayotte, life on Mauritius, and the Indian language of her parents and ancestors. She denounces the misdeeds of globalization, the fate given to migrants and the question of racism.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £12.00
Arditi, Metin Mon père sur mes épaules The writer portrays his father, who was Turkish, and evokes his memories of childhood and adolescence in a boarding school in Switzerland. He also remembers distance and tears, a confrontation on the Jewish question and the quest for his esteem.
New Fiction. Published 17/05/2017. Price: £15.99
Arditi, Metin Le Turquetto Winner of the Prix Jean Giono 2011. Historical novel set in Constantinople and Venice in the early 16th Century.
New Fiction. Published 2011. Price: £8.50
Assor, Abigail Aussi riche que le roi
New Fiction. Published 07/01/2021. Price: £19.99
Assouline, Pierre Golem Chess champion Gustave Meyer sees his life turned upside down when he is accused of murdering his ex-wife.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2016. Price: £18.45
Assouline, Pierre Retour à Séfarad Pierre Assouline has written a story about his decision to accept Spain’s offer of citizenship granted to descendants of the Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492.
New Fiction. Published 11/01/2018. Price: £20.99
Aubenque, Alexis La fille de la plage Four friends, four love stories. A young girl found unconscious on the beach is suffering from amnesia… who is she and what does she want?
New Fiction. Published 16/05/2018. Price: £17.50
Aurousseau, Nan Les amochés Abdel Ramdankétif retires to the mountain village where his parents lived when they arrived in France. Everything has changed in just a few decades. A novel which depicts a particular French province, showing its people and poverty.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2019. Price: £19.99
Authier, Christian Des heures heureuses A dive into the world of wine where a friendship between two men grows from drunkenness and encounters with truculent characters in a world of parties, tastings and escapades.
New Fiction. Published 02/05/2018. Price: £23.50
Azoulai, Nathalie Les spectateurs 1967. A family watches General de Gaulle’s press conference on television. It causes the son to realise what it means to be an exile, forced to leave his country, language and home.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £18.50
Bachi, Salim Un jeune homme en colère 18-year-old Tristan is angry at everything — books, paintings, girls... Where does this anger come from?
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2018. Price: £18.00
Badinter, Robert Idiss This book is a tribute to the author's maternal grandmother, Idiss. It does not claim to be either a biography or a study of the condition of Jewish immigrants from the Russian Empire who came to Paris before 1914. It is simply the story of one woman’s destiny.
New Fiction. Published 24/10/2018. Price: £21.50
Barbery, Muriel Un étrange pays A wonderful mix of fairytale, poetry, fable and adventure story.
New Fiction. Published 10/01/2019. Price: £21.99
Barbery, Muriel La vie des elfes BESTSELLER. The story of Maria and Clara, two little girls who meet elves.
New Fiction. Published 12/03/2015. Price: £18.50
Barde-Cabuçon, Olivier Le carnaval des vampires: Une enquête du commissaire aux morts étranges Olivier Barde-Cabuçon presents a novel of Gothic atmosphere, original and breathless, and throws his two investigators into their most bloody police investigation yet.
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £21.85
Baud, Patrick nanofictions These short stories invite readers to dive into a rich imagination full of fantasy, poetry and humour. They are complete stories in just a few sentences.
New Fiction. Published 03/10/2018. Price: £14.50
Beauvais, Clémentine Brexit romance A year after the Brexit vote, Marguerite comes to London with a brilliant business idea…
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £17.00
Begag, Azouz Mémoires au soleil A deeply moving text on identity, parentage and Franco-Algerian memory. We follow a father struck by "Ali Zaimeur's" illness and his son.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £17.50
Begaudeau, François En guerre A dark social novel in which the author draws a picture of our society at the beginning of the twenty-first century.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £20.00
Beigbeder, Frédéric La frivolité est une affaire sérieuse 100 texts by Beigbeder gathered from 1980 until today.
New Fiction. Published 17/10/2018. Price: £22.50
Beigbeder, Frederic L'homme qui pleure de rire Everything is (unfortunately) true in this brilliant and hilarious satire of our time and entertainment culture.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2020. Price: £22.50
Beigbeder, Frédéric Une vie sans fin Part love story and part "Science-non-fiction", the narrator wants to become immortal and tries everything possible to achieve his goal.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2018. Price: £22.99
Bellanger, Aurelien Le continent de la douceur Europe is a lost continent, the Alps a sea of ice. The fantastic pricipalty of Karst seems to be sealed for ever and the memory of ancient empires with it. It's counting without the help of an odd crew: a banker, a tormented writer and a philosopher, investigating on a mathematician's revolutionary calculator that could restaure it all.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2019. Price: £20.99
Belletto, René Être A literary puzzle in which the protagonist is a painter who no longer paints.
New Fiction. Published 11/01/2018. Price: £18.50
Ben Jelloun, Tahar Le bonheur conjugal Following a stroke, a famous painter is confined to a wheelchair. His life of exhibitions, travels and freedom comes to an end. Convinced that his marriage is the cause of all his troubles, he starts writing in secret. One day his wife discovers the manuscript.
New Fiction. Price: £8.50
Ben Jelloun, Tahar L'insomnie The story of an insomniac who became a murderer to order to "find sleep".
New Fiction. Published 10/01/2019. Price: £20.00
Ben Jelloun, Tahar La punition In March 1965, under the reign of Hassan II, ninety-four students are punished for demonstrating peacefully in the streets of the big cities of Morocco with nineteen months detention. The narrator is one of them.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2018. Price: £16.00
Benchetrit, Samuel Reviens The tender world of a writer in search of inspiration and love.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £20.95
Beraber, Anton La grande idée A fictional novel on the life of Saul Kaloyannis, a Greek soldier defeated by the Turks in 1922.
New Fiction. Published 23/08/2018. Price: £22.25
Bérard, Marguerite Le siècle d'Assia Marguerite Bérard tells us the story of Assia, her maternal grandfather born in 1903 in a Russian Jewish family.
New Fiction. Published 06/03/2019. Price: £20.50
Bernard, Marc Sarcellopolis In 1963, the novelist Marc Bernard is sent to Sarcelles by his publisher. His mission is to settle for three months in this new city and bring back a book of testimony.
New Fiction. Published 21/02/2019. Price: £16.20
Berthier, Jean 1144 livres The narrator inherits 1,144 books from a mother he has never known. Should he accept the inheritance of someone who abandoned him? Who was the woman hidden behind these books?
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £12.50
Bertrand, Jacques André Chronique de la vie continue A reprint of the first title of this author whose style and humour are inimitable.
New Fiction. Published 06/02/2020. Price: £19.99
Besson, Philippe Un certain Paul Darrigand A new dialogue between Besson and the ghost from his past. Intimate, sincere, this is the story of how pleasure, inconsequence and suffering can be related.
New Fiction. Published 24/01/2019. Price: £22.70
Besson, Philippe La maison Atlantique A young man recalls the summer when he was eighteen, spent with his father on the Atlantic coast. He feels deep hatred towards his father and his old grievances resurface.
New Fiction. Price: £8.99
Beuglet, Nicolas Complot Crime committed on an isolated Norwegian island has grave consequences for the situation in France.
New Fiction. Published 16/05/2018. Price: £20.50
Beuglet, Nicolas L'ile du Diable A thrilling page-turner set in Norway. What happened to Sarah's father? What was the Devil's Island to him? What terrible secret was he keeping? Investigate with Sarah.
New Fiction. Published 19/09/2020. Price: £22.75
Binet, Laurent Civilizations Grand prix du roman de l'Académie française 2019.
New Fiction. Published 14/08/2019. Price: £25.99
Bizot, Véronique Futurs parfaits Eleven uplifting stories, with unexpected turns and twists, where characters are the subjects of a possible new life.
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £17.30
Blais, Marie-Claire Une réunion près de la mer Two parties are being planned on the island. Cabaret artists, writers, doctors, prostitutes, prisoners, patients, musicians, and poets all find themselves attempting to fight against the destruction of the world and find hope.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £20.50
Blas de Roblès, Jean Rituel des dunes When Roetgen arrives in Tsientsin, China, he meets Beverly, a deliciously eccentric woman, twenty years his senior. They become lovers. As Beverly reveals certain parts of her eventful life, she asks Roetgen, like a Sheherazade, to tell her stories as incredible as her own life.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2019. Price: £21.99
Blondel, Jean-Philippe La mise à nu An aging professor goes to the opening of an exhibition of paintings by Alexandre Laudin - a former student who has become a celebrity in the art world. He cannot imagine for a moment how this reunion will change his life.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £15.50
Bobin, Christian L anuit du coeur A great and beautiful book like a love letter, a list of wonders and visions by the solitary writer and poet.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £18.00
Boissard, Janine Les quatre filles du docteur Moreau The story of a family of four daughters — arguments, worries, tears and love.
New Fiction. Published 03/10/2018. Price: £20.99
Boltanski, Christophe La cache BESTSELLER. Prix Fémina 2015. Christophe Bolstanski tells the story of his grandfather who had to remain hidden during WW2.
New Fiction. Published 19/08/2015. Price: £20.50
Bona, Dominique Mes vies secrètes The autobiography of a passionate biographer and how her works about Romain Gary, Gala Dali, Stefan Zweig, Camille Claudel, Colette, and many more, became her own personal story.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2019. Price: £21.50
Bonnefoy, Miguel Sucre noir In a Caribbean village, Serena Otero is the heir to a sugar plantation and distils the best rum in the region. Intrepid travellers in search of a 300-year-old treasure regularly visit the plantation.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2017. Price: £19.50
Bordes, Gilbert Elle voulait voir la mer May 1944. Five young Jews follow the course of the Loire River, hoping to join the ocean and embark for America. But the meanders are numerous and perilous.
New Fiction. Published 08/11/2018. Price: £21.99
Bortnikov, Dimitri Face au Styx The hallucinatory journey of a young Russian between Paris, Saint-Petersburg and the Central Asian steppe. During his quest, he meets mackerels, tsars, beasts from the other side of the Styx, children and veterans of three wars.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2017. Price: £19.99
Bosc, Adrien Capitaine In March 1941, Captain Paul Lemerle leaves the port of Marseille on an eventful trip. It will end in June of the same year. It has people from all walks of life, fleeing what will become World War II.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £23.50
Boualem, Sansal Le train d’Erlingen ou La métamorphose de Dieu Ute von Ebert, the last heiress of an industrial empire, lives in Erlingen in Germany. Her daughter lives in London. She describes her life in Erlingen besieged by an enemy who believes in the "unique law of humanity".
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £20.00
Bouhénic, Pascale Lorsqu'il fut de retour enfin A story inspired by the episode of Pénélope waiting for the return of Ulysses in Homer’s Odyssey.
New Fiction. Published 16/03/2017. Price: £15.50
Bouillier, Grégoire Le Dossier M: vol. 2 The second volume of the Dossier M, a literary love story embracing many genres.
New Fiction. Published 24/01/2018. Price: £23.80
Bouillier, Grégoire Le dossier M,: Après et pendant l'amour Prix Décembre 2017. A love story with a mysterious M mixing guns, sex games, money, the urge to kill or commit suicide, lies, passion, laughter or tears.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2017. Price: £24.50
Boulais, Véronique Foulques A story of love and friendship between a teacher heckled by her students, recently left by her great love and a man without money or employment and constantly on therapy.
New Fiction. Published 09/01/2019. Price: £17.45
Bouraoui, Nina Otages Nina Bouraoui delivers an important and engaging novel about women's inner battles.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2020. Price: £19.35
Bouraoui, Nina Tous les hommes désirent naturellement savoir The narrator retraces her childhood, her adolescence, her years as a student, torn between Algeria and Brittany.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £19.99
Bourdeaut, Olivier Pactum salis The friendship between a misanthropic salt marsh worker and an ambitious real estate agent. One leads an almost monastic life, happily disconnected from any technology, while the second proudly parks his Porsche in front of nightclubs.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £18.50
Bourdin, Françoise Gran Paradiso Lorenzo, a veterinarian, wants to build an animal park where species will evolve closer to their natural habitat and, at the same time, seduce the woman he still secretly loves. A crazy bet that will arouse admiration or hostility.
New Fiction. Published 06/09/2018. Price: £23.50
Bourdin, Françoise Hors-saison et autres nouvelles Ten intense texts where the author explores topics of parent-child relationships and abandonment. We follow diverse characters in the quest for love and happiness.
New Fiction. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £19.99
Bouysse, Franck Né d'aucune femme In a poverty-stricken area of the countryside, Father Gabriel receives in confession a very singular request. He is to read the notebooks belonging to a certain Rose.
New Fiction. Published 10/01/2019. Price: £21.99
Bove, Emmanuel Mes amis Victor Bâton leads a quiet and lonely life. Every day he walks for hours in the streets of Paris, hoping to meet new people and make new friends.
New Fiction. Published 05/09/2018. Price: £8.50
Brocas, Sophie Le baiser Camille, a lawyer, is given an unusual case: identifying the owner of a sculpture by Brancusi called the Kiss. To determine who owns this work, she will have to follow the destiny of a young Russian exile who found refuge in Paris in 1910.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2019. Price: £21.99
Brochard, Vincent-Paul Le pont sans retour Julie travels to Asia in the summer of 1989 with a friend of Japanese origin. In reality, her friend belongs to a group of revolutionary militants who work on behalf of the dictator Kim II-sung. Julie is abducted and taken to Pyongyang, and must learn the way of life in North Korea.
New Fiction. Published 05/01/2017. Price: £21.50
Bulle, Estelle-Sarah Là où les chiens aboient par la queue The destiny of a family of West Indians caught between two worlds.
New Fiction. Published 23/08/2018. Price: £19.20
Bussi, Michel Au soleil redouté Michel Bussi takes us on an island in the Marquesas for a closed door literary murder solving party.
New Fiction. Published 06/02/2020. Price: £25.99
Bussi, Michel J'ai dû rêver trop fort The story of a 53-year-old married stewardess and mother, who rekindles the romance she had with a musician 20 years ago.
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2019. Price: £22.50
Bussi, Michel On la trouvait plutôt jolie Leyli from Mali arrived in Marseilles a few years ago. She is a mother of three children and works as a cleaner in a hotel. One day her daughter is accused of having murdered a charity worker who helped migrants.
New Fiction. Published 12/10/2017. Price: £22.99
Bussi, Michel Sang famille Colin would never have thought that his stay on the island of his childhood would be so hectic or that so many mysteries would be revealed.
New Fiction. Published 16/05/2018. Price: £22.99
Bussonnais, Anthony Un samedi soir entre amis Claire is worried: Her boyfriend Medhi is missing. In the heart of the forest, Medhi is naked. He is shaking. Despite the darkness, he manages to spot several people around him ... But what is really expected of him?
New Fiction. Published 05/02/2020. Price: £19.99
Capucine, Johannin & Simon Nino dans la nuit
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2019. Price: £13.99
Caro, Fabrice Le discours Adrien has to deliver a speech at his sister's wedding. At the dinner party, between the Gratin Dauphinois and the guests, he is waiting for a text message from his ex. A humorous novel.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £15.25
Caro, Fabrice Le Discours Adrien is stuck. Stuck at a dinner party where he has been ask to give a speech at his sister's wedding, forced to talk about underfloor heating when all he really wants to do is screaming, begging Aonia to come back to him. A hilarious novel!
New Fiction. Published 06/02/2020. Price: £8.50
Caron, Emmanuelle Tous les âges me diront bienheureuse A dying elderly woman reveals her personal story. A novel which takes us through the Russian and Soviet tragedies from the upheavals of the civil war in 1917 until the present day.
New Fiction. Published 23/08/2017. Price: £19.99
Carrère, Emmanuel Le Royaume BESTSELLER. The beginnings of Christianity or how, at the end of the First Century, Paul and Luke turned a small Jewish sect into a religion that would conquer the world.
New Fiction. Published 25/08/2016. Price: £9.99
Castillon, Claire Ma grande A man killed his wife. This is a long monologue to tell the facts. A story of domination in the couple.
New Fiction. Published 05/04/2018. Price: £14.60
Castillon, Claire Marche Blanche A compelling novel about one of parents' worst nightmare: losing a child only to discover they were alive and raised by other people.
New Fiction. Published 01/12/2019. Price: £16.50
Cérésa, François L'une et l'autre One New Year’s Eve, a middle aged couple welcome a woman into their house who is a younger version of the wife and looks the way she did at the age of 30.
New Fiction. Published 07/02/2018. Price: £19.50
Chainas, Antoine Empire des chimères The immersion of three teenagers in a theme park seems to blur in their minds the border between fiction and "real life".
New Fiction. Published 06/09/2018. Price: £25.99
Chantreau, Jérôme Les Enfants de ma mère After her husband leaves her, Françoise, who is used to a protected bourgeois environment, finds herself alone with her teenage daughter and son in a big apartment. She wants to rebuild her life but it is her children's lives which start to change.
New Fiction. Published 23/08/2018. Price: £20.99
Chattam, Maxime Le signal The Spencer family has just moved to Mahingan Falls. A haven of peace. At least that's what they thought.
New Fiction. Published 24/10/2018. Price: £24.99
Chérer, Sophie Parle tout bas, si c'est d'amour Caroline and Olivier are 16 years old, they love each other and would like the world around them to stop speaking to them about love. They are afraid of not being up to the task. However, they realised that it is sometimes in the wildest daring that real wisdom lies.
New Fiction. Published 22/03/2017. Price: £7.50
Chevillard, Eric L'autofictif ultraconfidentiel The diary of Chevillard is funny, sometimes insolent, but always spiritual.
New Fiction. Published 18/01/2018. Price: £29.00
Chevillard, Eric L'explosion de la tortue 53 humorous pages on the relationship between the narrator and his turtle.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2019. Price: £17.65
Ciriez, Frédéric BettieBook A thriller happening in the cultural industry.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £17.99
Claudel, Philippe L'archipel du chien On an island in the “Dog's Archipelago” a small community leads a simple life away from the noise of the world. Until the day three bodies are found and the inhabitants are forced to reveal their true natures.
New Fiction. Published 14/03/2018. Price: £19.50
Claudel, Philippe Compromis Denis, a failed comedian, sells his apartment. He is waiting for the buyer together with his friend Martin, a playwright no one plays. A novel full of dark humour.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2019. Price: £18.99
Claudel, Philippe Inhumaines A satire of the present society, inspired by current affairs.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2017. Price: £17.50
Clémençon, Frédérique Les méduses A story which takes place in a hospital where several characters's fate will cross paths.
New Fiction. Published 15/01/2020. Price: £19.99
Clément, Gilles Le grand B.A.L. The Etruscan shrew Zephirine, the smallest mammal in the world, is now in the hands of the great B.A.L, an international consortium which took control of the planet after the War of the Clouds. The investigation will be led by a group of marginals.
New Fiction. Published 02/05/2018. Price: £21.80
Le Clézio, Jean Marie Gustave Sous le ciel de Séoul Bitna, 18, invents stories for Salome, a young girl immobilized by an incurable disease. Bitna discovers that she exerts a new power over a human being, but also that she is being observed.
New Fiction. Published 28/03/2018. Price: £19.50
Cohen, Benoît Mohammad, ma mère et moi A young migrant from Afghanistan tells his story to the son of the woman who welcomed him into her home.
New Fiction. Published 04/04/2018. Price: £22.99
Collette, Sandrine Et toujours les Forêts A novel with an apocalyptic theme where the central character walks alone in a dissolved world in search for his adoptive mother.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2020. Price: £21.99
Cordonnier, Amélie Trancher A married woman promises herself that on her birthday she will have decided whether or not to leave her abusive husband.
New Fiction. Published 29/08/2018. Price: £18.99
Cossé, Laurence L'avalanche (nuit sur la neige) The story of a young Frenchman in 1935 in the France of the inter-war period.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £13.50
Coste, Stéphanie Coste Le passeur
New Fiction. Published 07/01/2021. Price: £14.99
Coulon, Cecile Une bete au Paradis A novel about a line of women possessed by their land.
New Fiction. Published 21/08/2019. Price: £18.99
Cournut, Bérengère De pierre et d'os
New Fiction. Published 29/08/2019. Price: £22.50
Cournut, Bérengère De pierre et d'os
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2020. Price: £12.50
Cusset, Catherine Vie de David Hockney This fictional biography paints an intimate and moving portrait of the most famous living English painter.
New Fiction. Published 11/01/2018. Price: £17.65
Dabos, Christelle La Passe-miroir Tome 4: La tempête des echos The last volume of the tetralogy.
New Fiction. Published 28/11/2019. Price: £21.99
Dai, Sijie L’évangile selon Yong Sheng The author tells the surprising story of his own grandfather, one of the first Christian pastors in China.
New Fiction. Published 07/02/2019. Price: £21.40
Dalembert, Louis-Philippe Avant que les ombres s'effacent The story of a Jewish family from Poland who emigrate to Haiti.
New Fiction. Published 02/03/2017. Price: £20.99
Daoud, Kamel Le peintre dévorant la femme The author is reflecting on Picasso and his relationship with eroticism.
New Fiction. Published 03/10/2018. Price: £17.99
Daoud, Kamel Zabor ou Les psaumes A boy who has lost his mother and been sidelined by his father, immerses himself in books and writing. One evening, his half-brother calls him to the bedside of his dying father.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2017. Price: £19.99
Darrieussecq, Marie La Mer à l'envers A necessary and poetic book about mass migration and how we can change one another's life.
New Fiction. Published 01/08/2019. Price: £20.55
De Vigan, Delphine Les gratitudes Michka, an elderly lady, is gradually losing the use of speech. Around her two peoples meet: Marie, a young woman to whom she is very close, and Jerome, a speech therapist.
New Fiction. Published 06/03/2019. Price: £17.99
DeChamplain, Virginie Les falaises When V. learns of the death of her mother, she returns to the place where she grew up at the "end of the world". She loses herself in the handwritten diaries of her grandmothe.
New Fiction. Published 27/02/2020. Price: £22.99
Delacourt, Grégoire La femme qui ne vieillissait pas Martine is a happy young woman, teacher, mother and wife. One day, at thirty-five she realizes she is no longer aging. We then discover her past life and the difficulties she faced.
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2018. Price: £18.99
Delacourt, Grégoire La première chose qu'on regarde Arthur Dreyfuss is watching TV when there is a knock at his door. He opens it to find a famous actress looking scared and disorientated. A novel in the form of a fable about the birth of a love story.
New Fiction. Price: £8.99
Delaume, Chloé Le coeur synthétique Winner of the Prix Médicis 2020.
New Fiction. Published 20/08/2020. Price: £22.99
Delzongle, Sonja L'Homme de la plaine du Nord Back in New York, the famous profiler Hanah Baxter hoped for a normal life ... But we do not escape our destiny, even less our past.
New Fiction. Published 18/03/2020. Price: £21.99
Desarthe, Agnès La chance de leur vie The story of a French expat family in the United States — Infidelities, the husband’s lies, terrorist attacks in Paris and the election of Donald Trump.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £19.50
Desbiolles, Maryline Machin A fictional biography of Alfred Machin, a French filmmaker.
New Fiction. Published 06/03/2019. Price: £16.99
Desbiolles, Maryline Rupture The story of a challenging love affair between a young labourer and the daughter of a well-off land owner.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2018. Price: £16.50
Descraques, François 3e droite A young man moves into a new apartment where strange and disturbing events start to multiply, and the neighbours gradually reveal their true selves. A novel built in 18 concise chapters full of twists and turns.
New Fiction. Published 03/10/2018. Price: £16.99
Desesquelles, Isabelle Je voudrais que la nuit me prenne Prix Femina des Lycéens 2018. The author depicts the life of a little girl surrounded by loving and original parents. We immerse ourselves in a happy childhood. However, we quickly understand that a shadow hangs over this family.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £18.50
Desmarteau, Claudine Un mois à l'ouest The wandering of the young Fred in North America of the 80s, told with the words of today.
New Fiction. Published 18/04/2018. Price: £14.10
Despentes, Virginie Vernon Subutex, vol. 3 Continuation and end of the adventures of Vernon Subutex, former record shop owner.
New Fiction. Published 24/05/2017. Price: £20.50
Destombes, Sandrine Les jumeaux de Pioleng 1989, twins go missing but only one body is found. Twenty years later new disappearances of children occur in the same region. Winner of the RTL Prize for best French Thriller 2018 (Michel Bussi)
New Fiction. Published 03/05/2018. Price: £20.99
Devers, Nathan Ciel et terre When Leonard moves into a new flat opposite a graveyard, he changes. He gives up smoking, takes up weight lifting and begins to search for Alma, his first love.
New Fiction. Published 03/06/2020. Price: £20.00
Dewdney, Patrick K. L'enfant de Poussiere A coming of age novel set in medieval times. Prix Pépite 2018".
New Fiction. Published 17/05/2018. Click on entry for price details.
Dicker, Joël La disparition de Stéphanie Mailer Twenty years after the murder of the Mayor and his family in a small, quiet Hamptons resort in the state of New York, a journalist by the name of Stephanie Mailer tells the Police that the wrong person was convicted, shortly before disappearing herself.
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £23.50
Dicker, Joel La Disparition de Stephanie Mailer Back to basics for Joel Dicker with this addictive thriller.
New Fiction. Published 09/05/2019. Price: £10.55
Dicker, Joel Le tigre At the beginning of the twentieth century, a singular fact makes headlines in St. Petersburg,: a monstrous tiger reigns terror in distant Siberia massacre the villagers. The Tsar then promises a fabulous reward for its capture.
New Fiction. Published 20/03/2019. Price: £13.99
Didierlaurent, Jean-Paul La fissure Xavier Barthoux leads a quiet life between his customers, his wife, his dog and his second home in the Cevennes. But when he discovers a crack in the wall of his house, his whole universe begins to collapse.
New Fiction. Published 18/01/2018. Price: £18.50
Dieudonné, Adeline La Vraie Vie PRIX RENAUDOT DES LYCEENS 2018. A young girl's attempt to escape the reality of her everyday life: her brothers, her violent father and submissive mother.
New Fiction. Published 29/08/2018. Price: £17.99
Diop, David Frère d'âme Prix Goncourt des Lycéens 2018. The story of two Senegalese riflemen who fought under the French flag during WW1.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £17.50
Djian, Philippe Les inéquitables In the Djian's new novel, couples betray each other, friendships break down and love flirts with murder.
New Fiction. Published 18/04/2019. Price: £17.00
Djian, Philippe A l'aube Marlon and his sister Joan have just buried their parents who died in a car accident. They must now learn to live together in the family house. An old friend tries to convince them to undertake mysterious excavations in the cellar.
New Fiction. Published 05/04/2018. Price: £19.00
Djian, Philippe Marlène Dan and Richard, two Afghan veterans and childhood friends, have lived in the same city since returning from war. Still seriously disturbed by what they have experienced, they struggle to regain a normal life. While Dan manages to find a job, Richard flirts with criminality and adultery, damaging his marriage to Nath. The arrival of Marlene, Nath's sister, will disrupt their lives all over again.
New Fiction. Published 02/03/2017. Price: £18.50
DOA Le cycle clandestin Contains: Citoyens clandestins, Le serpent aux mille coupures, Pukhtu Primo, Pukhtu Secondo.
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2018. Price: £35.30
Dorchamps, Oliver Ceux que je suis A beautiful book about origins, identity, and its plurality. Set in contemporary France and Marocco, it also enlightens the reader about actual social issues.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2019. Price: £17.99
Draeger, Manuela Kree
New Fiction. Published 13/02/2020. Price: £18.00
Dreyfus, Pauline Le déjeuner des barricades A mundane Huis clos set in the Paris of May 1968. Dali and his wife Gala, Paul Getty, Franck, Paul Morand, Blondin and Modiano are the characters of this funny novel.
New Fiction. Published 23/08/2017. Price: £19.99
Dubois, Jean-Paul Tous les hommes n'habitent pas le monde de la même façon PRIX GONCOURT 2019.The narrator who is in prison, tells his memories: A Danish father pastor and a French mother fan of Modern Cinema, his departure to Canada, the woman that he loved, his first job etc..
New Fiction. Published 14/08/2019. Price: £21.75
Ducret, Diane La dictatrice Europe sinks into chaos and finds its new guide in a woman with an endless ambition.
New Fiction. Published 22/01/2020. Price: £23.99
Ducret, Diane La meilleure façon de marcher est celle du flamant rose A young woman interrogates her destiny and the fractures that make up her life...the answer: Be weak or become a pink flamingo on fragile legs, gracefully balanced by the power of the spirit. A humoristic novel about the courage to remain oneself.
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2018. Price: £21.50
Dugain, Marc Ils vont tuer Robert Kennedy In Vancouver, a professor of contemporary history is convinced that the brutal death of his parents, successively in 1967 and 1968, is linked to the assassination of an American politician in June 1968.
New Fiction. Published 17/08/2017. Price: £22.50
Dupont-Monod, Clara La révolte A novel in which the story of Aliénor of Aquitaine is told by her son, Richard The Lionheart.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £19.99
Dupont-Monod, Clara La Revolte A shakespearian drama starring Alienor of Aquitaine, told in a confident, precise and sharp manner.
New Fiction. Published 02/08/2018. Price: £9.50
Duteurtre, Benoît En Marche! Thomas, a young MP, undertakes a study trip to Rugenia, a country which has become the showcase of the best of all possible worlds.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £18.50
Duval, Suzanne L'agente The story of a property agent who leads a double life.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £17.50
Echenoz, Jean Envoyée spéciale The narration follows the character of Constance, who is on a special mission in various regions of France.
New Fiction. Published 07/01/2016. Price: £18.99
Echenoz, Jean Vie de Gerard Fulmard Gerard Fulmard was not the most compelling individul. Until he became the henchman of a small and apparently insignificant political party.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2020. Price: £19.55
Énard, Mathias Rue des voleurs Lakhdar is a young Moroccan who dreams of freedom and financial independence, and seducing a beautiful European tourist. Set against the backdrop of the Arab Spring and the economic crisis, he represents the hopes and fears of many young people in today's Mahgreb.
New Fiction. Price: £9.99
Erre, Jean-Marcel Qui a tué l'homme-homard? A small village in Lozère shelters the survivors of a circus which offered a freak show. The discovery of the mutilated corpse of one of the members disturbs the quiet life of its inhabitants. Who killed him and why?
New Fiction. Published 07/02/2019. Price: £21.50
Esposito, Chloé Bad
New Fiction. Published 06/06/2019. Price: £20.99
Fargues, Nicolas Je ne suis pas une héroïne The narrator is Géralde, a young black woman in her 30s, whose love life is complicated. A reflection on societies, French identity, on passion and loneliness.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £17.50
Fermine, Maxence Neige Japan, 19th century, Yuko wants to be a poet. His father Soseki, a former samurai, teaches him the art of the haiku.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2020. Click on entry for price details.
Ferney, Alice L'Intimité When Alexandre and Ada go into hospital for the birth of their second child, they leave their son in the care of their neighbour, Sandra, a feminist bookseller who decided long ago that she didn't want children. That evening Sandra will develop an unwavering attachment to the boy and his family.
New Fiction. Published 19/08/2020. Price: £23.99
Ferrari, Jérôme Le sermon sur la chute de Rome PRIX GONCOURT 2012. Two philosophy students leave Paris and return to Corsica to run a bar, the centre of all life in the village.
New Fiction. Published 2012. Price: £8.50
Ferrari, Jérôme A son image This novel written in the form of a requiem for a deceased photographer is also an opportunity to evoke Corsican nationalism, the violence of modern wars and the ambiguous links between image, photography, reality and death.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £19.00
Ferrier, Michaël François, portrait d'un absent A voice raised in the middle of the night announces to Michaël Ferrier the death of his friend François and his daughter Bahia.This book is an ode to their friendship.
New Fiction. Published 11/06/2018. Price: £20.00
Fives, Carole Tenir jusqu'à l'aube A young single mother takes care of her two-year-old son, from morning to night. She allows herself to escape some nights, a few meters from the apartment first, then always a little further, always a little later, in pursuit of a semblance of lightness.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £17.00
Foenkinos, David Deux soeurs Mathilde has a perfect life until the day her companion leaves her without explanation. Depressed, she ends up moving into her sister's house where she finds it difficult to be around a happy couple and family.
New Fiction. Published 21/02/2019. Price: £17.00
Foenkinos, David Vers la beauté Antoine Duris is a professor at the Beaux-Arts. From one day to the next, he decides to leave everything to become a warden in a museum. Nobody knows the reasons for this sudden change.
New Fiction. Published 22/03/2018. Price: £18.45
Fontaine, Brigitte L'onyx rose A novel of ordinary and extraordinary adventures written in the delirious prose of Brigitte Fontaine.
New Fiction. Published 01/11/2017. Price: £17.50
Forest, Philippe L'oubli Philippe Forest offers the reader an unusual fable about pleasure and oblivion, which are the only two secrets of happiness.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £19.00
Fottorino, Eric Dix-sept ans Through a searing and painful portrait of an unknown mother, the author offers his most personal novel yet.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £20.50
Fottorino, Eric Petit éloge du Tour de France Short story on cycling.
New Fiction. Price: £2.99
Frain, Irène Un crime sans importance Telling the story of her sister's murder, Irene Frain shows us how diresgarded life in the suburbs can be. Nothing important happens there, nothing dangerous.
New Fiction. Published 20/08/2020. Price: £18.50
Frappat, Hélène Le dernier fleuve Two brothers travel through the countryside to the river where many atypical characters cross their path.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2019. Price: £19.45
Galien, Alexandre Les cicatrices de la nuit A compelling noir taking you in the deepest, darkest corners of Paris' night life, written by a former police detective.
New Fiction. Published 06/11/2019. Price: £11.65
Gallay, Claudie La beauté des jours Jeanne has a stable job, a caring husband and two daughters. She is passionate about the performer Marina Abramovic, who gives an important place to the unexpected in her art. This unexpected that Jeanne invites and welcomes, one summer, into her daily life.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2017. Price: £22.00
Garat, Anne-Marie Le grand Nord-ouest Late 1930s, Yukon, Alaska. A woman flees California with a child braving the dangers on the tracks of the Amerindian territories of the Far North.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £21.50
Garcia, Tristan Histoire de la souffrance Tome 1 : Ames An ambitious and philosophical novel in which the characters’ destinies are intertwined.
New Fiction. Published 10/01/2019. Price: £24.00
Garde, François Marcher à Kerguelen For twenty-five days, in the rain, the wind and the cold, in the absence of any path and unsupported, François Garde and his companions cross the Kerguelen Islands on foot.
New Fiction. Published 08/02/2018. Price: £19.50
Gaudé, Laurent Ecoutez nos défaites A French secret agent is sent to Beirut to find a former US sniper suspected of trafficking. There, he meets an Iranian archaeologist who is trying to save museum treasures from bombed cities.
New Fiction. Published 17/08/2016. Price: £20.00
Gaudé, Laurent Salina: Les trois exils Somewhere between a Greek tragedy and an African fable, this is a story of abandonment, exile and revenge.
New Fiction. Published 03/10/2018. Price: £17.00
Gauthier, Marie Court Vetue Marie Gauthier tells a compelling story, perfectly rendering the magnetic atmosphere of a small town in summer and the confused sensations of a teenage boy before the troubling sensuality of a young women.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2019. Price: £11.90
Gavalda, Anna Fendre l'armure A collection of seven short stories whose narrators reveal themselves and talk about the solitude of their lives; each story helping to build an impression of the benevolence of people, “ordinary heroes”.
New Fiction. Published 17/05/2017. Price: £16.50
Ghislain, Christophe Sam One morning Sam ups and leaves for Norway. Her partner picks up his son and decides to follow her in his old Honda. They will have to cross Lapland, icy rivers, face bears and a shower of dead fish.
New Fiction. Published 30/01/2019. Price: £22.99
Giebel, Karine Toutes blessent la dernière tue One morning, Gabriel discovers a stranger who has taken refuge in his home. A young woman injured and amnesic. Who is she?
New Fiction. Published 29/03/2018. Price: £22.99
Giesbert, Franz-Olivier Belle d'amour The story of Tiphanie known as "Belle d'amour". Thrown very young on the roads of the kingdom after the death sentence of her parents, she is reduced to slavery in Paris from where she escapes to embark on the Holy Land and start a initiation trip.
New Fiction. Published 02/03/2017. Price: £20.40
Giesbert, Franz-Olivier Le Schmock Through the characters of Elie, Elsa, Karl and the othersm Franz-Olivier Giesbert tries to answer the questions that have always haunted him about nazi Germany. How come such a great country of poets, musicians and philosophers made nazism possible?
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2019. Price: £21.50
Giordano, Raphaëlle Cupidon a des ailes en carton A cross between a love story and a self-help book, the story follows Mederith, a young woman who doesn't feel ready for commitment.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2019. Price: £17.99
Gounelle, Laurent Je te promets la liberté Failure, separation, betrayal, but also happiness, joy, and love. The heroine of this story is embarking on an extraordinary journey towards self-discovery.
New Fiction. Published 17/10/2018. Price: £22.95
Grainville, Patrick Falaise des fous Here, the characters are called Courbet, Boudin, Monet, Flaubert, Maupassant. A beautiful historical novel by Patrick Grainville.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £22.50
Grand, Emmanuel Kisanga France and China must sign a partnership to operate a copper mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The evidence of an illegal market risks jeopardizing this lucrative market for France. A relentless thriller on the new games of influence in Africa.
New Fiction. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £20.99
Grangé, Jean-Christophe La dernière chasse A dive into an extreme and terrifying experience, of violence and esotericism.
New Fiction. Published 10/04/2019. Price: £25.40
Grangé, Jean-Christophe Terre des morts An expedition to the land of the dead, the land of the damned souls ... The new novel by JC Grangé is a dive into human darkness.
New Fiction. Published 02/05/2018. Price: £24.99
Grumbert, Jean-Claude La plus précieuse des marchandises - Un conte A fairy tale set against the background of the First World War.
New Fiction. Published 10/01/2019. Price: £13.70
Guay de Bellissen, Héloïse Dans le ventre du loup A young woman opens the archives of the Annecy court to return to the events that destroyed her family thirty years ago.
New Fiction. Published 07/02/2018. Price: £21.50
Guène, Faïza Un homme, ça ne pleure pas The adventures of an Algerian family in the suburbs of Nice, narrated by the eldest son Mourad.
New Fiction. Price: £9.50
Guène, Faïza Millenium blues The tormented course of Zouzou, as a child, teenager, woman and finally mother. Each episode of her life is closely related to an event: The 1998 World Cup, 11 September 2001, the second round of the 2002 presidential election…
New Fiction. Published 10/01/2018. Price: £19.99
Guez, Olivier La disparition de Josef Mengele Prix Renaudot 2017. 1949, Josef Mengele arrives in Argentina. This Former SS doctor in Auschwitz, guilty of atrocious experiments on the deportees, believes he can reinvent himself in South America.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2017. Price: £19.50
Guibert, Emmanuel Mike
New Fiction. Published 07/01/2021. Price: £21.99
Guyotat, Pierre Idiotie PRIX MEDICIS 2018. Autobiographical notes from Pierre Guyotat.
New Fiction. Published 29/08/2018. Price: £19.99
Haddad, Hubert Casting sauvage Damya, a former dancer injured during the attack of November 13, roams the streets of Paris in search of extras for a movie about war and deportation. She is also looking for the stranger she had arranged to meet in a café the day of the attack.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £16.99
Haddad, Hubert Le peintre d’éventail Matabei goes to the island of Honshu to escape modern life. At the guest house where he is staying, he becomes the disciple of an old gardener who is also a painter of beautiful fans.
New Fiction. Published 2013. Price: £6.99
Haddad, Hubert Premières neiges sur Pondichéry Drawn to South India by a festival of traditional carnatic music, an Israeli violinist makes his journey, planning to leave behind Israeli society for good. He discovers the existence of the Blue Synagogue of Cochin which brings together an ancestral Hebrew community.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2017. Price: £17.50
Haenel, Yannick Tiens ferme ta couronne Prix Médicis 2017. While no producer is interested in his script on the life of Herman Melville, the narrator meets a famous filmmaker in New York, and a series of incredible adventures ensue.
New Fiction. Published 17/08/2017. Price: £20.00
Hauuy, Vincent Dans la Toile Halfway between horror and crime fiction, this is a compelling thriller. Taking place in the Vosges mountains, the story unfold in a unique atmosphere.
New Fiction. Published 02/05/2019. Price: £21.50
Henaff, Sophie Art et Décès After the success of "Poulets grillés" and "Rester groupés", Sophie Hénaff continues her hilarious crime fiction series. This time it is on a movie set that the most friendly band of loosers of 36 Quai des Orfèvres makes its comeback.
New Fiction. Published 06/03/2019. Price: £19.50
Horvath, Sophie Le quartier des petits secrets A story which takes place in a street of Bordeaux with a café, a bookstore, a florist and its usual customers.
New Fiction. Published 10/04/2019. Price: £22.99
Houellebecq, Michel Sérotonine The narrator tells of his life as an agronomist, his friendship with an aristocrat farmer, the failure of the ideals of their youth and the perhaps foolish hope of finding a lost love.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2019. Price: £22.00
Houguet, Nicolas L'albatros The narrator, who lives in a wheelchair, remembers his childhood and adolescence during a concert by Patti Smith.
New Fiction. Published 13/03/2019. Price: £17.99
Izner, Claude Les premieres enquetes de victor Legris These first cases will lead Inspector Legris to investigate a series of unexplained deaths at the Paris World Expo, a strange disappearance in the Père-Lachaise cemetery, as well as the murder of a young girl, found disfigured.
New Fiction. Published 02/11/2017. Price: £15.99
Jablonka, Ivan En camping-car Ivan Jablonka evokes his childhood and the motorhome that took him and his family to several destinations. He sketches a socio-history of these experiences, turning this autobiography into a collective narrative and the portrait of an era.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £17.50
Jacob, Fabienne Un homme aborde une femme A woman remembers everything that men have said to her on the street throughout her life: offensive words, sometimes romantic or funny or even incongruous. She questions what has become of public spaces today, where smart phones take away the opportunity for encounters.
New Fiction. Published 23/08/2018. Price: £16.99
Jaenada, Philippe La serpe Prix Femina 2017. The fictional account of the life of Georges Arnaud, writer of "Salaire de la peur" who was accused and later acquitted of the mysterious murder of his family.
New Fiction. Published 17/08/2017. Price: £24.50
Jallon, Hugues Hélène ou Le soulèvement A photo novel of an impossible love between Helen and her lover.
New Fiction. Published 07/02/2019. Price: £19.00
Jaquier, Antoine Simili-love
New Fiction. Published 21/03/2019. Price: £17.50
Jardin, Alexandre Les nouveaux amants A successful playwright does not realise that he will be living - and not just in writing - the most turbulent play of his life.
New Fiction. Published 07/11/2018. Price: £8.99
Jauffret, Régis Microfictions Prix Goncourt de la Nouvelle 2018. Five hundred little stories in which the mundanity of every life meets love, cruelty and drama.
New Fiction. Published 11/01/2018. Price: £23.99
Jenni, Alexis Féroces infirmes The story of a deserter in the Algerian war.
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2019. Price: £21.50
Joly, Constance Over the Rainbow
New Fiction. Published 06/01/2021. Price: £18.50
Joncour, Serge Chien-Loup A couple rents an isolated house in the country. Serge Joncour tells the story, a century away, of a village in the Lot, and it is a past inhabited by animals and wiped out by the war.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £19.95
Kaddour, Hédi La nuit des orateurs
New Fiction. Published 14/01/2021. Price: £22.99
Kalfon, Stéfanie Attendre un fantôme Nineteen-year-old Kate's boyfriend is attacked and brutally murdered. She is shocked and deeply affected by this but she would recover. If it wasn't for her family that is, who believe she has been traumatised and won't let her forget it.
New Fiction. Published 29/08/2019. Price: £16.50
Kalouaz, Ahmed J'arrivais pas à dormir The author shares his impressions and encounters as a wanderer and his observations as a writer.
New Fiction. Published 15/02/2018. Price: £15.00
Kerangal, Maylis de Un monde à portée de main The career of a painter from school, through her professional debut to the Lascaux IV site.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £20.00
Kernel, Brigitte Jours brûlants à Key West April 1955, Françoise Sagan is on a promotional tour in the United States on the occasion of the American release of Bonjour Tristesse. Tired by the interviews, she doesn't want to leave her hotel room. Tennessee Williams invites her to Key West.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2018. Price: £20.50
Khadra, Yasmina Khalil A dive into the mind of a terrorist, on the 13th November 2015 in Paris.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2018. Price: £19.99
Khadra, Yasmina Le sel de tous les oublis After being left by his wife, Adem quits his job as a teacher and "hits the road". He meets colorful characters along the way, until his demons resurface. A meditation on possession and break-ups.
New Fiction. Published 20/08/2020. Click on entry for price details.
Knidler, Céline L'Equilibre du funambule Ornicar Garthauser is a roofer and spends his life on the rooftops of Paris. Helle explores the depths of the city and hides a mysterious secret. One day, Ornicar accidentally falls and Helle helps him. Together, they will live extraordinary adventures.
New Fiction. Published 06/06/2018. Price: £16.50
Krhajac, Philipe Un dieu dans la poitrine A moving first novel, driven by a passion for life and living it.
New Fiction. Published 02/05/2019. Price: £8.99
Kuperman, Nathalie Je suis le genre de fille Comical scenes from the life of an ordinary woman in her fifties who has renounced love but dreams of being loved.
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £17.15
Kuperman, Nathalie On était des poissons
New Fiction. Published 06/01/2021. Price: £20.50
Kushner, Rachel Le Mars Club A dark comedy that comes as the confirmation of a feisty talent that binds social conscience and humour together.
New Fiction. Published 01/05/2018. Price: £11.40
L'Homme, Erik Déchirer les ombres Straddling his Harley with revenge in mind, a former special forces officer takes the niece of his ex-lieutenant, thirty years his junior, on a road trip down his memory lane.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2018. Price: £16.99
Labro, Philippe Ma mère, cette inconnue The writer evokes the fate of his mother, Nekta, born in Poland of a clandestine relationship between a teacher and her rich employer.
New Fiction. Published 30/03/2017. Price: £16.50
Laclavetine, Jean-Marie Une amie de la famille A novel about the past, and the loss of a loved one. A shocking novel that tells us about Annie, the novelist's sister who passed away at 20 years old.
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2019. Price: £17.15
Laferrière, Dany Autoportrait de Paris avec chat In this hand-drawn and hand-written novel, the narrator travels to Paris and goes back in time to discover the places and personalities that made the city famous.
New Fiction. Published 03/04/2018. Price: £24.50
Lafon, Marie-Hélène Le pays d'en haut Marie-Hélène Lafon grew up on an isolated farm in Cantal. Through these conversations, she invites us to her lost country, a journey to the heart of an intense world, to the sources of beauty.
New Fiction. Published 20/02/2019. Price: £13.99
Lalumière, Jean-Claude Miss Morgane Bellamy enters herself into France's Most Beautiful Woman contest. Determined and clever, she decides to set traps for her competitors to eliminate them one by one and win the title. A comedy full of twists!
New Fiction. Published 11/04/2018. Price: £19.35
Lambert, Kevin Querelle Lac-Saint-Jean, North Canada. A strike begins in a factory. Beyond an apparent solidiraity, boredom and harshness of the fight reveal more individualistic motivations. In spite of this, and determined to fight the system, Querelle and Jezabel will lead the movement their own peculiar way.
New Fiction. Published 01/10/2018. Price: £23.50
Lamberterie, Olivia de Avec toutes mes sympathies Prix Renaudot Essai 2018. The narrator talks about her brother who committed suicide.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £19.50
Lançon, Philippe Le Lambeau PRIX FEMINA 2018. Philippe Lançon tells the story of the attack on Charlie Hebdo of which he was a victim and where a lot of his friends died.
New Fiction. Published 12/04/2018. Price: £20.00
Laurain, Antoine Millésime 54 Four characters drink a bottle of wine from 1954 together and end up time travelling back in time. They discover Paris in the 50s. A feel good novel.
New Fiction. Published 04/04/2018. Price: £17.50
Le Clezio, J.M.G. Chanson bretonne The author takes us to the Brittany of his childhood in a poetic text.
New Fiction. Published 12/03/2020. Price: £17.99
Le Clézio, Jean-Marie-Gustave Alma Jeremie Falsen travels to Mauritius where his family have roots going back many generations to investigate their links to slavery.
New Fiction. Published 05/10/2017. Price: £21.00
Le Corre, Hervé Dans l'ombre du brasier Historical crime novel set during the Commune of Paris.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2019. Price: £21.85
Le Romancer, Frédérique 3 Bis, rue Riquet One apartment building in Toulouse. Here we find Cecile on the ground floor, who never leaves her flat, Lucie who is out clubbing all the time while dreaming of her prince charming, and Mado, a semi retired prostitute whose new landlord is trying to evict her.
New Fiction. Published 12/04/2018. Price: £19.99
Ledig, Agnès Dans le murmure des feuilles qui dansent To help her write her novel, Anaëlle starts up a correspondence with Hervé, a provincial prosecutor. Thomas, a carpenter, helps his little brother who is hospitalized. Soon, these two destinies will become entwined.
New Fiction. Published 28/03/2018. Price: £21.99
Ledun, Marin Salut a toi O mon frere Marin Ledun wrote an atypical noir, where social critic meet humour, as a core value for that delightfully anticonfromist family.
New Fiction. Published 15/05/2019. Price: £11.50
Legardinier, Gilles J'ai encore menti! Laura asks herself a lot of questions. How can she make a success of her life? Is it possible to eat everything you like without gaining ten pounds? How can she find love? Too many doubts to be happy, too much desire to be content with the banal ... Until the day when an accident completely erases her memory.
New Fiction. Published 10/10/2018. Price: £22.50
Legardinier, Pascale & Gilles Comme une ombre Alexandra doesn't want the bodyguards employed by her father to follow her everywhere. Things will change with the new one that her father has chosen.
New Fiction. Published 11/04/2018. Price: £14.50
Lemaitre, Pierre Couleurs de l'incendie The second part of the trilogy inaugurated with Au revoir là-haut, Prix Goncourt 2013. February 1927. Madeleine must take the head of her father's financial empire but destiny decides otherwise.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2018. Price: £24.99
Lépée, Denis Les engloutis Archaeologist Tommaso Mac Donnel is travelling to Kotka, Finland, to conduct an expert appraisal of an offshore wind farm project. Strangely, both critics and project proponents try to dissuade him from carrying out his mission.
New Fiction. Published 21/03/2018. Price: £22.50
Leroy, Jérôme La petite gauloise In a city of the West in a near future, in a context of (anti) terrorist struggle, the author throws us cops, Muslim extremists, a drunk teacher , students from the suburds, and a everything rests in the hands of a young girl.
New Fiction. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £13.50
Leroy, Jérôme Terminus Nord The new Nestor Burma investigations.
New Fiction. Published 19/04/2018. Price: £15.50
Leroy, Lionel Eugénia The portrait of a free woman during the rise of the Nazis.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £21.99
Levy, Marc C'est arrivé la nuit
New Fiction. Published 29/09/2020. Price: £23.99
Levy, Marc La dernière des Stanfield Eleanor Rigby is a journalist in London and George Harrison is a cabinetmaker in Quebec. They do not know each other. Each of them receives a similar letter from a raven who accuses their respective mothers of crimes.
New Fiction. Published 20/04/2017. Price: £22.99
Levy, Marc Une fille comme elle A comedy set in New York.
New Fiction. Published 18/05/2018. Click on entry for price details.
Liberati. Simon Occident Every week Alain joins his mistress and a group of chic night owls in Paris. When he meets Poppea, a young Israeli, everything changes.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2019. Price: £23.95
Littell, Jonathan Vieille histoire Seven consecutive variations on the same frame and around the same themes: A narrator comes out of a pool, gets changed and runs down a grey corridor. He discovers doors which open onto places where human relationships are being played out.
New Fiction. Published 08/03/2018. Price: £20.00
Locandro, Catherine Des coeurs ordinaires The story of Gabrielle, an elderly lady who lives alone, and observes the comings and goings in her building. When she starts watching a young couple who have just moved in, what she discovers is beyond her wildest imagination!
New Fiction. Published 14/02/2019. Price: £18.45
Loevenbruck, Henri Le loup des Cordeliers May 1789. The revoution is starting in Paris and, at night, an avenger roams the streets to punish those who attack women. Gabriel Joly, a young and ambitious journalist investigates, firmly beliving that one of the biggest conspiracy of The Revolution could be unveiled.
New Fiction. Published 08/10/2020. Click on entry for price details.
Loiseau, Florent Paris-Venice Roman has just found a job on the Paris-Venice, Europe's night train. The traffic of illegal immigrants, drunk customs officers, pickpockets... Anything can happen in this travelling theatre. Even falling in love.
New Fiction. Published 11/01/2018. Price: £18.99
Loridan-Ivens, Marceline L'amour après In her new book, Marceline Loridan-Ivens opens "her suitcase of love", full of epistolary memories of all kinds, letters and notes from the men in her life.
New Fiction. Published 17/01/2018. Price: £16.99
Louatah, Sabri Les sauvages On posters and screens across the country a smiling face promises France that "The future is now". For the first time the favourite to win the presidential elections is a candidate of Algerian origin.
New Fiction. Price: £15.40
Loubière, Sophie Black coffee Thriller. On a beautiful sunny day in 1966, a man slaughtered a women and her son and drove away in a car stained with blood. Summer 2011. A French woman, Lola Lombard, is searching for the father of her two children, who has disappeared on Route 66.
New Fiction. Published 01/04/2017. Price: £10.99
Louis, Edouard Qui a tué mon père Edouard Louis evokes his father in an angry and poignant book.
New Fiction. Published 03/05/2018. Price: £12.50
Mabanckou, Alain Verre cassé Prix des 5 Continents. A Congolese bar and its very varied clientele are the background of some quite bizarre and often almost unbelievable stories in this book.
New Fiction. Published 15/06/2017. Price: £8.50
Magellan, Murielle Changer le sens des rivières Marie has only known odd jobs and the industrial landscape of Le Havre. So when she meets Alexandre, a brilliant boy and a good talker, her heart is racing. But how can she overcome this feeling of inferiority that pursues her?
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2019. Price: £21.50
Makine, Andreï Au-delà des frontières Sitting on the terrace of a Parisian cafe, a man catches hold of the front page of a manuscript blown away by the wind. It is called "The great displacement" by Vivien de Lynden. The narrator very quickly realizes that it is a pamphlet.
New Fiction. Published 30/01/2019. Price: £20.75
Makine, Andreï Une femme aimée Oleg Erdmann, a filmmaker, is fascinated by the character of Catherine II of Russia and makes her the heroine of his film.
New Fiction. Price: £9.50
Malzieu, Matthias Une sirène à Paris The impossible love story between a man and a mermaid in contemporary Paris.
New Fiction. Published 06/02/2019. Price: £18.99
Manteau, Valerie Le sillon Prix Renaudot 2018. In a writing style between fiction and non-fiction,Valerie Manteau tells us about today's Turkey, more precisely Istanbul, through the portrait of a Turkish Armenian journalist who was assassinated.
New Fiction. Published 15/11/2018. Price: £17.50
Martin, Bénédicte L'homme nécessaire A crazy love story between a singular and intense woman and an adventurer.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £17.50
Martin-Lugand, Agnès A la lumière du petit matin Hortense is a dance teacher who is in a relationship with a married man. After a banal accident, she reconsiders her life.
New Fiction. Published 29/03/2018. Price: £19.99
Martin-Lugand, Agnes Nos Resiliences After facing the worst moment of her life, Ava has to rebuild one for herself and her family. Resilience is what she's going to learn.
New Fiction. Published 20/05/2020. Click on entry for price details.
Martinez, Carole Les roses fauves
New Fiction. Published 20/08/2020. Price: £24.99
Mas, Victoria Le Bal des Folles An hymn to the liberty of all the women the 19th century has tried to silence.
New Fiction. Published 21/08/2019. Price: £20.95
Mathieu, Nicolas Leurs enfants après eux GONCOURT PRIZE 2018. August 1992. Anthony is fourteen, and along with his cousin, he decides to steal a canoe and see what is happening on the famous beach on the other side of the lake.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £24.20
Mathieu-Daudé, Agnès L'ombre sur la lune The theft of a painting brings together a very tall Chinese woman, a Sicilian man who killed his wife and a museum employee who is convinced he is the look-alike of a famous footballer.
New Fiction. Published 24/08/2017. Price: £17.99
Maury, Martial L'été des orages For generations, a terrible curse has afflicted Antonin's family. All the men seem to die just before the birth of their child. Convinced that he will not be spared, Antonin understands that he will have to look into his family’s past.
New Fiction. Published 06/02/2019. Price: £19.99
Meurice, Guillaume Cosme The comedian Guillaume Meurice introduces us to the many facets and talents of Cosme Olvera, who holds the key to Rimbaud's poem "Voyelles".
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £21.50
Michel, Luce Sérieux Lola Lola, 39, Parisian, single, wise (sometimes). Like any woman, she hopes to meet Prince Charming, but she would prefer someone simply available rather than a guy with a horse. Seriously, have you ever tried to park a horse in Paris?
New Fiction. Published 28/02/2018. Price: £17.95
Mihami, Maude Les dix voeux d'Alfréd Charming and humorous story about little Alfréd growing up in a Breton village.
New Fiction. Published 03/05/2018. Price: £18.99
Minier, Bernard Nuit While Kirsten Niggard investigates the murder of a technician from an off-shore base, she finds photographs of Martin Servaz, who was spied. This investigation leads them to Julian Hirtmann, the elusive killer.
New Fiction. Published 23/02/2017. Price: £22.99
Minier, Bernard Soeurs A nightmare written in black ink.
New Fiction. Published 05/04/2018. Price: £22.50
Minier, Bernard La Vallée In a valley cut from the rest of the world, a secretive abbey in a mysterious forest seems to be the origin of a series of horrid murders.
New Fiction. Published 20/05/2020. Price: £23.99
Modiano, Patrick L'herbe des nuits BESTSELLER. Whilst going through some old police files, Jean is reminded of Dannie, a young woman with whom he was involved in the 60s and who was mixed up in criminal activities.
New Fiction. Price: £6.99
Modiano, Patrick Nos débuts dans la vie A play where the rehearsal of "La Mouette", the past, the future and dreams are staged together.
New Fiction. Published 26/10/2017. Price: £11.65
Modiano, Patrick Romans A collection of ten novels published between 1975 and 2010: Villa triste/ Livret de famille/ Rue des boutiques obscures/ Remise de peine/ Chien de printemps/ Dora Bruder/ Accident nocturne/ Un pedigree/ Dans le café de la jeunesse perdue/ L'horizon.
New Fiction. Published 07/05/2013. Price: £24.50
Modiano, Patrick Souvenirs dormants Modiano evokes a few encounters of his youth.
New Fiction. Published 26/10/2017. Price: £13.85
Moran, Patrick La crécerelle A dark fantasy novel.
New Fiction. Published 15/02/2018. Price: £19.00
Moras, Hervé de & Franck Calderon La où rien ne meurt A strange and mysterious police investigation where the prime suspect, recently widowed, tries to find who killed his best friend.
New Fiction. Published 15/03/2018. Price: £20.99
Morgiève, Richard Cimetière d'étoiles
New Fiction. Published 14/01/2021. Price: £23.99
Mougin, Dominique Où passe l'aiguille From a concentration camp to the summit of French haute couture, here is Tomi's journey, her miraculous life, deviated by history, saved by beauty.
New Fiction. Published 31/01/2018. Price: £21.00
Moulins, Xavier de Mon garçon
New Fiction. Published 06/01/2021. Price: £17.00
Mréjen, Valérie Troisième personne An artist reflects on the upheaval caused by the birth of her child in her life.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2017. Price: £11.99
Murail, Marie-Aude En nous beaucoup d'hommes respirent The story of a French family over three generations, from 1914-18 to the 2000s. A text created from family archives.
New Fiction. Published 29/08/2018. Price: £21.50
Musso, Guillaume La jeune fille et la nuit Côte d'Azur - Winter 1992. Vinca Rockwell, 19, elopes with her philosophy teacher with whom she was in a secret relationship. Nobody will ever see her again. In 2017 her best friends, who have not spoken since the end of their studies, meet up again.
New Fiction. Published 24/04/2018. Price: £22.50
Musso, Guillaume La vie secrète des écrivains A young journalist visits a retired writer on an island. The same day, a woman's body is discovered on a beach.
New Fiction. Published 02/04/2019. Price: £21.99
Musso, Valentin Dernier été pour Lisa A high school student investigates the murder of her best friend. Welcome to Black Oak, a peaceful American village where Lisa spent her last summer. A very dark thriller.
New Fiction. Published 07/06/2018. Price: £20.99
Ndiaye, Marie La vengeance m’appartient
New Fiction. Published 07/01/2021. Price: £20.99
Nedali, Mohamed La bouteille au cafard ou l'avidité humaine A fable about the greed of men. Set in present day rural Morocco, it follows the life of a simple grocer.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £14.00
Nimier, Marie Les confidences In an empty apartment, Marie is blindfolded to receive the confidences of anonymous candidates: Remorse, regret, guilt, but also desires, dreams, fantasies…
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2019. Price: £18.00
Noël, James Belle merveille Between Amore et Bernard, it was love at first sight: Amore extracted Bernard from the chaos of a post seismic city by offering him a trip to Rome. First novel.
New Fiction. Published 24/08/2017. Price: £16.99
Noguez, Dominique L'interruption The obstacle course of an applicant at the College de France offers material for Dominique Noguez’ tasty description of Parisian vanities.
New Fiction. Published 21/02/2018. Price: £19.50
Norek, Olivier Impact Virgil Solal has decided to fight against the giants of this world who are propagating the disease that killed his daughter and millions of others.
New Fiction. Published 22/10/2020. Click on entry for price details.
Nothomb, Amélie Barbe bleue BESTSELLER. A modern take on the tale of Blue Beard.
New Fiction. Price: £7.50
Nothomb, Amélie Frappe-toi le coeur The new novel by A. Nothomb, built around a quote from Musset.
New Fiction. Published 23/08/2017. Price: £18.50
Nothomb, Amélie La nostalgie heureuse BESTSELLER. This novel is about Amelie Nothomb's first love from 20 years ago. Rinri, a Japanese jeweller, was the man she almost married but then spurned. This story was already the subject of the novel, "Ni d'Eve ni d'Adam".
New Fiction. Price: £7.99
Nothomb, Amélie Les prénoms épicènes The story of a father-daughter relationship.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £18.99
Oho Bambe, Marc Alexandre Diên Biên Phù By recounting the return to Vietnam of a French soldier twenty years after Diên Bien Phù, Marc Alexandre Oho Bambe also offers us a beautiful love story.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £18.10
Olmi, Véronique Bakhita Prix Patrimoines 2017. Bakhita, born in Darfur in the mid-nineteenth century, was kidnapped by slave traders at the age of seven. Resold on slave markets, she will be bought by an Italian consul. Later placed with the nuns, she will become a sister.
New Fiction. Published 23/08/2017. Price: £24.99
Ono-dit-Bio, Christophe Plonger GRAND PRIX DU ROMAN DE L'ACADEMIE FRANCAISE 2013. A woman who disappeared several months ago is found dead on a beach in a far away country, leaving her partner alone with their little boy.
New Fiction. Price: £8.50
Ormesson, Jean d' Et moi, je vis toujours From Prehistory to Modern Times, the narrator visits several thousand years of history, literature and science.
New Fiction. Published 11/01/2018. Price: £18.10
OuLiPo Cher Père Noël - Vraies lettres inventées
New Fiction. Published 25/11/2020. Price: £6.50
Ovaldé, Véronique Personne n'a peur des gens qui sourient A mother takes her two daughters away for a long stay in the Alsatian house where she spent her holidays as a child, in the heart of a forest. The result is a high-voltage dive into the murky waters of the past.
New Fiction. Published 06/02/2019. Price: £18.45
Ozouf, Mona L'autre George An homage to British author George Eliot, as emancipated and talented as her sister Sand, who documented the transformations of the Victorian era through her stories.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £20.00
Pancol, Katherine Trois baisers Stella wonders about the reality of her feelings for Adrian, Elena is preparing her revenge, Hortense wants to succeed with her first fashion show and Junior reveals her paranormal powers.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2017. Price: £26.50
Pancrazi, Jean-Noël Je voulais leur dire mon amour Fifty years after being forced to leave suddenly, the narrator returns to his native country, Algeria.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £11.99
Paris, Gilles La lumière est à moi et autres nouvelles Gilles Paris’ heroes all share a part of their fallen childhood, the desire to escape, caught by the hope of a brighter life. From the banks of the Seine to the shores of Lake Geneva, their intricate destinies are knotted and unravelled.
New Fiction. Published 11/10/2018. Price: £19.00
Parisis, Jean-Marc L'histoire de Sam ou l'avenir d'une emotion A poetic, modern and delicate fairytale. Years after meeting young Welsh girl in a French village, the universe provides Sam with signs that will lead him on an astonishing journey to Deirdre.
New Fiction. Published 08/01/2020. Price: £16.50
Pascal, Camille L'Été des quatre rois PRIX DE L'ACADEMIE FRANCAISE 2018. Summer 1830, France experienced two rather unique months in its history with the succession on the throne of Charles X, Louis XIX, Henry V and Louis-Philippe. In this abundant fresco, Camille Pascal plunges us into the true account of the 1830 revolution.
New Fiction. Published 30/08/2018. Price: £23.99
Pavlenko, Marie Je suis ton soleil A novel about normal, daily life and the universal thoughts of a high-schooler.
New Fiction. Published 19/06/2019. Price: £11.99
Pennac, Daniel Mon frère Daniel Pennac talks about the loss of his brother.
New Fiction. Published 05/04/2018. Price: £14.75
Péron, Xavier Tu ne peux pas presser la Déesse en lui donnant un coup de coude! Despite his successful career in football Skander Murati remains unhappy and dissatisfied. But an encounter with a stranger suddenly changes his life and his attitude…
New Fiction. Published 03/05/2018. Price: £16.99
Philibert, Marjorie Presque ensemble Nicolas and Victoire are in love. After their studies came their first salary and first apartment. They don't have any ideals and they do not wish to change the world. Very soon the routine and the erosion of feelings take place, they start aspiring to something else.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2017. Price: £18.99
Pisier, Evelyne & Caroline Laurent Et soudain, la liberté A biography of several family decades, from the end of Indochina to the present day.
New Fiction. Published 31/08/2017. Price: £20.99
Pivot, Cécile Battements de coeur A love story between two characters that everything opposes.
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2019. Price: £19.95
Place, François La reine sous la neige A love story set in a snow covered London.
New Fiction. Published 19/09/2019. Price: £14.50
Plamondon, Eric Oyana The story of a love-story, a life-long love-story that kept fighting its way to its protagonists feelings over years and wars.
New Fiction. Published 25/03/2019. Price: £15.25
Plamondon, Eric Taqawan Following a riot on an Indian reserve in Quebec, Eric Plamondon weaves the canvas of his novel.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2018. Price: £20.00
Pouchairet, Pierre Mortels trafics Winner of the Prix du Quai des Orfèvres 2017.
New Fiction. Published 16/11/2016. Price: £10.99
Pouchet, Victor Pourquoi les oiseaux se meurent? A melancolic, ironic and light first novel, written as a reverie along the River Seine.
New Fiction. Published 21/08/2019. Price: £8.99
Poulain, Catherine Le coeur blanc The story of several seasonal workers working in the fields of Provence.
New Fiction. Published 04/10/2018. Price: £20.50
Prince, Christophe & Nathalie Nietzsche au Paraguay Inspired by real facts, this story follows Nietzsche and his family and their attempt to create a new Germany in Paraguay.
New Fiction. Published 13/02/2019. Price: £19.35
Prudhomme, Sylvain Les orages
New Fiction. Published 07/01/2021. Price: £20.99
Puertolas, Romain L'extraordinaire voyage du fakir qui était resté coincé dans une armoire Ikéa BESTSELLER. An adventure across Europe and post-Gaddafi Libya. A story of love, but also a reflection of a terrible reality: the every day fight of clandestine immigrants, the ultimate adventurers of our century.
New Fiction. Price: £9.99
Rahimi, Atiq Les Porteurs d'eau March 11, 2001: The Taliban destroy the two Buddhas of Bamiyan, Afghanistan. The same day the life of a water carrier in Kabul and the life of an Afghan exile between Paris and Amsterdam are turned upside down.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2019. Price: £18.45
Ravey, Yves Pas dupe The body of Tippi, the wife of Mr. Meyer, is found among the debris of her car in a ravine. Inspector Costa investigates this tragedy: accident or criminal track?
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2019. Price: £14.50
Reinhardt, Eric La chambre des époux Nicolas is a music composer. His wife, Mathilde, learns that she has a breast cancer. As he prepares to leave his work in order to take care for her, she encourages him to complete the symphony he has begun. Every evening Nicolas plays this symphony to Mathilde.
New Fiction. Published 17/08/2017. Price: £15.50
Reverdy, Thomas B. L'hiver du mécontentement PRIX INTERALLIE 2018. In the years 1978-1979, when strikes paralyzed Britain, Candice is rehearsing Shakespeare's Richard III. The author describes the atmosphere and the culture of London of the time.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £17.50
Reza, Yasmina Anne-Marie la Beauté An aging actress, Anne-Marie Mille, reveals her past life as a friend and rival of Giselle Fayolle, known as Gigi, mistress of Alain Delon and Ingmar Bergman.
New Fiction. Published 08/01/2020. Price: £12.99
Reza, Yasmina Serge
New Fiction. Published 06/01/2021. Price: £21.50
Roger, Marc Grégoire et le vieux libraire Gregory will gradually discover by doing, every day, the reading to the old man suffering from Parkinson's disease, the power of words and literature.
New Fiction. Published 30/01/2019. Price: £19.99
Roger, Marie-Sabine Les bracassées In this novel, there is Russian music, an overweight little dog, touching and funny characters, unlikely monsters, treachery and drama, and... a little tolerance.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £20.00
Rondeau, Daniel Mécaniques du chaos Prix de l'Académie française 2017. Several characters cross paths in Tunisia, Libya, Malta, and in the suburbs of Paris to gradually build up, like a patchwork, a story of money and terrorism.
New Fiction. Published 16/08/2017. Price: £23.50
Rosnay, Tatiana de Sentinelle de la pluie A family drama is taking place as the Seine is flooding.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £23.50
Rouart, Jean-Marie La vérité sur la comtesse Berdaiev Already a victim of history that has condemned her to exile and ruin, Countess Berdaiev, a very beautiful aristocrat, will find herself involved in a scandal involving the political milieu at beginnings of the 5th Republic.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £17.20
Rouillé, Céline On s'était donné rendez-vous… Adolescents, Valentine and Benjamin, make a promise not to let time tarnish their friendship. Ten years later, as she is about to get married, Valentine goes in search of her lost friend.
New Fiction. Published 20/02/2019. Price: £20.50
Rufin, Jean-Christophe Les sept mariages d’Edgar et Ludmilla The seven marriage of a charming adventurer and a sublime and acclaimed opera singer. Seven times engaged in Russia, in America, Morocco, in South Africa…
New Fiction. Published 28/03/2019. Price: £23.50
Rufin, Jean-Christophe Le suspendu de Conakry The new book by J.C. Rufin is a thriller whose main character is a Romanian diplomat made Consul of France.
New Fiction. Published 28/03/2018. Price: £21.99
Rupert, Raphaël Anatomie de l'amant de ma femme PRIX DE FLORE 2018. A man makes the mistake of going through his wife’s diary and discovers she has a lover. Distraught but stimulated, he embarks on an investigation that will lead him on a journey of self-reflection.
New Fiction. Published 23/08/2018. Price: £14.00
Saint-Maur, Agathe De sel et de fumée
New Fiction. Published 07/01/2021. Price: £19.99
Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel Les deux messieurs de Bruxelles A collection of short stories about love in all its different forms.
New Fiction. Price: £8.99
Schmitt, Éric-Emmanuel Félix et la source invisible Twelve-year-old Felix is desperate. His mother Fatou, who has a small and warm bistro in Belleville, is very depressed. Where did her wandering soul go? Is she hiding in Africa, near her native village?
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2019. Price: £19.45
Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel Madame Pylinska et le secret de Chopin Following the lessons of the tyrannical Madame Pylinska, the young Eric Emmanuel seeks to understand the mystery of Chopin's music. The Polish woman has surprising ways of explaining the genius of the musician.
New Fiction. Published 28/03/2018. Price: £13.99
Sels, Véronique La ballerine aux gros seins Through the story of a ballerina with large breasts, this novel questions our relation with the female body and the place given to it in Western society.
New Fiction. Published 17/01/2018. Price: £19.50
Seyer, Laurent Les poteaux étaient carrés The story of a teenager saved by football.
New Fiction. Published 23/08/2018. Price: £15.15
Signol, Christian L'été de nos vingt ans Every summer, Antoine invites Charles, his best friend, to come to his grandparents' house in the Dordogne where they both fall in love with the same girl. When the Second World War breaks out, the two friends join Churchill's Service Operation Executive and Charles convinces his friend to build a resistance network in the Dordogne.
New Fiction. Published 02/10/2018. Price: £21.50
Sire, Guillaume Réelle The story of Johanna, a modest girl who will become the star of the first French reality TV show.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2018. Price: £19.00
Slimani, Leila Chanson douce BESTSELLER. Winner of Goncourt Prize 2016.The story of two young children who are murdered by their nanny. English title: "Lullaby".
New Fiction. Published 18/08/2016. Price: £17.85
Slimani, Leïla Le diable est dans les détails A collection of six texts, reflections or short stories that question the issues and debates of the French in particular Islam, integration, diversity or amalgam.
New Fiction. Published 23/11/2016. Price: £10.50
Slimani, Leila Le pays des autres 1944, Mathilde, a young Alsatian, falls in love with Amine Belhaj, a Moroccan fighter in the French army. After the Liberation, she leaves her country to follow him in Morocco. The newlyweds settle in Meknes where the colonial segregation system is applied rigorously.
New Fiction. Published 05/03/2020. Price: £22.20
Sollers, Philippe Beauté The narrator evokes his relationship with Lisa, a famous pianist.
New Fiction. Published 18/10/2018. Price: £7.50
Sollers, Philippe Centre Nora, 40, is a psychoanalyst. Her lover, a controversial French novelist, takes a close interest in Freud and Lacan. He also wants to understand why, recently, against all odds, Paris has suddenly become the centre of a secret and new world.
New Fiction. Published 01/03/2018. Price: £12.15
Sollers, Philippe Le nouveau This book is a novel. We are in the south-west of France, towards Bordeaux. Main characters: Henri the navigator, Edna the Irishwoman, Louis the fencer, Lena the magician. Permanent guest: William Shakespeare.
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2019. Price: £13.60
Steyer, Gauthier La nuit a mangé le ciel Fed up of living in foster families, 11 year old Juanito dreams of returning to the city where he was born.
New Fiction. Published 20/09/2018. Price: £20.00
Tackian, Niko Avalanche Hôtel After being caught in an avalanche, Joshua is in a coma two days. When he wakes up it is no longer 1980 but 2018. Joshua is not a security guard at the Avalanche Hotel in the Swiss Alps, but a police officer… was it just a dream…or not?
New Fiction. Published 02/01/2019. Price: £19.99
Taia, Abdellah La vie lente A disruptive novel about friendship, prejudices and unsual relationships.
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2019. Price: £17.99
Tal Men, Sophie Qui ne plante pas ne pousse jamais After leaving hospital, Jacqueline, an octogenarian, decides to bring the two people who are most dear to her to her home in Brittany. This atypical grandmother goes to the ends of the world to carry out her mission.
New Fiction. Published 27/02/2019. Price: £19.99
Taubira, Christiane Gran Balan Follow Kerma and his neighbours' lives and attempt to make it in an increasingly difficult economical context in Guyanne. In a light, hopeful way, Christiane Taubira shows us a world of inequialities and the people trying to survive them.
New Fiction. Published 10/09/2020. Price: £18.50
Tavernier, Tiffany Roissy The narrator takes up residence in Roissy airport. Always moving, always pulling a small suitcase behind her, she goes from one terminal to the other, initiates conversations, and invents lives as an eternal traveller who never gets on a plane.
New Fiction. Published 30/08/2018. Price: £20.40
Teper, Laurence Un cadenas sur le coeur The story of Claire's life, born in Paris in the 60's in an apparently "normal" family.
New Fiction. Published 01/01/2019. Price: £18.10
Ternaux, Romain & Johann Zarca Success Story Anna is depressed. She doesn't like her job, doesn't know the joy of love and friendship and her dream to become a writer is fading away. That's until she bumps into an old high-school friend.
New Fiction. Published 21/02/2019. Price: £16.20
Tesson, Sylvain La Panthere des Neiges A compelling story revolving around the quiet and patient observation of the Snow Leopard in Nepal.
New Fiction. Published 10/10/2019. Price: £20.00
Tesson, Sylvain Une très légère oscillation The travelling writer invites the reader to take advantage of the humblest things in life, without expecting anything from the morrow. His reflections cover both current events as well as his thoughts on poetry and spirituality.
New Fiction. Published 05/05/2017. Price: £19.00
Teulé, Jean Entrez dans la danse Alsace, 1519. A strange epidemic is sweeping the region — People are unable to stop dancing to the point of dropping dead.
New Fiction. Published 01/02/2018. Price: £19.50
Teulé, Jean Gare à Lou! Lou has superpowers and is locked up in a secret location with soldiers. They want to make her a weapon against the enemies of the state. Such occupations do not offer her the joys that life could have promised her, especially since her superpowers do not always work as expected.
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2019. Price: £19.50
Thiéry, Danielle Féroce The bones of a child are found at the Vincennes Zoo in the lion enclosure. Alix de Clavery, the OCRVP criminologist, immediately makes the connection with the young Swan, whose disappearance at the Thoiry Zoo six years ago continues to obsess him.
New Fiction. Published 14/03/2018. Price: £20.00
Thilliez, Franck Il était deux fois In 2008 17-year-old Julie vanishes. Investigating the case, Gabriel Moscato ends up at the Hotel de la Falaise. He falls asleep and wakes up in a different room… in 2020.
New Fiction. Published 06/04/2020. Price: £24.99
Thilliez, Franck Le manuscrit inachevé An endless manuscript, an investigation without a body, and a corpse without a face make for a great thriller.
New Fiction. Published 03/05/2018. Price: £22.99
Thomas, Chloé Nos lieux communs The lives of two young students of the Extreme Left in the 70s.
New Fiction. Published 25/09/2016. Price: £16.20
Tison, Christophe Les amants ne se rencontrent nulle part The narrator ends his relationship with Manon, who prefers to focus on her acting career. In a moment of solitude, he wanders on the Internet and comes into contact with Stella, a photographer who lives in California.
New Fiction. Published 12/01/2017. Price: £17.99
Tison, Christophe Journal de L. This novel is the diary of a fictional character: Lolita by Nabokov.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2019. Price: £18.99
Toussaint, Jean-Philippe Made in China The author recounts his many trips to China in the early 2000s, his friendship with publisher Chen Tong and the shooting of his film The Honey Dress.
New Fiction. Published 14/09/2017. Price: £14.99
Trompette, Laura Asphyxie Charlotte, captain of the Criminal Brigade of Paris, and Hugo, doctor of law, live together for nearly seven years. Hugo has a secret and Charlotte is focused on her career: for more than a year,her team and her are confronted with serial murders of mothers.
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £16.50
Trompette, Laura Hello Emma is a successful writer published in US. One night while on a business trip in New York, she meets Dorian, her ex-boyfriend. This event is strangely followed by anonymous letters and the disappearance of her suitcase.
New Fiction. Published 07/03/2018. Price: £14.50
Tuil, Karine Les choses humaines A realist novel, articulated around the problems of our times and society.
New Fiction. Published 22/08/2019. Price: £19.99
Valognes, Aurélie La cerise sur la gateau A comedy in which a happy retired lady has to cope with her newly retired husband, an unbearable neighbourhood and a very invasive family.
New Fiction. Published 06/03/2019. Price: £20.50
van Cauwelaert, Didier J'ai perdu Albert Preserved in formalin, the brain of physicist Einstein is bored and goes to visit other spirits. He meets Chloe, a famous clairvoyant.
New Fiction. Published 28/03/2018. Price: £19.99
Van Reeth, Adèle La vie ordinaire
New Fiction. Published 04/06/2020. Price: £17.00
Varelle, Marie Le syndrome du spaghetti Lea and Anthony's lives take an unexpected turn and destiny forces them to unite to survive.
New Fiction. Published 08/10/2020. Price: £18.50
Vargas, Fred Quand sort la recluse Three men have recently died from the bites of the brown recluse, a venomous spider. Commissaire Adamsberg suspects a murder.
New Fiction. Published 10/05/2017. Price: £19.99
Venet, Emmanuel J'aurai tant aimé 480 evocations of ordinary and universal situations carrying subtle emotions.
New Fiction. Published 07/02/2018. Price: £14.99
Vian, Boris L'Ecume des jours Illustrated edition
New Fiction. Published 04/03/2020. Price: £31.99
Viel, Tanguy Article 353 du Code pénal Grand Prize RTL-Lire 2017. Martial Kermeur finds himself in front of the judge for having murdered Antoine Lazenec, a real estate agent. He recounts the events that led to the murder.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2017. Price: £14.99
Vigan, Delphine de Les loyautés Hélène, a secondary school teacher, is worried about one of her pupils who could be in danger amongst his family members.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2018. Price: £17.50
Volodine, Antoine Frères sorcières In a country of mountains and desert, a small travelling troop is attacked by bandits. Soon, the only survivor is dragged into the criminal and wild life of her captors.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2019. Price: £21.99
Vuillard, Eric La guerre des pauvres 1524, an uprising of poor people spreads across Southern Germany, Switzerland and Alsace. A silhouette stands out from the chaos, a young theologian, fighting among the insurgents. His name is Tomas Müntzer.
New Fiction. Published 04/01/2019. Price: £9.50
Vuillard, Éric L'Ordre du jour Prix Goncourt 2017. A short and impressive story on the Anschluss.
New Fiction. Published 29/04/2017. Price: £16.99
Werber, Bernard La boîte de Pandore There may be several hidden personalities in you. Do you know who you really are?
New Fiction. Published 26/09/2018. Price: £25.50
Wolkenstein, Julie Les vacances In 1952 Eric Rohmer directed his first feature film, inspired by Les petites filles modèles but the film disappears. In 2016, Sophie is a professor specialising in the Countess of Ségur. Paul, a student, devotes his thesis to untraceable films.
New Fiction. Published 17/08/2017. Price: £18.90
Zalapi, Gabriella Antonia Following the death of her grandmother, Antonia receives a lot of boxes containing letters, notebooks and photographs. By searching these archives, she reconstructs the puzzle of the family past. A Novel of a feminine emancipation in the 1960s.
New Fiction. Published 03/01/2019. Price: £12.15
Zalberg, Carole Chez eux The story of a young Polish girl living with a couple of farmers in the French countryside during WWII.
New Fiction. Published 11/03/2015. Price: £7.50
Zarca, Johann Paname Underground Prix de Flore 2017. Zarca takes us behind the scenes of the underground Paris guide he has been writing since 2016, from forbidden catacombs to the Chapelle drug addicts and the Barbes gangsters. When he escapes a murder attempt, his exploration turns into a hunt…
New Fiction. Published 12/10/2017. Price: £16.85
Zeniter, Alice Comme un empire dans un empire
New Fiction. Published 19/08/2020. Price: £22.99