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The Georgetown Dictionary of Iraqi Arabic: Arabic<>English Approx. 17,500 words. Provides conventional Arabic script for main entries, and organized by root, includes phonetic transcription and extensive example sentences.
Dialects: Iraq. Published 09/09/2013. Price: £94.99
Modern Iraqi Arabic with MP3 files: a textbook Alkalesi, Yasin M. An introductory textbook suitable for classroom and self-study for those with previous knowledge of Arabic or those who want to learn the Iraqi dialect. Pronunciation exercises on the CD serve the needs of those who want to learn the language quickly and efficiently. The 20 lessons are arranged in a story-like format and based on everyday travel situations (greetings, taking a taxi, restaurants, directions). This new edition includes the Arabic script as well as its Romanized transcription.
Dialects: Iraq. Published 2006. Price: £49.00
A short reference grammar of Iraqi Arabic Erwin, W. M. With all the Arabic transcribed, it is written for beginners as well as Arabic speakers wanting to learn the dialect. It covers the phonology, morphology and syntax.
Dialects: Iraq. Published 2004. Price: £30.00