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15 minute Arabic: Learn in just 12 weeks A unique visual approach that makes learning quick, easy and fun, with no writing or homework. Covers all holiday and business situations, and is suitable for complete beginners, or anyone in need of a refresher. Free audio app available.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 05/04/2018. Price: £7.99
Advanced Arabic through discussion A classroom-tested advanced Arabic course, uses an inquiry-based approach to challenge learners by engaging them in thought-provoking discussions about social, ethical, and legal issues related to advertising, censorship, dress-codes, environment, rap music, extreme sports, GMOs, and other topics.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 30/01/2019. Price: £35.00
Advanced media Arabic Lahlali, M. Authentic texts, focusing on the style of Arabic media language, guiding students through a series of topics (diplomacy, elections, industry, terrorism, economy, war, law – to name a few). Answer key provided and 60 minutes of audio material available as free download.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 15/03/2017. Price: £34.99
Ahlan wa sahlan: Functional modern standard Arabic Alosh, M. The second edition of this widely used text covers the first year of instruction in Modern Standard Arabic. It will teach students to read, speak, and write Arabic, while presenting an engaging story that involves Adnan, a Syrian student studying in the United States, and Michael, an American student studying in Cairo. In diaries, letters, and postcards, the two students describe their thoughts and activities, revealing how a non-American views American culture and how the Arabic culture is experienced by an American student. This new edition features online video, filmed in Syria; expanded communicative activities; an updated audio program; and material designed according to proficiency principles. Features of the New Edition include: video, filmed in Syria, expanded communicative activities, updated audio material. Components of the Second Edition include: Full-colour student textbooks with included online audio and video access, Sound and Script Workbook, Online, interactive exercises. The course is designed for the Workbook to be completed before moving on to the Textbooks.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 2009-2013. Click on entry for price details.
Al-kitaab language program Brustad, K., et al. Intensive multimedia Arabic course covering beginner to advanced levels. DVD material is in Egyptian dialect with its Levantine equivalent now available separately. The 'Audio on the go' contains all the audio featured in Al-kitaab DVDs in a portable MP3 CD format.
Courses: Adult courses. Click on entry for price details.
Al-kitab al-asasi fi ta'alim al-lugha al-'arabiya li-ghayr al-natiqin biha El-Said Badawi, et al. Fully revised and expanded new edition of the Modern Standard Arabic course for non-native speakers which approaches the language through a series of themed topics: daily life in the Arab world; politics and governance; literature and the arts; science, astronomy and medicine. The course concentrates principally on listening and speaking skills.
Courses: Adult courses. Click on entry for price details.
Arabic for Dummies Bouchentouf, A. An approachable course for beginners.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 20/07/2018. Price: £17.99
Arabic with Ease Schmidt, J. J. Just 30 minutes a day and you can acquire the language by natural assimilation.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 30/04/2015. Price: £26.99
Arabic with Michel Thomas Method All-audio course. Join teacher, native speaker and two students in a live lesson and, hearing both their successes and their mistakes, within the first hour you will be able to construct simple phrases. MP3/iPod compatible.
Courses: Adult courses. Click on entry for price details.
Arabiyyat Al-Naas An innovative course consisting of 21 theme-based units. Teaches Modern Standard Arabic and also incorporates the Levantine variant. Includes a DVD with over 40 videos and gives access to a companion website with interactive materials and teacher's notes.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 2013. Click on entry for price details.
Arabiyyat al-Naas fii MaSr A ground-breaking introduction to Arabic as it is written and spoken by native speakers. The course uses Egyptian dialect for conversations and MSA for reading and writing activities. In this way, the course efficiently prepares students for the practical realities of learning and living Arabic today.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 27/06/2019. Price: £70.99
BBC Active Talk Arabic With focus on Arabic of the Levant, spoken in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine (and close to Modern Standard), this is a short course for absolute beginner adults learning at home or in a class, covering all the basic language needs for everyday situations.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 30/01/2015. Click on entry for price details.
Essential skills in Arabic: from intermediate to advanced Offering practical sessions and exercises, each module contains a wide range of authentic, contemporary texts so that you can practice your skills as they develop. Moving you from the intermediate to the advanced level of Arabic you will work through sessions on culture and society, the environment, education in the Arab world, global issues, media and communication, the economy, sports, and arts and literature. Each module follows the same structure, covering the essential skills of reading, grammar, vocabulary, listening, translation, writing and speaking.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 28/02/2018. Price: £27.99
Gateway to Arabic Alawiye, Dr. Imran Hamza Bestselling series. See also "The key to Arabic: fast track to reading and writing Arabic" and "Arabic without tears". Each flashcard pack contains 64 double-sided cards. The "school and classroom vocabulary" set include suggestions for classroom games and activities, guidance on correct pronunciation, and useful Arabic phrases. The "letter recognition and reading skills" flashcards will help students learn (among other things) to recognise all the letters of the alphabet in their isolated and joint forms. The poster pack includes three A1-sized posters covering: - fruits and vegetables - transport vocabulary - seasons, weather, and times of the day. There is a free A3 wall chart teaching the Arabic alphabet and each letter position
Courses: Adult courses. Click on entry for price details.
The key to Arabic: fast track to reading and writing Arabic Alawiye, Dr. Imran Hamza Book 1 includes extensive written exercises to build confidence in reading and writing vocalised Arabic text. The CD includes a complete reading of all the materials in the book and assists in pronunciation. Pauses after each word permits the student to repeat aloud after the CD. Total running time: 116 mins. Book 2 introduces simple sentence structures and key aspects of Arabic grammar and basic vocabulary. See also the "Gateway to Arabic" series by the same author.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 2005. Click on entry for price details.
Living Language Complete Arabic: the basics 15 step by step lessons to Modern Standard Arabic for beginners with 3 CDs. Includes pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, culture, and practice. Featuring both a phonetic system and a complete guide to Arabic script plus a grammar reference section and two-way glossary.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 2011. Price: £45.99
Living Language essential Arabic The essential package is a unique multimedia introduction to Arabic.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 2012. Price: £20.99
Mastering Arabic Wightwick, J., & Gaafar, M. Bestselling Modern Standard Arabic course for beginners and intermediate. Home or classroom use.
Courses: Adult courses. Click on entry for price details.
Musiqa al-Kalimat: Modern Standard Arabic through Popular Songs (Intermediate to Advanced) The book brings together twenty songs in Modern Standard Arabic performed by popular singers of the Arab world from Abd al-Halim Hafez to Fairouz and builds a variety of language lessons around them, with notes on vocabulary, grammar, and usage, and communicative exercises in listening, writing, and speaking.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 30/07/2017. Price: £19.95
The Routledge introduction to Qur'anic Arabic Younes, M. An innovative, text-based language course in Qur’a-nic and Classical Arabic. Focused on enhancing comprehension and vocabulary acquisition, the book contains 40 lessons designed to be covered in about 40 hours of classroom instruction.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 2012. Price: £37.99
Salamaat! Learning Arabic with Ease A fundamental communicative approach presents each new grammar feature with an emphasis on how it can help you communicate with others. Exercises build listening and comprehension skills to help you absorb the primary sounds, meanings and sentence patterns of the language.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 22/05/2018. Price: £22.50
Speed up your Arabic: strategies to avoid common errors Maisel, S. Suitable for classroom use or self-study, this book is an ideal resource for intermediate learners wishing to refine their language skills and gain an in-depth understanding of Arabic grammar and usage. Audio files and supplementary exercises available on companion website.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 26/02/2015. Price: £35.99
Teach Yourself Complete Arabic Smart, J. & F. Altorfer Do you want to speak, read and write Arabic fluently? A Modern Standard Arabic course from beginner to Common European Framework Level 4/B2 whereby the student can: "interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party. Can explain a viewpoint on a topical issue." Pack includes 2 x 70-minute audio CDs (MP3 compatible).
Courses: Adult courses. Published 01/12/2015. Click on entry for price details.
Teach Yourself get started in Arabic Smart, J. & F. Altorfer A course for complete beginners, will provide enough knowledge to get the most out of your holiday and to go on further study.
Courses: Adult courses. Published 29/11/2013. Price: £24.99