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You can search for one or more keywords or for an ISBN (without spaces or hyphens). If you enter more than one word, the search will find books that match word1 AND word2 AND word3.... Hence, entering gloire pere will find "La Gloire de mon père". The search looks in titles, subtitles, authors, descriptions, ISBNs and other information.



Advanced Search

If you have entered keywords in the main search box at the top of this page, any terms you have entered in the "Advanced search" boxes will be ignored.

You cannot search for multiple keywords in an advanced search box, but only for one keyword or for an exact sequence of words. Thus you can search for an author (e.g. "Pagnol" or "Garcia Lorca"), or you can search for a full title or an exact sequence of words in a title, (e.g. "La gloire de mon pere" or "gloire de mon" but NOT "gloire pere"). You can also search for an ISBN (10 or 13 digit), but omit spaces or hyphens (e.g. enter "9780729304535").