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501 Latin verbs: Fully conjugated in all the tenses in an easy-to-learn format alphabetically arranged Prior, E. & J. Wohlberg Verbs are arranged alphabetically in a table format, one verb per page with English translation, and conjugated in all tenses and forms. Additional features in each book include common idioms with example sentences to demonstrate verb usage and grammar reviews.
Latin: Supplementary material. Published 2008. Price: £12.99
Beginning Latin poetry reader Betts, G. & D. Franklin 70 selections from the great periods of Roman Verse and drama.You will find extensive supporting notes, a time chart showing the historical and literary context of each author, clear explications of Latin prosody, and a discussion of its influence on Western culture.
Latin: Supplementary material. Published 2006. Price: £9.99
Easy Latin crossword puzzles Robinett, B.W. & V.F. Allen 50 Crossword puzzles to learn and practice Latin words and expressions.
Latin: Supplementary material. Published 1999. Price: £5.99
English grammar for students of Latin: The study guide for those learning Latin Step-by-step analysis, examples in English and Latin, study tips and review exercises with answer key
Latin: Supplementary material. Published 1993. Price: £14.95
Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis Rowling, J. K. Latin translation of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"
Latin: Supplementary material. Price: £16.99
Latin Grammar Morwood, J. The most accessible students' guide: clearly written explanations of key Latin grammar points in an easily navigable layout
Latin: Supplementary material. Published 1999. Price: £8.99
Latin grammar Maidhoff, R. A comprehensive summary of Latin grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.
Latin: Supplementary material. Published 2011. Price: £12.99
Latin stories: a GCSE reader An ideal first reader for students of Latin. It offers 100 self-contained passages of manageable length, chosen for their intrinsic interest and adapted from a wide range of ancient authors. Generous help is given, with a short introduction to each story and glossing of all proper names and non-GCSE vocabulary.
Latin: Supplementary material. Published 07/09/2017. Price: £15.99
Latin verb drills Prior, R. Whether used as a textbook supplement in a Latin class or as a self-study text for learning and review, this book will simplify the complexities of this crucial area of Latin-language studies.
Latin: Supplementary material. Published 2005. Price: £10.99
Latin vocabulary cards The cards pose questions, provide fill-in-the-blank problems to test your skills, and present diagrams and pictures that make everything clear. And on the back of each flashcard, you'll find answers and quick explanations.
Latin: Supplementary material. Published 07/03/2014. Price: £10.99
Reading Medieval Latin Sidwell, K. "Reading Medieval Latin" is an introduction to Medieval Latin in its cultural and historical context and is designed to serve the needs of students who have completed the learning of basic classical Latin morphology and syntax. (13th printing 2010)
Latin: Supplementary material. Published 1995. Price: £25.99
Usborne Internet-linked Latin for beginners Latin brought to life with this fun, illustrated and ever-popular Usborne introduction. Aimed at young people but equally fun for adult use. With grammar.
Latin: Supplementary material. Published 1993, 2001. Price: £8.99
Usborne Latin words sticker book Sheikh-Miller, J. Have fun learning Latin by placing the stickers in their respective sections. With colourful and fun illustrations. Organised by topic (e.g. on the road, house, baths, Roman feast).
Latin: Supplementary material. Published 2006. Price: £9.99