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The Celtic languages MacAulay, D. (ed.) This latest volume in the Cambridge Language Surveys will be welcomed by all scholars of the Celtic languages, but has also been designed to be accesible to any reader with only a basic knowledge of linguistics.
Welsh: Supplementary materials. Published 1992. Price: £40.99
The Celtic Languages Ball, M.J. This comprehensive volume describes in depth all the Celtic languages from historical, structural and sociolinguistic perspectives, with individual chapters on Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, Manx, Welsh, Breton and Cornish.
Welsh: Supplementary materials. Published 1993. Price: £57.99
A check-list of irregular word forms & spelling: Y geiriau lletchwith Geraint Lewis, D. A spelling list of tricky words in Welsh.
Welsh: Supplementary materials. Published 2009. Price: £5.95
GCSE WJEC Welsh (2nd language) revision guide Knell, J. Suitable for students studying Welsh as a second language at KS4.
Welsh: Supplementary materials. Published 2013. Price: £5.99
An introduction to the Celtic languages Russell, P. The first half of the book considers the historical background of the language group as a whole. There follows a discussion of the two main sub-groups of Celtic, Goidelic (comprising Irish, Scottish, Gaelic and Manx) and Brittonic (Welsh, Cornish and Breton) together with a detailed survey of one representative from each group, Irish and Welsh. The second half considers a range of linguistic features which are often regarded as characteristic of Celtic: spelling systems, mutations, verbal nouns and word order.
Welsh: Supplementary materials. Published 2001. Price: £44.99
Monopoly in Welsh A Welsh-language version of the popular family game, based on the towns and cities of Wales. Players of all ages can win or lose a fortune as they travel the length and breadth of Wales. The rules of the game are in both Welsh and English.
Welsh: Supplementary materials. Published 2007. Price: £24.99
Pa arddodiad?: A check-list of Welsh prepositions Geraint Lewis, D. If knowing what prepositions to use when have been causing to you problems in writing Welsh, then this easy-to-use guide should help. In it you will find: a comprehensive alphabetical list of verbs and their prepositions, some common idioms which involve using prepositions and the main prepositions.
Welsh: Supplementary materials. Published 2007. Price: £5.99
Picture word lotto in Welsh / Loto gair a llun Children will have lots of fun learning their first Welsh words, with Poppy and Sam and the animals from Farmyard Tales. Box set contains 4 boards and 2 sets of matching cards for varying abilities. For children who can't read yet to those becoming confident with reading their first words.
Welsh: Supplementary materials. Published 2003. Price: £8.99
Rebuilding the Celtic languages: Reversing language shift in the Celtic countries O Neill, D. This book presents a comprehensive survey of the current state of the Celtic languages and proposes a detailed, practical programme for the revival of each language.
Welsh: Supplementary materials. Published 2005. Price: £19.95
Usborne snap cards in Welsh Litchfield, J. An easy, fun game for two or more players. Contains 50 cards, including instructions.
Welsh: Supplementary materials. Price: £5.99
The Welsh language: The amazing story Davies, C. That Welsh has managed to survive into the 21st century, let alone flourish, is nothing short of miracle, considering that its nearest neighbour, English, is one of the most powerful languages in the world. This book aims to relate the fascinating story of Welsh from its earliest beginnings to the present day, giving the reader an insight into the development of Britain's oldest surviving living language. Book in English.
Welsh: Supplementary materials. Published 2006. Price: £3.95
Welsh words Morris, S. & P. Meara Core vocabulary and phrases for beginners.
Welsh: Supplementary materials. Published 20/10/2014. Price: £4.95
Y treigladur: A check-list of Welsh mutations Geraint Lewis, D. If knowing when, or when not, to mutate a word has proved to be a problem in writing Welsh, then this easy-to-use guide should help. In it you will find: a comprehensive alphabetical list of all the words that cause a mutation, a summary of the main rules of mutation and an explanation of the grammatical terms used in the list of rules.
Welsh: Supplementary materials. Published 2003. Price: £7.99