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Title: Author: Description:
Berlitz Vietnamese phrasebook & CD Offers phonetic transcription of Vietnamese words and audio recordings to help with pronunciation.
Vietnamese: Phrasebooks. Published 2013. Price: £7.99
Berlitz Vietnamese phrasebook & dictionary 1,200 words & phrases, menu reader & sections colour-coded by topic.
Vietnamese: Phrasebooks. Published 2013. Price: £4.99
Essential Vietnamese: Speak Vietnamese with confidence Van Giuong, Phan The practical basics needed for common, everyday interaction in the way that's clear, concise, accessible and enjoyable.
Vietnamese: Phrasebooks. Published 26/11/2013. Price: £6.99
Instant Vietnamese: how to express 1000 different with just 100 key words and phrases! Brier, S.
Vietnamese: Phrasebooks. Published 2011. Price: £4.99
Lonely Planet Vietnamese phrasebook Offering a comprehensive mix of practical and social words and phrases. With a 3,500-word two-way dictionary.
Vietnamese: Phrasebooks. Published 05/09/2016. Price: £4.99
Southeast Asia Lonely Planet phrasebook Languages included are Burmese, Khmer, Lao, Thai, and Vietnamese. Each contains a pronunciation section, language difficulties, numbers, directions, food & drink, and a dictionary.
Vietnamese: Phrasebooks. Published 2013. Price: £4.99
Southeast Asia phrase book & dictionary The languages featured: Burmese (Myanmar), Thai, Vietnamese, Khmer and Lao.
Vietnamese: Phrasebooks. Published 01/06/2015. Price: £5.99
Survival Vietnamese Provides you with the most important Vietnamese words and phrases to get you speaking without fuss or fear.
Vietnamese: Phrasebooks. Published 10/02/2015. Price: £4.99
Vietnamese for your trip The 60-minute audio CD features native Vietnamese speakers using phrases you're likely to encounter in typical travel situations. The booklet includes phonetic transcription of words and phrases.
Vietnamese: Phrasebooks. Published 02/02/2015. Price: £6.98