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100 Word Exercise Book - Hindi This book with 100 flashcards make cracking the Hindi script and learning those first important words seem almost effortless. 100 key items of everyday vocabulary are presented and practised using a variety of highly-illustrated puzzles and games.
Hindi: Courses. Published 2006. Price: £6.95
Beginning Hindi: a complete course Pien, J. H. & F. Farooqui A complete first-year language textbook designed to help learners acquire the language by actively using it in realistic situations. Includes clear explanations of language structures and engaging activities.
Hindi: Courses. Published 14/05/2014. Price: £49.00
Colloquial Hindi Bhatia, T.K. Beginner's course with many useful exercises with answer key section, dialogues, grammar reference and vocabulary lists.
Hindi: Courses. Published 01/08/2015. Price: £34.99
Devanagari Various Devanagari is a script used to write several languages of India and Nepal, including Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi and Nepali. A Hindi word has been placed in the top of the right hand page beginning with the Devanagari character placed at the top of the left hand page. At the bottom of the page are the equivalent roman alphabets, with an illustration in the centre of the right hand page to ease recognition. Some characters do not start a word, and when this is the case a space has been left for the user to write words that use this character. At the back of the book there is a table of the selected Hindi words with their roman script and English translation.
Hindi: Courses. Published 2009. Price: £7.99
Easy Hindi Concise and user-friendly, Easy Hindi is designed for anyone who wants to learn Hindi whether on their own or with a teacher. This language learning book introduces the learner to all the basics of the Hindi language and teaches practical daily conversations and vocabulary.
Hindi: Courses. Published 05/03/2017. Price: £9.99
Elementary Hindi Delacy, R. & S. Joshi User-friendly language companion for beginners, introduces basic Hindi grammar, vocabulary and script. With audio CD.
Hindi: Courses. Published 10/09/2014. Price: £22.50
Elementary Hindi workbook Delacy, R. & S. Joshi A companion to 'Elementary Hindi' that contains practice activities for reading, writing and speaking Hindi language. Can be used on its own.
Hindi: Courses. Published 10/09/2014. Price: £12.99
Essential Hindi Delacy, Richard Start speaking Hindi right away with this Hindi phrasebook, basic grammar and pronunciation guide to help you.
Hindi: Courses. Published 10/11/2014. Price: £6.99
G.C.S.E. Hindi Nagra, J.S. & S.K. Nagra This book is a comprehensive guide and practice book for students and others who want to improve their proficiency in Hindi. It deals with all the four skill areas i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing. This book will also prove useful for the three first stages of the Language Ladder in English.
Hindi: Courses. Published 2008. Price: £9.75
Get started in Hindi Snell, R. A simple step-by-step approach providing a gentle introduction to learning Hindi for the absolute beginners who have no experience of learning a foreign language. Covers beginner to lower intermediate level (A1-B1).
Hindi: Courses. Published 25/04/2014. Price: £29.99
Hindi flash cards Contains 300 flash cards featuring the most common Hindi words and phrases. Each card has one main vocabulary item plus four other related items. Frequently-used idioms are also given. This set of cards contains over 1,500 words and phrases. Sample Hindi sentences are provided for each main word (in both Hindi script and romanized form).
Hindi: Courses. Published 2016. Price: £13.00
Hindi for beginners A self-study language textbook aimed to help learners acquire Hindi language in a natural manner; engaging them to actively use it in the real life situations.
Hindi: Courses. Published 10/08/2015. Price: £15.99
Hindi keyboard stickers Transparent stickers with Hindi keyboard layout.
Hindi: Courses. Price: £6.95
Hindi made easy for beginners Nagra, J.S. & S.K. Nagra Simple but solid introduction to the Hindi language.
Hindi: Courses. Published 1988. Click on entry for price details.
Hindi with Michel Thomas Method All-audio course. Join teacher, native speaker and two students in a live lesson and, hearing both their successes and their mistakes, within the first hour you will be able to construct simple phrases. MP3/iPod compatible.
Hindi: Courses. Published 25/07/2014. Click on entry for price details.
Instant Hindi An interactive course on USB stick with access to an app for tablets. Combines two of our most popular series, Talk Now and Talk More - a basic vocabulary course and a module to practice basic dialogues in everyday situations. For PC & Mac.
Hindi: Courses. Published 2015. Price: £49.99
Learn Hindi in a month Datt, I. An overview of the Hindi language for beginners. Covers grammar, alphabet, pronunciation, vocabulary, phrases, proverbs, etc.
Hindi: Courses. Published 2001. Price: £4.95
Living Language complete Hindi Complete Hindi is a unique multimedia program that takes you from beginner to advanced level in one convenient package.
Hindi: Courses. Published 2011. Price: £45.99
Pimsleur Basic Hindi This Basic program contains 5 hours of audio-only, effective language learning with real-life spoken practice sessions.
Hindi: Courses. Published 2006. Price: £30.99
The Routledge intermediate Hindi reader Sharma, N. & T. Bhatia A graded readers for intermediate learners.
Hindi: Courses. Published 2012. Price: £37.99
Talk Now! Learn Hindi Talk Now! is the world's best selling language learning CD-ROM series for beginners, used by more than eight million people to date. It's useful for travellers, holiday makers, business people, school children, students and families. Interactive topics include: first words, phrases, shopping, numbers and time and you can test yourself with graded games.
Hindi: Courses. Published 2015. Price: £29.99
Teach yourself complete Hindi Snell, R. Speak, read and write Hindi confidently and fluently with this best-selling course from Teach Yourself. Learn everyday useful Hindi through real-life situations that make the building blocks of the language easy and memorable. Learning is fast and fun with an ultra-clear page design and complete audio support (MP3 compatible).
Hindi: Courses. Published 2010. Price: £34.99
Teach yourself read and write Hindi script Snell, R. Master Hindi script with this straight forward guide from Teach Yourself. "Read and write Hindi script" is a clear step-by-step guide to the written language, with plenty of examples from texts, notices and advertisements to show how it works in context and lots of exercises to reinforce your learning. This new edition has an easy-to-read page design.
Hindi: Courses. Published 2010. Price: £12.99
Ultimate Hindi An interactive course on USB stick with access to an app for tablets. Combines six Eurotalk courses and covers basic vocabulary and communication courses, business language and variety of interactive exercises. For PC & Mac.
Hindi: Courses. Published 2015. Price: £89.99