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Arabic vocabulary (Practice Makes Perfect) Gaafar, M. Expand your vocabulary and improve communication skills with this user-friendly resource.
Vocabulary. Published 2012. Price: £12.99
Arabic vocabulary builder+ with the Michel Thomas Method Four-hour intermediate level audio course, introduces over 1,000 new words, verbs and everyday phrases through essential language building blocks.
Vocabulary. Published 2013. Price: £40.00
Build your Arabic vocabulary Shirwani, Haroon Written by the head of the Arabic Department at Eton College, this is ideal for all those who want to expand their modern Arabic vocabulary. Suitable for all levels, in the classroom or at home, it features lively topic-based sections, flashcards, over 1000 key vocabulary items and fun exercises. It comes with an audio CD to aid pronunciation.
Vocabulary. Published 2007. Price: £14.95
Building Arabic vocabulary through reading: for advanced students of MSA A resource for advanced learners of Arabic who want to improve their vocabulary through reading of original Arabic texts.
Vocabulary. Published 30/01/2014. Price: £32.50
Essential Arabic Vocabulary: A Handbook of Core Terms Diouri, Mourad This book is a comprehensive guide to the most essential vocabulary in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). It's an ideal study companion for those in formal school or university education (GCSE and A-level, undergraduates and postgraduates) as well as self-learners.
Vocabulary. Published 2015. Price: £12.99
A frequency dictionary of Arabic: core vocabulary for learners Buckwalter, T., & D. Parkinson An invaluable tool for learners of Arabic, providing a list of the 5,000 most frequently used words in Modern Standard Arabic as well as the most widely spoken Arabic dialects.
Vocabulary. Published 2011. Price: £37.99
Intelligence Arabic Manning, Julie A user friendly lists of Arabic English intelligence terms with brief definitions, organised in thematic sections. It presents over 1000 intelligence terms searchable in Arabic and English, with brief definitions and includes common acronyms often found in intelligence reports, manuals and training course materials.
Vocabulary. Published 30/04/2017. Price: £14.99
Internet Arabic Diouri, M. Provides up-to-date expressions, jargon and new coinages to express modern concepts in internet Arabic. With CD-ROM with audio recordings and interactive audio-visual flashcards.
Vocabulary. Published 31/07/2013. Price: £12.99
Mastering Arabic vocabulary: for intermediate to advanced learners of Modern Standard Arabic A structured vocabulary course for undergraduate and advanced students of Arabic. Arranged thematically, and by root, the course presents the key vocabulary that a well-informed Arabic speaker should have at their disposal when discussing diverse topics from business and politics to culture, society, science and technology. With free MP3 download.
Vocabulary. Published 05/09/2017. Price: £39.99
Usborne everyday words Arabic flashcards 50 laminated flashcards with word and picture on one side, and the same word alone, on the other. Can be used to help your child learn simple Arabic vocabulary or for self testing.
Vocabulary. Published 2009. Price: £6.99