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Il Ragazzini 2018: dizionario inglese<>italiano 400,000 entries. 3000 phrasal verbs and 120,000 specialist terms. 32 illustrations relating to sport, science, human body, transport, space and music. Cultural information on English-speaking countries.
Part: Hardback & DVD
[Italian] Section: Dictionaries: General: Bilingual: Large
Lo Zingarelli 2018: vocabolario della lingua italiana Zingarelli, N. Highly regarded dictionary with 140,000 entries and over 375,000 definitions and diagrams. Illustrated appendices include information about transport, animals, daily life, architecture, human body, etc.
Part: hardback & DVD-ROM
[Italian] Section: Dictionaries: General: Monolingual: Large
Le Robert illustré 2018 (sous étui) Includes 200,000 definitions and proper names, with 6,000 illustrations and maps. The internet dictionary includes the full Robert illustré online, with further encyclopaedic entries, a bank of photographs, verb conjugations, interactive atlas, and regular updates.
Part: Books – Hardback
[French] Section: Dictionaries: General: Monolingual: Large
Den danske borgerkrieg 2018-24 Colling Nielsen, Kaspar Praised in Danish press for its witty yet unusual plot, this title also proved to be very popular with the readers.
Part: Books – Paperback
[Danish] Section: Danish: Fiction
Dictionnaire Larousse de poche 2018 Includes 73,000 definitions, with 8,000 proper names, numerous examples of usage, phrases and expressions.
Part: Books – Paperback
[French] Section: Dictionaries: General: Monolingual: Small
5 steps to a 5: AP Spanish langauge and culture 2018 The wildly popular test prep guide― updated and enhanced with a complete audio program on MP3 disk. This logical and easy-to-follow instructional guide introduces an effective 5-step study plan to help students build the skills, knowledge, and test-taking confidence they need to reach their full potential.
Part: Books – Book with DVD(s)
[Spanish] Section: Advanced Level: Courses
100% Jugendsprache 2018 A pocket dictionary of youth slang.
Part: Books – Paperback
[German] Section: Reference: Vocabularies, Idioms, Slang
Mafalda calendario da tavolo 2018 Quino
Part: Gifts & Stationery – Gifts & Stationery
[Italian] Section: Popular non-fiction: Other popular non-fiction
Calendario 2018 Louise Hay Hay, Louise
Part: Gifts & Stationery – Gifts & Stationery
[Spanish] Section: Popular non-fiction
Calendario 2018. Cada dia sale el Sol Various
Part: Gifts & Stationery – Gifts & Stationery
[Spanish] Section: Popular non-fiction